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Mod Post: Anon Harassment

Hello all.

There have been a disturbing number of reports and complaints made as of late with regards to anon harassment or outright bullying on this comm. This is not okay. Rule number one of this community, insofar as much as we have rules is 'don't be an ass; respect one another'.

There is no scenario where harassment, anon or otherwise, is acceptable or to be encouraged in this community. We're here to rp in memes, not to ruin each others' pretendy fun times. It doesn't matter if the character is a supposed cockhop, a wanker, practically an OC, or using the 'wrong' PB. Please suck it up and don't tag them if you don't like what you see, and let it go. Or if you want to crit them, pm them under a sock or comment on their HMD post.

As of right now I'm not turning anon off, but this the only warning I'm going to give. If the harassment continues as it has been, anon will be getting shut off until further notice and I will be reassessing the need for having anon enabled in this community.

Regardless of whether anon continues to be a function on this comm, the problems post will always be anon enabled, and I am always open to private PMs.

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