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Texts From Last Night

one ➝ post with your character and their name/canon/pref in the subject.
two ➝ either post with a tfln or just wait for someone.
three ➝ respond to people's texts or tag them with your own.
four ➝ fun time for all!
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Randy 'Ryo' Maclean | FAKE

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A. Seriously, it's 5am. STOP CREEPIN and START SLEEPIN!

B. Uh do you have my pants because I have yours

C. I feel like we have a good system here turning our sketchy decisions into great stories.
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It's funny because they have the same name. Also, C, no matter how much I wanted B

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Are you sure that you are supposed to be calling this number, Officer?
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[ Oh, what the hell? Did Bikky or Dee screw with his phone again? ]


Although I suppose this is what I get for letting Bikky touch my phone.
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All the Ryo(u)s ever are just big softies at heart. Ryo would adopt all the kids ever if he could

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[...Was Bikky really that worried about her, that he would put her phone number into his phone? Something like that surely wasn't done by accident.]

I guess that I should feel glad to have a friend that feels worried enough about me to put my phone number into your phone.

Still no "episodes" yet either.
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He totally would. He already has Bikky and Carol. What's one more?

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Not surprising, considering how much like Dee he is.

Don't tell either one of them that I said that. I'll never hear the end of it.

Good. Let's hope it stays that way.
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Always room for one more. And at least this one doesn't smart off to Dee

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I won't tell if you won't. ^^

The medicines make me feel really sleepy though.
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Was that a potential side effect? Perhaps we should ask if there's another one that you could try.
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Maybe. Though that type usually makes me feel sleepy no matter what.
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Maybe, but I don't like the side effects. There has to be something that won't impare you that badly.

[And can you blame him? He's seen the worst NYC has to offer. All part and parcel with the job.]
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Damn the captcha thingy! :[

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It's not the worst side effect I've had with previous medications. [But at least Ryo actually cares about her health and well-being rather than the results of preventing her 'other self' from emerging. And that's more than comforting to her.]

But I guess then I can be considered a normal teenager. I've heard we're supposed to be tired all the time, right? Staying up and out all night partying and getting drunk and all that? No thanks :p
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I know D:

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[He knows that there has to be a medication out there that she will respond that won't have those sort of side effects. What's the point of trying to have a normal life if you sleep through it?]

That depends, I suppose. Bikky seems to either sleep or get into trouble. I think it depends on the teenager, honestly.
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Maybe we should move this to a musebox, because captcha sucks.

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[Again, the sleeping isn't the worst symptom she's had with various medicines. And it wasn't like she was into hard drugs or addicted to anything (she hoped), so... less of the evils, maybe.]

Or eating. He does that a lot too.[And thwarting Dee, but we all know that.]
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Yeah. Think this is a good jumping point?

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[ Still. Sleeping all the time wasn't normal. And Ryo was like NYC's unofficial adopter of wayward children. He couldn't help but worry about them. Much to Dee's dismay. ]

Trust me, I know that all too well. If it's not rent, most of the monthly budget goes towards food.

[ He's kidding. Mostly. Maybe. ]

Speaking of which, you and Carol should come over to dinner again sometime.
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Yep, and then she can tell him all about her 'home life' once the two are alone :'D

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[Although, at least this one doesn't smart off as much as Bikky or Carol does, so Dee's dismay is a little lessened.]

[...Somewhat. It's hard to tell sometimes with that guy.]

Really? You don't mind having all of us together? [Even though it's hard to tell through text messages, she was super hopeful that it was okay. Being with Carol and Bikky in Ryo's apartment, she felt safer, happier, and not so alone anymore. She even liked having Ryo and Dee there. And, though neither of the men were her dad, there were times when she wished that they were. More Ryo than Dee, since Dee gave off more of a pervy older brother or creeper uncle vibe at times. In a good way.]

Bikky might still be mad at me for beating his high score, though.
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Poor Ryo. Er. The female one. XD

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[ It's Dee. As much as he protests, he probably likes getting to play pseudo-Dad. That in no way makes Ryo the mother. ]

I don't mind at all. And Bikky needs some healthy competition in his life.
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She needs a new daddy. Want to be her new dad, Ryo?

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[And yes, you are the mother, Ryo.]

Just in video games. He can keep basketball all to himself :p[And any other sport he's good at. Smart and quick-witted she may be; athletic, not so much.]

I ask Carol about it at school tomorrow. [Or just text her after Ryo. Depends on her mood. Teenagers totally text each other in the middle of the night, right?
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He would totally not offically adopt her

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[ Totally am not. ]

All right. Just let me know what the two of you decide.
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Become her surrogate father, Ryo! ...Maybe not officially or whatever, but... father figure!

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[Totes are. Ry also has a catch all thread in my box now, if we want to continue this or something >> Boop.]


[And she's off to text Carol in the middle of the night, as teens are prone to do.]