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Brock Rumlow ([personal profile] infligere) wrote in [community profile] bakerstreet 2014-08-01 05:14 am (UTC)

And of course someone lower on the totem pole, ignorant of how specialized weapons worked and their specific deadliness when let on the loose, had blabbed too close to the new acquisition. Brock had been up with the rest of his team doing a debriefing and having a meeting with some of the other agents of HYDRA to get information on the weapon specifically, how to handle and detain it, where they were going to take it for study, and what he knew about it so far in his brief talk with it. He had also given his side of their fresh lie to make it happen.

But someone had blabbed, and it cost them dearly. When news finally reached him that there was a problem, he grunted in aggravation but suited up anyway. He went armed, his sniper rifle swinging from his hip, his pistol holstered on the other side, his new electrical tasers at his belt and more than a few knives obvious and hidden on his person. He also had his communicator still hooked on his ear as he took Rollins and two others with him down into the depths with the new weapon who they could hear making noise.

"Human causalities acceptable, but the Murphy is to be contained. Limited damage, and I'm point," he said firmly. He took on the role of leader easily, and he gestured to his second to unlock and open the door.

He stepped inside, his sniper rifle raised and locked on target to find an interesting sight. Any more shaking and he was certain the technician was either going to piss himself or that bald head was about to roll right off. "Drop the tech and step back, Murphy. Do it now, or I will shoot."

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