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alex murphy || robocop 2014 ([personal profile] yourmove) wrote in [community profile] bakerstreet 2014-07-30 03:02 am (UTC)

and magical timeskip. also I'm okay if you need to godmode anything

He'd clarify that he doesn't wear clothes, much less panties, but Alex is starting to suspect it's a lost cause with Agent Rumlow. He closes his mouth and waits.

The good thing is he's much, much better about waiting than he used to be.

* * *

The bad news is someone blabs. In their defense, they're out of range of a normal man's hearing but they forget Alex is specifically built to collect permissible evidence: that means he can see further than he used to, hear further. When he hears I think I figured out how to wipe it and try overloading the transmitter, he's had enough waiting around, tied down like he's the rest of the cargo. It doesn't matter if Agent Rumlow was hired to bring him back to OmniCorp - Alex prefers to keep his memories and data intact. Even he can ape a survival instinct if it's necessary.

By the time someone finds Rumlow, Alex has forced his way out of the restraints, dragging the chair that's been bolted out of the floor with him. Some of the cuffs are still hanging off his chest and legs as he kicks off the chair, his head swiveling left, then right. Looking for someone to detain, interrogate and verify Agent Rumlow's story.

Now he has one of the techs by the scruff of his shirt, visor down, his back to the door as he shakes down the poor man for the truth...

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