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alex murphy || robocop 2014 ([personal profile] yourmove) wrote in [community profile] bakerstreet 2014-07-28 09:23 pm (UTC)

Re: Whichever tense you like :)

Alex thinks the explanation sounded plausible, except he has a cyborg’s need to everything categorized and ready to be filed. Everything in a neat row. The i’s dotted and the t’s crossed. It’s not so much doubt as this need to file everything. He levels a stare at Rumlow, having to tilt his head up as he’s still sitting, restrained, and that leaves the mercenary (rescuer?) with a distinct height advantage. As someone who’s been used to towering over others, it’s not an experience he has that often.

“I’d like to see some confirmation, please,” Alex says mildly. “Paperwork, receipts you’ve been hired to retrieve me. Did you leave any of the black market dealers alive so I can interrogate them? I’d like to have testimony to submit at a later time.”

At no point do those magic words thank you exit his mouth. Even that please sounds like a formality. Like a signature you sign off on something over and over and over until it loses all meaning. Admittedly Alex isn’t sure why he needs to be restrained, if what Rumlow says checks out. Reviewing the records of Rumlow he started making, he notes there was a certain…emphasis on the word “detective”. Maybe he doesn’t approve of cops. Thought they got in the way of their work. Alex thinks he could agree on that point because he feels the same way about this sort of freelance work. It’s the closest thing to distaste he’s capable of feeling right now.

Alex’s arm flexes, his right hand curling and uncurling fingers that still look like they’re human. The cuff squeals again.

“Why am I restrained?” Alex goes right back to that too. “Retrieval or not, you’re still obstructing a police officer, Mr. Rumlow.”

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