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lock and load, lovelies

inspired by the Left 4 Dead games, The Walking Dead, and various other zombie-related media.
It's a scenario that needs little introduction: the dead have risen to feast upon the living.
In the beginning there were evacuations, emergency broadcasts, reassurances from the government and the media.
It was hoped that things would return to normal sooner rather than later. But eventually, all that's left are the shambling hordes.
So take up that baseball bat, or your father's shotgun. Cling tight to your memories of the better times, or your faith, or whatever keeps you going.
The odds aren't stacked in your favor....but maybe you'll survive.

a productive survivor is a happy survivor.

1) Scavenge/Search: The end of civilization as we know it also means the end of all things convenient, up to and including hot water, electricity and McDonald's. Whether it's ammo or edibles, you're looking for any salvageable supplies. This option is also for if you're trying to find a familiar face somewhere among all the destruction and danger.
2) Fight: Not for your right to party, but for survival. Whether against a lone zombie, an entire horde or a fellow human being, there's nothing else to do but try and come out of the encounter alive.
3) Barricade: There's nowhere to run, but you can at least hide out and hunker down for awhile. Hopefully being cooped up won't drive you stir-crazy.
4) Escape: There comes a time when the only thing to do is run. Is there a horde on your tail? A final evacuation helicopter waiting just ahead? Whatever the reason, better hope you don't stumble.
5) Scout: Charging ahead blindly is an easy way to get killed. A little reconnaissance can prove to be the wisest decision.
6) Relax: Seems like an out of place choice, doesn't it? But sometimes, peace is just as important as safety. You've managed to secure a little while to breathe, to forget the horror you've just gone through.

location, location, location.

1) City/Neighborhood: These places used to be bustling with life. Now they're silent, littered with wreckage and likely crawling with foes.
2) Farmstead/Mill/Lighthouse: Isolated, secluded buildings out in the sticks.
3) Sewers/Subway/Rooftops: If you're heading through these areas, you're likely just trying to get to someplace better. Here's hoping nothing gets the jump on you.
4) Hospital/Army Base/Evacuation Center: These places once offered hope and protection. There might still be firepower and supplies stocked somewhere within.
5) Woods/Swamp/Coast/General Outdoors: Nature hasn't gotten any kinder, but it might just provide needed cover or a place to gather food the old-fashioned way.

at what stage of the world's end do you find yourself?

1) Initial Outbreak: This awful reality is new and frightening. There's chaos and panic everywhere you turn.
2) Two Weeks Later: The horror isn't quite so fresh, or maybe you're just starting to get a little numb to it.
3) Two Months Later: Some of the dust has settled on what remains of society. How have you been holding up?
4) ???: Specific time of your choosing.

humanity's numbers have thinned dramatically, but you aren't alone.

1) Family: In this world, kin may be all you have left, or those who are as good as.
2) Friends: Better to be in the company of those you know and trust than those you don't, right?
3) Lovers: This isn't exactly the time or place for a honeymoon, but you're lucky enough to have found your spouse/romantic partner/fuckbuddy/whatever.
4) Strangers: You don't know this person and they don't know you. In any other situation, your paths might never have crossed. But here the two of you are anyway, like it or not.
5) Enemies: Perhaps you were at each other's throats long before this world went to hell. Maybe you just ended up that way over time, or due to the stressful circumstances at work.
6) Guardian: It could be that you don't even like this other person, but you feel responsible for them anyway.

feel free to add these at your own discretion.

A) Power Loss: Immortality? Gone. Magic? Nixed. You're just an ordinary person now, for better or worse.
B) Infection: You've been bitten, or scratched, or maybe you're grappling with a sickness that has the same eventual end. You can resist the symptoms for awhile, but the only "cure" to be found is a bullet to the head.
C) Injury: Unlike the option above, you aren't hurt because of a zombie. How badly have you been knocked around?

AS ALWAYS, if there isn't a prompt that suits your needs, you're free to make up your own scene.
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Ryou Bakura (genderbent) || Yu-Gi-Oh! || OTA

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[Bakura seriously has no idea what's going on right now. People are running and shrieking, and he just keeps on walking past, pushing anybody who comes to close aside because it was annoying. Finally he comes across who he's looking for, greeting her with an unpleasant yank of the hair as he just keeps walking. He seems tense, but still all too calm for the situation.]

There you are. About damn time I found you, let's get out of here.
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[Everything was happening so quickly, she barely even knew what was going on. There had been news reports for the past several days about a disease pandemic that was spreading throughout Japan and various other parts of the world, but no one could figure what was causing it or why it was happening so quickly.]

[So, hearing screams and breaking glass outside of her classroom door, naturally she was nervous and stayed close to her friends in that class. Hearing breaking glass and screams was the last thing she was aware of before the room was plunged into chaos. Dead corpses, zombie like, flooded the room while the other students screamed in panic trying to get out. She couldn't tell who was hurt in the chaos or who had been bitten, but feeling the painful yank of her hair had her scream briefly and turn around to try and get the attacker off of her. She only calmed a little when she saw who it was.]

But, what about the others? [Her friends were still in there.]
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Who gives a damn? It's bad enough I have to watch your ass. [Bakura keeps dragging her along, uncaring if he's causing her any discomfort. It would be way too easy to loser her in this crowd, so he just winds her hair around his hand like a leash.

Any zombies that come near he knocks aside with what seems to be a pipe he picked up in the chaos. He's fast enough and strong enough to keep them at bay for now, but they really need to find somewhere to bottleneck the damn things.]
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But... Yuugi, Jounouchi... [She didn't want to leave them behind. She couldn't even see them anymore, even with Yuugi's wild hair. She doesn't have much time to speak as he kept yanking on her hair as he walked, at times being yanked quite hard to be moved to the side as he smashed a zombie's head, or any other body part that was in reach, wide open. The smell nauseated her enough to ignore the pain in her scalp, for now.]

Where did you even get that pipe, anyway?
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[He's completely ignoring her worries about her friends now. There's bigger problems at hand, and even he's starting to have a little trouble knocking back all the zombies while playing "escort mission" over here. At least they're getting close to the doors.]

I stole it.

[Duh. What kind of question was that?]
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Pipes aren't that easy to come by-Ow! Stop pulling so hard! [He might actually pull all of her hair out at some point, she feels. Not that that really matters right now, since they were being surrouneded by zombies. Was there even anything else around she could use to defend herself?]

[Maybe, if they passed by the fire extinguisher, maybe she could by them some time. Hopefully she can grab it before he pulls her too far away.]

What do you think is even going on?
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You're not moving fast enough!

[They do pass by a fire extinguisher, and Bakura has to pause there to beat the hell out of a group of zombies. There's enough of them that he actually lets go of her so he can start swinging with both hands. Unfortunately, there's no time to answer now.]
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You're the one that's pulling me by my hair! I can move just fine on my own! [Well, maybe not completely fine, but close enough!]

[She's only let go for a second before she moves in closer to him, taking note of the fire extinguisher on the wall. Would it even help?]

[Hoping it would at least do something to help them, she pulls the large red can off the wall, pulls the pin, and sprays the foam across the hall, detering some of the zombies long enough to give them a path to the door.]
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If I let go of you, we're going to get sep--

[Bakura's words are cut off, and he's just staring in shock as Ryou actually does something. But hey, whatever works, right? He sees an opening and he's grabbing her arm now as he hurries them through it.]

Come on! [And in a few feet, they burst into the outside world. Unfortunately, it's not looking much better.]
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[It's an emergency situation. She can stand up for herself once in a while, okay? She doesn't need people to protect her all the time, jeesh.]

[Once the fire extinguisher runs out of foam, she throws the empty can at the creatures, knocking a few off balance.]

[Outside however, she is frozen in horror. There's... there's so many of them. Especially in the school uniforms that matched their uniforms.]

There's... so many of them. Are they... Were they... students here too?
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What's it look like, moron? Shut up and keep running!

[Bakura's not one for chitchat at a time like this. The group is closing in on them and he starts pulling them through a space in the crowd. This is getting pretty tiresome. Eventually he spots a hole in the school fence and leads them towards it.]

Come on--through here!
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[She ducks down, bending down on one knee to get through the small opening. It didn't matter that her knees and skirt were dirty now, she'll have to dust them off later. Getting to a safe place seemed to be their only option.]

Where do we go from here? My apartment?
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Are you kidding? Think of how many people live in there! We'd be swarmed...

[Bakura blocks the hole in the fence and stops to think. For the moment, the coast is clear.]

We need to go somewhere secluded...
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But, where's a secluded place around here? There's going to be people everywhere in the city.... [Parks, apartments, shopping centers, the docks...]

We can either go to the outskirts of town or to the docks. Either way is going to be a long trek, especially because we don't have a car and the trains are likely to be overrun too...
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The docks. Do you think there's a boat we can steal down there? If not maybe we'd be better heading for the countryside.

[Some snarls and growls can be heard just beyond the fence, but Bakura keeps his foot planted firmly against the mess of junk he has hiding the hole.]

We should get some food along the way, we don't know how long we won't be able to find more.
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[She was about to protest at the idea of stealing a boat, but hearing those groans and snarls through the fence, she stayed quiet about the matter. This was no time to be a graceful, honest lady.]

There might be one down there. A tug boat, a motorized boat from a fisherman or a rich kid's yacht, if we're lucky.

We'll also need warmer clothes if we're heading out onto the open ocean. Non perishable food, something to carry fresh water in, probably some tools and medical supplies...
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This whole "boat" thing is starting to sound like pain in the ass. Let's just go to the countryside.

[There's nothing like being lazy during a zombie apocalypse. He gestures for Ryou to follow him as he starts heading down the field. Luckily, there's only a few stragglers out here and he still has his pipe handy.]

...Which way is the countryside again?
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We'll still need supplies no matter which route we take. [You might be lazy during the zombie apocalypse, but she wasn't going to be. She's seen way too many movies and played one too many video games to not know better.]

Some leftover snacks in my bag isn't going to last between the two of us, not for very long, at least. It could be days before this whole... thing is over with, if at all.
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[At least one of them isn't thinking of the easiest route as opposed to the most effect.]

You think this is something they'll solve in a few days? H-heh. But fine, we'll raid a convenience store first!

[He rather rudely grabs her bag, unzipping it and throwing out anything that wasn't edible.] I wonder how much we can fit in here...

[Oh well. They could always just steal an entire cart, or take a few reusable bags.]
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[Well, maybe not in a few days, or even a few weeks, or even months, if video game logic was anything to go by.]

Is your first thought to always steal something--Hey! [Of course, she's trying to catch some important things as he's carelessly throwing things out. Like the notebook she keeps her letters in. That she refused to lose, no matter what he said. She gives him a dirty look while he continued to empty her bag.]

I'm sure we can find some bigger bags at the supposed convenience store you're wanting to rob. I'll make a list of things we'll need. Some people are bound to have had the same idea as you and stock up by stealing.
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[The answer to her first question was, of course, yes. Once he's finished emptying her bag he starts walking into the field behind the school. They'll come across the main road eventually.]

What? I'm supposed to be the thief here, what happened to everyone else's precious morals? "Good Samaritans" my ass! One bad thing happens and you're all running around like headless chickens. [He sounds so pleased with himself.]
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I said some people, not all people. There are still some good people, I think. [She turns to a blank page in her journal, making a list of supplies that they were likely to need. Bigger packpacks, food, water containers, flashlights, fresh batteries, warmer clothes, tools... weapons, as much as she didn't really want to add that to the list.]

People turning into zombies isn't exactly an everyday occurance, so people are naturally going to panic, especially at the rate the zombies seem to be appearing, if the number at school was any indication.
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You think. [He stuff his free hand into his pocket, chuckling under his breath. Up ahead a few shambling zombies can be seen, but he doesn't seem too concerned.]

At this rate, we'll be the last ones standing--move to the right. [He shoves his shoulder into her, veering them slightly off course so they won't come too close to the stragglers.]
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Well, we've only come across the undead so far. Surely someone that's still human is still out there, trying to figure out what is causing this. Where all of them came from, why there are so many of them--Ow! [That frown is back. That shove hurt, you know, and it made her scratch her pen across the page in a quite ugly scrawl in blue ink. She bites her lip in frustration, taking a deep breath to calm herself.]

We'll definitely need a radio, to see what is going on in the outside world. Someone is bound to be reporting on this...

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