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Just share the damn bed with me.

For whatever reason, the floor is unacceptable as a place to sleep. It's messy, the dog is there, THE FLOOR IS LAVA, or maybe there's flooding. Who cares why it's not acceptable, it just isn't! Normally, that's not an issue, but tonight you have a friend over. Maybe it's the safest place, maybe it's hurricane season and your house is the only one out of the path of the storm. Stop trying to figure out the details, just get over it and share the bed with that person! Sexy times are not required. Intimacy is not required.

Just share the damn bed already.

Do you need options? Here! Have some options!

1. It's late. You're tired. Too tired to drive and THE FLOOR IS LAVA.
2. It's late. You're drunk. Too drunk. Honestly, how did you drink that much and not die? Should we take you to the hospital? Here, just stay in this bed with me. No, you can't sleep on the floor. THE FLOOR IS LAVA.
3. It's early. You thought you'd just come by and visit but you can barely function. The bed seems inviting. Guess what, you're invited into the bed! Yes. The bed. Not the floor. THE FLOOR IS LAVA.
4. DO YOU LIKE TO CUDDLE? CUDDLING IS OKAY. And yes, the floor is lava.
5. WILDCARD. Just figure out a reason why you need to share the bed. But don't forget: the floor is lava!
6. The Crack Fun Insane Option - Actually Play the Floor is Lava Game!! Move about the room without touching the floor... because the floor is lava.
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[ UMMMMMMM 1?? maybe rin staying over at haru's? you start thooo]
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129082 days later...

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[They'd started a movie too late. Now it was past midnight and Rin's eyes looked dark, shadowed. Maybe it was a trick of the light, but he seemed less animated than he had when they'd started, and it was a long walk back to Samezuka...

Haru turns the TV off, cutting short an infomercial they'd left on for the past 10 minutes. He stares at the blank screen, the sudden silence momentarily overwhelming him, before casting a glance at Rin.]

Do you want to stay the night?
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[For a moment, Rin blinks blearily at the darkness of the television. With the lateness of the hour and the intensity of his training at school, there's a heavy fatigue in his limbs, sleepiness weighing down his eyelids.

The question snaps him back to some sort of alertness, eyes meeting Haru's briefly before dropping to his watch.]
Ah, damn. [He clicks his tongue in self-directed irritation.]

There's still one more train tonight...I can probably catch it if I run. [Not that he doesn't appreciate the offer. And really wants to take him up on it. He smirks a little, too casually.] You don't need me crashing here like a bum.
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[If Haru stares at that smirk a little too long, it's only because he's worn out for the exact same reasons. Eventually he looks away, hoisting himself up to stand, slowly.] Suit yourself. You don't seem like you're up for a run, though.

[(Like he's one to talk.) Besides, it's his fault that Rin's here so late in the first place. He will, in the words of Rei, take responsibility. He turns to offer a hand, looking down at Rin expectantly.]
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[Rin bristles only a little, only out of some instinctive need to take Haru's words as a challenge. But then there's a hand waiting for him and he knows how badly he wants to take it. He always does. This time, at least, he has an excuse.]

Fine, fine. [Heaves a sigh, like this is such an inconvenience. He reaches up, fits his hand into Haru's and fails at ignoring how nice and right it feels. Getting to his feet, he tosses the other boy a smirk.] You miss our old sleepovers, huh?