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Doctor Who Meme

Doctor Who Meme

Ever wanted to jump right into a TV Show? Now you can.
The following options are from or based off of events from both the Classic and New Series of Doctor Who, due to return to our screens in just a month’s time, yay!
- post with your muse name and fandom in the subject line (along with any preferences). You don’t have to be a member of the Whoniverse (Doctor Who, Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood) to play!
- To play, add your details and preferences as usual. Then other poster, tag someone else you want to play with and
roll 1-4 for section and then 1-8 for a scenario. Or pick something collectively if something particular catches your eye (Hopefully not a Weeping Angel).


- Unless you agree otherwise the first poster fulfils the ‘Doctor/Time Lord’ Role. You’re the one with the fancy trans-dimensional (That’s bigger on the inside than outside) time machine called the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space, duh) and the sonic screwdriver and the array of techno babble.

- The tagger (again unless you agree otherwise) is the ‘Companion’. You’re there to travel with the ‘Doctor’. You might not be as smart (even if you are really brainy and prettier than a computer, Miss Herriot.) but you make up for it with the charm and the determination and snark and whatever else you have. Maybe you and your Time Lord are friends, or lovers, or just apparently tolerate each other’s company. Whatever the case, you’re a team.

- Want to join in as an extra companion in a thread? You can! The TARDIS is big enough for a trio.

- Enjoy and Allons-Y!


1. Wibbly (In the TARDIS)
2. Wobbly (Events)
3. Timey (Places)
4. Whimey (Monsters)

Wibbly (In the TARDIS)
1. An Unearthly Child – Well look what happened, that person’s just stumbled into your TARDIS for the first time. Yes, quite the surprised look on their face. Best get to explaining it, whether you invited them in or they’ve blundered inside by themselves. Maybe they’ll fancy a trip?
2. All These Corridors Look The Same... – That’s the trouble with the TARDIS, all the hallways look pretty much identical and you and your companion have gotten yourself a little lost. Perhaps that door! No? Might be the best time to mention that the TARDIS does change where things are at times...
3. Edge of Destruction – What’s that noise? And that sparking on the console? Oh drat, the TARDIS is out of control! The two of your better get round to fixing it or goodness know where you’ll end up!
4. In The Control Room – Well you’re in the Time Vortex and it’ll be a while till you land at your next stop. Perhaps this is a perfect chance for a good natter. Maybe with some tea.
5. The Runaway Bride – Well your companion didn’t stumble in, they just... appeared? In your TARDIS? But how? Why? Did they plan to come here or are they surprised as you are? Hopefully they weren’t doing anything important... what ARE they wearing?
6.  Swimming Pool in the Library – Time to relax in the TARDIS. Adventures in Time and Space can be pretty hair raising so you need to unwind together! Maybe some board game, or a wardrobe try-on. Or you could go swimming. In the library. Try not to get the books all wet.
7. Anywhere You Want, Any Time... – Oh, you’re being a bit of a show off aren’t you! Anywhere you say? You’re letting your Companion pick your destination? That could be interesting. Or terribly dangerous.
8.What? What?! WHAT?! – Well that is... incredible. Whatever’s happened in the TARDIS was definitely not supposed to happen. Ever. Like that big blob of alien killer jelly. Or the Titanic sticking in the side of the ship. Still, perfect chance to try out your amazed face.

Wobbly (Events)
1. UNIT – Oh good, you’re run into your old friends at UNIT! UNified Intelligence Taskforce. They deal with the unexplained and the strange. Anything on Earth... or beyond it. Anyway, good job the two of you turned up because there’s some kind of suitably strange goings on somewhere and since you’re occasionally UNIT’s Scientific Advisor they want the two of you to investigate. Don’t worry, you’ll have a crack troop of soldiers behind you, what could go wrong?
2. Aliens of London – Wow, you were not expecting an alien spaceship to just crash-land where the two of you are! The news will be all over this, first contact with alien kind! Of course you two are going to have to take a closer look...
3. Genesis of the Daleks – Oh the choices you have to make as a time traveller. You’ve gone back in time to the moment just before one of your deadliest enemies was born. And you’ve got the chance to kill them before they’re ever there. But now you’re on the threshold, should you? A lot of good came out of them being evil. Can your companion persuade you one way or another?
4. School Reunion – Your companion’s not been a companion of yours for some time but now mid-adventure you’ve run into them - that’s great! You’re got a perfect chance to catch up but it could be awkward. What about your new friends? Are they missing the time you had together or have they moved on?
5. Bad Wolf – Everywhere you two go through time and space you keep seeing the same signs or messages and it’s starting to get creepy. It has to be just chance right? Or is someone trying to tell you something important?
6. NOTHING IN ZE WORLD CAN STOP ME NOW! – Oh great, you’ve run into a mad evil genius type. Someone who wants nothing better than to destroy the world because it sounds fun. That means you’re going to have to stop them, avoiding whatever they’ve got lined up to stop you. Traps and monsters, most likely.
7. Reverse the Polarity – Reverse the what of the what? You’re confusing your companion with your techno babble, so try to explain it better. Or snog them, whatever works.
8. I Said... RUN! – Ah, one of your favourite parts of any adventure, you’re having to run somewhere very, very quickly because something is TERRIBLY BAD. Like that snarling monster on your heels or the bomb about to explode. Better hurry up!

Timey (Places)
1. Everything That Ever Happened... – You’ve arrived in Earth’s past, fantastic! Perfect chance to explore some living history together. Perhaps you’ll run into someone famous or witness a historical event first hand. Of course you’re not supposed to interfere with history or things could go terribly wrong... And who knows if you’re the only non-human about in this time?
2. ...Or Ever Will... – You’ve gone into the future, but how far? A chance to see what humanity gets up to as it explores the stars, or ruins its own world. Perhaps you can check out a gleaming futuristic city... or a war-torn battleground where Earth is ruled by alien life.
3. We Are In SPACE! – Yes, outer space! Space suits are in the cupboard. Of course if you’re careful the TARDIS has a defence shield that’ll let you float just outside her. And is that a Space Ship or a Space Station? Can’t hurt to have a look, right? ...Right?
4. The Leisure Hive – Ok, this is it. No adventuring today, just the chance to have a relaxing time on an alien world devoted to letting you take it easy. Catch some sun or ski on giant snow slopes, you two are having a vacation!
5. The Impossible Planet – Ugh, not a particularly pleasant looking world, all those crags and lightning and... oh, that ugly looking black hole above. Best pop back into the... wait, where’d the TARDIS go?! Oh, this can’t be good.
6. Inferno – That was weird. Some sort of energy in the vortex hit you and now you’re on what looks like Earth. Except some things are different. Clearly this is a parallel universe. Hopefully you can avoid clichés and it won’t be one where everyone’s evil with eye-patches...
7. The Mind Robber – This is pretty surreal, you appear to have accidently been transported to a place you’ve heard of called the Land of Fiction. Everything fictional is real here. And dangerous. And unfortunately the TARDIS seems to have vanished...
8. The Christmas Invasion – Well what do you know, you’ve taken the companion back home! In time for Christmas, one of your favourite times of year! Chance for a bit of festivity, right? Though you’re sure you saw that Christmas Tree Spin. And those Santas with the musical instruments seem a tad threatening...

Whimey (Monsters & Aliens)
1. Rise of the Cybermen – Oh no, it’s the Cybermen! Metal men from Earth’s twin planet Mondas, that cybernetically argumented themselves to survive after it floated into the cold of space until their bodies were more machine than man. Or maybe it’s the ones from that parallel Earth you visited. Best try to hide before they try to covert you...
2. Cold Blood – You’ve found evidence of creatures under the surface, climbing from the darkness to... reclaim their world? Once Earth was ruled by Homo Reptilians, dinosaur-like humanoids who consider all Apes to be an infestation they intend to wipe out! But maybe you can get them to make peace, if they’re not zapping you mentally with third eyes or lashing out with poison tongues...
3. Silence Will Fall – Funny, you don’t remember putting that mark on your hand, why did you – AGH, WHAT’S THAT THING? Funny, you don’t remember... The Silence are clearly about, you realise. Grey creatures in suits with no eyes or mouth who you and your companion will forget as soon as you... what was it you were trying to recall?
4. Terror of the Autons – Those plastic dummies in the widow are moving! Quick, get to cover! Autons are controlled by the Nestene, one of the ‘Great Old Ones’ which holds sway over all forms of plastic. Yes, including breast implants. Anyway, you’ll need to find the Nestene. If you can get past those dummies and their hand gun implants...
5. Blink – Did... did you imagine it or did that statue move? And that one too? Oh dear, trapped in a house with the Lonely Assassins – the Weeping Angels. If you look at them they Quantum Lock, but when you don’t... and they’re fast. Get out of here and remember... DO. NOT. BLINK.
6. Evil of the Daleks – It’s your greatest enemy, the Daleks! Evil blobs of hate encased within a hardened armoured shell built for a single purpose – to exterminate all other life. If the Daleks are here this place is in great danger! Look out! “EX-TER-MIN-ATE!”
7. FO SHO BO SHO! – Judoon soldiers, here? Military grunts who look like humanoid rhinos and take the law VERY seriously? Looks like they’re here for something, maybe you should ask them. Unless they’re looking for YOU... and the sentence will be execution.
8. You Will Obey Me! – Your most personal enemy, a fellow Time Lord and friend of yours once before he became evil and determined to control the universe. Avoid that hypnotising stare and just hope he doesn’t consider using that Laser Screwdriver on you or your companion...

damselled: by <lj user="virizion"> (A chill in the air today)

[personal profile] damselled 2015-09-09 09:45 pm (UTC)(link)
Maribelle, with a sigh, makes her way over to the Doctor, beginning to dig again. She swears she's broken at least two nails, for heaven's sake, but she's hardly about to give up. She will, however, likely smack the Master again once or twice with her parasol (that is, unless the Doctor stops her) for his incredible lack of manners.

"How much further must we go, do you think?" she asks, tired and sweaty and really almost missing Plegia by now.
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[personal profile] calmbefore 2015-09-18 09:36 pm (UTC)(link)
If she wants to smack the Master again, he's not about to stop her. Truth be told, he can't say that the Master hasn't deserved it long before this, either. And true, the game they may or may not be playing doesn't often lend itself to moments of physical violence on his end. But that doesn't mean that he isn't very well aware of the fact that Master has done some truly awful things and is, perhaps, not entirely undeserving of being hit now and again.

(Not that he'd say as much, of course. But he knows it, and that's perhaps as good a start as any.)

"Not too far, I should think. It's not going to really be the optimal way to do it, but if we can uncover enough of the top we can get in that way and bypass the doors altogether."
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[personal profile] damselled 2015-10-06 01:01 am (UTC)(link)
Thank goodness. Really, she was rather tired of all this by now, and wanted nothing more than a hot bath, a nice cup of tea and the knowledge that her beloved home country was safe. Of course, the last wish would be much harder to procure than the former two, but she was absolutely determined to save it in any way she could.

And yes, teach that dreadful Master a lesson in manners (and speaking of which, her wrists were beginning to hurt again).

"Well, then, let us move quickly. I'd simply hate being stuck in this dreadful place much longer."
calmbefore: (I'm here to help)

[personal profile] calmbefore 2015-10-10 03:29 am (UTC)(link)
The Doctor is certainly willing to do his best to help her see her country safe, if nothing else. On the other hand, he's never been the best at getting to quite where he means to be - while he might mean to help, it's quite entirely possible that it'll be a while yet before they get back to it.

That said, for the time being, the point is moot. It's only the work of a moment to finish uncovering the top of the TARDIS, whereupon the Doctor simply opens it up, as if there's always been a hatch there, if one only knows where to look.

"It might be best if I go first. Coming in this way can be a little tricky, if you don't know what to expect."
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[personal profile] damselled 2015-10-13 02:23 am (UTC)(link)
Maribelle huffs, unaccustomed to being trapped in such a strange situation - although she had to admit that even with all the madness that had transpired thus far, it was still a better situation than the one she had faced in Plegia. At least, she was reasonably sure of that. Then again, with the spitting mad man and the strange whirlwind of light that she could barely even remember, she was steadily growing less certain of the relative safety of the situation.

Oh, who was she kidding? There was no safety to be found here. With a sigh, she gestures at the Doctor. "Well, then, please do hurry up. I dislike the idea of remaining out here by myself."
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[personal profile] calmbefore 2015-10-15 08:39 pm (UTC)(link)
It is, at least, about as safe as it's really possible to be, when traveling with the Doctor. Which isn't necessarily the most comforting of things, but such is the way things go, with him. And in either case, he wastes no further top in descending into the TARDIS.

A moment later, his head and shoulders pop back up as he offers a hand to her - as she comes down she'll note that that there's a shift in the way gravity is oriented part of the way through the descent, which is presumably the difficulty to which he'd alluded.]
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[personal profile] damselled 2015-11-03 03:10 am (UTC)(link)
At this point, Maribelle is just grateful to get away from the Master. Really, such abominable rudeness! It very nearly caused Maribelle to miss Plegia. Well, no, it didn't, but the point still stands.

She takes his hand without much thought, stepping carefully into the TARDIS, looking as graceful as ever despite the difficulty. "I say," she sighed, sounding both annoyed and relieved, "that did take some time, didn't it?"
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[personal profile] calmbefore 2015-11-12 09:04 pm (UTC)(link)
Once they're both through, the door shuts behind them - while normally the Doctor might have reached up and grabbed it himself the TARDIS is perfectly capable of managing on her own, and she's likewise in no hurry to let whatever the Master's planning inside.

"It usually does, with him," the Doctor answers with a shrug. "Although he's usually a good bit more subtle besides. Still, time we were off, I think."

He's already making for the console as he says it, and a moment later the distinctive sounds of the TARDIS taking flight fill the room.
damselled: by <lj user="virizion"> (A chill in the air today)

[personal profile] damselled 2015-11-13 01:16 am (UTC)(link)
Maribelle breathes a sigh of relief as the door closes, and critically eyes her clothing. Gracious, but she needs a bath and a change! But perhaps that can wait. She steps up to the console, glancing with disdain over the utter mess (albeit with less than she usually would, given the circumstances) - it seems the mess they'd gotten themselves into had carried over.

"And where are we going now?" she inquires. "Somewhere civilized, I hope?"
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[personal profile] calmbefore 2015-11-19 11:07 pm (UTC)(link)
Cluttered though the console room might be, it's home insofar as the Doctor is concerned. That and he knows where most everything is, and that's good enough for him, in the long run. And if things have been a little rattled around on account of the TARDIS having been caught in a landslide, it could certainly be worse.

"Absolutely," he answers with a nod. "Is there anywhere in particular you had in mind?"