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Doctor Who Meme

Doctor Who Meme

Ever wanted to jump right into a TV Show? Now you can.
The following options are from or based off of events from both the Classic and New Series of Doctor Who, due to return to our screens in just a month’s time, yay!
- post with your muse name and fandom in the subject line (along with any preferences). You don’t have to be a member of the Whoniverse (Doctor Who, Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood) to play!
- To play, add your details and preferences as usual. Then other poster, tag someone else you want to play with and
roll 1-4 for section and then 1-8 for a scenario. Or pick something collectively if something particular catches your eye (Hopefully not a Weeping Angel).


- Unless you agree otherwise the first poster fulfils the ‘Doctor/Time Lord’ Role. You’re the one with the fancy trans-dimensional (That’s bigger on the inside than outside) time machine called the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space, duh) and the sonic screwdriver and the array of techno babble.

- The tagger (again unless you agree otherwise) is the ‘Companion’. You’re there to travel with the ‘Doctor’. You might not be as smart (even if you are really brainy and prettier than a computer, Miss Herriot.) but you make up for it with the charm and the determination and snark and whatever else you have. Maybe you and your Time Lord are friends, or lovers, or just apparently tolerate each other’s company. Whatever the case, you’re a team.

- Want to join in as an extra companion in a thread? You can! The TARDIS is big enough for a trio.

- Enjoy and Allons-Y!


1. Wibbly (In the TARDIS)
2. Wobbly (Events)
3. Timey (Places)
4. Whimey (Monsters)

Wibbly (In the TARDIS)
1. An Unearthly Child – Well look what happened, that person’s just stumbled into your TARDIS for the first time. Yes, quite the surprised look on their face. Best get to explaining it, whether you invited them in or they’ve blundered inside by themselves. Maybe they’ll fancy a trip?
2. All These Corridors Look The Same... – That’s the trouble with the TARDIS, all the hallways look pretty much identical and you and your companion have gotten yourself a little lost. Perhaps that door! No? Might be the best time to mention that the TARDIS does change where things are at times...
3. Edge of Destruction – What’s that noise? And that sparking on the console? Oh drat, the TARDIS is out of control! The two of your better get round to fixing it or goodness know where you’ll end up!
4. In The Control Room – Well you’re in the Time Vortex and it’ll be a while till you land at your next stop. Perhaps this is a perfect chance for a good natter. Maybe with some tea.
5. The Runaway Bride – Well your companion didn’t stumble in, they just... appeared? In your TARDIS? But how? Why? Did they plan to come here or are they surprised as you are? Hopefully they weren’t doing anything important... what ARE they wearing?
6.  Swimming Pool in the Library – Time to relax in the TARDIS. Adventures in Time and Space can be pretty hair raising so you need to unwind together! Maybe some board game, or a wardrobe try-on. Or you could go swimming. In the library. Try not to get the books all wet.
7. Anywhere You Want, Any Time... – Oh, you’re being a bit of a show off aren’t you! Anywhere you say? You’re letting your Companion pick your destination? That could be interesting. Or terribly dangerous.
8.What? What?! WHAT?! – Well that is... incredible. Whatever’s happened in the TARDIS was definitely not supposed to happen. Ever. Like that big blob of alien killer jelly. Or the Titanic sticking in the side of the ship. Still, perfect chance to try out your amazed face.

Wobbly (Events)
1. UNIT – Oh good, you’re run into your old friends at UNIT! UNified Intelligence Taskforce. They deal with the unexplained and the strange. Anything on Earth... or beyond it. Anyway, good job the two of you turned up because there’s some kind of suitably strange goings on somewhere and since you’re occasionally UNIT’s Scientific Advisor they want the two of you to investigate. Don’t worry, you’ll have a crack troop of soldiers behind you, what could go wrong?
2. Aliens of London – Wow, you were not expecting an alien spaceship to just crash-land where the two of you are! The news will be all over this, first contact with alien kind! Of course you two are going to have to take a closer look...
3. Genesis of the Daleks – Oh the choices you have to make as a time traveller. You’ve gone back in time to the moment just before one of your deadliest enemies was born. And you’ve got the chance to kill them before they’re ever there. But now you’re on the threshold, should you? A lot of good came out of them being evil. Can your companion persuade you one way or another?
4. School Reunion – Your companion’s not been a companion of yours for some time but now mid-adventure you’ve run into them - that’s great! You’re got a perfect chance to catch up but it could be awkward. What about your new friends? Are they missing the time you had together or have they moved on?
5. Bad Wolf – Everywhere you two go through time and space you keep seeing the same signs or messages and it’s starting to get creepy. It has to be just chance right? Or is someone trying to tell you something important?
6. NOTHING IN ZE WORLD CAN STOP ME NOW! – Oh great, you’ve run into a mad evil genius type. Someone who wants nothing better than to destroy the world because it sounds fun. That means you’re going to have to stop them, avoiding whatever they’ve got lined up to stop you. Traps and monsters, most likely.
7. Reverse the Polarity – Reverse the what of the what? You’re confusing your companion with your techno babble, so try to explain it better. Or snog them, whatever works.
8. I Said... RUN! – Ah, one of your favourite parts of any adventure, you’re having to run somewhere very, very quickly because something is TERRIBLY BAD. Like that snarling monster on your heels or the bomb about to explode. Better hurry up!

Timey (Places)
1. Everything That Ever Happened... – You’ve arrived in Earth’s past, fantastic! Perfect chance to explore some living history together. Perhaps you’ll run into someone famous or witness a historical event first hand. Of course you’re not supposed to interfere with history or things could go terribly wrong... And who knows if you’re the only non-human about in this time?
2. ...Or Ever Will... – You’ve gone into the future, but how far? A chance to see what humanity gets up to as it explores the stars, or ruins its own world. Perhaps you can check out a gleaming futuristic city... or a war-torn battleground where Earth is ruled by alien life.
3. We Are In SPACE! – Yes, outer space! Space suits are in the cupboard. Of course if you’re careful the TARDIS has a defence shield that’ll let you float just outside her. And is that a Space Ship or a Space Station? Can’t hurt to have a look, right? ...Right?
4. The Leisure Hive – Ok, this is it. No adventuring today, just the chance to have a relaxing time on an alien world devoted to letting you take it easy. Catch some sun or ski on giant snow slopes, you two are having a vacation!
5. The Impossible Planet – Ugh, not a particularly pleasant looking world, all those crags and lightning and... oh, that ugly looking black hole above. Best pop back into the... wait, where’d the TARDIS go?! Oh, this can’t be good.
6. Inferno – That was weird. Some sort of energy in the vortex hit you and now you’re on what looks like Earth. Except some things are different. Clearly this is a parallel universe. Hopefully you can avoid clichés and it won’t be one where everyone’s evil with eye-patches...
7. The Mind Robber – This is pretty surreal, you appear to have accidently been transported to a place you’ve heard of called the Land of Fiction. Everything fictional is real here. And dangerous. And unfortunately the TARDIS seems to have vanished...
8. The Christmas Invasion – Well what do you know, you’ve taken the companion back home! In time for Christmas, one of your favourite times of year! Chance for a bit of festivity, right? Though you’re sure you saw that Christmas Tree Spin. And those Santas with the musical instruments seem a tad threatening...

Whimey (Monsters & Aliens)
1. Rise of the Cybermen – Oh no, it’s the Cybermen! Metal men from Earth’s twin planet Mondas, that cybernetically argumented themselves to survive after it floated into the cold of space until their bodies were more machine than man. Or maybe it’s the ones from that parallel Earth you visited. Best try to hide before they try to covert you...
2. Cold Blood – You’ve found evidence of creatures under the surface, climbing from the darkness to... reclaim their world? Once Earth was ruled by Homo Reptilians, dinosaur-like humanoids who consider all Apes to be an infestation they intend to wipe out! But maybe you can get them to make peace, if they’re not zapping you mentally with third eyes or lashing out with poison tongues...
3. Silence Will Fall – Funny, you don’t remember putting that mark on your hand, why did you – AGH, WHAT’S THAT THING? Funny, you don’t remember... The Silence are clearly about, you realise. Grey creatures in suits with no eyes or mouth who you and your companion will forget as soon as you... what was it you were trying to recall?
4. Terror of the Autons – Those plastic dummies in the widow are moving! Quick, get to cover! Autons are controlled by the Nestene, one of the ‘Great Old Ones’ which holds sway over all forms of plastic. Yes, including breast implants. Anyway, you’ll need to find the Nestene. If you can get past those dummies and their hand gun implants...
5. Blink – Did... did you imagine it or did that statue move? And that one too? Oh dear, trapped in a house with the Lonely Assassins – the Weeping Angels. If you look at them they Quantum Lock, but when you don’t... and they’re fast. Get out of here and remember... DO. NOT. BLINK.
6. Evil of the Daleks – It’s your greatest enemy, the Daleks! Evil blobs of hate encased within a hardened armoured shell built for a single purpose – to exterminate all other life. If the Daleks are here this place is in great danger! Look out! “EX-TER-MIN-ATE!”
7. FO SHO BO SHO! – Judoon soldiers, here? Military grunts who look like humanoid rhinos and take the law VERY seriously? Looks like they’re here for something, maybe you should ask them. Unless they’re looking for YOU... and the sentence will be execution.
8. You Will Obey Me! – Your most personal enemy, a fellow Time Lord and friend of yours once before he became evil and determined to control the universe. Avoid that hypnotising stare and just hope he doesn’t consider using that Laser Screwdriver on you or your companion...

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Nonsense. They're off to a perfectly good start. He's being the very thing he's always been. Unpredictable. Besides, he rather likes having the time to chatter on. There's silence to be filled and he's always been fairly good at that.

"The ones you really need to worry about are little black ones. Although if you see more humanoid sorts that's going to be just as worrying. Those ones are more like cheetahs."

A pause, and then he remembers that she might not be familiar with cheetahs.

"Ah, they're sort of a dusty brown, with darker spots. Very fast, if they aren't the humanoid sort. The ones one the planet we were one, those were-- can you hear something?"

It's not much of a something, but it sounds like rocks falling. Bits and pieces of rock clattering against against each other as they shift and bounce of each other.
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[personal profile] damselled 2014-08-27 08:09 pm (UTC)(link)
Truth be told, Maribelle was only half-listening, looking around as they walked and wondering just what sort of inconsiderate idiot would dare to draw them to such an uncomfortable place. Really, the absolute nerve! Why, Maribelle had half a mind to simply...

But that thought was never finished, and Maribelle turned her head towards the sound. "Yes," she replied, more on edge than ever, "I do."
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[personal profile] calmbefore 2014-08-30 08:31 am (UTC)(link)
The Master's sort, unfortunately. But that's not what the Doctor's thinking about. No, he's listening to the clattering. He's heard that sort of sound before, in other places and other times. In fact, it sounds like a...

"Rockslide!" he exclaims, as he puts the last pieces together and of course there's danger. There always is, in times like this.

"And that means we really shouldn't stay here. In fact, I think we'd really better run."

The one constant of his life. Always in motion, always running, and he's already doing just that himself even as he finishes speaking. (It won't kill him, he knows, if he's caught up in it. It's not how the game is played. But the Master's never quite cared for his companions so best to run and be safer for it.)
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[personal profile] damselled 2014-09-02 06:39 am (UTC)(link)
Maribelle didn't even look around before following the Doctor into flight - instinct, really. She did not yet know if she could fully trust this bizarre, alien man, but she did know she could trust him more than the rocks that were quite possibly doing their damnedest to crush their heads.

Thank the heavens above that she had chosen to wear practical shoes. But where in the world were they running to? Surely this was a trap, and whomever had drawn them here was lying in wait.
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A trap indeed. It's always traps. Little things that are designed to trip him up or point in the direction he needs to go. He doesn't expect to find the Master at the end of this one. Yet.

Instead, he focuses on getting them out of the way of the rockslide - only once they're out the way, and at least a little bit out the worst of worst of the quarry. Unfortunately, the mess of fallen rock leaves them rather neatly separated from the TARDIS. A message then - no running away, not that he really would.

Still, he stops for a moment, as he turns to look back at what stands behind them.

"I suppose that answers the question of which way we should be going."
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Traps. Maribelle was none too fond of traps, especially after her last run-in (of sorts) with one. They were now, of course, separated from their means of transport, which meant whomever had invited them was none too fond of the idea of their leaving.

Very well. Maribelle had dealt with insistent hosts before, and she was certain that she would again. "It rather does," she replied coolly, her nose wrinkling at the sight. "I do so hate to be a late guest. Shall we?"
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Separated for now, at least. Long enough to keep them walking in the general direction of whatever stronghold the Master's holed himself up in or wherever he has in mind for whatever confrontation that is still yet to come.

(It'll be an inconvenience too, when they're coming back, or so he suspects. The Master always has been good at that sort of thing.)

"Normally, I'd agree with you, but in this case... I'd be willing to allow a certain amount of lateness. Not that we won't get there sooner or later, but I'm not in any terrible hurry either."

Of course, he's heading off in the direction they're presumably meant to go even as he says it, but the point stands all the same.
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Maribelle wrinkled her nose at the Doctor's dallying. Honestly, she would really rather have this all be over and done with and be back home in time for tea. But then, she was much too involved with all of this to simply walk away now, especially considering that they were now separated from their means of getting off this gods-forsaken rock.

"Oh, very well, then," she huffed. "And what do you suppose we ought to do when we get there?" Besides slap him silly, of course.
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Over and done with would have been nice, that much he'd have to agree on. But it's not likely to be so easy. It'll be done sooner or later, yes, but he's still rather expecting that things aren't exactly going to be cut and dried.

"See what exactly he wants, for one." He suspects he can guess at one of the things, given that he can't imagine holding a stable form will be any easier after however long in the vortex. And that's assuming that the body the Master had previous been borrowing even managed to survive the trip through the Eye.

"Admittedly, he can be terribly predictable sometimes, but better to not assume anything. Desperation can lead people to doing all sort of things they might not otherwise."

However, the further they walk, the more Mari might notice that there's not just the sound of his voice. True that's the only real thing breaking the silence, but as they go on, there's a feeling like there's something... not so much missing as out of place. Something out off to the left of the direction they're heading in, although if it's something the Doctor has noticed, he's not saying anything about it.
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Maribelle heard the noise, but she wasn't quite so foolish as to go chasing it. Instead, she continued to follow the Doctor, sighing a little in utter exasperation. "Whatever he wants, it surely can be nothing good," she told him, squaring her shoulders at the feeling of wrongness that was steadily drawing closer as the two of them pressed on.

"And just who is this person, anyway? He sounds most unpleasant, and rather lacking in manners."
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The noise continues on for a moment longer before it stops as suddenly as it had begun. If she's paying it no attention there's no sense in having it continue. But it's not the last of the tricks up the Master's sleeves just yet.

"He usually likes to be referred to as the Master. But unpleasant can definitely be a good word for him. He's gotten terribly desperate of late, you see." Like turning himself into a snake made of a sort of amorphous protoplasm. And that's only really the start of matters. Not to mention he's fairly certain that bringing up that really, the Master should be dead several times over by now isn't going to help in the long run.

(Besides, it's hard to neatly summarize several centuries of interactions, without ending up sounding terribly weird.)

"Ah, and once we do find him, you shouldn't underestimate him. Being as he is has only made him more dangerous, in the long run, and he's never been entirely harmless. Sometimes he's been less so than others, but that still doesn't mean that he's--"

Anything else he might have had to say gets cut off there, as time itself seems to ripple around them. There's just enough time for the Doctor to look somewhere between distressed and concerned, and then he seems to do nothing so much as blink out of sight, leaving her quite apparently alone.
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"And he should not underestimate me, Doctor." Too many had done so - because she was young, because she was a lady, because they thought she wasn't going to fight back. They were wrong, and she had every intention of proving the Master wrong, too, should it come to that.

And then the Doctor vanished. It must have been some sort of trick, and Maribelle whirled around, looking for him. Immediately, she realized it must be the Master, and she glared into the distance. "Well, then," she said haughtily, flipping her hair back with one hand, "are you going to show yourself or aren't you?"

Because really, she had neither the time nor the patience for this nonsense.
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He could, that much is true. Whether or not he will, that's another matter. He doesn't have much more patience than she does, though. The vortex has all but torn him apart, and he knows Bruce's body won't last much longer. If only he'd had a Trakenite body again, he wouldn't have had to stoop to this, but oh it will be sweet to have a new body again. Regardless of whose it should happen to be.

Still, he figures he can try once more to get to her to come to him. He's not as far away as she might think and what limited powers the ragged remnants of his various forms still have should be enough to get him to her before the Doctor does. For now however, he takes advantage of the lingering aftereffects of her unintended glimpse into the Vortex to manage a sort of crude telepathy.

Come here, first. I have something for you.

There's the mental equivalent of a tug to the north, at his words. One last attempt to draw her to his stronghold, before he simply takes matters into his hands and sees what a touch of possession will do. (A world of good, he suspects, at least for his plans.)

Elsewhere, the Doctor sighs to himself as he realizes that he really should have expected this sort of thing from the Master. What he means to do with Maribelle, the Doctor can't say, but it doesn't bode well. More to the point, he can't exactly do anything without finding either the Master's stronghold or wherever Maribelle has gotten to. And neither are something he can do where is; he sighs, and sets about tracking down the both of them. Well. Tracking down the Master. It'll be easier to find him, given the telepathic signal the Master can't help but broadcast.
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She felt that tug, but she's hardly inclined to follow it, and so she stubbornly remains where she is, glaring in the general direction of where it came from. "Absolutely not," she said, her arms crossed. She'd had enough of this self-important idiot, who spoke into her mind and commanded her - or tried to - without so much as a how-do-you-do or an introduction.

Really, how rude!
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Unfortunately, rude is something that happens ore often than not with this particular version of the Master. It probably comes of being nearer to death than most sensible people would allow themselves to get, but he's not above taking matters into his own hands, when he needs too.

(He's forgotten, a little, just how damnably stubborn the humans the Doctor surrounds himself with can be.)

A sudden breeze sighs around the trees, sounding both irritated and oddly out of place (there'd hardly been so much as flicker of wind before). It's gone as soon as it comes and a man steps out from behind one of the trees - a simple gesture that he manage to make into an entrance that could almost be dramatic if it weren't also faintly ridiculous. He looks more or less as he had when she caught her first glimpse of him too. There's less of the snake to him, but he's still wearing the clothes he'd had on when fell into the Eye, and if she bothers to look closely there's absolutely nothing about his eyes that are human.

On the other hand he is there, and that's not nothing.

"I've never liked the stubborn ones. But I must thank you. For bringing the Doctor to me."

And never mind the fact that the Doctor isn't there yet. He can wait, and maybe the Doctor's current companion can still be brought to heel.
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"What a coincidence," said Maribelle. "I've never liked rude dastards who speak into a lady's mind with neither invitation nor permission." She frowns at the man as he exits, and continues. "In addition to your rather atrocious manners, your dress sense certainly leaves much to be desired as well, I see." It did make a certain amount of sense; why would someone who didn't bother with politeness think anything of assaulting a viewer with that hideous thing he was wearing?

She doesn't draw near to him, but she closes her parasol - if nothing else, it may serve her as a decent weapon.
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It's true that the outfit isn't much like what his past selves have warn. But he has - or thinks he has, rather - a sense of flair in the body. A preference to dress for the occasion and one he's nearly certain has come from his current host body. After all, the body he'd had before had been quite content to keep to his usual blacks.

(But that was then and this is now, and he'll wear what he likes no matter what others might think.)

"What should I care for the manners of humanity?" he shoots back in return, with a tone of voice that's somewhere between a sneer and a drawl. The last time he'd been on Earth he'd needed to pretend at being human; now there's no need and his contempt shows through all the more clearly. It's the Doctor who cares for humans, and not him.

He steps closer a moment later. He might not care, but she could still be useful and the fact that the closed parasol could be used as a weapon hasn't quite occured to him.
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What the Master might call flair in his current incarnation, Maribelle would call positively hideous. But then, his fashion sense (or rather, the very distinct lack thereof) was not her responsibility. If he wanted to go gadding about while looking like the worst parody of a foppish wizard she'd ever seen, then so be it. She has better things to do.

"You ought to care when speaking to a lady, you unruly cur," came the reply, Maribelle glaring at him all the while. She tenses as he comes closer, her hand quite firmly on her parasol. Good heavens, did this man have no sense? Surely he knew that a lady could look after herself.
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It's a temporary state. As soon as he has an actual body, he can get back to something more usual. Provided the body is amenable to it. But that's neither here nor there at the moment.

As to the matter of sense he has less of it then perhaps he should. He's on the edge of the edge now, and the slightest step could have him teetering precariously off that and into true death. And a world without him is one he can't stand.

(Once, he'd said that a world without the Doctor would be unbearable; now he can't imagine a world where he can't play out the long game between the two of them.)

He doesn't answer either. Just gives her a look that's quite entirely unimpressed... and then opens his mouth and spits at her. Which probably says a lot about what he isn't, to be honest, and if any should manage to land on bare skin (and he's done his best to aim it so it will) she'll find that it's very nearly caustic. S much so that it's almost more like venom than actual spit.
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Maribelle shrieks, throwing her arms up to protect her face and attempting to step out of the way. Unfortunately for her, some of the venom lands on her forearm, a glove riding up to reveal vulnerable skin and causing her to emit another scream. Unfortunately for the Master, she's not the sort to give into pain or fear - and once the initial shock subsides, she rushes at the Master with cold fury in her eyes, her pristine (and rather sharp) parasol aimed at him.

"You - horrid - wretched - mangy - beast!" she snarled, swinging at him with each word. "How - dare - you - spit - at - a - lady!" Perhaps the Master was unaware of all the ways a lady might defend - or avenge - herself, but he was certainly about to find out.
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Unaware, perhaps not. On the other hand, it's pretty clear that he hadn't been expected to end up being attacked with an umbrella. Worse still - as far as his pride is concerned - it's working. All too well, in fact. The remnants of the human body he'd been forced to use haven't anything like the abilities of his original one (or even that rather lovely Trakenite one he'd gotten such good use out of) and one of the inconvenient things about being dragged halfway across the galaxy is that you don't really have any time to even pick up any weapons.

Or make any, for that matter and the fact would be almost distressing if it weren't so irritated. Instead, he hisses like the snake he very nearly seems to be and although there's no more spit-venom this time, it's more because he's too busy trying to catch the umbrella enough to make her less able to keep hitting him.

Unfortunately for his attempts that's just about when the Doctor manages to turn up again and despite his best efforts he can't keep quite from being at least a slight bit amused by what he's found.

"I'm not not interrupting anything, am I?" he calls after a brief moment or three. Amusement or no, this is still the Master and that means it'll be best to be on his guard.
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Maribelle, undeterred, continues to beat the stuffing (or at least attempt to) out of the man for his rudeness. Not even the Doctor's voice could get her to stop, so angry was she at the situation. "No, darling," she huffed, still attempting to strike at the Master with each word. "I'm merely teaching this foul-tempered, lowborn, most ungentlemanly disgrace of a man some blasted manners!"

She didn't bother to explain past that, so concerned was she with making sure the Master never tried something so horrid with her again.
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It's all the explanation he needs. He's not at all certain what the Master might have done to set Maribelle off, but on the other hand he's fairly certain he wouldn't be able to disagree with the fact that he's deserved something like this fate. Not that this stops the Master from shooting the Doctor a look that's very nearly asking for a way out of his merciless drubbing, of course. Anything to spare his pride, and it's for that that the Doctor gives an almost perceptible shake of his head in response.

"You could have just come to ask me, you know. Instead of leaving all these hoops for us to jump through."

The Master's only response - only verbal response, rather - is a low hiss, angry and irritated. The rest is an empty space where telepathy might once have said volumes; the Doctor reads what he does of that echoing silence by sheer familiarity alone. They don't need to say the words, so long have they been following the steps of this particular dance.

"But if you wanted to actually try talking for a change, I think it might be possible to see about ah... temporarily postponing the lesson, such as it were."
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"Ugh!" It was a sound of exasperation, and Maribelle stepped nimbly away from the Master, her parasol still at the ready in case he foolishly decided to try anything else. She glared at the man, slightly out of breath, and looked over at the Doctor as though he was really quite mad - not the first time she'd done so on this excursion, of course.

"Do you know that this filthy brute spat on me?" she demanded, huffing. "Why, I ought to have him arrested, and now you wish to speak with the oaf! I do hope you know what you are doing."
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"I didn't, actually, but I'm not surprised," the Doctor begins, completely unconcerned that he's speaking over the Master's off handed comment about hoping the Doctor wasn't expecting him to offer any sort of thanks. "It's a ... recurring problem, I guess you could say. Unique to this particular appearance of his, not that it excuses the habit.

"And," he continues, turning back to the Master without so much as as the slightest of pause, "no, I didn't. But I'd think that even you might have expected to find that not everyone takes so well to your little habits this time around."

This time he does pause for breath, just long enough for anyone who might have had something to say to begin to think about speaking, and then he's off and running again.

"I wouldn't mind knowing what this is all in aid of, while we're at it."

"Don't play the fool," the Master drawls. "It doesn't suit you."

There's a moment of silence at that and then a sigh from the Doctor. "Alright. But there are conditions."

A longer silence falls then, neither the Doctor or the Master seeming willing to break it, and both seem prefectly content to let it continue. Eventually, however the Master does break it, although he seems very much less than pleased to be doing so.

"Name them." The Master's words are all but gritted out through clenched teeth, not that the Doctor seems to notice, or much care.

"First, she isn't part of this," the Doctor begins, with a nod towards Maribelle. "We both know it's me you want anyway; if it works, I want her taken back home. Or barring that, to wherever she might want to go. Second, the old girl stays here. I'm not having you muck around inside her circuits, not after last time."

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