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Maribelle ([personal profile] damselled) wrote in [community profile] bakerstreet 2014-07-23 10:22 pm (UTC)

Had she been aware of the Doctor's gentleness, Maribelle would have thanked him sincerely. It was always nice to have a gentleman around to help a lady in distress - not that she wasn't very well used to dealing with distress on her own. A modern lady of the world such as herself had to be prepared, after all.

But she was not awake, trapped inside of a very troubling dream that seemed to her not a dream at all. That was the way of them, yes, but this was different - much different. It somehow had a feel that was quite similar to the oracle tales of old, the ones that spoke of the Voice of the Goddess. Well, that may be very well and good for some fainting priestess, but not her. She glared right back at the man, wholly unimpressed by his rudeness (because really, dream or not, who simply barged in on a lady without permission?), and was just about to deliver a scathing remark when she found herself jolted awake.

And almost without thought, she spoke, her voice almost seeming to echo. "Since then, 'tis centuries, and yet feels shorter than the day." What an odd dream that had been, and what a headache it had left her with! She would dearly love a good cup of tea right now.

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