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He falls silent as she explains. As willing as he might be to fill the space with words at more or less the drop of a hat, he knows when silence can be just as valuable and so he settles for nodding anywhere it seems reasonable appropriate to do so, as she tells her story.

(He's not surprised that it's mad king either. They do tend to crop up more often than not in his experience, even if they aren't always kings.)

"Not a very good situation all around," he answers, once Maribelle is finally finished with her explanation. "And I'm very sorry to hear that things aren't really in a good state here either. Was the--"

Anything else he might have had to say, however, is interrupted by a sudden jolt and a sort of wheezing groan as the central column stirs into life. And to judge by the way the Doctor all but scurries over to see what's going on, whatever's going on is probably not ordinary, especially when he starts talking more or less to himself (or more accurately, to the TARDIS, but it probably seems like it's to himself, to the outside observer.)

"No, no, not now! I know we don't usually stay still, but can't I least manage a conversation first? It might have been important."

The TARDIS, on the other hand, seems to be having absolutely none of it - wherever they might be going, there's no turning back now.

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