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The New Teammate Meme

The New Teammate Meme

Your day job involves teamwork in a bit way. You might be in some kind of League or Brotherhood, or you might be SHIELDing or Avenging, or you might be part of a particular police department or agency team. You might work for a paper company in Scranton, I don't know.

The point is that you're a member of a team, with its dynamics and power structure already well-established...and then a newcomer arrives. Or, naturally, you are that newcomer. Slowly or suddenly, things change. Balances shift, politics realign, the way the team works together has to adjust for this new member.

How do you deal with it?


Post with your character and their canon, and a brief rundown of their team and/or what sort of team they'd be likely to fit into. Please also make a note of whether you'd prefer them to be the new teammate, the 'host', or either.
Tag other characters with a prompt (or two or three) of your choice! Necessarily this meme is oriented towards cross-canon and AUs, so keep an open mind.
Have fun!


1. First Day: Self-explanatory. Where's the coffee machine?

2. First Crisis:
The city's under attack, that pesky interdimensional portal's reopened, the photocopier's out of toner. You have to hope that your new guy is up to the challenge - or that your new teammates are going to support you.

3. First Disaster:
For whatever reason, the crisis came and went and it wasn't what you'd call well-handled. It's tempting to blame the new guy, right? Or maybe it was just because the new team hasn't gelled yet, and it's a teaching moment all round.

4. Third Wheel: The newcomer's speciality is very similar to that of another team member. Are they going to welcome a fresh perspective on their area of expertise, or are they going to wonder why the team needed two of them?

5. Replacement:
The newcomer is replacing a teammate who's retired, died or otherwise left. How do they handle the challenge of having to fill someone else's boots, and how do their new teammates get along with them? It all depends on how they felt about the retiree, of course.

6. Meet The New Boss:
They're not just a new team member but a new team leader - either the previous one has been fired or killed, or they've chosen to step down. What's it like, managing a tight-knit team you've never met before, or taking orders from a stranger?

7. For The Paycheck:
The new team member doesn't want to be here. They're here instead of jail, or because someone higher up has some dirt on them, or because they really need the money. That sort of reluctance can't go down well.

8. Don't Have To Like You:
The inverse of the above; for whatever reason, the new team really doesn't seem to want their new member. Maybe they're a reformed enemy or former rival, or maybe nobody wants to have to hotdesk.

9. Settling In:
It's been a few weeks, or months, since the newcomer arrived - maybe by now they're really only 'new' insofar as nobody else is newer. Time to check in, see how things are going?

10. Sparks Flying:
The obligatory shipping option. Maybe it's been a slow burn, or a drunken one-night-stand that shouldn't have happened, or an undercover-as-a-couple situation, but you and your teammate have discovered you've got much more in common than your employer.

11. Wildcard: Anything else your heart desires!
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Gin | Detective Conan

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[Hey, who wants to work with a sadistic, murderous sociopath with a limited range of facial expressions?

Step right up, don't be shy!]
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8-ish mixed with 11?

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[ When he'd woken up the only thing he was fully aware of was a very heavy feeling of foreboding. He didn't yet have any idea of the full weight the danger the technicians had likely only gleefully put him. He doesn't take notice to the man they've chosen as his 'partner' in this as the piece of paper taped on the door probably leading to freedom catches his eye first. He's too short to reach it but he doesn't need to reach it to read it. ]

[ 'Dear Conan, we have noticed your lack of interest in any one not in your immediate circle of friends, so we thought we'd help you make a new one by putting together this fun team building exercise. We've even provided you both with name tags to break the ice!

All you have to do is get the key hidden in the ceiling.

If you can survive that long. :)'
' ]

[ Cute. The smaller thinks to himself before checking that name tag they'd mentioned. He looks down and experiences some kind of sensation like his heart has stopped. 'Hello! My name is Kudou Shinichi' is printed in plain text right across the name badge. Quickly he tries to tear it off but it refuses to budge. Whatever they've used to make it stay on is more than doing it's job and he's left to frantically try to peel it off. Whatever they have planned for him, it can't be good. ]
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[Gin comes to and surveys his new surroundings more discerningly and more quickly; the boy is what his eyes spend the least time on, quickly filing him away as a mere annoyance, a non-threat. The name tag catches his attention very quickly and his immediate response is to remove it— then, having failed that— obscure the text by melting it with his lighter.]
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[ It's not coming off. No matter how hard he tries the name tag stays stubbornly stationary and there's nothing he can do to remove it. He doesn't have scissors or a match. He could just take the shirt off but that wouldn't exactly obscure the name tag and would definitely raise questions as to why he took it off in the first place. Does he have anything on him to maybe scribble it out? No. His ball point pen is missing from his pocket. It's no good, he'll just have to try and claim there was some kind of mixup with the name tag, maybe offer the fact the name Conan is on the letter as 'proof.' ]

[ He turns to finally get a look at his 'new friend' and feels his heart stop all over again. ]

[ Gin. ]

[ He he quickly turns towards the door again to hide the name tag. He can't let Gin see. He has to get the key in the ceiling and above all he cannot let Gin see the name pinned on his chest. ]

Th-there's a key in the ceiling. Can you reach it?

[ If it's a 'team building' exercise, he doubts it. ]
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[Gin only manages to partially deface the name tag, leaving the character for black, "Kuro," visible, when Conan speaks up. He turns, scowling at the boy for giving him orders.]

... why should I?

[So, he's going to make this difficult. He spies the paper and approaches it to read. Maybe he'll play along afterwards....]
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[ When steps over to the paper Conan quickly turns back toward the middle of the room, all in the interest of concealing his real name for as long as possible. If he's lucky, Gin will just think he's some fidgety little brat. If he's not lucky then Gin will probably figure out that he's actively hiding something from him. Since the man has his own name tag it probably won't take long for him to make out the truth. ]

Because, the paper says the key is hidden in the ceiling. [ Just to try and sell the fidgety story he points upwards. ] But I'm too small to reach, so I wondered if you could.
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[Gin tends to look down on children and assumes them incapable of even the simplest of plans, but even with this in mind, he can't help noticing Conan's odd behaviour. Still, he reads the paper before glancing up at the ceiling.

He doesn't have to remove his hands from his pockets to realize he won't reach on his own. If he had a rifle, maybe he could scrape it, but...]
... hn, and how I do know this isn't a trap?

[He can't believe he's being set up to work with a little kid...]

Conan. Is that your name? Turn around, brat.

[Don't test his patience.]
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[ He can feel the sweat trickling down his neck. This is exactly what they wanted. They used used both names so the truth would have to come out. Just as he'd feared they would for months now they were offering him up on a silver platter to the very man that haunted his nightmares practically every night. What's worse is his phone seems to be missing. He can't contact Holmes and even after this he won't be able to. Gin may be smart enough to realize that with their combined height they can reach the ceiling but once he has the key he'll kill him no question. ]

[ He's ordered to turn around and he can't. He knows what's about to happen and he knows that hiding the truth is pointless. It'll come out, just as the truth always does, it'll come out. He's only prolonging the inevitable. If he doesn't do it on his own Gin will no doubt force him to turn around and he'll see the name on the paper does not match the name on his name badge. And if he recognizes the name... ]

[ He realizes with some amount of horror that he's started to shake. He swallows some air to try and calm himself down. This is it. It doesn't matter now, he can be stubborn but it won't change the outcome. He's as good as dead already. Everyone he associates with is as good as dead. He can't help it. There's nothing he can do to warn them. He can feel his heart beating uncomfortably against his chest. He swallows again, trying to force thoughts turning darker in darker to the back of his head before finally turning to face the assassin that had tried to kill him once before. ]

[ He tried to keep the fear out of his eyes and stance. If he has to face the end like this he'd at least like to avoid being a scared little kid about it. ]


[ ... ]

[ But the shaking won't stop. ]
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crowsong: Gin with his head down, the rim of his hat throwing shadows over his eyes. He's frowning. (I'll drop you off in Harlem;)

[Only marginally better than a strip search.]

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[No? Is that why he won't turn. Gin's sharpened gaze immediately zeroes in on the name tag, striding swiftly towards the shaking child.

Or was a he a child?

The boy who hung around the detective's agency, isn't he? The name reads clearly "Kudou Shinichi."]


[A vaguely familiar name... the famous high school detective, isn't he? Does Conan resemble him? Gin isn't sure, but the boy looked too young to be in high school. Wasn't he dead? Did he kill him? Didn't he kill him? He's too efficient to miss a target like that and forget... did he think he had killed him and hadn't? No matter, he could settle this later.

But, whoever could correctly identify him by his true name when he had taken great care to hide it should be able to do the same for some brat.

What could he say to the boy? Nothing now that would be of any benefit to them. Taunting him won't serve any purpose, right now. He shouldn't terrify him for this to work.]

... how well can you balance, Kudou?

[And if this boy is clever enough to be a detective, a genius for his age, whether real or apparent, he most certainly would be armed.]

And take off those shoes. Empty your pockets. Better yet, strip down.

I don't want any surprises.

[Sorry for the humiliation. Except not really.]
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[ Marginally orz ]

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[ It's amazing how much fear the assassin can manage to strike into him by simply using his real name. Kudou. It's been a long time since he's answered to that but there's no point in insisting that he be called Conan since the one man he was hiding his real name from already has it. It's the way he uses it too-it tells him quite plainly that Gin recognizes his name. He knows who he is. That puts him at risk of two very unwelcome outcomes; one, Gin will realize that he was the organization's first human guinea pig to test the apotoxin. two, that Haibara may have sought him out when she escaped. If Gin links Kudou to Sherry then there's no way he won't try to get information out of him. ]

Well enough. [ He can't show fear. No matter what happens he cannot allow himself to reveal to this man just how terrified of him he really is, so he's trying to sound as cold and unfeeling as possible. And then he's ordered to strip down. ]

[ He doesn't want to. He's not sure if Gin means completely or just to his boxers but it doesn't matter because he doesn't want to. He doesn't even want to take his shoes off but if he doesn't do it himself then Gin will probably do it for him and he can just about bet his life on the assumption that he won't care if something 'accidentally' gets broken in the process. ]

[ Keeping his eyes fixated on the man in front of him, Shinichi quietly toes off his shoes and pulls the shirt off over his head and tosses it aside. He still has a thin under shirt on but even so, he feels uncomfortably exposed. Finally, keeping his hands fully visible he takes his shorts off so that all he's left with is his under clothes. Hopefully it'll be enough. He knows he's said before that the exposed body of a child doesn't really matter but same rules don't apply to people that have tried to kill him before. ]

Is this good?
crowsong: Gin with his head down, the rim of his hat throwing shadows over his eyes. He's frowning. (I'll drop you off in Harlem;)

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[Gin's eyeing the discarded clothes, before kicking them off to a far side of the room. Don't need this here. The shoes, he checks inside, before tossing them over to where the clothes are.

He takes off his own hat, but does not move from his kneeling position.]

I'm going to lift you up, you're going to stand on my shoulders, and you're going to grab the key.

Is that understood.

[No room for negotiation and hardly any room for a real answer, everything is spoken in the same threatening tone.]
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[ He'd always known that the technicians liked to be cruel, he often imagined them sitting in desk chairs eating popcorn and sipping some kind of alcoholic beverage while they watched on a big screen the deaths of so many and enjoyed it. They liked their entertainment and he supposed that forcing him to work with a man very likely to kill him the moment he gets that key is like a sunday special. It's a new kind of low and he hates them for it. Releasing Gin in the cage only assured the death and destruction of so many but that was probably the point. Giving him Kudou Shinichi on a silver platter might as well have been a peace offering. ]

[ He's about to swallow his fears and take a step towards the assassin but he stops. His own fear had blinded him to the fact that to get out Gin needs the key. Gin can't reach the key without him. If he doesn't cooperate then neither of them get out but everyone else is at least safe from Gin. In Shinichi's mind, he's no better than any of monsters the technicians have released on them before. ]

[ If he doesn't cooperate Gin can't get out. ]


[ He finally voices. ]

I won't help you.
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[Gin's visible eye widens in shock at the boy's impudence (clearly smart enough to realize he's a threat, so why this foolishness?!) and then, he turns a murderously sharp glare Shinichi's way.]

... you won't—?

[Shinichi has one second to make peace or Gin's hands might fly out and strangle him.]
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[ That glare is enough to make him briefly reconsider his stance on this but not enough to change his mind. If Gin kills him then maybe it'll be over quickly and Gin will still be trapped inside. Maybe, he'll just wake up in an open plot of earth or a cold metal drawer. He runs the serious risk that Gin will eventually come back too, but hopefully not before he has the chance to warn Holmes and the others about it. ]

[ He tries to stand a little taller to show just how defiant he fully intends to be. He's thought this through fifty times now and being stubbornly uncooperative is probably his best option to protect everyone else. ]

You can't reach the key without me. Without the key you can't get out either. You're just as trapped as I am.

[ It's up to Gin if he wants to kill him quickly or let him suffer through the dehydration but the out come is still the same. They both end up dead. The thought sickens him. In refusing to cooperate he's likely condemning Gin to death. It's that thought that gives him pause. Can he really go through with it? He knows that if he does it'll destroy him. It goes against every one of his morals and he'll never forgive himself but that's a fact he might just have to live with. ]

[ Is it really so wrong? In all likelihood Gin would return from the dead anyway, it was really just condemning him a long nap. ]

[ .... ]

[ 'Yes.' A voice in his head hisses angrily. 'Yes it is wrong and how dare I even consider this.' He can't do it. There's a line he'd have to cross that will turn him into something he never wants to be. ]

...Never mind. I'll cooperate.
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[The boy raised a very fine point. Gin's anger was quelled long enough to watch as the boy mentally argued with himself, then, when he made the decision to cooperate, Gin smirked and began again, coolly:]

Hope you've got good balance, brat.

[He gestured with his hand for Conan to turn around.]
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[ The idea of turning his back to Gin, of all people, has him visibly uncomfortable, but then he's been visibly uncomfortable the whole time. He grits his teeth, and wonders if there's any chance he can just refuse but Gin can't hurt him too bad if he wants that key. Once he has it though... They both know only one of them is leaving the room and they both know which one it is. ]

[ If he had his wrist watch then he could just shoot Gin with it once he had the key. In all likelihood the technicians have removed his firearm so it's not like Gin could just shoot himself in the arm this time. ]

[ He could try and crawl up in the ceiling and work out a plan from there but he has the uncomfortable feeling Gin will be hanging onto him the whole time, the moment he tries to escape the other will likely put a stop to it. ]

[ He swallows hard, a bead of sweat rolling down the side of his face but he turns around as instructed and waiting for the man to pick him up. Damn it, there has to be something-some way he can turn the table on the assassin. ]
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[Gin lifts the boy up, none too gently, under his arms and places him on his shoulders.] Hold on.

[And he moves to stand, holding Shinichi's legs to secure him. It doesn't seem like he's planning on letting him go...]
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[ This is weird. If someone had told him just yesterday he'd be sitting on top of the shoulder of the man that had once tried to kill him he would have assumed they were certifiably insane. He lifts his hands up to push the ceiling tiles up and notices that he still hasn't stopped shaking, that or it's started all over again. ]

[ The grip on his legs is distracting, it's uncomfortably tight and just a reminder that Gin won't let him go. He swallows again to calm himself back down and feels along the inside of the ceiling. Maybe when he finds it he can hide it and pretend it wasn't in the ceiling. ]

[ No, thanks to Gin ordering him to strip down he has nowhere to hide it, which may have been part of his plan to begin with. Still, he's not ready to just admit defeat. ]

It's not-

[ But as he pulls his hand down it brushes against something small and accidentally knocks it to the floor. ]


[ A glint of sliver as it hits the floor is all he needs to know he just managed to drop the key. ]
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[Gin swore under his breath, quickly kneeling down to pick it up, not noticing (or not caring) how the quick motion swings Conan. He maintains his grip on leg, not intending to let Shinichi run off with the key or pull any other tricks before he gets it himself.]
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[ Since Gin has to let go of one of his legs to get the key it gives Shinichi a tiny opportunity to attempt to escape. While Gin focuses on scooping the key up his grip might not be quite as tight. Shinichi uses all of his weight to try and get enough momentum to throw himself off the assassin's shoulders. ]

[ He won't get off without injury and really he's only delaying the inevitable with only one exit and no where to hide but he refuses to go down without some kind of fight. ]
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[Nothing Gin didn't expect, really— he quickly slips the key away in his glove while Shinichi hurls himself off, Gin letting go of Shinichi's leg, before moving to get back up.

Shinichi isn't necessary or important for the moment.

He glances back up to make sure the key he has is the one that was on the ceiling.]
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[ Shinichi's shoulder crashes painfully against the floor but if he's lucky the worst he'll get from the fall is a bruise. Not that it would matter considering he probably won't last more than an hour now that Gin has the key. ]

[ He gets back on his own feet in a defensive stance but Gin seems to be distracted by the ceiling, probably ensuring that the Shinichi hadn't managed to trick him or made some kind of mistake. While Gin is inspecting the ceiling the smaller's eyes dart over to the clothes he'd been made to take off-more specifically his shoes. ]

[ He's sure the man will stop him the moment he tries to get to them but it's a risk he'll have to take. If he can get them on then he'll have some kind of weapon. And he'll need it. ]

[ Not even bothering to spare the assassin another glance he dives for his discarded shoes. ]

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wouldn't it, though? orz

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[Enjoy the mortal dread.]

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poor baby :c

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[Gin should apologize.]

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he should. >:V

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Ooh Goody!

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[A glimmer of hope!]

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[Aaaalmost there!!]

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Would you be up for 9? Before all the fun stuff happens in the series! c:

[personal profile] aptx4869 2014-06-21 09:51 am (UTC)(link)
[ It wasn't long before Shiho found herself settling into a regular pattern with her life, a rather simple one at that. Her days (and from time to time good portions of her nights) were dedicated to her work for the Organization. More specifically: the laboratories.

Always seen in the white lab coat that partially hid the crimson red ensemble she wore beneath, the strawberry-blonde was always busy. Always working.

Sometimes she could be spotted at her desk, files spread out before her as she poured over the notes and test results of the latest experiment. Other times she would be conducting brief, stiff examinations on test subjects or even gathered into a group with other researchers. Work was all that she knew when she was on the clock.

And with the exception of her sister, there wasn't anyone she could consider a friend. She had colleagues and assistants, sure, but there was no one she confided in. Nor had she any interest in befriending anyone. The young chemist kept to herself and focused whole-heartedly on the progression of her deceased mother's project. Her quiet demeanor coupled with short, clipped responses made it pretty clear that she had no intention of making allies within the organization. And the fact that she had so quickly earned a respectable title of 'Sherry' did not earn her any favors with those below her too.

A month into the job she had tucked under her arms a fairly thick stack of folders, filled with the most recent data she had collected and brought to a meeting with her supervisor. The door closed behind her and, for a moment, she allowed herself a moment to let out a sigh.


[ A word muttered under her breath as she shook her head. Her supervisor was a difficult man who, despite assurance from those higher up, still had reservations about her handling such an important research project. That someone as young as she surely couldn't be trusted to proceed with such a valuable investment within the organization.

It was enough to make her scowl as she glanced back at the door. No one knew her mother's work better than she and she sure as hell wouldn't let any bumbling fools mess it up. Shiho felt little love for this group and wanted to make sure that the life's work of Elena wouldn't fall into the wrong hands.

Of course, Shiho wasn't paying complete attention at the time, so if someone was walking down the hall in her direction, she wouldn't have noticed.
crowsong: Gin viewed from the side. The city at night is in the background. His expression is neutral. (so come on in; it ain't no sin;)

[Sure! ... don't mind if he pokes his nose in where it's not wanted. xD;]

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[Gin, never one to defer to anyone save for That Man, made no habit of breaking from walking a clean, straight line, not for other people or even cars on congested streets. He preferred to shoot threatening looks and use his formidable aura to force others to accommodate for him. In the Organization, all he needed was his reputation.

So, neither paid much mind to the other until they collided. Taken wholly by surprise, the tall assassin fell back one step, initially too surprised to even glare, lowering his head to glower under the rim of his hat at the newcomer, not so much angrily indignant, as scrutinizing the terribly young... scientist? Clad in white, stack of folders— a small number of which had flown off from the impact, fluttering left-and-right as they fell. He snatched one out of the air, not meaning to assist in gathering them, but only to satisfy his own curiosity. Searching for her name, which division, whatever project she worked on, typical cover page info.

Lifting a brow dubiously, probably at the project she's helming. It's massive enough for him to have heard of it, even far removed from his division, so he likely shared the opinion that she looked far too young and inexperienced to be involved, let alone running it.]
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[Sorry for the lateness!]

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[ When she had recovered from the sudden disruption from her thoughts and steadied herself, Shiho reached out to grab one of the other pages that still fluttered in the air before it touched down. She didn't even bother to apologize --especially since she didn't think herself to be at fault.

Instead she crouched down to the ground and hurried to gather up the scattered pages, putting into the folder they had fallen from in the process.

I need that back. [ Were the only words she uttered, not even sparing the tall man a glance upwards. ]