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Rate That Ass Meme

- comment with header: character | canon
- comment with an image of your character's derrière or not
- tag around rating that fine ass 1-10
- profit???
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Kururugi Suzaku | Code Geass

[personal profile] foreveratone 2014-05-31 02:18 am (UTC)(link)
[Because you can't miss this or this]
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Hate to see him go, but love to watch him leave~

[personal profile] whitewizardgirl 2014-05-31 02:40 am (UTC)(link)
[Also, Ry hates me for doing this.]

[Can't even believe she's doing this. She loves cares a lot about Lelouch, okay? Suzaku is just a friend. Why is she even doing this... The red on her face can be seen from space.]

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[personal profile] foreveratone 2014-06-01 02:44 am (UTC)(link)
[Well, his face might be just as red.]

What-- Ryou?
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[personal profile] whitewizardgirl 2014-06-02 01:10 am (UTC)(link)
[Quite honestly is still a little too stunned for proper words. Why was she even doing this.]

...I'm sorry, Suzaku. [At least she admits that you are a great piece of ass. She especially liked walking behind him in ceremonies so that she can watch his butt I MEAN WHAT, NO. Love the Emperor, be friends with the Knight. That's all.]
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[personal profile] foreveratone 2014-06-03 01:35 am (UTC)(link)
Well, I--- uh. Thanks? I guess?

[Dammit, Lelouch gave him that damned 'live on' geass. That means that Lelouch will just torture him, not kill him, doesn't it?]
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[personal profile] whitewizardgirl 2014-06-03 03:20 am (UTC)(link)
[Isn't a little troubling to think that she future Empress best friend's wife, a friend to him, thinks that his butt is fabulous? What does that even say about Lelouch?]

...Y-you're welcome? [What do you even say in a situation like this? Other people would likely be teasing her by now.]
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[personal profile] foreveratone 2014-06-04 12:31 am (UTC)(link)
[Good thing is this Suzaku, who is just as embarrassed as she is!]

So... ah... how are you?

[SO FREAKING AWKWARD, but at least he's trying?]
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Hmm... where to place this in the timeline....

[personal profile] whitewizardgirl 2014-06-04 02:03 am (UTC)(link)
I'm... doing okay.

H-how is everyone? Well, I hope? [Yes, let's talk about something else other than Suzaku's butt. That seems like a way to go.]
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.... I have no idea...

[personal profile] foreveratone 2014-06-04 03:58 pm (UTC)(link)

Of course. Nunnally keeps talking about wanting to learn more Japanese. We should team up on that... or something.
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Where would it be funnier for Ry to be thinking of Suzu's fabulous fanny?

[personal profile] whitewizardgirl 2014-06-08 03:19 am (UTC)(link)
I did teach her a few kanas, hiragana and katakana, as well as showing her the kanji for our names. Well, as best as I can guess for yours. I don't think I have seen how you spell your name. Is it with katakana or kanji? [Or even hiragana, what does she know.]
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I dunno, but now I'm picturing her talking about his ass with Nunnally (or even Lelouch)

[personal profile] foreveratone 2014-06-08 08:53 pm (UTC)(link)
Family name is in Kanji, but I normally write my given name in Katakana.
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Maybe that's why everyone likes having Suzu walking in front of them, just to watch his butt move

[personal profile] whitewizardgirl 2014-06-10 10:40 pm (UTC)(link)
Ah, okay. [Noted for when she gets to teach Nunnally again.]

She definitely picked it up quickly, from the time that I did spend with her on the subject.
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That's what they're signing to each other behind his back

[personal profile] foreveratone 2014-06-12 01:38 am (UTC)(link)
[He smiles at that.]

I'm not surprised, she's a smart young woman. If there's anyone who can learn quickly, it's her.

True. XD

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"Did I say that?"

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"Well, you two are right."

[personal profile] foreveratone - 2014-06-23 11:56 (UTC) - Expand

"Why wouldn't it be?"

[personal profile] foreveratone - 2014-06-25 23:34 (UTC) - Expand

"...Well, yes. It is."

[personal profile] whitewizardgirl - 2014-06-29 03:37 (UTC) - Expand

"I wasn't."

[personal profile] foreveratone - 2014-07-08 02:52 (UTC) - Expand

"..We weren't looking."

[personal profile] whitewizardgirl - 2014-07-11 02:50 (UTC) - Expand

"Sure you weren't."

[personal profile] foreveratone - 2014-07-12 22:04 (UTC) - Expand

" :| "

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Doubt it will lead to the smut I desire, but I've been convinced.

[personal profile] heartofaduelist 2014-06-19 02:15 am (UTC)(link)
[Can't even say anything, just frozen and red with so much embarrassment.]
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[personal profile] foreveratone 2014-06-19 02:58 am (UTC)(link)

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No one can say I won't try though.

[personal profile] heartofaduelist 2014-06-22 03:19 am (UTC)(link)

Y-yes? [Still so, so blushy.]
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it would be the most awkward smut ever

[personal profile] foreveratone 2014-06-22 03:56 pm (UTC)(link)
[ .....

He's turn to look behind him and down.

Nope. He still doesn't get it.

Probably doesn't help that Lelouch designed his outfit, does it? ]

Are you all right?

[ Seriously, why are you so red?! Do you need a doctor?! ]
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Awkward smut is better than no smut. Or do we need to get them drunk like Ry and Lulu?

[personal profile] heartofaduelist 2014-06-23 01:24 am (UTC)(link)
[Your boss and best friend designing your clothes is both a blessing and a curse. He seems to like your butt too.]

I-I'm okay. Just... never had to do something like this before. The closest thing is one of my best friends entering a beauty pageant. [In drag. He was booed off the stage.]
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Or drugged

[personal profile] foreveratone 2014-06-23 03:23 am (UTC)(link)
[ Yeah. To bad Suzaku doesn't realize that. ]

If it makes you feel any better, I don't know how I ended up here either.
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...Wonder if the 'Live On' Geass can be activated due to being intoxicated. Cause that would suck.

[personal profile] heartofaduelist 2014-06-25 04:39 am (UTC)(link)
[You mean you don't even look in the mirror to see how your butt looks in an outfit? Or does your butt magically make anything look good?]

Where is this place? It's not the inside of the Puzzle...
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Maybe if he was in danger of alcohol poisoning? IDEK.

[personal profile] foreveratone 2014-06-25 04:53 pm (UTC)(link)
[ No. Why would he be looking at his own ass? ]

Nor is it the palace in Britannia.
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But that would suck majorly though, especially activating it and how it would reject the alcohol >>

[personal profile] heartofaduelist 2014-06-25 06:38 pm (UTC)(link)
[So it is the one that magically looks good in anything. Well, to make sure the pants don't sag in the back, or aren't too tight.]

[She also looks to her arm to see her Duel Disk not present, nor her deck, the belt normally holding the box gone. All the belts present were just the ones she normally wore, minus the deck box.]

...My deck is gone. The Duel Disk is gone too.

What is this place?
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By becoming BFFs with the porcelain god

[personal profile] foreveratone 2014-06-25 11:57 pm (UTC)(link)
[ Considering Lelouch designed that outfit, he's pretty sure it won't. ]

Hey. Don't worry, we'll figure it out. What was the last thing you remember doing?
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That would be some pretty violent vomiting though :[

[personal profile] heartofaduelist 2014-06-27 04:10 am (UTC)(link)
[It never hurts to be sure though.]

Hmmm... I remember I was getting ready to go out with my friends. I was at home. It doesn't explain my missing deck and Duel Disk.
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Most likely.

[personal profile] foreveratone 2014-06-28 06:05 pm (UTC)(link)
[ Lelouch is a perfectionist. It's the least of his worries, to be honest. ]

Nothing then that would give any indication as to what happened.

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thank you! <3

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