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Anything goes tagging FFA

i. post your character with any preferences
ii. find someone you've never scened with, pick a genre and a type of prompt
iii. rinse and repeat

① action
② angst
③ crack
④ fluff
⑤ gen
⑥ sex
⑦ mix, match, create

a. picture prompt
b. quote prompt
c. song/video prompt
d. whatever you want
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Eric Northman; True Blood; OTA

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I can start, you can start it does not matter. I am open to any of the prompts above and any interaction, I will cross mediums as well. Would like to see how Eric does off people not from his own world :D But always love cast mates too.
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James Bonding it up a little

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[ The person who trusted her not to loose the ten grand she came in is an idiot, Lindsey decides.

She can't gamble for shit, and the past hour has been a testament to that, the stack of chips in front of her steadily dwindling over the last hour. She'll have more luck with the slots machines - and the payout there is like once in a blue moon.

The point of the exercise had been to get a better scope of the place, and at least the expenses are covered. ]
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I will now hear Bond music every time I tag here.

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[He watches without being seen, she is rather bad at gambling. Eric knows it in the first five minutes she is playing. He however lets her waste an hour, the chips going smaller and smaller before he walks over.

No word said he just slides into the seat next to her. Long arms go over the table, setting down a few stacks of chips.

Then he turns and flashes her a grin.]


[He has just the one word, for now at least. Observing up close was always more satisfying and telling after all.]
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[ She startles, looking up from where she'd glumly been staring at the table, (it's too painful to look at her chips,) one hand flying up and hovering uncertainly.

She's not doing anything wrong, but she doesn't doubt that some people are wondering why she stays at the table. ]

Hi. [ She matches the next bet. ]

Do you believe it's possible to be so bad at this game without even cheating?
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Sorry this took so long.

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I think not cheating when your this bad is sure to make it a dead give away.

[He sounded genuinely amused, not to say that he was. Eric had a knack for masking his emotions so that unless he said it out loud it could be impossible for any to know how he actually felt.

He takes a look at what he has, raises the stakes just a little.]

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It's fine!

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Yes, well I never expected the game to be this difficult. It's never like this when I'm playing with friends.

[ Poker isn't exactly their game though, four people is perfect for Hearts. ]

Not that I know how to cheat.

[ She tags on quickly. All true - everything she knows of would get her caught.

She slumps forward, chin in hand, tallying the number of cameras that she can make out in the vicinity while talking to Eric.

The dealer makes another round around the table before flipping over the final cards in the house's hand. ]

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Friends tend to go easy on friends.

[He studies her with a neutral expression as his fingers deftly move his cards. He has the camera placement and exits memorized already so he has no concern over them. He does not her checking them out, it leads a slow almost smirk to tug the corners of his lips.

Dressed to fit the occasion Eric still was a tall, well built Viking, no matter what clothing you put him in. He motions a waitress over and gets them both a fresh drink.]

My treat, because something tells me you know a lot more than you're letting on.
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Not the particular group I'm thinking of; we get competitive. You wouldn't believe the sort of things we end up betting on.

[ Seven seconds. That's the time it takes for the cameras to pan from one side to the other, she's sure of it.

She tucks a stray piece of hair back behind her ear, hand dropping to play with the rim of the glass. ]

I admit that I'm distracted, but me knowing more than I seem to isn't all that special. Everyone does, to an extent.

And thanks.
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Oh? [It is said with just the right amount of curiosity to welcome her to elaborate on said bets or not as she felt she wanted to.

She was interesting and Eric smoothly takes a slow sip. Not ingesting much from the glass.]

My pleasure. It's very true but it is the content of the knowledge which makes it special.
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Napping on an exam table was considered tame.

[ She raises both eyebrows, letting him extrapolate from that particular example. It's not as 'exciting' as the shenanigans her nursing friends experienced - but she doesn't regret leaving the ER behind. ]

Research is a bit of a hobby. There's a lot to know about running a casino like this.

[ Hobby, work, helping out, it all came down to the same thing - it'll help with a job. ]

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That is rather tame.

[Eric had a bit of a wild side and it certainly went beyond things such as napping. He let out a short laugh.]

Of course I'm certain those exam tables could come in handy in one way or another.

[Eric laid his hand out, he had lost the hand though in part on purpose, in part to bad cards. His voice dropped low, only she would be able to hear him.]

Cameras are a big part of that business.

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It's not like you have a huge window of time to rest in.

[ They were pretty uncomfortable too. Great drainage, and sure to be sanitary, but not one speck of padding in sight. Not like corpses need it. ]

I don't pity the people who are responsible for checking through all the footage; they really have a ton of them in here.

[ So if anything were to happen, it wouldn't start here unless there were supposed to be witnesses. ]
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I wouldn't know, I never took to the medical profession.

[Eric found other endeavors more to his liking, such as the scenario that was playing out before him right now.]

How long between rotations?

[Of course it would not, the floor would be the wrong place of course, she could avoid things happening if she gave the right answers, right?]
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Let's just say the majority of people end up on them eventually.

[ Sitting back in her chair, she looks at the cards the dealer now holds and folds. ]

Depends - which rotations are you asking about? There are a few I could think of that are relevant right now. Individually, the cameras all work the same way, excluding the ones that are fixed in place.

It's enough for someone who doesn't want to be recognized on film to make their way from one side of the room to the other.
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Shame, for some.

[Eric notes her move, shifts his cards and smoothly takes a win all without batting an eyelash or acknowledging her next words. He notes the dealer paying a little too much attention and waits till he is distracted.]

Good, then we should be in the clear.

[Eric likes when plans fall into place, he did hope his companion did not think her job done with having observed the cameras. It was never that easy.]
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[ Humming thoughtfully, she checks the stack of chips she has left. It doesn't take long to count them up.

The next round will be the last she'll play tonight, any spare chips can go into the dealer's pot. ]

I have to check with the guards on duty, see if any of them found the camera I lost earlier.

[ Which would be one distraction taken care of. ]

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Good, I' certain that will take more than a few moments.

[Eric finished with his hand, settled his chips an rose from his seat. One distraction down, one or two more to go.

Then of course he would see to that.]

I'm sure we'll see each other soon.
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There's that painting in the lobby - [ next to the elevators; abstract and garishly colored, ] - pretty sure everyone meets by there.

[ Lindsey takes her leave, walking determinedly towards a uniformed guard near the craps tables and engaging him in conversation. She turns down all his suggestions when he states that no one had come across a camera, insisting that he stay there, and radio out his inquiries - to the front desk, to the other guards and the security station - essentially pinning him in place for approximately ten minutes.

A pre-planned phone call relieves the guard of his camera searching duties. ]
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[Eric nodded and slipped off to handle his bit of the job. He was quick and had things in place (Or out of them as it was in short order.)

He looked calm, casual to the observing eye as he waited at the painting. It would not be long before things got chaotic but they had time, at least a little bit he thought as he glanced up at the clock.]
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[ The clatter of heels on tiles precedes her, and she makes a show of rummaging through her purse when she approaches, small bits of clutter discarded into a nearby trash can.

When she looks towards the painting, her brows are raised as if saying 'fancy running into you.' ]

So, did you have luck after the poker table?