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The self-indulgent hurt/comfort shipping "kink" masterpost meme

the self-indulgent hurt/comfort shipping kink* masterpost meme
* "kink" here being used very loosely and not necessarily involving sex

In order to avoid long extrapolation, I'll say one thing: I've noticed that people like what I call "h/c shipping kink." Kink may not be the right word - sex need not be involved - but essentially, crappy things happen to our characters in their crapsack worlds in canon all the time. Sometimes, we like to see them happy. Or relatively happier. And less evil and more adjusted, for those of us who play those types. It's all very self-indulgent.

And, as you can tell from my username, I'm going to be compiling memes that have, for some reason, got micromanaged into ridiculous niches when they should all be under one umbrella. This first project is to wrangle up all the "caretaking" themed shipping memes. Basically, one character cares for the other, be it physically, emotionally, or otherwise. There is also shipping.

The end goal is to weed down redundant memes and, maybe, make this an all-purpose post!

  • You know the protocol.
  • Comment with your characters and preferences. Also, be sure to include whether your character would be the caretaker, the cared for, or if you can play either. BLANK COMMENTS WILL BE DELETED. I'm serious. I'm deleting blank comments.
  • Reply to others.

  1. Physically Hurt: The traditional h/c scenario. Your partner is hurt, and you break out the bandages to patch them up and give them a shoulder to lean on. May also come with the Florence Nightingale effect, where the "patient" falls in love with the "nurse" thanks to their care.
  2. Emotionally Hurt: You can't put bandages on wounded egos and souls, but you can try your best.
  3. Illness: You're with someone who's sick - maybe even with a long-term, chronic, or mortal illness.
  4. Trauma: Like emotional hurt, this is not an easy cure, and it's even deeper. There will also be blowback on the one trying to care for their traumatized loved one.
  5. Mortality: You're struggling with the fact that one partner may die sooner than the other because of lifestyle or species reasons.
  6. The One Left Behind: One side of the ship is the person left at home to wait and worry.
  7. Triumphant Return: They're finally back and in one piece! Celebrate in the way you two deem best.
  8. Changed by Your Love: You're finding yourself a better person now that you're with them.
  9. Pulled from Depression: You saw no reason to live before you met them.
  10. Physical Protector/Bodyguard: It started out as protection. It became more.
  11. Pure/Impure: You two have varying alignments and varying experiences. Does this affect your relationship?
  12. Remember: Or actually, you can't. You've lost everything about your identity, including your past memories. Needless to say, you may cling to the one person who's helping you. You also may not want to remember your old life.
  13. In a Bad Situation: You're in a dangerous scenario - being hunted, prisoners, bruised and beaten and brought to a strange place - and all you have to rely on is each other. You've been thrown into the fire together and you have to survive.
  14. Inexperienced: Whether it be in romance, sex, or the world in general, one part of the pairing is teaching the other part the ropes. This can encompass so-called "innocence kinks" or age differences.
  15. I Thought I Lost You: Their injuries were so substantial that you thought they were done for. Now, you have to deal with your own emotional
  16. Gentle, Loving Smut: AKA sexual healing and all gentle smut memes or memes that focus on emotional attachment.
  17. Bad Sexual Experience: Similar to the above option, but including sexual baggage that one partner must prove does not always apply.
  18. Trust Issues: One of you has a hard time trusting the other. There may be jealousy involved here.
  19. Unexpected Caretaker: You'd think the sweet one would take care of the dour one, but it's the opposite way around. This is the "surly badasses take care of the one they love" option.
  20. Unwillingly Cared For: You don't need to be coddled. They should leave you alone!
  21. Hurt by You: You have to pick up the pieces of what you've done, thanks to an argument or your temper.
  22. Draining: Caring for them is damaging you and your relationship with them.
  23. Mutually Beneficial: There's not one set "caretaker." You both look out for each other.
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Maybe sorta kinda a follow up/continuation of the Pacific Rim AU thread :'D

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[She liked being close to Angeal, felt a lot more for him than any other person that she has known before. She had already lost a lot of her family since the beginning. Though she understood that she shouldn't get attached, she just couldn't help it with Angeal. His warm smile, his gentle demeanor, his sense of humor. Just everything felt right about him.]

[Except that he was a pilot. He was a good one, don't get her wrong, but still. The closer the two of them got, the more worried about him she became when he went out on missions. She wished that he didn't have to do this, that the world was at peace and they could be together forever.]

[But that was a childish dream, she knew. The world wouldn't be at peace for a very long time. He was likely going to be heading out again within the next day or two. His shoulder was fully healed. She should know, she personally helped him through the weeks of physical therapy as she usually did nowadays. It was a benefit for having a girlfriend that was a doctor.]

[It was late into the night, her heels and knees still hurt from the day of seeing pilot after pilot, standing on a tiled floor with not much support. It was still worth it to come home to the man she loved dearly, just to see his face. And it did hurt knowing that he was going back into the field soon. She didn't want him to, but there wasn't much she could do about it. The best she could do, as if made any difference, was just to cuddle closer, hold him just a little closer. She hoped she didn't wake him with this.]
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[It is late, and though Ryou had not meant to wake him Angeal was a light sleeper- He had to be, as the Kaiju knew no differences between waking and sleeping hours, or hours of operation at all. He can feel the smaller body that's shared his bed for some time now shift with muted restlessness, and though he keeps his eyes closed, his arm shifts to wrap around her.]

Can't sleep? [He murmurs, still half asleep himself but alert enough. He'll come to completely in a minute or so, but for now with no noise of the alarms or any other sort of threat, the man just pulls her closer.]

What's on your mind, Ryou?
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[Of course he was a light sleeper. Both of them were, more through practice and circumstances than just naturally like that. It did make for some interesting first days when they started living together. She really should have known better.]

Sorry. Didn't mean to wake you. [Her voice was soft and wistful. She was still tired after all. And even though they were alone in the apartment, it just felt natural to have a softer voice this time of night.]

Your arm is fully healed. And I know that means that you'll be heading out again soon...
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I don't mind. [There was no need to speak loudly when he had her right here, close enough to tilt his head down and press his forehead against her own. His eyes open slowly, adjusting to the dark and watching the woman, listening quietly as she speaks.]

It's about that time. [He can't keep his partner back from the fight, nor their Jaeger. The more that were out there during the fights the better chance everyone had coming back to base alive.] Are you worried?

[She sees pilots more than anyone else on base every day. Ryou is not disillusioned about the rock star life a pilot has despite the media portrayl of such. Those days are long over.]
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...Probably a lot more than I should be. [She did see more pilots than a lot of people do. And a lot of the time, they started to blend together after a while. Very few stood out to her now, Angeal and his partner, Genesis, being one of those few.]

You'd think, as long as I've been at this job, it would get easier. Learning not to attach yourself to anyone, to just let them pass you by because there might not be a next time you see them. [It's all part of the job, after all. Her forehead leans in closer to his, now her eyes are closing.]

I know it won't change your mind about it, but... I just don't want to lose you. It's a little sad that the only time I really get to spend with you is helping you to heal until the next attack or another missions comes up.
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Ryou... [Angeal pulls the woman closer to him, tilting his head to brush his mouth against her own. There arent many can do the job she does easily- Seeing so many people come back, and others who don't, would wear anyone down.]

If it could be any different it would, that I can promise you. Everytime I go out there, that is what we try to do. [To defend, to drag back the bodies of the enemies so they can learn more about them. He cannot tell her about the current plan forming to take care of the rift unfortnatly, but he can try to reassure the woman.]
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I know. It's what everyone tries to do, trying to bring back as many as you can, both in the enemy and comrades. [Didn't mean she liked seeing either number going down for any reason. And, of course, there were things he couldn't tell her about missions, she understood that. Didn't mean she liked it any better.]

...It's still difficult sometimes, giving the news to families and close friends, the person they were close to couldn't be saved by either of us. I feel like I'm just waiting for the day I receive the news should something seriously bad happens to you. [She might not be able to take it, given how much he means to her.]
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I wish I could promise to you that nothing bad would happen to me.

[He says after a long moment, exhaling slowly. He moves one arm up underneath himself, to sit up, so that he could pull Ryou to his chest, to look at her seriously.] But you know I can't.

[Not even as a joke. Angeal believes in hope but not in a false one, when he trains students it is one of the first things they learn, that they are always going to be a target, that they will never be safe.]

Nobody is safe with those things around, you or me. If we played to caution, we will lose to them that much faster.

[He's knows that she doesn't want to hear this, but it is the truth.]
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You also know enough to not try anything extremely reckless, else you'll also lose people that way as well. [She's around dumb rookies all day. You can imagine her patience for stupidity has worn thin on numerous occasions. She doesn't even know how he can stand training some of them. She doubts that she would have the patience for it.]

At least promise me you'll practice at least a little bit of caution. Don't make idiotic mistakes, at least?
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That, I can say to you. [She thinks that she couldn't, but Angeal knew that Ryou could if the need came for it. But right now, he took care of the training and she patched them up. It worked for now, and hopefully they won't have to live like this forever.]

I'll do everything I can to keep that from happening. [He leans in a little more, curling closer around the woman.]
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[She might patch up pilots all the time, as it was her job as her sore knees reminded her; but she doubts she could have their courage, just their sheer gall to be out there fighting the Kaiju, practically on a daily basis. If only there was a way to defeat them permanently, so that everyone can live peacefully again. She lays her head down on his chest, hearing the sound of his breathing, maybe even vaguely the sound of his heart.]

...Thank you.
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[He runs his fingers though her hair once the woman settles, glad she is a little more relaxed now, that she can be a little less worried about him.

Like he said, he can't promise to not get hurt, not when his job was so risky. But he can do his best to come home every time.]
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[She'll always worry about him so long as his reason for being a pilot remains the same. And him coming home usually does relieve that worry, injured or not. At least she know he tries to come home alive.]

[She closes her eyes softly, just taking him in while she can. Who even knows if he'll still be there in the morning. She certainly didn't want to be woken up by the alarm, nor waking up alone if he decided to leave early on his own, without a goodbye to try and worry her less.]

[She certainly hates when that happens in movies, or from girlfriends of less ...faithful pilots.]

No alarms tonight... please.