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sherlock holmes | bbc's sherlock

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1. He wouldn't stop calling me so I sent him a text saying "I'm dead. Dead. Leave me alone." And he replied with "so can I see you then?"
2. I appear to have wine on my toes. I am really not clear as to how this happened. I'm going to have a little lie down.
3. Apparently I'm a "fire hazard"
4. I've never been so tempted to check my phone during sex in my life.
5. I slapped him but he didn't wake up. He just nuzzled my head, hugged me closer, and smiled.
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4 for the lulz

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I don't think this text was meant for me.
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beautiful 1/2

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Wrong number.
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Yes I figured.

[And now someone is feeling curious about who this person is that Sherlock is having sex with. And definitely not jealous. No.]

Mustn't have been very good.
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[ Someone should remember that curiosity killed the cat. ]

Hence the texting.
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[Satisfaction brought it back.]

What text is so important that you would leave a lady waiting?

I don't suppose it would have anything to do with the body in my morgue right now.

[It is a rather interesting one.]
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[ Fair play. ]

How long has it been in?

[ wow no one will noticed how he ignored that one question. he's so sneaky like that. ]
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[Oh yes, incredibly sneaky. Molly's totally thrown off the scent now, imbecile that she is.]

Couple hours. Not Lestrade's case.

[Hence why he wasn't called to the scene. And also why she should probably not be telling him about it. But just as he knows her weakness (him), she knows his (case).]
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action? or we can go to journals or something idk

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[ Sherlock wouldn't count on an imbecile and would most likely be offended by the accusation. ]

Be there in 20.

[ Weaknesses abound, then. ]
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I'm fine with either!

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[Oh god, she is going to hell for this. Not that she's lying, there is a body and it is interesting. But she just took him away from some other woman.]

She'll still be here in 40.

[Which is her way of saying "you have time to wrap things up properly there" because now she's feeling guilty, which is overriding her feelings of jealousy.]
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HUFF do you have an open post or anything we can redirect to? i'd make one but my journal is so full

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[ Hell? Hardly, Molly. You're being a tad melodramatic, there. ]

So? I'll be there in 20.
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3 because lmao

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It's because you're so hot.
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Some would say it's because I was smoking in the venue.
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I should have known that was the only reason you would willingly visit your brother.
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He smokes like a twelve-year old. Low tar.
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I did tell you he would be persistent.
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I think the word 'desperate' would be more accurate.
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I fail to see how this is my fault.
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Sloppy dosage. You do have such a liberal hand.
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It wasn't the dosage. I'm not incapable, Mycroft. I did the maths.