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          Stop whatever you were doing because there are suddenly tribbles all over the place. They're in your closet, on the bed, on the walls (how do they get on the walls??), even in your coffee cup! What are tribbles, you ask? A tribble, or Polygeminus grex, is a small, non-intelligent lifeform originating from Iota Geminorum IV. They make soothing cooing sounds when touched which has a tranquilizing effect on the human nervous system. Unfortunately, they're also born pregnant and can reproduce rapidly with sufficient food, able to bear a litter of ten every twelve hours. Just one, left unchecked for two days, could produce up to 480 tribbles by itself! Unless it's really cold. Tribbles can't reproduce in cold temperatures.

So, yeah. Have fun with that.

💥 Post a comment with your character's name and series in the title.
💥 Create a set-up or leave your comment blank for other people to create their own.
💥 Start out with one or two tribbles and watch them multiply or already have an entire hoard of purring fuzzballs.
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Lindsey | Lucky number slevin | open to anyone

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[ When Lindsey had come across the tribble, she'd through that it had been a pet rabbit that had escaped from one of the nearby apartments. She'd realized her mistake only after she'd picked it up, petting it.

There weren't many pets allowed into the building, maybe Harris would know who this fuzzball belonged to. ]
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[ The knock was welcomed - commercial break anyway. Onyx opens the door, a brief look of surprise on his face which settles into light amusement. ]

Here for the gossip reel?

[ Onyx, whenever seen outside his apartment, was with many people or one other, often a glass of wine in hand and always a gentle pry on tongue. Some of the apartment folk think him nosy...Onyx'd call it life evaluation - it's rare that people matter. ]
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This works great!

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I wish. But the building - you know who's got pets right?

[ There's being nosy, then there's being in people's business for a reason. She's done her fair share of interrupting people - though that's for work.

It's not a skill that can be turned on or off though. It's great putting names to faces in the elevator. ]

Know anyone who could own this fuzzball? It'll save me a trip down to the superintendents.

[ She waves her free hand towards the purring tribble. ]
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[ It is great, and said faces look so happy when they're remembered. But. But wait, that thing's alive? Onyx frowns at it, shifts a little. Could be a cat...he looks away to distract himself. ]

Maybe the Masons two doors down - they mentioned getting a pet for their daughter...the Bane couple a flight up, too, but they could be at the shooting gallery. Mind if I tag along?
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Sure, why not. Not that I expect this to be in any way exciting.

[ She steps back, adjusting her grip on the tribble. If she had her hat with her, she could have put it in that.

Mentally, she keeps calling the thing Fizzgig, it's what it resembles. ]

Whoever this belongs to, they'll help solve the mystery of what it is.
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[ Wow, way to punch possibility. If Onyx knew Lindsey already named it, he'd feel disappointed. He laughs a little as they walk. ]

Mystery's giving it undue importance.

[ And unless something happens with said tribble during the journey of ten feet, Onyx'll knock and the door will be opened by a lady, who smiles at Onyx and blinks at Lindsey and eyes the tribble with increasing terror before smiling tightly and saying, "Thanks, but we're allergic to cats." ]
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So, it's not yours then, sorry for the bother. [ The woman's smile eases though it's still weak, closing the door. Lindsey waves. ]

Well, you can always do with a bit of adventure, it makes life entertaining.

And the pet thing must really have not worked out, if Mrs. Mason's acting like that.

[ She moves towards the stairway, the elevator would take just as long. Old buildings, what can you do.

Even if they don't manage to find an owner, she's not going to end up keeping Fizzgig. There's a no kill shelter downtown she could take it to if nobody claims it. ]

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Woe for kind intentions.

[ Stairway is what Onyx'd pick anyway. If the Banes are out, there's...really no one else he can think of who'd have a...purring thing. ]

When you found it, was it--

[ Onyx stops. Did the tribble suddenly start purring a lot louder or...? ]
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[ There are quite a few of the tribbles sitting on the stairs, especially near the heaters.

Eyes wide in surprise, she lets the door swing shut. A look in Oynx's direction confirms that they'd both seen the same thing. ]

Okay — it's sad that this is still better than an infestation of Ecuadorian super termites.
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[ Super termites should be against the laws of the universe. Even now, even seeing what he is, Onyx's mind goes to the Banes. A story's made - on a trip, smuggled them home...his hands clench for a moment and he looks at Lindsey. ]

Hand it to me.

[ A firm demand. ]
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You're not going to hurt it, are you?

[ Because there are lines, buddy. Animal cruelty isn't something she condones. ]
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I won't. But you haven't stopped petting it.

[ He's worried. ]
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It is cuddly.

[ It's a weak excuse at best - though she does like most animals. She holds it out towards him. ]
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[ Onyx grabs the tribble and shoots it. With a pistol he was keeping...a mystery. ]

We'll keep it to identify, time grace us.
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[ She jumps at the gunshot, biting down a shriek.

It can't be a coincidence that she keeps running into people who find firearms to be a natural extension of themselves - but she's always expected them to be cops. ]

Time's against us, there's no way someone didn't hear that.

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That'd be why I did - we could use more hands.

[ He enjoys the irony of working alongside the law. Onyx sets his gun away and looks at the tribble horde. ]

If there was one, it wouldn't matter...but this is an infestation. They're foreign - we need to contain them and send them home...warm climate, likely.

[ No Onyx no. ]
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[ This is a Bad Plan. ]

You mean, the cops will be moving them while we end up in a cell for hours after being arrested.
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A little fine and jail time won't bother me.

[ He'd like the experience. ]

You're welcomed to leave - and accuse me, should it suit your character. I intend to corral them.

[ A few tribbles flump down the stairs. Because there are more that pushed them down. ]
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[ Like she's not going to see how this whole thing ends. ]

Trust me, it's more trouble than it's worth.

I'm gonna go find a couple of people, see if they'll be willing to help.
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[ Dammit. ]

Go on, then. And, ah, tell them to bring gloves.

[ Onyx's gonna go places, too. Haul in a few friend's wheeled coolers on the grounds of his fridge breaking and having beer which they are welcomed to at some vague time and stuffing tribbles in because balls of fur are pleasantly compactable.

That's what he'll be doing when Lindsey returns. ]
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Uh huh.

[ She starts knocking on doors, explaining the situation and asking if anyone could help clear the stairwell.

She skips the Masons, opting to go down a couple of floors, and down to the lobby instead.

By the time she makes it back, there are already a few people who have brought boxes or bags working alongside.

She pulls on a pair of latex gloves. ]

Were there always this many?

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[ Onyx looks up. ]

No - I wonder if it's the heaters. Got a rep from Animal Control waiting to haul, and the first was sent to identify. He'll call.

[ Onyx just. Just smiles at everyone because this is a communal effort of complete strangers it's so great. ]

You're right, by the way - fur like satin...

[ And there was a scuffle with security but he's not going to mention that. ]
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That's great!

I don't even know if there's going to room for all of them though.

[ She helps place the tribbles away into the boxes, shuffling the full ones towards the edge of the people grouped there. There's some sort of chain, some people fill the containers, others move them along to the moving elevator.

At least it looks like someone could use the stairs now. ]

It this turns out to be part of an illegal fur smuggling ring I am going to be so disappointed.
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[ Elevator's been the plan for a while - full cooler, dispense in Animal Control truck. The driver'll transport when full...which won't be a while now - to where depends on a call. ]

There we're in accord - their talents could be used for far greater means.

[ How dare they sell themselves short. Stuffing tribbles in here unapologetically, cooing at a few with no regard or awareness. ]

Keeping one'd be all right, I imagine...may not be exciting, but it's worth remembering.
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I've never been much good with pets, really. Unless they're fish - those are pretty easy to handle, and they don't need much.

[ Not in terms of time and attention.

The cooing is cute, it really is. And she looks down into the container beside them with a smile. ]

If you do end up keeping one, let me know?

[ The few stray tribbles that are left are rounded up soon enough. A few who are impatient to get this over with elect to take the stairs down, now that they're clear. ]

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