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come buy, come buy

The Market

Ah, a new customer! Welcome, welcome to the Market!

Not much of a name? Why, what do you mean? It's quite concise and descriptive, I assure you, for this is a place for buying-- and buying the finest specimens of, hm, indentured servitude, I assure you, that you might find anywhere in the multiverse. Yes, yes, I've heard the nicknames before, but I assure you, this is the Market and so it shall remain for as long as those of discerning tastes and, ahem, if I dare say, deep pocketbooks, require what we have to offer.

For here we can offer you whatever it is that you wish, whatever you can dream of, anything. For a price, of course, but you wouldn't be here if you weren't able to pay....

Ah, yes, I beg your pardon for today's delay. Some bleeding-heart so-called "rights group" caused a fuss, tried to release an entire pen full of stock, but not to worry, they've been, ah. Dealt with. Allowed inside, you might say, hah?

Well, then, as I was saying. The Market contains all manner of slaves for purchase, whatever your individual needs might be. Let's see what might interest you, shall we?

We'll begin with our most popular selection, the animal types. There's all manner of variety here, though, don't mistake me-- anything from intelligent beasts (with or without full awareness, that's up to you, no additional charge) to the mostly-humanoid with some altered features. See, here, these dogs make excellent guards, quick and clever as any human. Or these over here, with just that feline cast to their features, plus the ears? Quite popular and decorative.

Is that not interesting enough for you? We do have all manner of exotic types, I assure, not simply the standard breeds. Should your fancy turn to dragons or unicorns or griffins, we can certainly accommodate that. Perhaps a centaur? Quite useful, though they can be so difficult to feed...

Ah! Yes, you've noticed our more mechanical selection! Again, there's a range here, depending on your needs-- some have been fitted with cybernetic augmentation, additional strength or enhanced senses, and so forth. Or if you prefer, we have these full-cyborg models, quite useful for labor, they keep going until they run out of fuel. Oh, yes, they have full human intelligence, soul transferred over, not my specialty but I'm sure the handlers could explain to your satisfaction.

These? Oh, yes, the sculpted group is the most varied, and popular with collectors. You see, we add alterations without losing that base humanoid appearance. Improved, certainly, but usually not too exotic (unless that's to your taste, of course, of course!). They could be taller, smaller, thinner, plumper-- or we could add features, perhaps? Devil horns, maybe, or additional eyes or limbs? This lovely model was based on the standard "fairy" type (the wings, I'm afraid, do incur an additional surcharge) while over here, this one was given increased musculature and a bit of facial sculpting for attractiveness. Bound for the gladiator arena I'm certain, that one.

If your taste runs to the more decorative, however, this section is the banks of what we call "statuary", slaves molded into certain pleasing shapes. And textures, yes, see this one still feels like flesh (go on, touch!) but here we have glass, or marble. Oh, of course we provide you with keywords to allow movement when you wish, to reshape them or, well, whatever strikes your fancy.

And here we have the blanks, ready and waiting to be sculpted to your exact specifications while you watch! Anything, anything you'd like, no request too strange, and oh, well...

A bit closer, closer, a word in your ear-- should you like a bit of sculpting yourself while you're here? Some changes, improvements, we can certainly--

What? Certainly not, why would we then try to sell you? What an utterly ridiculous idea, ridiculous, I say! We'd never treat a paying customer in such a manner!

Ah, but it seems the auction is about to begin. You wouldn't want to be late! Simply let me know if you need any further assistance, and we thank you for patronizing the Market....

♦ As the name implies, it's a slave market...but with a twist. Your character could be shopping at the market or a slave (choose from one of the bolded types or pick your own!), whether in the pens, up for auction, or just purchased. Body horror? Power games? Whatever strikes your fancy.
♦ Leave a comment with your character's name and fandom in the subject, and please fill out this form to help others tagging in know what you're interested in playing:

This meme is open to smut and non-smut options, as well as other potentially triggering material, so please be sure to state what you want!
♦ Have fun, and be sure to respect others' comfort zones!
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This makes me wish I had Change of Heart icons for her

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[She had had a good life until she had reached her teens. She had a family, friends, a home, normal clothes. All of that changed the day puberty started affecting her, changing to prepare her for adulthood. There were the usual changes of course, like every girl her age. However, there was also a time when her shoulders began to itch horribly, so much so that she was tearing the skin with her fingernails. Finally, one day, her back hurt her so much, the skin ripped on it's own, two white wings appearing dotted with blood.]

[It was the day of the wings appearing that she was labelled a freak, ugly, not natural, and sold as a slave to the highest bidder. This was her life now. She had to endure much in her relatively short life. She has been mostly a house servant for various people, only recently coming to legal age to where men could touch her and not be punished for it. She had dreaded that day, now hiding in the back of her cage, panicking at the jeers and grabs at her soft wings. She was a beautiful specimen, oh yes, there was a high price for this one, and many men fighting to own this creature. The fear in her eyes only makes them want her more.]
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[This would be the last time Mahaad ever took him out without the palaces' notice again. He knew it. Atem knew it the moment he heard the ruckus, saw the absolute zoo that was happening- saw the treatment of these people. And when he realized his decision.

Mahaad probably realized it seconds before he even did, reaching forward to grab him and keep him back (something he would have apologized profusely for afterwards), but he missed his mark.

Atem's mare clopped forward with as much authority as he.]

That one is mine. [As if he had any clue what he was getting himself into. Or why. This was probably more trouble than it was worth, but the system of slaves and lower status had never and probably would never sit right with him. And if he could use his power to do at least one linear good thing, he really didn't see the problem.]
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[Hearing the loud, commanding voice of the lord Pharaoh, well, it certainly got the other men's attention, calling him by his title and immediately getting on their hands and knees to bow to him. The trader, once he was done bowing like the rest, took to getting the young, winged girl out of the cage, her struggling a little bit while being chained at her hands and feet.

It's a precautionary measure, my lord. These... things have a tendency to run once they're out of their cages.

[Once she was chained, he lead her towards the Pharaoh's mare, forcibly keeping his hand on top of her head to keep her eyes lowered. Slaves should never meet their master's eyes, after all. She was also covered in dirt and scrapes, like some of the other slaves with conditions similar to hers.]

I compliment you on your choice, my lord. This one just came of age a few days ago. Quite and submissive as well. Perfect for a harem girl, don't you think?
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[His almighty confidence in the situation withered away just slightly when he realized what he'd done- and when he could feel the steely stare of Mahaad's eyes on his back. But there was no going back now. It would undo everything he'd only just done.]

What you think and what I think are probably two very different things. [There was no reason to hide his distaste. This circus was disgusting and if they were still here when night broke, a few soldiers would have words with them and their 'stock'. He reached down to offer his hand to her.] Let's go. [An impish demand, only because he really didn't want to be here for much longer.]
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[She has been around horses before, even knew of a few fellow slaves that were part or full horse; but she had never ridden one before. Walked beside one while still chained on the hot desert sand, but never on top of one.]

[Still, an order was an order and she would never disobey her master. Less problems and pain that way. Though she couldn't help but feel ashamed as her hand touched his, her dry, cracked and dirty hands touching his elegant and ringed one. The chains clinked together as she moved upward, finding herself riding side saddle to accommodate her large wings. She kept her hands to her lap once she was on, afraid of upsetting her master should she touch him further. She was still too frightened to speak, petrified of being on top of a horse with nothing really to hold onto.]

Pleasure doing business with you, my Lord! I do hope you enjoy your purchase!
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[He didn't give any sort of answer to the owner, not even a glance before rearing his mare back a little and then nudging it into a very slow trot.]

You can hold on to me. It will probably be easier for you that way. [The last thing he needed was for her to fall off. Mahaad moved alongside them in no time, looking entirely dissatisfied with the entire situation, but said nothing.]
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[It... wasn't an order. It was... a suggestion? Don't mind her if she looks over in surprise. She doesn't look him directly in his eyes, as a slave should never look their master in the eye. Still her master sounded kind, even giving the honor of holding onto him while they rode on his horse. Maybe, if she spoke now, without permission, she wouldn't be punished for it? Her voice was very soft and quiet when she does speak, trying to choose her words carefully.]

I-I didn't know such an act was allowed, my Lord. [She immediately looks down and away, instinctively bracing herself for an inevitable slap. She had spoken out of turn, after all.]
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If I say it is, then it is. [He made the rules, after all. If something was sanctioned directly from his lips, then why would it not be allowed.] We can just go faster, if you do. That's all. [And with the way Mahaad was glaring up a storm and the way the Court was going to react to this, he really wanted to get it over and done with.]
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[Oh, she wasn't going to be punished for speaking out of turn? Well, that was... relieving, at least.]

[It was still her first time on a horse, and, though she knew that such beasts could go much faster, she was still petrified of it. But, if her master wanted to reach his destination faster and her holding onto him could allow him to speed up...]

I-I'm sorry, my Lord. I-I misunderstood. [Her arms came around him carefully, the chain clinking together again, the wrist and ankle restraints rubbing them raw. As a result of her coming forward, her wings also came forward, angling themselves as if expecting to moving quickly soon and being in that position cut down on wind resistance.]
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It's alright. [He felt like he was probably going to be saying that a lot in the coming few days. She was so... broken. It was disheartening, but what could he do that he already hadn't? This was commonplace and though he'd vowed to change it when he was about five years old, he hadn't really understood the structure.

Understanding it even now didn't make it any easier on him.
The thoughts were willed away once she took a firm hold of him, nudging his horse a little harder into a canter.]
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[When she felt the horse picking up speed, she held onto him tighter, despite her earlier worries about holding onto him being allowed. Her fear had taken over her for the moment. Hopefully, they will reach their destination soon.]

[She had been in nice places before: clean, well-kept places; but none of that seemed to compare to the palace grounds. Even the air felt and smelled different once they were inside. This was a place of royalty, that was definitely obvious. And she was all the more quiet and withdrawn. She definitely didn't belong in such a marvelous place.]

M-my lord... i-if I may ask a question... What is to be my purpose here? [Everything seemed so well-kept already, she hoped it wasn't for the reasons that the trader was suggesting. She couldn't say no to him if it was, but she was very inexperienced. Her innocence was her last shred of dignity she had left. Who would want to take an ugly girl with wings, anyway?]
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[He probably should have thought it through more. What would she do? The first thought was the harems but that was probably a bad idea. ....although why else would he have picked her, they'd wonder. There would be whispers. There was no doubt about it.

He let the stable hands take her off his horse before he dismounted, too, adjusting his cloak.]

I suppose you can work alongside the servants, if that suits you well enough. [He didn't like it, but if she wasn't staying in the harems he couldn't just let her sit around. Somebody else would come and pick her up. And if he wasn't sleeping with her, she'd just cause a fuss along the other courtesans.]
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[She froze when she felt unfamiliar hands on her, only moments later it was a stable hand helping her down. She also couldn't help shivering as one of their hand unintentionally brushed her feathers. Yes, those were quite sensitive and real. The younger of the stable hands also couldn't help staring at her chains.]

[Though at the mention of working alongside servants, and no mention of a harem, did lighten her spirits.]

I-it does suit me well enough, my lord. I have been a servant in most of my recent years.