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November in this house of leaves

The Haunted Meme

There are ghosts all around, at any time, lingering in places where they died or that were emotionally significant during their lives. Some of them refuse to give up the life they once lived, some have yet to accept that they have died, and some just want revenge against those who are still living.

Wherever you are, whatever you were doing, you've happened across a place where a particularly strong ghost (or maybe more than one?) is lingering. The ghost might try to possess you, using your body to do what it cannot, it might try to torment you in whatever ways it can, or it might just try to attack you. What will you do? Who you gonna call?

Leave a comment with your character's name and canon, and your preferences. Remember that the ghosts can possess your character (influencing their actions or outright taking control of them) or torment them (exerting an outside influence or attacking).

Please respect others' preferences when tagging, and if a thread goes somewhere you aren't comfortable, communicate with your thread partner.

1) ANGRY This ghost either died angry or has become so over time. It might want to take out its anger on someone else, make noise, or hit or break things, whether by itself or using your character's body or special abilities.

2) VENGEFUL This ghost wants revenge. Maybe it's against someone who wronged them in life, maybe it's against their murderer, or maybe it's just against the living. They might mistake your character for the target, or use their body to exact their vengeance.

3) REGRETFUL This ghost is much sadder and quieter, consumed by regrets of things unsaid and never done. They might just lurk about and increase the emo factor, or they could drive your character into despair.

4) DEMANDING This ghost wants something done. Maybe they want a message delivered or a hidden treasure found. Or maybe they just want to force your character to compete a task. Whatever it is, they won't stop demanding it until they're satisfied.

5) LUSTFUL Being a ghost gets very lonely. Maybe they want to possess your character to experience the pleasures of the flesh once more. Maybe the ghosts of star-crossed lovers will drive two people together. Or maybe your character might just feel an intangible hand copping a feel...

6) OBLIVIOUS This ghost doesn't realize it's dead. They might resent your character's presence or mistake them for the real ghost. Or they could accidentally inhabit your character's body and try to continue their normal routine.

7) INHUMAN This ghost isn't the spirit of a person, but something else. Maybe an animal, maybe a creature thought to be imaginary, maybe an alien that hitched a ride on a meteor, whatever it was it wasn't normal. And if it possesses your character, neither are they.

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[ he's a spirit who knows he's dead and was very much a human when still alive. can be clingy and possessive of whoever he's haunting, going out of his way of chasing people away from your character to keep him all to himself. things can escalate with him by your side since his big goal is most likely making your character 'join' him meaning yeah. if you don't want to play out the last part i'm alright with that! just let me know and i'll keep those urges of his out of the thread.

willing to do option 1 to option 5. ]
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[ When Lindsey had offered to housesit for a Milly, she hadn't realized that the apartment hadn't been lived in yet. Seriously, the whole place was spartan.

She leaves the keys on the counter, the door wedged open by her suitcase, muttering. ]

Home, sweet home.
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[ ... there's someone else here? its been so long since someone else has stayed in its apartment. not after what happened here.

its annoyed. of course it is. its home, its territory. it tries to make that clear by shoving the suitcase away from the door, not caring where the luggage went, and forcing the door to suddenly slam shut. no!, its trying to say nicely. for now.]
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[ She jumps, turning to look back at the door. Did her stuff fall over? Not that it would explain why the door slammed, it hadn't been that heavy, and there definitely aren't specialized hinges. ]


[ Shaking her head, she goes to retrieve her suitcase from the hall, dragging it all the way in this time. ]

Mills owes me big time for this. I hope there's a stove and fridge in here.
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[no no no no. what is she still doing here. the spirit is less than pleased, trailing after her closely while she gets her suitcase in hopes of finding out what she wants from here. something about mills? windmills?

its unhappy and contemptuous mood gets the better of it, the air around lindsey soon becoming cooler and more frigid. maybe hoping for a stove being here is a good idea after all. ]
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[ By the time she finds the kitchen, the temperature had dropped enough to be extremely uncomfortable. At least there are appliances.

And... the hot water is working.

The place has central air, so there's no thermostat to adjust. Another sweater had better be enough to keep the worst of the chill away until she can find the superintendent. ]

At least it's just for the week. [ Spinning around, she thinks about what she needs to do, listing them aloud. ]

Right, so I'll need to get groceries, call the super, and then talk to Milly - I have no idea what she sees in this place.
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[ spiteful and petty it maybe, the ghost isn't afraid to do what it wants to get this person


so it tries to give her a sharp push, not a nudge at all, while she spins around. the lights flicker and some utensils it had left behind rattle more than they should on their own, meaning they shouldn't really at all, thanks to its moods affecting the kitchen. ]
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[ Stumbling forward, Lindsey grips the table to prevent herself from falling over completely. ]

This place is haunted?

[ What other explanation is there? Once you rule out the impossible, all that's left is blah, blah, blah.

Her crime drama habit had not prepared her for this. This is Scooby Doo. Not that it keeps her from being curious. But it does explain why no one had moved in - if not why Milly is still keeping the place. ]

And pushy about it too. What do you want?

[ Scowling, she addresses the air. It hasn't progressed to flying cutlery yet, so she'll take her chances. ]

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oh sorry about that! i thought i tagged this yesterday!

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[ at least she catches on quick.

that makes the appliances and items in the room go very still for a second and all is quiet. almost as if i was thinking for a proper answer.

or, perhaps, a proper way to answer.

it finds its method and is quick to use. a drift of cold air brushes past her and then the door that leads to outside rattles violently.
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It's not a problem!

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[ The message is clear, she gets it. But she crosses her arms over her chest, a stubborn set to her jaw. ]

There's no way this place will stay empty forever, you know.