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Post here with muses you'd like to see around bakerstreet and possible plottings you'd like to do! Feel free to post anon if you're shy!

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Oh, hai!

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Totally up for PSLing. And if Jenny can have her dad in the mix, that's even better. :-D
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I blame you for my Jenny wanting. We did that thread and suddenly I was like "OHIHAVEALLTHESEFEELS I WANT AN AU"
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I AM NOT APOLOGIZING! But I must admit to wanting at least one thread of the three/four of them being a family and getting into all kinds of shenanigans. River's parents would make it happen even more entertaining.
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Omg can you imagine those holiday dinners?

Not to mention I imagine River keeping mum on the whole "I'm his wife" bit for Jenny's sake. So if they run into 11 and he's all "HELLO DEAR LET'S DO THE KISSY FACE THING I LIKE THAT" I expect hijinks

Oh man....the Ponds and the Doctor's Daughter....yes yes yes
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Like the ones with the Doctor but with twice or thrice the chaos. I'm jealous!

Jenny will eventually figure it out. But her first time meeting her dad since meeting River will definitely be interesting. 😉

Big, mostly happy family.
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Yes, I definitely want this. Do you want to do a thread or two more with just Jenny and River before they collide with sweetie/dear old dad and possibly the rest of the family?
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I'm game for either. Although it would be fun to see what shenanigans they get up to while tracking him down. I have a feeling River might be an... interesting influence on Jenny.... *evil grin*
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I say definite shenanigans are in order.

Hallucinogenic lipstick lesson, mayhaps.
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Definite hallucinogenic lipstick shenanigans. Jenny will enjoy them way too much. And probably use them on her father at some point.