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rub a dub dub

the intimate bathing meme;

Grooming is an important part of many species' rituals. It keeps them clean, healthy, and content. And a good bath? It can change the whole tone of a day from terrible to relaxed and blissful.

But nudity is sometimes viewed as a weakness - and it is almost always sexualized - so bathing is often kept a private matter. If you do share these moments with someone, they're almost always a significant other or a sexual partner.

Like you're doing now.

Whether it be after a battle or after sex (or before sex, even), the two of you are going to get clean. Be sure to help each other out with that, won't you? After all, there are places on the back that just can't be reached...

  • Comment with your character, your prefs, etc.
  • If there are other grooming-related practices or kinks you'd like to include, like shaving, hair washing, mention them!
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Needs moar lesbians.

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[It was only once, just once, when the other needed help around after a particularly nasty injury. She had blushed to no end, doing something so intimate as washing her hair and body while she healed, but she will always treasure those moments together.]

[She would miss those moments, now that she was fully healed. So, color her surprised when she was called into the bath to see Cissnei in the bath and needing her hair washed.]
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[She had blushed to no end but Ryou had done it, and while Cissnei had been glad for the help it was nice to have the woman there with her as well. Last time she had simply sat forward and let herself be scrubbed down, but she has a bit of a different idea this time around.]

Want to help me out again? [She smiles, small but confident.] I can return the favor after, this time.
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[She certainly liked the idea, about washing Cissnei's hair again. It was relaxing, despite how nervous she had been. At the chance to do it again...]

A-are you sure? I mean, your arm isn't stiff or anything, is it? [That and Ryou had longer and thicker hair. It will tangle a bit more easily than Cissnei's would.]
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I'm much better now, Ryou. [She reassures her lover. That particular injury had been nasty, but she had healed and even with a little soreness, Cissnei could tough it out.

The woman shifts to lean against the edge of the tub, watching the other.]
Are you up for it?

[Ryou knows she would never hold it against the other if she wasn't. If they would be able to find time to do it again, however, might be few and far between.]
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[She was still concerned, if there was any lingering tenderness anywhere. Ryou knew where to be careful, at least.]

[Quickly, she slipped out of her clothes and into the warm bath water. She waited a moment to get used to the warm water.]

Any particular shampoo you want to use?
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[With the other settled in, Cissnei watches her with a smile, legs brushing against Ryou's own as she relaxes into the tub- This needs to be done more often.]

You know I'm not picky. [The woman chuckles, settling in.] But you spoiled me with whatever you had last time, you know.

[which doesn't surprise her, Ryou has a lot more hair to maintain than she does.]
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[She did like her little indulges with slightly more expensive shampoos. Cheaper ones tended to dry her hair out and made it feel almost brittle and much easier to tangle. She was quite particular about her hair products.]

You did complain a bit about your... coworkers... complimenting your hair. Guess even they noticed the change. [She was teasing, of course, as she was gingerly tilting the other's head back, to pour water over her hair to get it wet.]
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Anything to annoy me.

[But she sounds amused instead of disgruntled, and easily moves to tilt her head back as the woman directs. It takes a while for Cissnei to relax, it always has- but she was slowly falling into it underneath Ryou's care.]

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You still care about them, though.

[She really only tilted her head back the way she did was so that she wouldn't get water or soap in Cissnei's eyes. Definitely doesn't want to hurt or irritate her girlfriend with that.]

[Once all the red hair was completely soaked, she put a handful of shampoo in her hand and began to massage the other's scalp carefully, using her fingernails to get into her hair and wash away the dirt and grime that has likely built up since it was last washed.]
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[She smiles, small but with sincere affection.] I'd be a fool not to.

[They are like her family, part of her life as much as Ryou is. Cissnei's eyes fall closed as the woman's fingers start to work though her hair, enjoying the luxury of not having anything to worry about.]

They like you too, you know. [Cissnei's been though a lot, and they are glad that she has someone who will look after her in the way of her mental state, keep her from going until she's exhausted herself.]