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Rare Muses Part Deux: The Musening

Since the first one is about ready to go to captcha for going over 5000 replies

Please feel free to continue your threads here.

You can either post your muses on the first one (for ease of the new in-progress directory) and do your threads here, or you can post them here in the first place, I'm not the boss of you.

Original post is here obviously.
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for unobtainableredemption

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[ Typically, a matter as menial as the interrogation of a prisoner is not brought before Vulcan. Indeed, the Shi'ar majestor has an entire unit of telepaths for that very purpose. And with a war going on, to say he has better things to do would be an enormous understatement.

So when the Shi'ar guardsman approaches and states he was sent by the telepaths, Gabriel's first thought is to kill the lot of them, guardsman and telepaths both, for wasting his time. But the the guardsman goes on and he finds a reason to stay his wrath, however fleeting it might be.

The prisoner, it seems, is an Earther. One it took three members of his own Imperial Guard to bring in, no less.

So Gabriel decides to see to the prisoner himself. Aside from his brother's band of misfits, to find one of his own kind so far from home is a rare thing indeed. And he must be a mutant, to have given his Imperial Guard even a remote challenge.

He orders the prisoner be brought before him. Whoever this man is, however he ended up out here, Gabriel wants him to see what he has accomplished here. He wants him to see that a human rules the Shi'ar now. ]
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[Kaine had no idea where he was or how he got there, just that he was in Houston one minute, and having to fend off crazy bird aliens the next. When he started getting attacked, he was more than happy to fight back, because at least fighting made sense. He had managed to take out a good number of them too, before finally succumbing to three of the more powerful ones.

And as he was dragged to wherever the hell they were taking him, he found his breath ragged from the effort, even as he now tried to break free from his bonds. Whatever it was made of, it wasn't budging, and he suspected it wouldn't budge even if he wasn't physically exhausted. The best he could do was glare and curse at the one who had taken off his mask. He didn't like people touching his things... even if the suit technically wasn't his.

Then he was brought in front of Vulcan, and he had someone new to curse at.

Who the fuck are you?