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The Dating Meme


❧ Leave a comment with your character's name, fandom, and any preferences you have.
❧ Someone tags you and congratulations, you are now dating! First date, fiftieth date, whatever, it doesn't matter!
❧ Go from there! Whatever the lovely couple goes through is completely up to you and your threading partner. The sky's the limit!
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Ryou Bakura (genderbent) || Yu-Gi-Oh! || OTA

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Mind a YGOTAS Marik? 8D

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If Marik doesn't mind dating a smelly girl :'D

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[She didn't even know how this happened. Going from the Spirit jumping out in front of a moving motorcycle and having her arm torn up to, of all things, dating...]

[She still had no idea how this even happened. Maybe the Spirit had something to do with this. Maybe he kidnapped her or something. She hoped not.]

[She sat quietly, patiently waiting for him to decide on a 'date' idea.]
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HE'S TOTALLY NOT GAY. and sorry for the delay!

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[Marik sat there, feeling so proud of himself for finally dating a woman... even if it was a female version of Bakura. IT WAS BETTER THAN BEING GAY.

However, he had no idea how to even go on dates with women. Was it the same way like when he and male!Bakura BSed around? He looked over at Ryou and blushed a bit. This was so much easier when Bakura was being an asshole]

Want to go for.. er... lunch or something?
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Sure he isn't. :p

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[Lunch? Well, that seemed almost... normal. And in a public place, so it should be okay should something happen.]

Y-yeah, sure. Is there any place in particular you want to go to?
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Melvin is.

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A coffee shop. For they have delicious desserty goods! And you like cream puffs, yeah? I mean, your male counterpart does.

[Well, his landlord did anyways.]</small.
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He's Malik's alter ego.

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Yes, I do like creampuffs. [Or anything sweet, really. She just has a thing for sweets, is all.]

Maybe get something to drink while we're there as well... [Though, should she really trust him with caffeine?]
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Shhh. And stupid html.

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[Marik stands up and pumps his fist into the air]

Then let us be off to the coffee shop!

[And he lowered his arm, offering it to Ryou for her to cling or lean against.]