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the baby meme (expanded)

the baby meme (expanded)

Congrats! You are now the proud owner poor soul parent of a wailing bundle of joy! Babies are wonderful gifts. So is being a parent, as those with stars in their eyes will tell you. As for your ever-so-wise mothers, well, they did try to warn you before it was too late.


oo1. post a comment | include name, series, preferences, etc.
oo2. tag others | try to tag someone new!
oo3. optionally, roll a number between 1-8 on rgn
oo4. profit and have fun!


oo1. not there yet ...I am so sorry. You're still in labor. Just keep breathing! Don't break my hand!

oo2. twins?! Looks like the doctor missed something kind of important.

oo3. adoption Who says you had to get knocked up to have a kid? Did you go the route with all that paperwork or were they left on your doorstep?

oo4. wait a moment For some reason, the child looks more like someone else...

oo5. finally You're finally at home, the baby is asleep in your arms. Enjoy the quiet before they get hungry.

oo6. after the hospital Babies are still babies for a while. Have they rolled over or said their first word yet?

oo7. hold on what Tell me the baby didn't just fly/shoot lasers/solve some weird math problem I can't pronounce!

oo8. wild child Got another idea? Go for it!
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Ahah 7

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[She hit all of the normal markers for a growing baby. Rolls over, crawls, feeds herself - all on cue.

But then she does something Ash knows isn't in any baby book ever.

Killing Deadites with one touch of her chubby hand is an entirely new thing.

Ash doesn't know if he should piss himself in gratitude or just piss himself.]
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[So when is he planning on telling Sheila this even happened? Because as far as she's concerned, he was watching the child while she was taking a well-deserved nap.]
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[Oh, she'll figure it out when she gets up and sees Ash scrubbing the very, very stained rug while the baby naps.]
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[Let it be known that Sheila is the only woman in the history of ever who looks like a Disney princess upon awakening. Without even trying.

She stretches a bit as she pads out from the bedroom, covering her mouth when she yawns.]

Is everything alright, m'love? Surely she didn't cause much fuss.
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[Which is why he married her. The only time he's ever seen her with a hair out of place was when she was all Deadited up. Ash just keeps his nose to the grindstone.] Wasn't her.


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[Once she finally notices the mess:] Goodness! Ashley - why didn't ye wake me? Just what in Heaven's name happened?

[And there she goes, swooping down next to him to help with the cleaning. She's used to it. It's her default setting.]
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[Cue him pushing her gently back.]

Hey, no reason you should get your hands dirty too.

Told you it wasn't her - she's fine...
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[She sits up on her legs, trying not to frown too much.]

Then what praytell happened?
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[He frowns, refusing to meet her eyes.]

Left the window open.
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[Her eyebrow arches.

She's not buying your story just yet. Humor her.]
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Uh...something got in.

...Had to kill it...

[He shoots the cradle a fond look.]

She helped.
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Did she now?

[Ugh. That's it. Last time she ever asks him to do anything.]

And how - praytell - did the little one help, Ashley?
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[Ahaha he knows that look. And that tone of voice. And he likes his hair where it is, rooted in

Now hold on, babycakes...easy now...

[He manages to put down the sponge. Maybe it'll help him out? It currently has more brainpower than he does.]

She kinda...touched it.

And it went boom.
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She touched the demon.


And it went - boom?

[Wow. This is the stupidest lie he's ever told her. She just stands there, hands on her hips, giving him more of that look.]
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[Oh, he's not lying, that's the worst part. He only cringes a little bit at The Look, so he's getting better at this. He tries to Manly Glare her back down.]

Y'heard me! Boom! Blew up.

Maybe it's 'cause you and me lived through the big dirt nap. Or something.

[Maybe it's molecular?]
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Boom. Blew up.

[She nods a bit, as if considering his blatant lie. It would explain why he's cleaning up like this anyway.]

Alright. Fine.

[Head tilt.] Pardon? What exactly are you implying? [Please don't say she's magic.]
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Does it look like I'm BSing you?

[The room is kinda...stained, perhaps? And there's a splat mark over his head.]

I dunno. Do I look like I've got a pocket Spinach Chin on me?
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[The way he speaks sometimes is entirely perplexing to her. She still doesn't understand him half the time, whereas she thought she would by now. Really.]
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[And gesture mode has been activated!]

I. Don't.

It happened.
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It happened. Alright. I believe ye.

[Only partially. But - whatever. She's tired of the arguing.]
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[Glowering while he finishes cleaning up.]

Is she clean?

[He means the baby in her cradle.]
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[She approaches the cradle to pick up her daughter and - surprisingly enough? The child is clean.]

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[A long, deeply exhaled shy. That would be because Ash gave the baby a bath.

Yes. He bathed your child, Sheila.]

Good. She all right?

[He'll peer over her shoulder because he doesn't trust the idea of 'all right' very much.]
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[What? Does he expect a cookie or something? And besides - she's his daughter too. Just saying. They're in this together, whether he likes it or not.]

My little darling.

[All the cradling and fussing. Yes. This mean she's quite alright.]

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