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1) Post to the meme with any particulars you wish. I'd suggest relationships you'd like to try out as well as preferences.

2) Tag around, using the prompts below or not.

Relationship type:

1) Siblings At least one of you has known the other their whole life.
2) Parent and Child I brought you into this world, youngster.
3) Exes All the hurt feelings and passions have gone, but fondness remains.
4) Co-Worker You see them nearly every day.
5) Master and Apprentice Learning and sharing, loving and caring.
6) Childhood Friends Since you were kids you've been together.
7) New Friends You're still learning about them, but they're a good friend anyway.
8) Guardian and Charge It's hard to protect someone for a long time and not get some affection.
9) Close Rivals That one person you always want to outdo and know better than anyone else.
10) Master and Servant Every Batman needs an Alfred.

1) Reunion You've been apart for a long time.
2) Argument You love them, but you don't really like them right now.
3) Celebration Good times, need partying.
4) Consolation Bad times, need cuddles.
5) Danger Oh no, someone might die.
6) Death Oh no, someone is dying.
7) Day Out Disney Land or grocery shopping.
8) Work Hard Stuff to do, take it seriously.
9) Play Hard Break out Monopoly! Or maybe something fun.
10) A Talk You have something to say.
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Ryou Bakura (genderbent) || Yu-Gi-Oh! || OTA

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9 and Reunion | Danger

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[ It was unexpected, at the very least. Resa had received an odd message on her phone from someone she didn't think she'd hear from again. Ryou Bakura. She said it was urgent and the Brit didn't have any reason to not believe her, even if she was more of a rival to her. So, that day, she told Varon and the others that she was going out and would be back later.

Resa drove the way to Domino City with her car and stopped at the cafe she agreed to meet Ryou at. When she found a suitable parking spot, she waltzed right in and slipped off her sunglasses, looking around for the white-haired female. When she found her, she grinned and walked over to the table, the familiar clacking of her heels signifying her arrival. ]

What could be so urgent, Ryou? I'm sure you didn't want to meet up again just to have a spot of tea with me.
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[Really, it had even been a while since she had had the ability to speak to anyone, even her own friends in Domino. She looked like she hasn't slept in a few days, her hands and fingers covered with small scratches and band-aids. Apparently, something had happened to her, but she's not ready to come right out and say it just yet, even to her rival from high school.]

There's nothing wrong with a spot of tea between friends, though.
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[ Resa's no stranger to abuse, even if it's simple nicks here and there on Ryou's fingers. So, for a while, her eyes will focus on her hands before she shakes her head and a pleasant smile crosses her face next. ]

I agree. But, will the tea be too hot for your fingers? Don't think I haven't noticed the bandages, Ryou.

[ She'll help herself to a seat, crossing her legs over one another. Resa's smiling, but the concern's still evident on her face. ]
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It is an insulated cup, so it won't be too hot for me to touch. [But then she remembers and looks down at those hands and those familiar cuts. It's probably a good thing Yuugi and the others hadn't seen these yet. They'd go ballistic if they knew.]

There.... has been something happening to me over the last few days, but I can't really explain what's going on.
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Hm, you have a fair point. [ Still, that doesn't mean Resa's going to completely ignore it. She's become sort of an advocate against violence, which may be ironic considering the double life she led. ]

Why? Is someone going to hurt you if you spill the beans?
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It's not that I can't explain it, it's just... hard to explain. [Does Resa even know about her carrying the Millennium Ring under her clothes? The only ones that she knows knows, would be Yuugi and his circle... and maybe that blond guy that had helped her find Jounouchi and Anzu when she had been injured in her arm.]

...How long have we known each other, Resa?
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We may be rivals, but I care about you, Ryou. [ Even though Resa has ties to the Orichalcos, she hasn't fully tapped in to the powers it has to detect the Millennium items. Though, she had noticed a few oddities with Ryou's mannerisms, similar to the ones she exhibits when Esmerelda comes out. ]

A few months, nearly a year. We met at Domino High, remember?
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...And you know that I had moved there, that I was a transfer student. About how I had... problems... at my previous schools. [No one had really known about that save for a rude and mean gym teacher that had used the information to 'bring her down a few pegs' because she couldn't follow the school's dress code because of her white hair.]

...Let's just say that those... problems, are starting to...escalate.
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[ Instantly, Resa's eyes narrow when Ryou says the word 'problem'. Just what kind of issues was she having? The swordswoman moved closer to her rival, sighing while shaking her head. The first job Resa had was to be a mercenary. The second was a duelist. Both of them combined spelled misery for the one who dared harm her loved ones. ]

What sort of problems are we talking here?

[ The cogwheels were already spinning for what sort of torment she'd inflict on this sorry soul. ]
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...At first, they were just memory problems. I would just... black out for periods of time and... someone was usually hurt while I was out. It didn't matter if the person was an enemy or a friend to me, this.... this entity took over me and... took them away from me. The... problems escalated when I met my friend Mutou Yuugi and his group of friends. [She doesn't know if her friend knew about the goings on in Duelist Kingdom or Battle City, but it may not be best to mention that the reason the troubles were escalating were because of a spirit inside of a Puzzle that Yuugi carried around.]

It was a few weeks ago that... my father called me out of the blue. I don't remember much of the conversation because I had blacked out... again. I... 'woke up' and it was yesterday and my hands were full of these scratches. I have only recently discovered that I haven't been... lucid for about a month now and that I have built a diorama of Ancient Egypt during that time.

I feel like something is going to happen, and that's why I called you.
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[ How much should she reveal of her own psychoses? Resa bit down on her lip in thought, knowing she would be more sympathetic if she was truthful to Ryou, but at the same time, she doesn't want to let her friend know that she's clinically insane, albeit medicated for her problems. Her nails scratch her hand a bit before she shakes her head.

Ryou doesn't have to know now. There's a time and a place for everything. ]

Because you wanted someone to protect you, yeah? If so, you'll have to pay me by the hour. My work's not cheap~ [ A grin and a chuckle. She's teasing. ] I've met Yuugi myself. Great kid, if not a little idealistic and naive. His friends, though... They're one tight group.

[ A pause. ]

Tell me, does this entity have a name, and if so, is Ancient Egypt connected to them in any way? If the diorama's any indication, I'd say that the entity's seeking to do something with it soon.
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[She became quieter, looking down at her cup in thought. It was going to be difficult to explain something like this...]

He... hasn't spoken to me very often, but he has never told me his name, or even anything to call him by. He... when he does speak with me, he calls me... his master... his 'yadonushi' ...his host. I..never felt comfortable speaking to him, and the last I tried to defy him... [No, now wasn't the time to be thinking of that. She had asked her friend here for a reason.]

It's not... me, that I want to protect. You mentioned you've met Yuugi, right?

[She looks away, blushing and a bit ashamed. She can't control the Spirit, but... she knows whom he's after. Maybe... maybe she could protect him from herself.]

I... I have a feeling... no, I know that's who this... Spirit, is after.
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[ The other female leans in and gives Ryou a comforting look. Her own scarred hand finds itself on her shoulder, rubbing it every so often to soothe her. ]

So, you want me to be a bodyguard for him, then? [ She could do that. It works rather well in to what she's already doing with Yuugi and his friends. This just simplifies matters more for her. ]

Consider it done. I'll do my best to protect Yuugi and his friends from this spirit. Who knows, maybe one look at me and he'll run away in fear! [ A laugh. ] All joking aside, mate, he'll be in good hands.
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[It was hard to admit that she needed help in protecting her friend, especially from her once rival. But, if the Spirit really was planning something, which he no doubt was, she wanted to be sure that Yuugi could be protected. Him and his spirit friend.]

He already has told me that there is nothing that he fears in this world... and that nothing would stand in his way.

But, thank you. I really do appreciate this.
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[ Resa gives Ryou a practiced smile and lightly chuckles, knowing well what kind of power she has. However, she is very careful since she doesn't know what this Spirit can do beyond what her friend has told her. ]

It's no problem, Ryou. Tell me, though... What if he hurts you to get to Yuugi? What will you do then?
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[Again, she wonders if she should be telling this kind of information, even though she knows that parts of her past are in television history, with the broadcast of the semi-finals of Battle City.]

He already has... tried to use me against Yuugi, I mean.

...Do you... know much about the Battle City tournament a while back, the one Kaiba hosted?
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[ A pause and Resa purses her lips together, also wondering just how much information she should be telling. ]

So I see... Is he the type to do the same thing again, Ryou?

[ Another pause. ]

Yes, I do. I participated in it, after all. I was doing splendidly since I managed to obtain four Locator Cards before I lost the duel that would have gotten me to the quarterfinals. The bloke was rather difficult since he had a nasty life/gain burn deck. I still wonder what I could have done differently back then.

...Why do you ask?
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I... participated in it as well. Got about as far as the quarter finals actually, before I was defeated by Yuugi. That's what the records say, at least.

...It wasn't his idea, in the beginning, to use me to try and force Yuugi's hand. And he did pull back at the last moment. He hasn't done anything like that since then.

I guess, the best thing that I can tell you is that he is unpredictable. He would and has used me to get what he wants. And now, I think his final plan is coming to fruition.
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[ Unpredictable and willing to do whatever it took to achieve the means...

If Resa didn't know any better, she'd assume he was a man after her own heart. But, that was here nor there right now. ]

It was more of a last ditch effort, then... I'm sorry he used you as a pawn in his game, Ryou. Rest assured he won't do that again now that you've asked for my help.

Though, I don't suppose you'd be privy to this final plan?
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[Even if it wasn't completely him during that time in Battle City. She remembered hearing another voice too, one that sounded similar to the Egyptian boy that helped her when her arm had been knifed.]

[She shakes her head. She hasn't even had a clue as to what transpired over the last month as she was out recovering and unconscious with the spirit building that diorama.]

I just know that the diorama that was built is being moved now to the Ancient Egyptian exhibit that my father is putting together in the Domino Museum. After that, it's only a matter of time before he makes his move on Yuugi...
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[ Resa nods in understanding, thinking briefly as to what more she can reveal herself. Her hands fold under her chin, staring at the table in thought. ]

I see...

[ A pause. ]

You're probably wondering what's the sudden change in my wardrobe since the last thing you saw me in was a pair of shorts, shirt and my hair styled differently.

See, I'm stronger now. I'm able to protect Yuugi a lot better than I did previously. So, you can rest your head easily that our friend will not fall in to harm's way.

[ She knows that's a lie, but she's gotten so good at lying now that it's hard to differentiate her truths and her lies. It pains her to keep lying, but it's the only thing she feels comfortable doing. ]

In fact, I'm probably strong enough to protect you too. This spirit cannot keep abusing you, Ryou. I won't allow it.