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This is making me weirdly nostalgic for JRPG minigames, ngl.

The Gold Saucer Meme

You're at Gold Saucer. Gold Saucer! One of the most famous amusement parks ever, filled with games and adventure and party members and secrets just waiting to be discovered! This is going to be awesome!

"But what can you do here?" you might be asking. Well, let's check out the map...


1. You can chill at Wonder Square. That's where you'd find the bulk of the arcade games, get silly, if there's a stuffed chocobo plushie you're trying to win, you'll probably win it there. It's also a good place to meet new people and/or get your fortune told. You know, it's one of those good meeting places.

2. Or you could go to Battle Square. For the low, low, low price of 10 GP you get to enjoy an intense and really realistic fighting game, in which you go through subsequent rounds of fighting with escalating difficulty and arbitrary status effects being dropped on your party for no particular reason. For the more active types.

3. Or you could go race chocobos. Are you a jockey or otherwise involved in racing chocobos, like a chocobo stablehand, or are you more of a spectator? Either way, it's cutthroat and there's rumors that less savory people are racing in a bid to win their freedom, but that's obvious nonsense. But it's still very competitive.

4. Or you could go to the Event Square. Generally speaking, nothing's going on, but through a wacky set of circumstances we know as meme magic you'll find that your arrival timed perfectly and you'll be asked to participate in a silly play. The default is Princess Rosa being kidnapped by the Evil Dragon King Valvados, and the hero Alfred is sent to rescue her. But...well, that's just the default option. Go with whatever sort of play makes you happy.

5. If you're tired there's also Ghost Square, aka the haunted house/obligatory hotel. Yes, it's a haunted house hotel. Ill fated phasmophobiacs beware. You will not sleep.

6. But hey. If you're unable to sleep there's always Round Square, with gondolas, scenic fireworks, a pristine view of Gold Saucer in all of its glittering glory, maybe some...kissing?

7. There's also Speed Square, which consists of a roller coaster shooter that's basically what you get if you mix a roller coaster with laser tag. Good times!

8. And finally, there's dodging security because you pissed them off just that much. Had problems with the exchange rate? Screwed up the play at Event Square that much? Took Battle Square too seriously and accidentally assaulted an employee? Whatever the case may Run!
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It finally happened. Damn those Thirds XDD

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[It had finally happened. Even with all of the security measures taken to protect her, one extremely smart and skillful or extremely lucky Third had managed to kidnap her, much to her dismay. She had already told him no several times, but he would not take that as her answer. Continuing his streak of luck, he managed to get all the way to the Gold Saucer, of all places. By then, she was feeling very sick and the Third was getting frustrated with her. She had been taken to the Round Square where she had finally had enough. While he wasn't looking, she quietly took his phone (he got a new one while out since he didn't want to be tracked) and sent a message to the only number she knew off the top of her head: Angeal. She knew that he would come and get her, if he wasn't already. She hoped that they would get her quickly. She was scared, after all.]
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poor Ry! /tries again from the tablet

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[Angeal had indeed been looking for Her- Shinra was keeping very quiet about losing their top secret project that was Ryou, but all the same, both the Turks and the SOLDIER First Classes were looking for her.

When the message comes through to his PHS, Angeal knows that he has to move fast. Teamind up with the Turks, knowing that they in their dark suits are easy to spot anywhere, Angeal takes to a more civilIan disguise in clothes and a hat low over his face.

Ryou and the man are sure to see the Turks first, and the strategic way they were spaced out led them in only one direction, where the SOLDIER lie in wait.]
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[He did indeed see the Turks first and he, in response, pulled her along away from them, right towards Angeal. He told her not to make a scene since he didn't want to alert security, or the Turks that he had her. Where did those Turks come from anyway?]

[Ryou, on the other hand, was looking worse for wear, having not had a chance to rest once she was out of secure hands. She was tripping over her own feet by now, quickly losing strength to even stand properly. If she was going to cry out, it wouldn't be a loud noise with how she was feeling. She wishes someone could hurry up and stop him so that she could go home.]