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The Ten Years Later Meme

The Ten Years Later Meme


[Sample Scenarios] 

1. Your characters timetravel to 10 years in the future, and meet the future versions of the people they know - Even themselves!

2. It's still timetravel, but this time to the past - Your characters are the TYL version, here...

3. It's been 10 years since your characters last met...What has happened, and how have things changed?

4. It's been 10 years since whatever Significant Event your characters went through...How are their lives going, now? (Examples : The end of their series, something that happened in a game, etc, etc.)

5. Any of the above scenarios, except that the time difference isn't exacty ten years - It can be longer or shorter, as the muns like.

6. Something Else

[How To]

1. Post as your character. (Please write down the name and canon/fandom of the character in the subject line, and also if they're canon, AU, crossover or OC, etc. Please also write down preferences, scenarios, etc in the comment box)

2. Choose a scenario, or any combinations of any scenarios you want to try out. Making up your own scenario is fine, too! Either mun can make the suggestions for a scenario.

3. Thread, tag and have fun!
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TL;DR CAN YOU DIG IT also prose why not we might as well

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Ten years. Nine since the angels were returned home and reorganized, eight since they finished off Abaddon and her small army of overzealous demons -- and Sam remembers most of that haphazardly, with blurred vision, covered in blood and nursing a horribly twisted leg that requires a cane now, that aches sometimes when the weather is bad or he goes walking too long. Remembers Dean punching a hole through the demon's throat, how a too-human Castiel dragged him by the shoulders while he called out for his brother over a raging fire.

The relief, lying in a hospital bed next to him.

And then a few years later, a full-fledged Man of Letters with a base full of busy workers (Kevin remained loyal, much to Sam's surprise; Charlie enjoyed the company and the prestigious honor of being the first Woman of Letters in the 21st century). It had only been four years beforehand that he'd inevitably taken her in, just as a temporary task -- just until a family could be located. A little, quiet, watchful three-year-old with big blue eyes and curly blond locks. A child who shared a lonely childhood, a hunter's kid. She said her name was Maddy, in a too-small voice, eyes focused away.

Except she didn't have a brother, and her parents were gone. And even if they hadn't been gone, they hadn't done her right. Sam had held her small arm and looked at the heavy marks on them, heart welling up too big.

She was a good girl. For someone so young to have so much pain --

When no living family could be found, Sam couldn't let her go into the world. Dean understood before long why, too. Sure, he was completely oblivious to how to take care of a child, but between a bunch of idiot adults, it would be a good effort, right? Kevin showed her games and Charlie loved to read to her. Castiel was always very direct but fond (and both seemed as eager to learn as the other, at that point). Dean -- well. Sam knew he'd love her.

Now she's seven, energetic and proud and too intuitive.

Summer is always the easiest time. His leg isn't as annoying, and he's got more time to spend with Maddy, especially when everyone makes him ease up and relax (Winchesters need to relax more, it's true) -- he lets up work enough to be around. And besides, now that they have first-world gaming consoles in the old bunker, she likes to drag off his worker bees and make them play. Him, too. A lot.

It's quiet today. Weekend mornings are always quiet here.

Maddy brings him his cane and he walks with her sometimes. She asks a lot about normal school; he promises her she'll get to go, because Sam couldn't let her go just yet, with how private her home is, how hush-hush it has to be. When she's old enough to keep quiet about the truth, he'll let her go. Happily. Even knowing what's out there... he couldn't completely shield her and keep her happy. Besides, he's been teaching her about salt and how she can line her windows and doors to keep the scary things away in her head. Soon she'll be a little pro, he has no doubts. It always helps that a few co-workers have kids, kids that she can be friends with; good, real friends. Sam never had those at her age.

... It's hard, to be sure. He's not positive where a good father lies; he loved his father, but he didn't want to be him. Not when it came to protecting and raising a kid. And his faith in himself has never been good, and he thinks Dean's more suited to it really, but there's too much love in his expression when she climbs up next to him to watch cartoons, elbows in his ribs and expression captivated by the screen.

Hell, Sam never thought he'd ever feel a parental love like that.

Just goes to show...

"Candy?" she asks, peering at him. Trying to push the right button to get herself sugar-crazed and flying around the empty bunker doorways.

Sam looks mildly unimpressed.

"... I'll leave that up to Dean."

He should be flying into town any minute.

Sam always hopes so, anyway. He hates to admit the quiet, festering fear, that one day he'll just... be gone. And Sam wouldn't have been there to see it through to the end. He hates it. But that's life, isn't it? Unfair things. You struggle through it, and try to see if it gets better. Even now Sam breaks into cold sweats with nightmares of the past. Sometimes Maddy finds him this way and slowly pets his arm, ushering him to wake up. And sometimes he pulls her into his arms and hugs her like she's his shield. She doesn't get it, but maybe someday she will.

"I have a new game; they got me a new game. He'll like it; he'll play it with me, you think??"

It's funny, seeing the slight dimples there in her face. It almost makes him feel like she's what he and Jess would have had, in the end.

"Yeah. But careful; he'll wanna take it and keep it."

Hell'd freeze over, before she'd let go of one of those discs.

.... God, she's gonna be a super videogame nerd.
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Dean mostly hunts alone these days.

Sure, he teams up with the occasional, younger hunter — works as a mentor for some of the up-and-coming hunters who are ready to throw their lives into bringing down the supernatural. And there are times when he goes out with a group of hunters to take down some large gatherings of monsters, like vampire nests or particularly dangerous covens. The hunters are a lot more organized now, thanks to the Men of Letters, so it isn't necessary to take down the big foes alone anymore.

But Dean's never really settled with another long-term partner. He hasn't really felt like putting forth the effort — because really, Sam's the only partner that Dean needs or wants. And since Sam can't really do much by way of hunting anymore, Dean's content to keep the passenger seat of the Impala empty. These days, he can take on most hunts by himself, anyway. It's only difficult if he gets banged up and doesn't have anyone close by to help with hard-to-reach stitches.

He's getting old, though — his body can't take as much damage as it used to without longer recovery periods. And there are little things that trouble him more and more. His back hurts in the mornings and he gets headaches sometimes, which he attributes to being knocked on the head one time too many. His shoulder gets dislocated a little too easily nowadays, worn down from being beaten too many times. Hell, he can't even eat the way he used to, anymore, as sad as that is. A greasy meal at a diner gives him heartburn, and then he has to listen to Sam give him the I-told-you-so speech as Dean shuffles through cabinets for medicine.

He's going to have to turn in the towel soon. He knows it's inevitable. He just hoped he had more time in him — because he doesn't know what he's going to do when it's over. His whole outlook on life is a little healthier these days, especially with Maddy around, but hunting has always been a constant for him. Dean feels like he might be a shell of himself without it. And there are plenty of hunters who hunted well beyond their forties — but with each new injury, each new ache and pain that plagues him and doesn't seem to go away, Dean thinks that he might be running himself dangerously close to the ground.

But maybe retirement won't be so bad. Maybe he can just focus on Sam and Maddy and helping with the Men of Letters. Hell, maybe he'll build that garage he's been wanting. After all, everything he's been skeptical about so far has been working out — especially Maddy. He had been concerned about Sam trying to raise a kid at the bunker, around other Men of Letters and hunters and talk of bad things, even with her experiences. A kid should have a childhood — Dean's always felt strongly about that, and he was worried about depriving Maddy of hers. And even deeper, there was a part of him that worried about his being constantly near a child, playing a significant role in her life. Look at where it got him with Ben. That whole situation was proof that Dean has too much of his father in him. He's always loved kids — always been great around them — but since Ben, Dean's considered having one in his life as off-limits.

Maddy ended up being a blessing for all of them, though. He could see the way that she wormed her way into Sam's heart, but Dean himself began to change as a result of Maddy. He started drinking less, after she walked in on him drunk out of his mind after a particularly rough hunt. He began to spend more and more time with her, bringing her back trinkets from other states, telling her stories. And even though that wound left by everything that happened with Lisa and Ben will never quite heal, Maddy has helped make it better. And Dean's thrown himself fully into the uncle role — and every day, he's a little more thankful that they took her in.

That night prior, Dean finishes up hunting a shapeshifter in Oklahoma. He gets himself battered pretty decently — shoulder dislocated again, but he manages to set it himself (painfully) at the motel. He gets a sizable cut on his leg, too, but stitches that up himself. Then he catches a few hours of sleep before heading home. He doesn't like for Maddy to see him all battered from a hunt, but this time he should be in the clear — he'll be stiff and sore, and he'll have to watch out for his stitches, but most of the damage is hidden under his layers.

After waking up, he packs up and drives back to the bunker, pulling up in his usual spot and thinking yet again that they need a garage. He grabs his bag out of the trunk and then heads inside, calling, "Honey, I'm home!" Which is more to amuse Maddy than anything else. He sets down the bag and walks to where Sam and Maddy are sitting, giving them both a smile.

"You two are a pair of lazybones, sitting around like that when there are important games to be played."
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If ever a way to get Maddy from 0 to 60, it's you, he thinks with a none-too-serious frown in Dean's direction. She's already up and over the couch, still plagued by bedhead and in Transformers pajamas she was adamant about getting (and considering her company, he's not surprised at all at the make of her room). But before she even considers jumping Dean like a bouncer, she looks up and stiffly steps back and forth on her heels, tone all serious and sure.

"Are you sore today? Do I gotta watch it?"

Because she knows better at this point than to jump him. Not after a particularly nasty visit where she'd surprised him with a leap on his back that had him bleeding again and her crying hysterically while Sam tried to convince her it was an accident and he was gonna be fine. Meanwhile Sam swings his legs over the couch, one hand kneading the heavy scarred flesh there as he instantly assesses Dean's posture and movement and already knows the answer.

"I have a feeling I'm not getting to watch the news."

"The news is boring and it makes me sad," Maddy contributes quickly over her shoulder, like it's pre-programmed after so many mornings of dealing with his dull channel choices; Sam also sometimes wonders if Dean's personality is rubbing off on her more than he thinks.
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Dean beams down at her. He can't help it. He imagines what he must look like — a weather-worn hunter with permanent bags under his eyes and stress lines etched into his face, positively lit up just because he's near Maddy, who is far too perceptive and smart for her own good.

"A little," he replies, and his smile turns somewhat sheepish, because he hates denying her even if it is for the sake of his own health. But he definitely doesn't want a repeat having her inadvertently hurt him. Dean felt like shit then, for not anticipating that. "Gotta treat me like an old man today." Even so, he pulls her in for a tight hug with his good arm. She hugs him back carefully, small arms squeezing with care.

"The news is boring and sad, Sammy. Cartoons are better." So is bad television. Even now Dean will watch the occasional daytime show. Old habits and all that.

"Could you do me a favor," he directs to Maddy, looking down at she pulls back, "And grab me an ice pack?"

"Yeah!" she replies enthusiastically, always glad to be helpful, and then she's running off to the kitchen. As soon as Dean's sure she's out of earshot, he grimaces a little.

"My god damn shoulder again. Pretty soon it's just gonna stay popped out." He should probably get it looked at, but Dean doesn't really want to go that route yet. He'd rather push on through, because if any doctor says the word surgery, he knows he'll be out of commission for a long time — retired by force rather than choice.

And then, because Dean isn't one to dwell on his injuries and doesn't want to have the you-gotta-slow-down talk with Sam, he immediately follows up with: "How's things here, Grandpa? That knee of yours holding up?"
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Damn, Dean's always quick on the draw; and here Sam was, ready to complain about how often Dean gets himself hurt — especially since that shoulder is becoming a problem, and he hardly wants Dean to have to deal with a near immobile limb. Trust him, it's not worth the hassle.

Sam's hardly insulted by the nickname, though, straightening out his leg carefully and planting a long cane between his limbs, hands balanced on the top of it. For his height, it has to be tall and sturdy. He figures they have about ten more seconds before Maddy comes pitter-pattering back into the scene with one of their many ice packs (both Winchesters burn through them like cigarettes, after all).

"Pretty good, actually. Doctor says I can try going without the cane on level ground every once in a while, build up my mobility — but I look cool with a cane." He smirks smugly, tapping it on the ground. Truth be told, Sam took the loss of his mobility in stride well enough; he had been wheelchair-ridden for months and months, had to endure some pretty awful physical therapy, spent plenty of time at night gritting his teeth and imagining just hacking the whole thing off — but the years have helped. He's gotten to a point where, even when the tender scar tissue and bone aches him badly enough to sit for hours, he's at least able to take Maddy out places, even go on his own around the lower level without so much as a twinge of pain.

The meds certainly help, too.

Maddy's back and she's hopping up and down from foot to foot, holding the ice pack out as a peace offering; Sam's quick, though, snapping his fingers at her and pointing with a squint.

"Still in your PJ's. Better go dress up."

Sam's also learned how to keep her busy so that the grown-ups can talk. And off she goes with a growl of disapproval, down the hall. Usually, Sam just lets her wear whatever she wants, much to the horror of everyone else. Maybe they expected Mr. Obsessive Compulsive to care about a seven-year-old's wardrobe, he has no clue. Or maybe they're just horrified by a kid picking her own outfit. Sure, 10% of the time he makes her presentable for the general public... but she doesn't do too bad. Well, lately. Now that she's seven, she's starting to match. Mostly just wears mix-matched socks with her dresses, but he thinks it's got personality to it.

He turns back to Dean.

"Maddy's asking a lot of things I'm kinda not sure how to answer. About moms and her old parents — going to school... I see why you were always so shifty when we were growing up."
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Dean agrees that Sam does a good job of rocking the cane — he has the whole wise brainiac look going on, and it turns out that there are a lot of cool canes out there. Dean's particularly fond of the ones that open into swords. He's considered getting himself one just for kicks, because that'd be kind of awesome to own — and because no matter how old he gets, he's still kind of a kid at heart. Hidden weapons are just cool.

"I dunno if that cane of yours can hold up your sasquash body and your ego, though," Dean replies, rolling his eyes at Sam.

Dean takes the ice pack from Maddy with a smile, a thanks, and a ruffle of her hair — just like he used to do to Sam when he was little. It's funny how those little habits come full-circle. Then Sam sends her to get ready to face the day, and he watches her run off. Personally, Dean's a fan of the way she dresses, and he's a little sad to see that her tastes are becoming more practical. She's growing up too fast.

"It's hard, playing twenty questions with kids who're too smart for their own good." Sam had put him through the ringer as a kid. And since Maddy is following in those footsteps, maybe she'll grow up to become the lawyer that Sam never really had the chance to be — all questions and sensible arguments.

"Better to tell her the truth. Bits and pieces at least. 'Cause it'll be harder to handle if she starts figuring out stuff for herself." Dean cares a seat and presses the ice pack to his shoulder, wincing a little. "You taught me that."
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"Yeah, well, the tables are turned there." He's the one dealing with the curious, wide-eyed child. And the last thing he wants to do is let her down, hurt her spirits. He lets her believe in Santa and all those mythical things (he best not tell her the Tooth Fairy is probably dead). On the flipside, he doesn't hesitate to establish a few safety protocols. There's a place to be, a way to handle yourself, and a way to react if something went wrong. "She already thinks you're secretly James Bond. I'll have to let her down gently someday."

He grins, dimples deepened. "How long you staying for? It might get a little packed here today, figured maybe you'd like to take a break, go do something with her while we handle a few mystery cases."

There's been a weird string of murders — something killing hunters. Something with claws to be sure, but they don't know much; Garth said a hunter had seen 'big mothertruckin' blue eyes', as he'd put it. Something straight out of Beauty and the Beast. So far, no luck, but that's what the meeting's for. As for Dean — Sam figures he'll need to have a day off (hell, a week off) at least, while he gets back into the swing of things.

Not that Sam wants him to be, these days. Sam would just prefer his brother be around and alive and not in so much pain half the time. Lucky him, Dean's capable of handling the more active side of raising an excitable kid: biking, sports, even just walks that last more than a hiking trail. Sam's brittle, really. That's what worries him most. He's brittle and he's prone to colds, the Trials having taken plenty enough toll — life taking plenty enough toll. He couldn't complain much. Sure, he doesn't have nearly that much muscle compared to when he was twenty-something, and sure, he's always catching whatever gets brought into the bunker, but at least he's mentally sound. At least he hasn't lost his mind, its sharpness, the ability to put his own pants on in the morning.

He'll take all the other crap, as long as he has his mind.

He just hopes he'll be in Maddy's life as long as a parent should. It worries him to think he or Dean may kick the bucket early on now, with her in the picture; Charlie and Kevin and Castiel wouldn't let anything happen to her, and they'd keep her safe, but it still made him worry.
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"What do you mean, let her down?" Dean adopts a scandalized expression. "What I do is even cooler than James Bond. She'll be fascinated."

He gets it, though. It's a tough balance. Maddy should have a carefree childhood - all kids should - but at the same time, she's getting older and deserves a little more truth. It's just a matter of how much she should be given without upsetting that balance. Ultimately, though, it's up to Sam to decide how to answer those tough questions. All part of parenthood.

"Dunno," Dean replies, shifting the ice bag a little. "Probably give it a couple of days, see how I feel. See what comes up."

There are a good number of hunters, so there's no need for Dean to rush out there, and he knows it. It's been a rough adjustment - accepting that his work isn't as in demand as before. Good, of course - sometimes, back in the day, he and Sam were stretched too thinly - but still difficult. And that, too, is why Dean struggles with the issue of retirement: the thought of not really being needed anywhere. Sam has his life and a kid, the Men of Letters has full membership, and Dean...still struggles a little with who he is, even after all these years. He's better, with Maddy around and seeing Sam happy and knowing how to make choices for himself, but when it comes to hunting, those thoughts still surface at times.

And that's why he's a little hesitant to bring up the topic with Sam. They're more open, now that they're older. A little healthier in their relationship, too, now that they don't spend most moments trapped in a small car together, but Dean will always be Dean - always airing on the non-sharing side.

"I was thinking about...Maybe slowing down. Or even taking a break. Like a vacation or something." Try retirement on for size and see what happens. Nothing in stone.
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If Sam recognizes it as a thought of retirement, he doesn't show it, but it's not like he can stop a twinkle of gladness from passing his eyes. "Sounds like a good idea. Though, you might get just as exhausted as you would on the job — I mean, just from that alone." And then he nods his chin at the little girl, dressed with a stripped shirt and polka-dotted skirt and the most brightly hideous socks that certainly don't match —

"Are you talkin' about me!" she says suspiciously, and he holds up his hands in surrender. She squeezes herself like a tiny wedge between the two, careful not to jostle either of them, delicate adults that they are (how tragic). She pats them both on the thigh. "We should watch cartoons. But not all day; I think we should go get pizza. But not clown pizza, because clowns are bad. We don't go there. Clowns are creepy."

Sam blinks and looks away innocently, clearing his throat.

Maddy nods like 'hell yeah, I know things'.

"Pizzas good, though."
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There's that style of dress of which Dean is fond. He smiles as he sees her approaching, all attitude.

He doesn't have time to say as much to Sam, but he really doesn't mind staying busy — or even exhausted. Would prefer it, even. An busy Dean is one who won't easily slip into old habits like drinking, or who won't find himself lulled back into hunting far too easily. A Dean who has a child and other projects to tire him out each day is much more likely to settle down.

It's all about Maddy now, really. She's all the excuse he needs.

"Clowns aren't that bad," Dean asserts. "It's fun when you go to get clown pizza and certain people make faces like this." He demonstrates with an exaggerated scared face, and Maddy giggles, but in the end, she still asserts, "No clown pizza."

Dean relents. "Alright, alright. Clown pizza tastes like butt anyway."

Maddy looks amused but gleefully scandalized, and before Sam protest, he adds, "It's true."

Because it is.

"Go ahead, Maddy. I wanna watch cartoons."

Dean says it as much for his sake as hers. Into his forties, and he still hasn't tired of cartoons. Even so, though, as soon as Maddy is up to do as much, Dean closes his eyes. He's getting old, man. Being whipped around by shapeshifters ain't what it used to be.
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Maddy is all over that already, flipping on the television and laying on one of Dean's thighs (uninjured, what a pleasure to know) as she immediately becomes enraptured -- probably something Sam would think was stupid, but he's up and hobbling to the kitchen to make a late breakfast for himself, maybe something little for Maddy since she's already devoured most of her cereal box. She giggles and pinches at the fabric of Dean's jeans, but when she realizes he's nodded off she huffs.

"Dean, you're already asleep? You guys get too tired too much!" Another displeased noise before she surrenders to pulling her shirt over her knees in the most fidgety of states. "I don't want to grow up, you guys're always weird. Dad's weird, too. I think he needs my vitamins more."

But Sam's back in a bit with some eggs and one of those muffins nobody else likes around there but him, surprisingly quiet despite the way he walks; hunters are always looking to be silent, after all. A bum leg doesn't change it.

"Let him sleep, Maddy, he's recharging his super-agent cells."

Her eyes widen a bit and she squints at Dean.

"I don't believe it. I don't think those are real."

But she leaves it at that and curls up again, smiling at the screen.

It's all very simple, an equation of life Sam's used to now, but he likes it. In fact, it's more than he's hoped for, in the past, when things seemed hopeless, nothing but blood and guts and death. This? Is a shocking turn of events, for a hunter. So as Sam sits calmly and eats, reads, lets his brother rest, he finds himself a little peace in the coming hours.

Until Maddy pops up, full of energy, and decides running through the house is totally the In Thing to do.

"Guys!! Someone, let's go out! We're here too looooong!"
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Dean dozes, but it's a light sleep — and he's in and out of it — stirring a little when Maddy complains about him sleeping. Eventually, though, he hits a deeper sleep, and even the smell of Sam's cooking doesn't rouse him. That is, until Maddy gets up and starts her calling out to get them on the move. Then wakes up, realizing he napping a little longer than he intended.

Dean sets the ice pack — all melted now, and having left a wet spot on his shirt — aside and stands a little stiffly. But he's smiling, watching Maddy run around the bunker.

"I'm glad you weren't that hyper as a kid," he says as Maddy zooms out of earshot. Not that Dean minds Maddy's energy. As far as he's concerned, nothing she does is wrong, and Dean has fun when she's in these moods — especially when his body isn't taking its sweet time to heal — going so far as to join her in playing hide-and-seek or whatever other games she wants. "Dad would've killed me if he came home to CPS knocking on the motel door 'cause you were running around making a racket all day."

It's spoken fondly, though, and as Maddy comes zooming back, he calls out, "Alrighty, Speedy Gonzales. Let's go."

He turns to Sam, assessing him, and asks, "You up for it?" Because even with Sam's improvements and the fact that Dean isn't always around to make sure he isn't in too much pain, leaving Sam to get through everything on his own, Dean's still his big brother. He has to make sure.
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Maddy looks at him with big, hopeful blue eyes, and god if he's any good at denying her something as important as the effort to move for her. "Sure, why not. I mean, not for pizza. It's not anywhere near time for pizza." She deflates a little, but that's because he knows she just wants to use pizza as an excuse for playing games and horsing around through the place. Instead he offers a familiar and plenty similar alternative — "Could just go to the arcade in general."

Besides, Dean likes the arcade. Sam's betting he'd waste 20 bucks of hustled cash-turned-coins for half the shoot-em-ups and racing games there. Sam plays off and on, but mostly he just enjoys watching Maddy's incline in arcade prowess. Kid's getting better and better. Still no good for the firefighter game — hose is just too big for her little arms — but she's not scared of the zombie shooters. Gets through a level, too. It was easy enough to convince her when he put his hand up to the glass and nothing happened; video-games aren't things to be scared of.

Maddy, of course, is tickled by the news.

"Yeawwwh!! Dean, we can — we can play those games today. There's so many, we can do the table with the air!" She billows her hands up, mimicking an air hockey table. "I'll watch my fingers this time, too. And then maybe we can go to the car wash! Does Baby need a carwash?"

Sam really has no idea where the love for Auto Cruz came from, though. Must be the colorful rainbow foam and the oversized brushes they call gigantor toothbrushes.
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Dean is definitely a fan of the arcade. Post-hunt stiffness can't hold him back from playing with Maddy. Plus, for a guy who spends a lot of time shooting actual guns, Dean finds a lot of enjoyment in shooter games, however unrealistic the monsters may be. Sometimes it's just fun to pretend that it really is that easy — and it's even more fun to win.

"Sounds good," Dean replies, giving Maddy a smile. "Bet you're gonna kick my butt at air hockey."

He looks at Sam, nodding toward the door — a let's get going before Maddy dies of enthusiasm gesture.

"Baby does need a car wash." It's only been a week since her last one — before the shapeshifter hunt — but Dean appreciates any excuse to take care of her. Granted, taking care of her by hand is generally better than going to the car wash, but car washes are good for brief clean ups — and for entertaining Maddy.
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Sam's up, and his knee complains a little at the motion; he'll take an extra pain pill before he gets moving. Charlie's always wary to tell him how they're tough business and to not get addicted to them, but Sam would like to think by now in his life that addiction is something he can shove to the side. Especially after the intense detox he's dealt with before. Then again, Charlie's over-abundant concern is probably his own fault; there was that time his leg had given out partway down the stairs and he fell hard, and really, he couldn't remember the last time he'd been in such immediate pain it'd knocked him unconscious. He spent a great chunk of his lucid hospital visit insisting he was okay and apologizing to her for making her freak out.

To which she didn't deny it at all. Something about 'being a chicken with its head lopped off, no biggy.' And hey, he hasn't had a situation like that in a while. Give him some credit.

The car wash is a great time for them to shoot the breeze as Maddy's hypnotized in the back, mostly about supernatural things going on, and it makes him feel like they're 20-something seeking out jobs. But he's already pretty much aware once they hit that arcade, there's no rest for the wicked; Maddy is bolting for something, ushering them, and Sam doesn't hesitate to toss in a twenty for coins. Sure, his money intake depends on paid services to hunters and very special donations from 'anonymous sources', and sure he spends far too much money on hospital bills and medical things, but it's not like he uses much of it on himself. He'd throw his last dime at her, if he had to.

You just can't fully enjoy an arcade off of any less.

Sam prefers games with seats, of course, but he can't pass up an opportunity at trying to beat Dean at some shooting game. Usually they end up pretty much tied, one losing by 100 points or so, and once there was a time Sam horrendously lost because the gun was definitely messed up. Damn flunky technology. Maddy's getting to be a natural at those types of games, having spent so much time watching them compete with wide eyes, chewing on her nails.

Maddy tries to drag one of them to that stupid dancing game, and Sam just gives her the flattest look. Even if he didn't have a bum leg, there's no way. Sam's off to get something to drink (healthy, sue him), and Maddy's complaining about a busted car racing game. She huffs and leans back.

"It's my favorite one! They gotta' fix it," but then she's looking over to Dean, swinging her legs pleasantly over the edge of the seat. Clearly there's something she wants to ask that is between her and Dean -- and now the moment's presented itself, and she's going for the kill. After all, uncles are great for the lowdown. Especially against oblivious fathers. "Dean, how come dad doesn't try to get a wife."
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[personal profile] ramble_on 2013-10-11 07:45 am (UTC)(link)
There are moments — at the car wash, eating dinner, having a quiet evening while Maddy is off playing video games — that Dean sometimes finds himself missing the old days. The really old days that Sam probably isn't as fond of as he is. Before Sam went to Stanford, those hunts that they did with Dad, or even those long days spent in motel rooms with nothing to do and no opportunity to leave. And then, after Stanford, when it was just him and Sam and prank wars. Before everything got complicated with death and deals and the apocalypse and Leviathans...They've had rough patches, but Dean really misses just being on the road with Sam sometimes, and he figures that's a sign that he should start trying to get the Senior Special at diners, because he's thinking like an old man.

He wouldn't trade what he has now for anything, but occasionally, he finds himself thinking much more fondly on those old days than he ever thought he would. And maybe that, too, is a sign that he should retire — so he can create new days with Sam and Maddy and everyone else. Instead of being the guy who's always gone on jobs, missing out on everything that passes by.

Man, he really is a sap. He's worse than Sam these days. Maybe it's the pain from his arm. Yeah, he'll go with that.

(But, then again, it's hard not to be a sap when you're grateful that your brother is still alive and the world is still moving and there's a little girl who never fails to steal your heart over and over again.)

The arcade is a blast, even if Dean has to be a little careful and therefore loses (possibly on purpose) air hockey against Maddy. Dean isn't about to do the dancing game, either, though — making a comment about dorks who live in their parents basements — and once Sam is gone, he's about to suggest to Maddy that they go do another round of air hockey since the car game is broken, when she hits him with that whammy of a question.

He smiles and shakes his head a little. Gotta love little kids and their questions.

"Probably 'cause he feels like he has everything he needs already," Dean answers seriously. Without as many threats as there were in the past, Sam could get a wife without having to worry nearly as much as he would have in the past. It's a little complicated with a kid and the Men of Letters, but it'd be easier than trying to settle down while on the road. "Besides," he adds, in true Dean-fashion, leveling with Maddy a little more than he probably should. "Wives do a lot of nagging. I bet he doesn't want to be nagged all day long."
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maddy pov hosh posh shhh

[personal profile] collegedropout 2013-10-11 09:03 am (UTC)(link)
Maddy frowns at that, kicking her feet a little. "Ooooh. That's why -- I told Miss Nydia she should try to be dad's wife later and they both got real weird and dad did that thingy he does when he puts his face in his hands like this." She mimics a double-handed facepalm pretty accurately, dropping her head and everything. Nydia was one of the researchers -- Woman of Letters, of course, since Charlie didn't want to be the only one around. Maddy liked her. She was nice and had a pretty voice, and she was smart like dad. But maybe that wasn't very right.

She drops her hands in her lap and gets a bit more solemn.

"I... was thinkin'... maybe I could have a new mom, too?" She chews on her fingers nervously. "I don't like my old dad... My old mom wasn't... good all the time, but sometimes I remember she was... She was nicer. I thought..."

She thought maybe -- she could find someone nice for Dad.

And then maybe...

Someone nice for her, too. She looks up, as if she'd startled herself, because he could completely take that all the wrong way. And she knows how big brothers are around here, when they take things the wrong way, right?

"But I like Dad! He's a great Dad! He's great at hugs and he's okay at cooking stuff and he never leaves me alone for a long time even though he works lots, but -- I think it'd be good! 'Cus sometimes he looks kinda' sad and he can't sleep and sometimes he wakes up like he's hurting, s-so -- maybe he needs someone there, just in case I'm sleeping? I don't wake up all the time..."

It's a serious problem, Dean. She doesn't like to know her dad hurts sometimes. Mentally or physically. It's just not a look or sound that fits him -- pain isn't right. Especially when he tries to do that alone.
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[personal profile] ramble_on 2013-10-11 08:37 pm (UTC)(link)
Dean chuckles at the facepalm, and tries to think of how awkward that made the situation for Nydia and Sam. He's sad he missed it, since that means he won't be able to adequately tease Sam about it. But maybe he can get in a comment or two anyway.

"Hey, it's okay," Dean replies to that rush of assurances. "I know you like your dad. It's okay to think about getting a mom, too. Nothing wrong with that."

He thinks through the rest of it, thinking about Sam — and yeah, maybe a wife would do him so good, but that isn't exactly easy. Can't build a relationship based off of lies, but how do you explain a kid like Maddy and something like the Men of Letters? Sam's best bet would be a hunter or a Woman of Letters, but a hunter would be gone all the time — and, well, the pool of Women of Letters is small.

"Does that happen a lot?" he asks Maddy. Once upon a time, he and Sam shared motels rooms and drove around the country and spent most hours of the day together. Back then, Dean was a lot more in tune with whatever plagued Sam. Now, not so much. Granted, what they have now is probably a lot healthier, since they aren't always around each other, getting on each other's nerves, but it does mean that Dean misses out on stuff like this.

Not that he can do much about it — because what could he do, hold Sam's hand? Jesus, maybe Sam really does need a wife. Dean should see about hooking him up with some of the novice hunters he's worked with — like Bethany. She's a little young, but not too young, and she has a lot of potential. More of a hunter than Woman of Letters material, but maybe just having a girl around sometimes would do Sam some good.
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Maddy shrugs, looking down. "Not a lot... but sometimes... Dad doesn't want nobody to know -- n-not me, neither, but I hear him wake up sometimes... He makes it sound like it hurts bad..." She twirls a piece of her skirt around her finger, like she's doing an injustice by ratting her dad out, but it's something that she thinks Dean would be good at figuring out. "I hugged him a lot 'til he feels better so he can go back to sleep, but now he makes me go back to my room a lot and says it's okay. Maybe the hugs don't work no more..."

Dad does that thing where he puts his hands in his hair and breathes painfully heavy and tries to not make a sound anyway, and it scares her. She thinks he doesn't want her to see it, and she doesn't want to see it either because it makes her feel uneasy, but... she also wants to be there to make it easier. She looks up finally at Dean, but not before looking around, making sure Sam wasn't coming back just yet. It's secret uncle and niece talk.

She asks carefully, "Is... is it bad dreams? Or -- does his leg hurt? Does he need better medicine?"

Something has to make it better. Medicine or a wife or something...
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It's difficult, at this point, to put on a smile and reassure Maddy — not because of anything she did, but because he was under the impression that Sam was doing well. Initially, while Sam was recovering, Dean stayed around — made sure he was there to help out as Sam healed and regained mobility. But Dean's always been a hunter, has trouble seeing himself as anything but, and Sam knows it — so as Sam got better, Dean started taking on hunts again. More and more, until it became the norm — one that Dean doesn't exactly like, since he's always preferred hunting with Sam, but better, in his opinion, than subjecting his antsy behavior on the bunker.

And Sam was okay — or at least Dean had thought he was. Yeah, it wasn't the best situation, and Dean himself still has the occasional (or not-so-occasional) nightmare about Purgatory or his time in Hell. It comes with trauma, the price you pay for being not only a hunter, but also a Winchester. But what Maddy is talking about sounds like a little more than that.

He manages that smile, although he doesn't feel it because he's busy kicking himself mentally for being so god damn distant, always on the road. "Don't worry, your hugs still work."

A pause as he considers how to answer the rest. "I think it's just bad dreams, Maddy. That's all."

Then, after Dean himself scans around arcade to make sure they aren't going to be interrupted. "Listen, Maddy, this is important." He moves in closer, like he's about to tell her a secret. "I don't want you to worry about your Dad too much. I know you have to worry a little, 'cause that's what daughters do, but just try not to think about it too hard, okay?"

Because it's Sam's job to take care of Maddy, and Dean's job to take care of Sam. And he fucked that up apparently. Maddy doesn't need to be worrying about this shit at her age — she's a kid, she needs a childhood, it isn't her job. The only person who's supposed to take care of Sam and make sure he's okay — short of Sam finding that wife Maddy is talking about — is Dean.

He just — can't. Not if he's on the road and Sam is parked at the bunker.

"I'll make sure he's okay. Promise."
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She smiles and nods, completely relieved to hear it, because when Dean says he's gonna do something Maddy believes it 100%. That's one thing that's for sure. Dad's good at keeping his word most of the time, but Dean's surefire. He's a stone wall, just like Dad says. He'll make sure he's okay.

She turns toward the outside arcade again. "W--wanna play the zombie game again?"

Sam returns in the middle of the gaming session, ready to offer her a hotdog from the small food booth at the end of the place; she usually gets one like clockwork, hungry or not, and every time she's no less eager to take it from him. "Been kicking his butt?" he says, ruffling her blonde locks around on her head. She just nods like it's entirely normal to kick his butt (she's the game master, the others at the Bunker have made her sure of it). He advises her not to get ketchup on her clothes and to wipe her hands on napkins instead of skirts before she settles down in an arcade seat while ushering Sam to take her place.

He glances at Dean and it's like some weird Sam ESP.

"Everything okay?"
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Dean shrugs a little, glancing back to make sure that Maddy is occupied, and focuses on taking out a few more zombies before he talks. When he finally speaks, he doesn't look at Sam, his focus on the screen. "What's going on with you?"

And the followup question is, of course, why the hell Sam hasn't said anything. They aren't and probably will never be the kinds of guys who spill their hearts over ever minute thing, but Dean thought that they had gotten to a somewhat better place, especially now that Maddy's around. There's no room for dangerous secrets and lies when they've got a kid to worry about.

And Dean feels a little betrayed that Sam hasn't bothered to say anything about whatever it is that's getting to him. Which mostly stems from being mad at himself for leaving Sam behind. Yeah, he's an adult, but — Dean's no John.

Or maybe he is. Look what happened with Lisa and Ben. That connection suddenly feels a little too fresh — and yeah, Dean's getting upset. Maybe even blowing this a little out of proportion, but age hasn't exactly fixed his personality. It's just — helped. With some things.
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Maddy takes a few coins and plays skeeball a few games away. Sam really wants to say 'shooting zombies', but he hears the complete seriousness and gravity behind the question. Looks like something pretty dramatically changed in Dean's head during a simple trip to the food booth, and he's already working wheels in his head, figuring it's Maddy's doing. He glances with some uncertainty, burying it under a guise of normal conversation.

"What d'you mean?"

He shoots a zombie or three. His cane's leaned on the machine, rattling faintly with the speakers.
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"I mean waking up in the middle of the night and scaring the crap out of Maddy." Making her think her hugs don't work, for Christ's sake. No kid should feel that kind of helplessness — that hits close to home for Dean, and while he doesn't blame Sam for whatever it is he's dealing with, it frustrates him that he hasn't said anything about it. "You gonna tell me what's going on?"
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He looks away quickly enough, shame radiating off him in waves. His shoulders slump a bit and his health bar takes a pretty drastic dip. "... She's sneaky like her uncle," he says quietly, frowning and taking a moment. "... My pain's been really bad at night when I'm laying too long, and I've been getting nightmares of the Cage. The PT doesn't know if it's the dreams causing psychosomatic knee pain or the knee pain giving me intense nightmares. I have an appointment with the doctor to get it looked at again next week."

He shakes his head, looking at the continue screen, hearing Maddy growling and putting more coins into the skeeball machine nearby. He speaks softer, more guilty, because if there's anyone who takes his parental job seriously and with all his heart, it's Sam, and if there's anything that he lets ache him most of all, it's failing his duties to Maddy.

"I didn't mean to scare her. I don't want her to know, but when I wake up, it's hard to remember what age I am for second, let alone keep my big mouth shut."
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