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the enchanted forest meme

oo1. comment with your characters
oo2. make sure to put names, series, & preferences somewhere!
oo3. reply to others in character
oo4. use the rng and enter 1-11
oo5. play out what happens—anything goes!
oo6. profit?
oo7. totally not based off fairy tales

There might be triggers, depending on how the prompts are interpreted.

un → small quest it might be a rare herb or a cup of magic water, but someone’s life depends upon you going through these woods and getting it. will you find it right away? have to battle a witch for it? or maybe you don’t want to succeed at all.

deux → lost how did you manage to get lost in these woods? you had that map, right? how did you even get to this part of the country? whatever happened, you’re stuck until someone helps you out. if they want you out in the first place.

trois → chased these woods weren’t exactly the place you wanted to go, but you had no choice. innocent or guilty of a crime, or a victim of circumstance, these woods might buy you some time… wait. was that a wolf in the distance?

quatre → the old castle sometimes when you’re lost or wandering about, you see something really amazing or unusual. or something you were never meant to find. like that old abandoned castle people have been whispering about…

cinq → passing through the forest has a well-worn path that no one ever strays from, lest something magical happens to them. you’ve traveled it often enough, but just because you’re on the path doesn’t mean you’ll be left alone.

six → refuge it might be dark and cold, or entirely welcoming, but it’s the only place those nasty goons or insane villagers won’t follow you. but what exactly is keeping everyone else away from here? or did you want into some danger yourself?

sept → chance encounter it’s a fairy! no, wait, that was just an ogre. an ogre?! from sorcerers to talking deer, you can meet anything in an enchanted forest. so will you meet someone who wants to help you, or will they want to eat you instead?

huit → danger this forest doesn’t like newcomers, and the creatures don’t like humans. its ways are old and strange, and just because you’ve been able to enter it doesn’t mean you’ll be spared. no one likes trespassers, after all.

neuf → abandoned for whatever reason, you were abandoned here a long time ago. this is the only place you have ever known, and you’d rather not leave. not even for that prince who has come to take you back home, long lost princess.

dix → large quest the forest might be the end of your quest, or it might be a large part of it. you’ve been fighting hard for a long time to rescue the princess or defeat the wizard, and this forest isn’t going to scare or defeat you. will it?

onze → spell trapped in an ancient oak tree? put under a sleeping curse? or maybe you’re the one who is causing that mischief from that little cottage you’ve hidden in the old forest people are learning to become wary of these days.

douze → magical not all enchanted forests are scary! some of them are filled with sunlight, fairies, pretty little birds, and all those big-eyed creatures, all of them singing along with you, having a wonderfully good time.

Stolen with love from the original post at [community profile] memebells.
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sheila | army of darkness.

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Ahah 11

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[Right. He can fix this. He can TOTALLY fix this.

All he needs is to figure out the right words and she won't be a frog anymore.

He'll just keep her on his knee while he pages through the book.]
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oh you are so in trouble.

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[Sheila ribbits at him. Loudly. She certainly has a lot to say for a frog. He can try keeping her still all he likes, but she's going to put up a fight. With good reason, too. She's very cross. He had to go and not follow directions again. And now look at her!

Consider those ribbits warnings.]
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When is he not?

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[The ribbit makes him cringe - it's not like he MEANT to do this to her.]

Now easy, baby! Don't get mud in your eye over this! I didn't mean to turn you into a frog! Now just sit still. Uh...

Carezy Rothnom Bellazo!

[He watches the transformation with one eye peeled.]
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[...Yeah no. She's still a frog.

Have another annoyed ribbit.

You're definitely trying her patience, Ash.]
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[Cue cursing and flailing!]


[He jabs an index finger at frog-Sheila.]

Caldorzo! Walish-Martanio! Krogerzio!

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[A moment.

Then more ribbits.

Sheila just hops around. Still a frog.

You're obviously doing something wrong here.]
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[Every curseword in the book is promptly shouted aloud by Ash.

Then he starts slamming the damn thing into the ground, just for good measure.]


[Then he whines and takes a deep breath.]

Okay. I'm cool. I'm cooooolll.....
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[While he's busy trying to keep his cool, froggy Sheila is busy hopping away. There she goes! Do try to keep up.]
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[That'll break him out of his ranting.]

No! Hey, come back!!

[Cue him scrambling after her, eventually managing to trip over a stump and konk himself against the ground.]
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[Ribbit ribbit! Do try to be more careful.

Hop hop. Better keep following her before you lose her.]
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[Ash scrambles to his feet, pouting like a child. He's several feet behind Sheila when they hit a clearing in the woodland.]

C'mon baby, I didn't mean...whatever I said.
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[She's not angry. He just needs to learn how to speak frog. Sheila's leading him somewhere pretty important! Through the woods, past the clearing... It's gonna take a bit. This forest is ridiculous.]
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[...Where are we goin' Sheila?

Forests are not Ash's friend. But he chases her out of pure fear of losing her.]
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[Ooh - just stop complaining and keep on following her. This little turtle is taking you exactly where you need to go! Not just any words will turn her back to normal. You have to find a completely different spell book in - THIS TOTALLY SPOOKY CASTLE.

Which one?

This one.

The one that's looming in the distance.]
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[He lands with a crash right on the last clearing before the castle itself.]


[Dramatic arm raise.]

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[Ribbit ribbit! Stop complaining. Follow your froggy girl. She's already past the doors.]
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I'm gonna take you over my knee when you....

[Then he stops and looks around. It's really dank in there...but also pretty big and majestic.]

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[Up the stairs! Go go go.]
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[All right! He's going, he's going - even though he trips a couple of times on his way up....]

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[At least she's leading him where he needs to go.

Froggy Sheila keeps hopping up the windy staircase, then turns to head down one of the upstairs hallways. There's some more zig-zagging around, but eventually she stops outside of a huge set of doors. They're shut. She can only do so much, currently being a frog and all.]
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[Ash is only a few dozen steps behind.]

Hah! Gotcha, didn't I?

[He cocks an eyebrow and slooowly opens the door with his metal fingertips.]
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[Ribbit ribbit!

Sheila hops into the room once the door is pushed open.

There's not a lot in here. Save for the shelves upon shelves of books. And the messy table near smack dab in the center. There's scrolls and glass containers of who-knows-what sitting atop them.

Wonder what you have to do here, Ash?

Froggy Sheila is too small. She can't really hop up onto the table itself, no matter how much she tries. Frustrating!]
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Oh no. No no no....No more BOOKS!

[How ELSE did you think he'd react? While he's being dramatic he notices Sheila's hopping. He can flail AND lift up froggy Sheila.]
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[Good! Just set her on the table top and she'll show him what to do.

The book he needs is already set out, conveniently opened to the right pages. Not only does Ash have to say the right words, but he also needs to make something. A potion.

Good luck with that.]

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