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Injured/Hurt Meme

Injured by your own hand or someone else's, you still need help to get you through it. Let's hope someone finds you before it's too late!

This meme contains triggers of violence/possible sexual assault, proceed with caution.

- Post your character, name/series/preferences in the subject.
- Others go to and roll numbers 1-8 to choose a scene!
- Play it out!

1. Stabbed. You were stabbed, maybe multiple times.
2. Shot. You were shot either once or multiple times.
3. Broken bone(s). You're suffering broken bones.
4. Head injury. Enjoy that concussion...
5. Beaten. You were beaten to a bloody pulp.
6. Used. You were used for some kind of physical labor to the point you can't move anymore... or maybe it was more base than just 'labor'.
7. Abuse. Your injuries stem from a long period of abuse and torture.
8. Other. Is there something else? Want to combine something? Do so here!

Hopefully it's alright that I posted in here.
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[Not broken bones but broken metal struts--Alice's lower half looks like chewed-up tinfoil. Her carefully sharpened fingertips are blunted from having to drag herself into the limited shelter of a collapsed wall, and her false-flesh shell is hanging off her face in patches.

At least the pain can be turned off. Small blessing. But eventually she'll have to flee or risk discovery by the enemy. Alice huddles in her hiding place and wishes she had someone to pray to.]
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[Alice lifts her head, too weary to automatically bring up her weapons systems. No threat, just an unarmed human. Being...remarkably unconcerned about the killer robot, actually. The humans never spoke to her before.]

It's a nice thought. [Alice pushes herself up on one arm but can't quite see over the barricade.] I'm guessing you're not one of them, or I'd be dead already.
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[It's hard to tell with a hardly-human face like hers, but she appears to be glowering.] No, I'm fine. It's just the style these days to have your legs shredded.
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2 - Who would you like to be injured?

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It all happened in a matter of seconds. First, she was standing there and the gun was faced towards the Doctor. Then, the gun was turned in her direction and there was a burst of light. Part of the Doctor could register that the gun had gone off, but he couldn't even hear it over the sound of blood in his ears.

He ran towards her, and the man with the gun was only an obstacle. A punch to the face threw him aside as the Doctor went to Rose. Shot. Oh god.
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The Doctor's face was a mask of worry. He knelt down next to her and put his hand over hers.

"Let me see," he said. "It's all right, Rose, I'm going to get you out of here."

He could feel the place they were in start to crumble. It was going to collapse around them, and the Doctor didn't care. The only thing he cared about was getting to the TARDIS. Getting there now. The man in this place, the one he was trying to save, wasn't worth saving. He started mentally calculating speed and star densities and how fast it would be to get her somewhere safe. New New Earth's medical facility. That would be good, and fast enough.