05 September 2017 @ 07:53 am
[ High School & Suburbia Smut Memes @ TLH ]
19 August 2017 @ 11:51 am
The Fertility Double Feature Post
Impregnation & Lactation TLH
11 August 2017 @ 07:11 am

an open post/meme dedicated to the kink of transformation and mind fuck, including:
sluttification, bimboization, genderswap, orientation swap, feminization, and more
HERE[community profile] the_love_hotel 
[an open post/meme HERE[community profile] the_love_hotel ]
WARNING: There may be triggers. Proceed at your own discretion.

Bonus: Mating Season Meme (pick up your animal ears at the door)

16 June 2017 @ 08:29 am

a corruption meme.

They say it's all about the journey, not the destination - but let's not be so quick to discard what you can get in the end. You've worked hard on this little pet project, after all. A perfect, loyal, and utterly shameless bedmate is hard to come by, so you decided to make your own slut from the ground up. Does it matter that you twisted someone, just a bit, in the process? You only did what you had to do, through any means necessary, be it conditioning, brainwashing, or simply being too good at sex and introducing them to a whole new world they never considered. Maybe you opened a door that was in them all along. No one can blame you for awakening what's already there.

But now, everyone will get a picture of your good work, as you're about to take your new partner out for a spin. You put too much into their improved outlook and, possibly, modifications to their look. The process has to be finalized, they have to taste the joy brought by your liberation, and people have to see what's new and improved. Sue you, you're a show-off. And if you're feeling generous, you could let others have a spin on your new toy. Said toy can't survive without sex; it's two birds with one stone!

31 May 2017 @ 08:47 am

ADOPT ONE TODAY @ [community profile] the_love_hotel

please note that while this meme is called the "pet person" open post, pet play is only a tiny and optional part of it. other kinks or vanilla smut included, as well as shippy fluff and angst.
27 May 2017 @ 06:36 pm

The Wild West Brothel (AU) Smut Meme
A smut and romance meme set in the world of the Wild West here @ [community profile] the_love_hotel 
TRIGGER WARNING: Sex work, violence, and the typical "political incorrectness" and romanticizing of the Western genre.