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Royally Common

The Royally Common Romance Meme

❝And I tell you truly, Daenerys, there is no man in all the world who will ever be half so true to you as me.❞

Inspired by an anon comment on rpanons ages ago about a PSL they'd like to play.

Heavy the head that wears the crown, they say, and little could be more true. Of course, there is glamor in the life: power, privilege, lavish feasts, fine clothes...if your monarchy is doing well, that is. But there are also struggles that few others would understand, such as life or death decisions that need to be made to protect your kingdom at best and being a mere puppet with no real power at worst. At the very least, you're lonely. Certainly there are people around you at all times to protect and serve you, yet they aren't truly companions. They're no one you can talk to.

Well, not no one. Not completely. There is one person who's allowed close to you. Perhaps they're even allowed to be alone with you. A trusted advisor, a handmaid, a knight, a court jester, whatever they are, their companionship and support may leave you wanting those peaceful moments and lingering glances to mean...more.

And what if you are the other side, someone without royal birth offering your service to your highness? You may have been born into this life, forced into it, or gave yourself to it willingly. It could be much, much worse - at least you and your charge have a good relationship, to the point that you might do anything for them. Have your feelings for them always been more inappropriate than they should, or is this a new feeling? And such feelings - they can't be returned, can they? Or you could see your charge as the human that they are rather than an ideal. Does that mean you can give them the best advice and service you can? And what of their duties to marry and continue their line? Will you step back and let them be bound to another?

Then there are the pressures of the throne. The most innocent could be corrupted by power, and you would be in no position to stop them, no matter how it pained you to see the one you cared for twisted and become a wholly different person.

To allow anything to blossom between the two of you is risky and perhaps even deadly. Not even royalty can put a stay to an execution of someone who's, for all intents and purposes, committed treason by becoming emotionally compromised. All the same, it may be worth it, in the end. Royalty, after all, has a short shelf life, and the head on the spike may be the one wearing the crown.

Comment with your character and preferences, any relevant info, and what role you'd like to play, royal or not. You might also want to include if you're open to smut.

Reply to others.

Let your imagination guide you! Stolen moments, keeping secrets, battle plans, discussions about ruling filled with double meaning, jealousy, learning about arranged marriages, just spending time together, or being able to do nothing as your love turns into an evil queen/king are just a few ideas.

My other possible picture for this meme was Eridan and Feferi before I settled on Dany and Jorah so there must be a theme.



  • Comment with your character and preferences.
  • Reply to people you're interested in playing with.
  • Use the RNG!

prompts under the cut )
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Unspoken Thing

Oh my god, there is nothing more frustrating than when you want to kiss someone and press them against a wall, but for some reason, you can’t—or when you see two people who are obviously in love and you want to shove them into a room already. What is preventing you two from getting together? Can anyone end this?


1. Comment with your character, series, preferences, etc. in the subject.
2. Roll a number between 1-15 for a prompt.
3. Reply to others and play the scenario out!


1. BOSS ✖ A romance with a higher up or your boss is taboo for many good reasons, but you’re finding yourself falling in love with them anyways. Will others approve? Will one of you have to quit your job to not get the other into trouble?

2. JUST FRIENDS ✖ Talk about one of the biggest roadblocks to love ever! You want to kiss them, but you don’t want to ruin your current relationship. What are you going to do? Will you get the guts to confess and hope for the best?

3. GOALS ✖ You want to tear down a building to build an apartment complex, they want to make it a historical landmark. Opposing dreams and goals are huge roadblocks, especially if you happen to want to ‘sleep with the enemy’… literally.

4. TEAMMATES ✖ You work well together, you can depend on them no matter what, and you get along outside of the office or game. What you feel is just that happy camaraderie, not any mushy feelings of love or romantic affection! Is it?

5. DENIAL ✖ No, no way. You do not love that other person. They are stupid or just too prideful or you’re not interested in them at all. Ha, admit it, you totally are. Now go over there and admit your feelings before everyone around you goes insane.

6. COWORKERS ✖ Oh, this is awful. You really, really like your coworker, but there is a no dating policy, or they don’t date coworkers under any circumstances. Dare you make a move after hours or in the break room? It could be worse; you could have the hots for your boss.

7. POLITICS ✖ Clashing beliefs and heated debates always gets the blood pumping, and even though you have sworn to defeat them and get your bill pushed through, their eyes make your heart jump and makes you reconsider your ideals… Can you find a compromise or let bygones be bygones?

8. TAKEN ✖ Oh god. How can you confess to someone who is already taken? Why are you even feeling like this? You must never let them know. Ignore everyone who is encouraging you to take a leap of faith anyways. They are taken and that is that.

9. SOCIAL CLASS ✖ She is a princess, you are a stable boy, he is a rich lord, you are the scullery maid… Money is an important factor to any relationship, and sometimes, it can be one of the barriers. But how long are you going to let positions and titles keep you apart?

10. PRIDE ✖ You? Be in love with someone like that? Ha! No way. You are far above them, and you deserve only the best love. But… what if they are the best love and you just don’t realize it yet?

11. FAMILY FEUD ✖ One of the most famous of all the situations, for some reason, your families are fighting and as much as you like the other person, you can’t betray your family this way. But is there a good reason for the feud? Or a misunderstanding? Will true love conquer all without the abundance of death?

12. OBLIVIOUS ✖ This is the most frustrating one ever. It’s not that they hate each other or someone else is making a barrier, it’s just that they you have no idea how good of a couple you would make or how you always flirt with each other. Will one of you realize it, or does someone need to give you a push?

13. DUTY ✖ Bound by honor and loyalty, you can never cross the line that divides you and your love, be it that you swore to protect them or they serve you. Or will you? How will others react to this? Might it be considered forbidden?

14. FRIEND-ZONED ✖ Oh no, it's not what you think. You see, your best friend likes the person you like, and they are trying to go on a date with them (or get into their bed). But you can't let either of them know, because that is not what good friends do. But what do you do if your mutual crush is interested in you anyways?

15. WILDCARD ✖ Is there something we missed? Is there another scenario you want to play out, or would you like to roll the dice again? Go for it!

(credit to [community profile] allmymemes)
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French fries and starry eyes

ROMANTIC FEEDING shipping meme

The stomach being the way to the heart is not exclusive to men. So now, it's time to share some food with that crush, lover, significant other of yours. Mmm! And more than that, you're going to feed them! Whether it's all in fun, flirting, because they're injured and need assistance, or some other reason, you're determined to see them get a square meal.

In contrast, you could be the one getting fed. Open up and, no matter what, be glad someone cares!

  • Comment with your character, preferences, and whether they're being fed or doing the feeding.
  • Tag others.
  • RNG that shiz.
  • Cuteness ensues.

  1. Fun: Whether it's teasing, flirting, or just plain fun, you want to feed them.
  2. Try!: This is the best thing you've ever had! They have to take a bite.
  3. Made it For You: You're not just feeding them, you made the food for them.
  4. Stealing Your Food: Technically, you're not feeding them, they're just scarfing from your plate. They're lucky you love them so much.
  5. Indirect Kiss: This is a big deal if you're not actually dating yet. Their lips touched where yours did...ohmigosh you're going to diiiie.
  6. Make Them Eat: They don't eat enough. That's going to change when you get ahold of them.
  7. Can't Do it Themselves: One of you is so battered and bruised that the other has to help out come mealtime.
  8. Your Favorite: Even if it's not to your taste, you've got what they like the most.
  9. Kind: You're just a sweetie who enjoys sharing sweeties.
  10. Fancy: You're in a fancy restaurant and splitting an expensive plate.
  11. Packed Lunch: It's lunchtime, so you'll share what you have.
  12. Just So Cute: They look so adorable when they're eating something they love.
  13. Intimate: "Intimacy" doesn't have any sexual terms here, mostly. Instead, eating together is another way to bond.
  14. Sexy: How about eating off of each other, or something equally naughty? A human plate is all the same.
  15. Innuendo: Some foods you can't avoid eating in a manner that looks a little...suggestive.
  16. Lick: You're not eating. You're cleaning up their face with your lips and tongue.

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Only fools fall for you


Somewhere further than making out yet not quite going all the way, "fooling around" is a time honored tradition. It's easy, low-pressure, and there are no real parameters - above the clothes or not. Sound good? Maybe you're young and want to try but not commit to anything too carnal. Similarly, you could want to explore somebody's, well, body because they're so different than you. There's also the possibility that you want to make them happy or see how they react to feeling beyond great. Could it be that you're a tease, even?

Or you could just be bored. There's nothing on TV, anyway.

  • Comment with your character, info, preferences (gender, age appropriate characters only, etc), and hard limits (no smut, fade to black, graphic smut a-okay, etc.).
  • Reply to others.
  • Thread.
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Let's sneak into the back room


Not everyone has the luxury of letting their romance (or sexual desire for each other) be public. So you've had to keep everything subdued, secret, maybe even behind closed doors. Of course, you may just enjoy the cloak and dagger of it all that comes with sneaking around with each other.

  • Information, preferences, etc etc!
  • Do a thread.
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I remember...

an amnesiac shipping meme

You have no idea who you are.

One day, you just woke up from the darkness, confused and alone. You barely remember your own name, much less why you're here...or where here is, even. Your own body is strange to you, and if you have some kind of power or ability, that must be frightening. Perhaps you're angry at everything so new and different, lost in this strange world you don't understand or know your own place in. Maybe you feel the need to hide away, lest you be crushed by everyone out there who is sure to hurt you.

You are so, so alone.

Only you're not. There is one person, one person who's found you and taken you in. They've shown you kindness, looking after you while you can barely look out for yourself. Out of the goodness of their heart, they've shown you things, taught you things. Most importantly, they're giving you a new sense of identity. And for that, you've begun to appreciate them. More than words can say, actually. You care for them so deeply that your heart hurts around them. Is that normal? What is this feeling? You can't imagine life without them, and leaving them- That's something you could never consider. Is this lov...

The word's on the tip of your tongue, but you can't figure it out, exactly. What you can figure out is that you want to give everything you can to the person who's done so much for them. You want to stay by their side and make them happy. You want to protect them at all costs.

So no one would blame you for getting confused when you see them with someone else or getting angry when you believe they're in danger. And certainly it's only natural for you to get frustrated when you want to tell them what you think of them, what they mean to you, and you can't figure out what to do. Perhaps following instincts will do?

One thing you know is that this bond and these emotions will never go away, not even when you learn who you are.

- This meme is for examining what happens when someone with no memories, potentially someone with powers or skills that could be dangerous at the very least, develops deep feelings for the person who's taken them in or is helping them realize their past. It can be played as awkward, adventurous, tragic, cracky, fluffy, truly romantic, or anything in between. You can play at the beginning, the part where emotions have strongly developed, or even when the amnesiac has regained their memories and must now deal with new feelings.
- Reply with your character and preferences. Mention if you'd like to play the amnesiac, the caretaker/help, or both.
- The role of caretaker does not have to always be beneficial. Maybe they caused this condition in the first place so the other character would be dependent, loving, and loyal towards them.
- Reply to others and play.
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What pet should I get?

The AU!Pet Person Meme (Shipping & Smut)
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Nursed back to health - and a little something more.

Nursed Back to Health
shipping meme

  • Comment with your character, preferences, preferred role, and any information you'd like to include.
  • Your character has either been injured/sick and had to be taken in (possibly against their will) or has been the one to help somebody like the former. Through the mending process, the two characters in a thread have fallen in love - or at least grown closer and more affectionate.
  • Reply to others.
  • Thread.
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Calming Presence
You're about to go off the rails. No, no "about," actually. You've left that train track fair behind, and you're crazy. Rage fills every inch of you, and there's no doubt you're about to do something dangerous, stupid, or reckless. Or all three. There's only one person who can calm you down: your partner.

Now, they're using closeness, reassurance, or physical intimacy to remind you what really matters, which is the two of you. Surely, this will bring you back, letting the anger ebb out and you'll be able to think straight again, even if your lover was the actual cause of all this mess.

Won't it? Surely you won't direct your wrath towards them, no matter what.

  • Comment with your character, your canon, your preferences, and which side you'd like to play (the calming one or the one who needs calming).
  • Reply to others.
  • Thread!
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(no subject)

Today, you wake up inside a small, empty closet in which the air is most certainly contaminated with premium brand of grade A airborne aphrodisiac. Above the doors of the closet is a digital clock that reads "7:00" exactly. You do not know how long you have been inside this closet and, thus, it's almost impossible to tell how long you have been exposed to the aphro. No matter how much more time goes by, the clock does not change.

the doors open suddenly, but before you can make a move for them, another individual is shoved in with you, and the doors are shut and locked once again. Your unexpected "roommate" has also been drugged with the aphrodisiac and also does not know how long it has been since they were exposed. The only clue at all is how aroused you are and how difficult you find it not to engage in sexual acts with the person you have been paired up with.

Now, you realize that the clock that read "7:00" is not a clock at all — it's a timer, and it started counting down for exactly 7 minutes when the doors were shut again.

OBJECTIVE: All you have to do is wait it out for 7 full minutes with the other person inside the closet space. At the end of your 7 minutes, the closet doors will automatically unlock and open, releasing you both. Aphro or no aphro, it seems easy, right? Well, there's a catch; each and every time you two touch each other, the timer completely starts over.

Whether you want to get out of the closet or not, good luck!

  • Post with your character's name, fandom, and pairing preferences, if you have any, in the subject line of your comment. You can either make up a little scenario for your character or leave it blank and let others surprise you!

  • Feel free to specify how much aphro your character has been given in the subject line!

  • Have fun and play nice!
[originally from The Love Hotel]
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Stockholm x 2

 The Romanticized Stockholm Syndrome Meme

Warning: Potentially triggering subject matter.

Whether you're trying to save them from the world, from themselves, or you're trying to save the world from them, either way, it looks like they're going to be a little tied up for the foreseeable future. Whether or not they see it that way, though...

1. Post with your character name and fandom in the subject line.
2. Include whether you would prefer to be the captor or the victim.
3. Intentional or no, as the thread progresses, victims will find themselves falling in love with their captor. Whether or not the feeling is mutual is entirely up to the muns.

As always, use sensitivity and respect the preferences of others.

 The Romanticized əsɹəʌəɹ Stockholm (Lima) Syndrome Meme

Warning: Potentially triggering subject matter.

They started out as your prisoner. Now, they're so much more as they melt your cold heart.

1. Post with your character name and fandom in the subject line.
2. Include whether you would prefer to be the captor or the victim - or both! You may want to explain why you're character would fit into x role for maximum cross-canon tagging, unless it's obvious.
3. Intentional or no, as the thread progresses, captors will find themselves falling in love with their victims. Whether or not the feeling is mutual is entirely up to the muns. Whether it ends happily or tragically is also up to the muns.

As always, use sensitivity and respect the preferences of others.
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Redemption Romance

Redemption Romance
Atonement is, in your eyes, a Sisyphean task. You'll never be able to redeem yourself, no matter if what you did was against your will and only allowed you to survive in a cruel world. Who could understand what you've done or think you could be forgiven when it comes to all your friends?

Certainly you never believed redemption, so far away already, could come in the form of a person...or a romantic relationship.

  • You know the drill. Comment, preferences, desired role, doot.
  • Thread.
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Little steps

little steps

No matter how much they care for the other person and want to be with them, some people simply can't dive head first into relationships. Little things that form intimacy and romance, little acts we take for granted - being close, holding hands, kissing, showing affection in public - they won't or can't do...at least not right off the bat. Something in their past, their experiences, their trauma, or even their personality holds them back. For both them and the person they're "dating," as it were, this can lead to a frustrating experience.

Still, steps can be taken towards letting the walls fall down. Little, tiny steps, but those can mean the world all the same.

The People
One With the help of a partner, one person warms up.
Two Both sides of this couple are learning how to be in a relationship and to be open.

The Actions
Talking → A relationship can't exist if there's not some communication, so either learn to use your words or become so close you can speak without them.
Spending Time → Even such mundane occurrences as watching TV or cooking together is new ground.
Touching → You might just find you enjoy reaching out and touching them.
Kissing → Another kind of touch, when you think about it.
Cuddling → ...at least they're warm and, hopefully, soft.
Sleeping → You're at your absolute weakest when you're asleep. It shows trust to doze off around this person.
Public Display → It's one thing to be in love in private, but showing you care in public is a different story.
Kind Words → Three little words (more or less) are all it takes. Why, then, are they so hard to get out?
Sex The ultimate stumbling block to some. To be laid blissfully bare is to truly let your guard down.
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She took my arm, I don't know how it happened

A Meme of FIRSTS!

You're in right smack in the middle of exciting times, perhaps even the peak of your life so far, and you're not alone. For you and your companion, it's all about firsts: first crush, first love, first fight, first confession, first kiss, first time, first adventure to certain death together - you know, as you do. There is a first time for everything, after all, and they say you never forget your first.


  • It's what it says on the tin.
  • Your character can be at the right place and time for all these firsts, you can age them down, they're starting late, they never had the chance, it's an AU I DON'T EVEN CARE just play.
  • Set up your top comment with your preferences, limits, info, and all that.
  • Reply to other people.
  • Prompts are amalgamations of many, many different memes.

The shippy prompts )
The smutty prompts )
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Don't see them as human.

DON'T SEE YOU AS HUMAN shipping meme
When you think about it, things like “humanity” and “personhood” are really just points of view. So what if your body or your abilities don't exactly match up to the Homo Sapiens norm? That doesn't defy your sentiency nor your agency. Does your body, similar or not so similar to humans, negate your thoughts? Your will? Your feelings?

...your feelings for someone else?

Ah, that might be the catch. The person is a friend, a teammate, or even someone admired from far away. You're conflicted over them. You may even love them. The problem is, of course, not that they don't see you in that way in return. Well, part of it might be, but the biggest part as they don't even see you as human enough to consider in a romantic way. They could be friendly, kind, indifferent, or, worst of all, treat you like a pet. Perhaps they know about you having a different form, if you do have one, perhaps not. The pain comes from the fact that you don't even register.

What will you do? Pretend you feel nothing at all? Try to get them to notice you? Stop being foolish? Just because you're not human doesn't mean you don't have a heart to break. Choose carefully.

  • Reply with your character, preference, role you'd like to play, the works.
  • Reply to others!
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You can pry my hurt/comfort from my cold, dead hands

the self-indulgent hurt/comfort shipping kink* masterpost meme
* "kink" here being used very loosely and not necessarily involving sex

In order to avoid long extrapolation, I'll say one thing: I've noticed that people like what I call "h/c shipping kink." Kink may not be the right word - sex need not be involved - but essentially, crappy things happen to our characters in their crapsack worlds in canon all the time. Sometimes, we like to see them happy. Or relatively happier. And less evil and more adjusted, for those of us who play those types. It's all very self-indulgent.

And, as you can tell from my username, I'm going to be compiling memes that have, for some reason, got micromanaged into ridiculous niches when they should all be under one umbrella. This first project is to wrangle up all the "caretaking" themed shipping memes. Basically, one character cares for the other, be it physically, emotionally, or otherwise. There is also shipping.

The end goal is to weed down redundant memes and, maybe, make this an all-purpose post!

  • You know the protocol.
  • Comment with your characters and preferences. Also, be sure to include whether your character would be the caretaker, the cared for, or if you can play either.
  • Reply to others.

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What's our ɴᴇxᴛ sᴛᴇᴘ?

ɴᴇxᴛ sᴛᴇᴘ

You've been dating or, at the very least, considering each other mutual interests for a while now. Finally, there's been a decision made to move your relationship to the next level: a more physical one. You're making that jump, and maybe there's been some frustration, but you're ready now. Push aside the nervousness.

You know this will be everything you ever wanted - and more, right? Because it's them. That's more than enough.

  • Comment with your character and preferences.
  • Reply to others.
  • Play!
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Make your move


Here's the thing: this person is completely, totally, absolutely into you. You're into them, admit it or not. And the icing on the cake? This, right now, is the moment. Whether there's romance in the air on a perfect date or it's an uncomfortably inappropriate time and place, you know there will never be an opportunity like this again. There's sparks. There's a connection. They're giving you A Look that melts your heart.

All you have to do is make a move.

You can do that, right?

...right? You're not too stubborn or too shy to do so, are you? This is your shot! But -

wait. Oh no. Are you the kind of idiot who can't take a hint even if there are blaring neon arrows pointing you in the right direction? Hopefully, fingers crossed, you aren't. Because, like we said, you have to seize this once in a lifetime opportunity.

No one likes to have to kick themselves down the road for not taking a chance, after all.

  • Comment with your character, info, preferences, preferred role, etc.
  • You know what to do.
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There was magic in those times

𝔬𝔫𝔠𝔢, further back in years than anyone alive could remember, there is a land that even time has forgotten, filled to the brim with magic and mystery both good and ill. This is where you make your home. Who you are in this kingdom - or many kingdoms - is as varied as the blades of grass that spread over this lush terrain. You could be a petulant princess, a delving dwarf, a highway man with more than a few secrets, a devoted knight, a mage of ancient spellcraft, or even an ageless elf. No matter your station, though, one thing is for certain: whatever life you lead, it's about to get a great deal more exciting. There is a war brewing, somehow, somewhere, and the peace of your homelands is at stake. You are the only one who can set things right and go on a quest to save everyone.

Still, what is an adventure without an adventure of the heart? You are not alone, and you'll find that trying times can forge ironclad emotions. Of course, you'll find that the path of love is no easier here than anywhere else, be the person you admire an arranged fiancé you're not too fond of at first, a forbidden object of desire, a traveling companion, an enemy, a lifelong friend, an ally...or another species from you entirely. Yet, in any case, this is no time for romance, is it? Only moments can be stolen, and you must set aside your feelings for the greater good.

In this time, in this place, will you get your happy ending, or will this story prove to be a much darker fantasy?

  • Comment with your character, information, preferences, and any AU you might want to do with your character if they're not from an applicable setting.
  • Reply to others.
  • Thread with them.