22 May 2012 @ 11:20 pm
The Roommate Ad Meme

Making ends meet isn't always easy—rent and utilities don't pay for themselves! So, it's time to go to intergalactic Craig's List and find your perfect roommate (who's willing to pay the right price). How you offer up the space you have available is up to you, but it's high time you found someone to fill that hole in your wallet life.

Rules and Process:

1. Comment with your character putting their name and canon in the subject line. Alternately, if you're feeling up for it, comment anonymously!
2. Do not leave the comment blank! (That sort of defeats the purpose of this meme.) Instead, post your character's roommate ad in the body of the comment. It can be short, it can be hella long—just keep it IC!
3. Characters can respond to ads however players want. Would you like to have them conferring via email? Go that route. How about having them meet up at the living quarters in question? Also okay. Just have fun with it!
4. Respect your fellow players, find some imaginary roommates, and enjoy.
15 February 2012 @ 11:18 pm


Hello everyone, [personal profile] mezzanotte here with a new mod account for this just dropping by a few updates. Firstly, I would like to thank you guys for being active and awesome. Can I just mouthbreathe all over you all and say that it is a little bit overwhelming how large the comm has grown. THANK YOU GUYS ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

01 ☞ Profile has been updated.

02 ☞ The sticky post on top is gone, and has been replaced by: A PROBLEMS OR CONCERNS POST. So if there's anything you feel the need to report do so here~

03 ☞ A bunch of people have been asking for a tagging system, so please tag everything after this post~ The tagging systems pretty simple, so please comment here if there are more tag requests.

04 ☞ If there are any memes you want to request or more you'd like seeing there is a post for that too.

05 ☞ Guys try not to post memes every hour! I don't want to police but let's not try to have more than 5 memes a day, please.

06 ☞ Memes without RNG are fine! A number of people have been commenting that they'd like to see more memes where people write something in the text field; so situational things (Example: Characters are now in the Jungle!) where only the scenario is discussed is fine.

07 ☞ Games: You are allowed to link TEST DRIVE memes to [community profile] bakerstreet. As long as no one makes GAME SPECIFIC (IE: Only members of the game/verse can post) MEMES, that should be fine.

08 ☞ Would anyone be interested in an OOC comm for Bakerstreet? As a way for people to just chill, talk about RP and just have discussions in general. I've been wanting to set something like this up. Just gonna use this post to gauge interest!

09 ☞ A WILD POLL might appear next week asking about what else you guys want to see in the comm, but feel free to toss in suggestions here until then. By this I mean, do you guys want to allow RP ads, more hmd memes, allow rp tutorials/resources here?