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The Kidnapped Meme!

The Kidnapped Meme!!!

Congratulations. Your character has been kidnapped! You wake up in a dingy, dark dungeon and you can't remember how you got there.

Or do you?

1) Ransom victim! - You're being ransomed off to your family for money, power, a position, secrets. Are they going to pay it?
2) Boundaries? What Boundaries? - You've been taken by a crazed fan who wants to marry/love/kiss/kill you. Aren't you lucky?
3) They want your power. - Your character has a power or ability that the other side wants to obtain. Can you be convinced?
4) Surprise trip! - Your lover/friends/family have "kidnapped" you for a trip, but they forgot to tell you about it. Or maybe you forgot. What do you do?
5) Kidnapped for own good. - It's been decided that you needed to be kidnapped by your friends/enemies for your protection/reprogramming. How does that go?
6) Wild Card - Pick one of your own or mix and match!

Have fun, and don't forget to eventually call the authorities when you're returned home!
~ Made by [personal profile] twinlionfists

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Coraline Jones | Coraline

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[Also known as the one kids can reply to!

She had vowed to not return to the world the Other Mother resided in, but she had to rescue her parents. Armed with really nothing more than a seeing stone and a satchel of things found around the house she had set off to confront the Other Mother.

A deal was struck--find the eyes of the ghost children and her real parents and everyone would be let go.

As soon she agreed, the Other Mother was gone, but she knew she wouldn't be for long.

During her search, she explored the areas around the fake world which consisted of nothing more than a replica of her house and the grounds surrounding it. She didn't expect to find anyone else in this trap, but then she saw you.

What are you doing here?!
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((Can I just run with your setup?))

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[There's a girl at the edge of the garden, crouched and scowling at the withered remains of one of the luminous flowers. She looks about Coraline's age, and about Coraline's size, but her hair is pale blonde, clipped back in a bat-shaped barrette. For a moment after being spoken to, she just stares, like she's not sure whether it's safe to answer the other girl or not. But, hey! No buttons, right? That has to be a good sign.]

Mostly I'm just trying to get back out. [She straightens and dusts her hands on her skirt.] You, uh, don't look like you're from around here...

[The blonde makes a meaningful gesture at her own eye area, raising a brow in a pointed question.]

((ooc: I don't know if you know Courtney's canon at all, but I've always wanted to play her with a Coraline, so. :D ?))
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But of course!

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((And, no, unfortunately I don't though you're making me want to look into it now!))

[Another trapped kid. Seems like the Other Mother had plenty of "love" to go around.

For a moment Coraline wonders if this was another one of the Other Mother's tricks. Create another "girl" in a situation just like hers so she would be led astray and ultimately lose the game. But all the other tricks had one thing in common--the button eyes. And this girl clearly didn't.

If she were a creation of the Other Mother's, she wouldn't be lacking the creature's signature mark.

Nope. And neither do you.

Has she taken your parents too or is it just you?
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[Courtney would have been an easy mark for the Other Mother, truth be told. She's never managed to see eye-to-eye with her own parents, and the last few awkward years have just increased the gap. This time, though, it's not her that's been the main target of motherly love.] She takes grown-ups, too? Crap.

[She shakes her head, frowning.] No, it's my brother. I came after him.

[There's a flash of anxiety, which she tries to cover up at once by looking disgruntled.] Would she hurt him, you think? I mean, he's an idiot, but he's family, you know?

((It's an excellent comic series! I highly recommend it, especially for people who like children's lit with tough female protagonists. ;D ))