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α. Leave a comment with your character's name and canon in the header.
β. Post a passive-agressive a death-threat or just a nice one sticky note in the comment field. Here's a generator. Here's another one! Take your pick.
γ. Reply to others, threadjack, crumple up sticky notes, whatever! Just use sticky notes to your heart's content!
δ. Have fun!

meme originally from memeswearhouse, slightly modified!
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Don Draper | Mad Men

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((canon point can be anywhere up through 6.8))
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[He's isn't in the mood for this. Campbell's been nagging at him all day, they've got to leave for the meeting in... okay, he was supposed to leave five minutes ago, and he'd rather not go in wound up about how childish his copywriters are.

Don doesn't want to give them a Talk, but if they don't have anything by the time he returns, it'll have to happen.]

((ooc: nicely played, by the by. XD))
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[This note is considered for quite a while. Perhaps more than it really ought to be. But by the time he gets back from his meeting, he has a design, and this next stickie attached to the glossy.]

((ooc: Thank you! You as well!))
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ouch, man. OUCH. (and if you're okay with going on...? if not, 's all good!)

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Because it wasn't enough that Mohawk had come in with a handful of harebrained propositions, set forth with all of the [uninformed] enthusiasm Pete Campbell could offer, and that Don had to talk them back from a cliff they were thrilled about jumping off of. That instead of taking the weekend to escape the plague of this office, he'll be spending it searching for some tag line that'll keep Mohawk from going back to the cliff.

At this rate, it looks as if he'll be adding Faberge and some passive-aggressive creative team to his weekend plans. The work isn't half-bad, but that isn't good enough. If the agency is going to court Faberge, they'll need to strike hard. God knows they could use something to balance out the focus on Chevy. Which is apparently some kind of a hilarious joke.

After giving the design another glance, he stride down the hall, bursting into the office without a warning knock.]

Do you want to explain to me how this is going to sell cologne?
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I am! <3

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[Allison, apparently, is the only one still here by the time he bursts in. Either that, or the rest of the creative team is off smoking or drinking. She really wouldn't put it past them.

Still, she brightly smiles at Don once he's in.]

Sure! First, tell me how it won't?

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Just one day, I'd like to hear one of you take the initiative to find the answer for yourselves. Part of your job is thinking it. I shouldn't be wasting my time explaining every mistake.

[It isn't entirely fair, but he's too exasperated to care, and he isn't in any mood to talk her through the campaign. A question - where's the rest of the team? - crosses through the back of his mind, but he's charging forward before it makes its way into speech or active thought.]

Let's start with this... I take it she's a blonde? She's the center of the ad, but I don't know anything about her. Who is she? Where is she? I can't tell whether this is an airport or a strip club, and I'll tell you right now the ambiguity isn't helping us any.
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Re: :D!

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It should be, what, then? The man? Men who buy cologne to attract a woman want to see who they're going to attract, doesn't matter where. They don't want to see someone better than themselves getting the woman.

[Her opinion, anyway.]
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[Jesus. The point she's making is apt enough, but it's a backwards way of approaching the problem. Maybe he should talk to the partners about sending the creative team to a seminar on basic logic.]

When I ask you about the woman, what I don't need is a lecture on the man who doesn't exist.

Tell me about her. Give her grounding, something that puts us in the moment with her. We need to see her. We need to know her. Deeply. Intimately. Everybody loves her, but why, and why should we?

Then ask yourself what we know about her that all of them are missing. Give us something that opens the door and permits the man looking at this ad to know that he and he alone really sees her. That only he really knows her.
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[A seminar? God help her, she'd probably love it. The rest of the team would probably kill themselves, but she'd love it.]

She's important. Everyone's looking for her, but no one really knows her. Everyone wants her because she's so important. She's the future. She's the mother of the future.

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Not a mother. A mother means children, and men don't want to think about kids when they're buying cologne. Kids mean routine. Kids mean being settled. Kids mean you've left the thrill of the chase behind, and everything's become predictable. As soon as you make her a mother, he knows her because he already has her, and he's probably had enough.

A hint of marriage is okay. Maybe. But take a few steps back.

[It's better, at least. She's reaching toward something now, and if she can keep after it - with or without his prompting - he might be able to forget about the notes.]
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Fine. So he wants her. Maybe she's his wife, maybe she's someone else's wife. But he wants her.

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Drop the 'wife' from it entirely. This isn't about a guy trying to track down a marriage prospect. It's about a man who sees something he wants. Something everyone wants.

It's about finding a way to have the woman as she is, infinitely beautiful in the instant, astonishing the way we can be only at a glance. And best of all, just this once - because he sees her with a blinding clarity and because she knows it, because he has the aid of Faberge cologne - he's going to have her as she appears in that glance, with all the freedom of a moment.
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It's good. [And she knows that he knows it's good.] Drop the wife, play up the want. The freedom. Maybe change the hair. Blondes might be a little...faded out. Not as hard to obtain, unless you're Sharon Tate or Jane Fonda.

[She takes some notes, then. Writes down what he said.]

My father had some Fabergé. Replica ieces, not the cologne.
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[A nod.] Not blonde, but whatever it is, make sure the hair's natural. Everything about this woman has got to be pure. Everything about her is truth.

[As for the rest... Allison might be ambling into verbal blather, or she might be going somewhere with this. It could be either, and wouldn't be the first time she'd landed on something usable after floundering around; the girl has talent when she can put her focus to it.

Don pulls out a cigarette, gives her the chance to follow her thought.]
What about it?
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[And sometimes she needs a push to get there.]

Well. Nowadays, even the replica pieces are worth something. More, sometimes, than the originals. Once you've got them. They're rare, and they're true, but you can still get them.
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was and am excited. don is uncertain, aheh. (and sorry about the edits, erk.)

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i couldn't resist, "WORK on it" had me dying

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[Notes that end up crumpled in the bottom of his bag, to be thrown away once he reaches the city: "Would I lie to you?" "Jesus Betts I said I'd call." "Does it matter?"

He doesn't know why it takes him four tries. He doesn't think about it.]

((ooc: don't know whether you'd ever be interested in playing something, please do feel free to message or plurk or whatever. or if you're up for perhaps carrying this beyond notes? because betty, betty, betty, damn.))
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[ ooc: I would seriously LOVE to so much. I don't have a plurk but I'll message you! ♥ ]