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The Darkest Timeline Meme


The Darkest Timeline. 

Pick a point in your character's timeline.  What choice did they make? What choice did others make that would have changed their world?  Decide that choice, change it and go from there.  Tag others to join in on the fun.  The darker the new timeline, the better!

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Aww, poor thing! I've been there, although it's usually me snuggled next to it.... o__0;;

Is it cool if we start with River meeting Mr. Clever for the first time? We can always do magic time-skippy powers to progress to where she's completely on his side.


River Song didn't break out of her prison cell all that often. Only for adventures with the Doctor.

And holidays. And hair appointments.

This time she had actually just popped out briefly to do a little shopping, nothing special. But when she came back, things had gone to hell. She teleported in via her vortex manipulator to a battlefield within the corridors of the Stormcage. Guards and prisoners were running loose, some chasing each other, but nearly all were shooting at the same targets.

"Cybermen?!" She could scarcely believe her own eyes, but that didn't stop her from dropping the shopping bag and liberating a machine-gun from someone else's grasp. Right into the fray, that's how she liked it.

But they're fighting a losing battle, and River knows it. These Cybers are fast, her ammo is low, and nearly all the guards have fallen. She teleports to her cell for ammunition, instead finding a pleasant surprise.

"Oh, it's about damn time!" Her face lights up at the sight of the TARDIS, parked just outside her cell. The Doctor. She knew he wouldn't let her down. She pushes the doors open with a high of relief, but she chooses to play it cool. "I didn't even have to call you this time - you checking up on me, sweetie?"
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Sorry this took so long. Crazy time at work.

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The Doctor lost the chess match. Three moves Ha! The Cybermen always thought he was less clever than he thought he was. This time they were right. The Cyberplanner got control of that amazing brain. He also decided to stick with the moniker he devised for himself, Mr. Clever, mostly to mock what was left of the Time Lord. Now to pick up where the Cybermen left off taking over the universe.

Stormcage seemed like good a good enough place to start and lucky for him, the Doctor's ship, the most powerful ship in the universe was his too. Stormcage was suddenly very easy to get to.

Most of the prison's residents were unable to break out, and no one would really miss the inhabitants once they were converted. The worst criminals in the universe, and they were all going to be his.

Imagine his surprise when a woman came through the doors of his ship. A woman that The Doctor fancied. Oh, this was going to be fun.

"Why would I check up on you?"
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That's all right, I understand. :)

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"Oh, please, don't give me any of that masculine posturing," River scoffed, shaking her head. She knew it was difficult for the Doctor to express emotion, but he didn't have to be snarky about it.

Still, she shrugged it off and dashed up the steps to the console, about to make her way down the corridor. She paused, not yet having glimpsed his face in its entirety. Thus far all she's seen in the right side.

"If you missed me, you'll have to tell me later. The entire prison's been overrun by Cybermen and I can't fight them all by myself. Got anything back here to slow down a Cyber soldier that moves like he's the bastard child of a cheetah?"
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"Now why would I want to stop them?"

He leaned back against the console to face her straight on. It wouldn't be difficult from where she's standing to figure out just why he'd said that.

"New and improved model. So much better this way, don't you think?"
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"Because you're--" River halted in her words as the shock of his appearance hit her. She gripped the railing at her side for support as she stumbled downwards a step towards him.

"No..." She whispered, shaking her head slowly, wide eyes locked on his face. "No, this isn't...This isn't right. Where is he? Where's the Doctor? What have you done with him?!"
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"He's in here," the Cyberplanner pointed to his temple, "somewhere."

That much was true. The Doctor was in his head somewhere, he had to be, otherwise how would he be able to pilot the TARDIS? Only the Doctor could do that.

"Terrible chess player."
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"Good, then get out of him," River commanded, coming forward to meet him, despite how much her legs felt like jelly. She could keep a brave face in times of peril, the Doctor had surely seen that plenty of times. But even she isn't sure how long she can keep this facade up.

"Get of him and I'll at least give you a head start before I come after you and kill you. And, if I'm feeling really generous, I'll even let you go quick. How's about that?"
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"No," he bit out. She could threaten him all she wanted, it wasn't going to change a thing.

They made a deal. The Doctor lost. Winner got the brain. The whole brain and all of it's processing power. He lost.
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"And why the hell not? What do you need him for? And more importantly, why the hell are you here?!"

River took a break to calm herself, steeling her gaze once more. "There are people - out there, dying. And if it weren't for what I'm assuming is a Cyber-brain in there, I'd say you were enjoying it. But if you think I'm going to stand idly by while you wear that face, you've got another thing coming."
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"He lost." Two simple words that carried a lot of weight. "Like I said, terrible chess player. I'm here because we got the better of him."

After all those years, the Cybermen finally did what the Daleks couldn't. Managed to destroy the Doctor, and use him against himself.
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"'We'? As in, the Cybermen?" River felt sick at the thought. What had he done, gambled away his life? What had been the stakes? She had so many questions, too many feelings, and not enough time to satisfy all of it.

She turned away from the false Doctor in discuss, pacing slightly about the console. "So what does that make you, then? The leader? Bit of an abomination, aren't you? Leader of the Cyberiad in a flesh body."

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Was she always this thick? The Doctor seemed to put a lot of faith in this woman, thought she was clever. It's not something he's really seeing at the moment.

"If it works, it works."
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Oh, don't go underestimating River Song just yet. She gets through life by pretending to be thick and oblivious. Spoilers.

River slowed her pacing to linger around the console, idly fidgeting with a few of the controls. Though really what she intended to do was cause a bit of trouble for him.

"And you're not concerned that your programming could be overridden? I doubt you're hiding an emotional inhibitor under that lovely coat."
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He was going to keep and eye on her and what she may or may not be touching on that console.

"I'm glad you like the coat. So much better than the ten foot scarf."

He wasn't going to give away whether or not his programming could be overridden or not. That much he could glean from the Doctor's memories. River would use whatever she could to win in a fight.
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"Oh, I dunno about that, scarves have their uses," she murmured suggestively, flicking a switch on the console. "By the way, you're avoiding my question. Don't think I haven't noticed."

River lifted her head to look over at him. "I really would give it some thought, you know. One heart, emotions are tricky enough. But two? Could give you quite a spot of trouble if you're not careful.... What do I call you anyway? I'm assuming you're not idiotic enough to keep using the name 'Doctor'."
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River got a tight chuckle for that, "So he says." Those memories weren't bad ones at all.

Two hearts had taken some getting used to, but only because the rhythm was different than what the Cybermen had been used to. After that, he'd seen the Doctor's emotions as something of an asset. It was so much easier if you could manipulate someone do to what you wanted, then having to fight them every step of the way.

"I like Mr. Clever."
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Oh, wasn't that fantastic. He had access to those memories, too. Well, at least that helped River figure out a little bit of where the timestream was for her and her Doctor.

"Mr. Clever? Really?" River scoffed a little, shaking her head as she brushed a hand over one of the levers on the console. "Figures. As if my sweetie didn't have enough of an ego already."
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He did, though he didn't plan on bringing them up again, unless there was some sort of advantage in doing so.

"Believe me, that wasn't his idea."

He hadn't taken his eyes off what River was doing. Nothing said anything was going to interfere with his plans so far. But one could never be too sure.
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"Oh, I'm sure it wasn't," River replied amicably. "But the more you talk, the more I wonder just where he ends and you begin."

She reached for another switch, but hesitated, very aware of his eyes on her. "You're staring."
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To be honest, Mr. Clever wasn't entirely sure either, neither was the Doctor. In both cases, he supposed it didn't matter. The Doctor wasn't as good as the universe thought him to be.

"Of course I'm staring. Piloting us away from here is not something you want to be doing. I like it here."
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"That's exactly the problem, isn't it? You like it because it's got plenty of helpless people for you to convert. Or at the very least some quality target practice." River hated how coldly the words fell from her tongue, but it was the only way she could get them out.

"Unless of course you've got some other reason for being here?"
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"Is there a better place to start taking over the universe?"

Stormcage was a veritable fortress. The disadvantage to being some kind of hybrid was that he could be killed quicker than a Cyberman. He needed a vantage point and now he had one. Only one person was ever able to break out, then in again with any frequency, and she was standing right in front of him.

"So, it's both."

Why he was letting her stand there and continue to talk to him, he had no idea.
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stubborn muse is stubborn. Eventually she'll go dark, I swear

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"Honestly I'd prefer you didn't do it at all, but we're clearly past that juncture."

The fact that she was still standing here, talking to him and fiddling with the console was one she was grateful for. It was buying her some time, after all. "So, I suppose my only choice is to either submit to your will or, as you've so cleverly suggested, pilot the TARDIS away from here. And you should know that I'm not very good with authority, so-" She hit the switch from before, and the TARDIS roared to life, but it was clearly struggling to complete her intended travel, as if fighting a great paradox.

"Fancy a little crossing your time stream, Mr. Clever? Say, your point of origin?"
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I think they're trying to out clever each other

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"Clearly," he agreed.

After the scarf memory came back to him he decided to see what else was hiding in the Doctor's mind concerning River Song. Quite a lot from what he saw and not much of it bad, though she did try to kill him twice. That's interesting.

"Planning to convince your Dear Doctor to make a different decision? I doubt he would."
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I think you're right. Although I do think I've found an opening for her

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She laughed. "There's the difference between you and I, Mr. Clever. I have no doubts. I'm absolutely certain he'd still make the same choice." With a smirk on her face, she leaned forward to keep her hands on the controls, urging the TARDIS to continue on.

"So I'm not going to change his mind. I'm going to change yours."

River cursed lightly under her breath as the TARDIS fought her from crossing the Doctor's time-stream, making slow progress. "I'm from the Doctor's future. I know him far better than you ever could. But that's all changed now, thanks to you. So let's change it up again, eh?" She raised her eyebrows at him, challenging him.

"I can't change what the Doctor's done, but making him - and you - cross your own timelines, that creates what we call a paradox. And considering - ungh-" She groaned as she struggled with the controls. "-how much the old girl here is fighting me, I'd say your creation has become a pretty fixed point. So if I change it - well, it just might rip a hole in the universe. Actually, I'm certain it will. Bye-bye Universe, bye-bye Cybermen, bye-bye to you, me, all of this."

She gestured around them as her gaze narrowed. "Unless. You give him. Back. Now. And if you think I'm bluffing, wrack that brain you've stolen. See what happens to the universe when I get involved."

That's her plan. Not to be the good diplomat and change the Doctor's mind, but to threaten Mr. Clever's - and the entire universe's - existence.


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He plans on it.

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Fantastic :)

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