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Would You Hit That?

You've seen her across the room a hundred times - oh, maybe it's him? - and for some reason you've always been too shy to say it... Or maybe it's a complete stranger and you're feeling kind of brave? Either way, you're compelled to let this person know that you'd hit it. You would so hit that.

Hell, if you don't, feel free to tell that person: no, I would not.

No guarantees can be made!

The Rules:
  • Post with your character. Include name, series, and any preferences in the subject line.
  • Other characters are gonna reply and confess whether or not they'd hit dat.
  • Play out the reactions. Add in a setting! Take it to a room. Whatever you'd like.
  • Tag around.
  • Have fun and be excellent to each other!
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(ooc: Will only do het for anything beyond flirting, but females welcome for fluffy amusement.)