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The April Fool's Day Meme

The April Fools Day Meme

In this meme, both Muns and Characters can prank and hoax each other.

[The Rules]

1. Post as your character. Posting as the Mun is fine too, if you want to go and break some fourth walls.

2. Write down ideas for pranks and hoaxes, and also if you want you or your chracter to be the pranker, the prankee, or both.

3. Have fun! Please do not be a bag of dicks. No wank, please!
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Ryota | Hybrid Child (original character)| OTA

[personal profile] soulfuldoll 2013-04-01 06:09 am (UTC)(link)
{Will have special pranks for certain people that he's already interacted with, but otherwise open to being prankee or pranker.}}
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Balthazar is not familiar with this 'April Fools' thing, so he's all innocence when he wanders into the room where Ryota's waiting. He's got an art magazine in one hand and a beer in the other, and looks like he's trying to decipher the language of academia one of the article writers has chosen.
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Ryota schools his face into the most somber one that he can manage. The expression feels a little weird on his face, especially since he's laughing inside. He's never pulled a prank before, but he knows that this one is... touchy. The blow will have to be precisely timed.

"Hey," he greets. His tone sounds heavier than usual, hinting at rather sleepless nights. His posture is slightly slouched forward, as if he might have had his head in his hands not long ago.

"I don't mean to interrupt your reading, but I gotta talk to you."
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'Let's talk' is one of the more terrifying phrases in the English language. Balthazar responds instinctively to the somber tone, brows knitting with concern as he puts the magazine aside. "...Something wrong? I'm all ears."
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Ryota's head just drops, hair falling forward as if to hide whatever heavy feelings he might have (it's hard not to grin.) His shoulders shake a little.

"I can't... We can't..." He has to stop, gulp down breath behind a shaking voice. He thinks he's using the "I'm trying not to laugh" reflex to his advantage.

"We're from such different worlds and I just..."

Oh no. His resolve's about to snap.

"I..." His voice chokes off, and he brings a hand to his face. Oh god, holding back laughter is giving him an interesting sense of almost-pain.
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Balthazar just watches, utterly bewildered. Can't? They can't what?

Okay, different worlds; he's got that. True, yes. And...?

This prank may be doubly hard for poor Ryota to pull off. No one's ever had the 'let's be friends' conversation with Balthazar before. He's never stuck around long enough for them to.

Gently, he reaches over and places a hand on Ryota's shoulder, all oblivious concern. "Take your time. It can't be that horrible."

Seriously, dude, what are you trying to say?
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I wish I had a "laughing my ass off" sort of icon.

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"I can't--" Come on, he can spit it out. "be with you, anymore. In... in bed... I... Can we just... be friends...?"

Okay. He can't take it anymore. He really needs to work on his bullshitting skills, because he's laughing like a proverbial hyena a few seconds later.
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Can't bed. Balthazar has just a split second to register that he's being friendzoned, and then Ryota ruins the effect by exploding into laughter.

The angel stares, opens his mouth, closes it again, and then starts laughing just because Ryota's gone utterly helpless with it, and that's the most entertaining part of this little escapade. "Oh, darling. You're the worst liar I've ever seen."

And he knew Castiel, so that's saying something.
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"I'm s-s-s-s-s-orry...!" Oh god, oh god, his sides, his sides!

"I- I just, I read about this thing today. Pffft... 'April Fools' a-and... n-never... celebrated it... before... oh...!!"

Yeah, he'll just, lean forward a little too much and topple on the floor, still laughing, because it's too much effort to sit up. And he can't be technically out of breath, either.
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Balthazar just reaches over and ruffles his hair with a chuckle. Silly boy. "Well, you seem to have enjoyed it. What's April Fools, now?"
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He lifts a finger to indicate "one moment" while he tries to calm himself down from his mad hyena laughter. "I-It's... April 1st... P-p-prank day...."

He's a little calmer, at least? Still laughing though.
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"You're adorable." More hair mussing. "I can't believe I wasn't aware of this tradition, though. We'll have to go egg someone's house. I thought that sort of thing was mostly for Halloween."
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Ryota looks perplexed, finally calming down, and he tilts his head against his hand. "Egging someone's house is for Halloween, I thought, not April Fool's."

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forgotten_vows: picture of Victor holding his hands to his chest with text "with this hand I will cup your" (practicing the wrong words)

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[Victor's familiar enough with April Fool's, but he doesn't have anything particularly special planned for the day. It wasn't all that big a deal when he was growing up, apart from neighborhood boys using it as an excuse to play pranks. Still, he's trying to be on the lookout for pranks. . .]
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*Perhaps fortunately, Ryota has no pranks for Victor - the poor guy seems easy enough to startle as it is! Instead, he has a gesture of friendship prepared instead. It was kind of hard to find, really.*

Hey, Victor. *He smiles brightly and offers him a large jar with a hole-poked saran-wrap cover. There are a few caterpillars crawling around, and some of them have cocooned.*

Ever seen a Sappho Longwing butterfly? I managed to find some of the special vine that they eat, too, so it's just a matter of keeping it alive and pollinating, or however it reproduces.

*He looks really proud of himself.*
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[Victor stares at the jar for a moment, fascinated. His eyes light up as Ryota tells him what precisely the caterpillars are.]

Oh, only in books! I've never gotten to see one up close before. . . This is amazing! I can't believe you actually managed to find them, and their food. Thank you!

[He carefully cradles the jar against his chest, fearful of dropping it. Oooh, now he'll have some new specimens to draw! He just hopes he can keep them alive for a while.]
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It really wasn't easy at all. Lots of searching.

*He smiles sheepishly.* I'm working on an air purifier, too. While it won't work on a large scale, the least I can do is let them breathe easily. And anyone in the area.

*It's not hard to ask around for information and then apply it. He is a learning computer, after all.*
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I'm sure it was. [He blinks a few times.] And the purifier too? Goodness, I did plant a lot of ideas in your head, didn't I? [He laughs a little.] It's very kind of you.

[And makes him wonder what he can do for Ryota in return. Though he's not sure how he's going to match these caterpillars. . .]
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Nothing that wouldn't have come on its own accord.

*Ryota doesn't expect anything in return. Just seeing his friend happy makes him very happy.*

Butterflies do not live long, so doesn't it make sense to keep them as happy as you can?
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[Victor nods.]

Some of them live only a few days. Some can live for months, though. It depends on the species. I'll have to look up how long this particular kind lasts on average. I certainly intend to make their lives happy, no matter how long or short they are.

[Well, there's one thing he can think of that might make Ryota happy. . . A little shyly, he sets the jar aside in a safe place and offers a hug.]
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*Ryota looks honestly surprised/startled at the offering, then grins brightly and accepts it. Despite his enthusiasm and excitement, he's careful not to hold him too tightly.*

Ah, my, this is a first!

*There's a difference between guy and girl hugs? Seriously? Never heard of it. Prepare to be cuddled!*
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[Victor laughs, a touch awkwardly.]

Well, you are my friend, and I'm certainly not opposed to hugs. Just -- didn't grow up with many.

[Meaning he generally needs a bit of time to warm up to the physical contact. He's a little surprised by the cuddly nature of it, but -- well, he figures that's just how Ryota is. He pats him on the back a few times.]
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So long as they don't bother you. But there will always be hugs~

*He presses a little into the patting, then very briefly nudges his forehead against Victor's. Yup. Definitely cuddly.*
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[Victor chuckles.]

I'm fine with hugs. Could probably use more of them in my life.

[Of course, there's only a few people whom he's comfortable receiving them from. . .but Ryota seems poised to make up for that.]
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*Not wanting to make things uncomfortable, Ryota soon pulls away and leans back on his heels.*

I'm always happy to get - and give - them. In any case, where do you want to keep the butterflies? I'll work more on the filters there.

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