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The Master/Familiar Love Meme

The Master/Familiar Love Meme
"In European folklore and folk-belief of the Medieval and Early Modern periods, familiar spirits (sometimes referred to simply as 'familiars') were supernatural entities believed to assist witches and cunning folk in their practice of magic. According to the records of the time, they would appear in numerous guises, often as an animal, but also at times as a human or humanoid figure, and were described as 'clearly defined, three-dimensional… forms, vivid with colour and animated with movement and sound' by those alleging to have come into contact with them, unlike later descriptions of ghosts with their 'smoky, undefined form[s]'."

Everybody needs a sidekick. This includes those who may have a little help of their own in the form of magic - witches, warlocks, mages, sages, casters, magicians...whatever you want to call them, they have a bit more juice than your average Joe. Luckily, the job comes with a built-in assistant: a familiar, or a helper spirit. The familiar serves as a guide to their magical "Master" of their choice, helping them out of tight spots and being their companion for life. Sometimes, they come in the form of animals, like dogs and especially cats. Some don't bother with this, though, and just stay in their true humanoid forms. The bond between familiar and master is one of intensity, and they know each other completely. Most familiars even have a telepathic link to their masters. That helps them keep an eye on them. Of course, given this closeness-beyond-closeness, it's easy to imagine a master and familiar as soulmates, and with familiars having a human form...well, intimacy seems like a natural option.

Too bad relationships of that kind between master and familiar are strictly forbidden. Surely, that rule is always followed.

  • Comment with your character, stating your preferences (ex: F/M, open to all, etc). Also, be sure to remember and put whether your character will be witch/master, familiar, or if they can serve as both. There is no "set" type for any of the roles. Masters don't have to be dominate (ineffectual witches have always been a cute trope), familiars aren't passive or submissive, and so on. It's not the same as BDSM...though your character could bring that into it if they'd like.
  • Comment around to other characters, playing out your forbidden master/familiar ~love~ or what have you.
  1. The Familiar Chooses the Master: The first meeting. You may be new to the craft (or someone who needs a new familiar), and someone has been drawn to you.
  2. Setting the Ground Rules: You need to figure out how this is going to work. Where can you hide this woman/man in your apartment, if need be?
  3. Getting to Know You: Magic/power isn't all fun and games. You need to find out how to work together so you don't accidentally blow everything up in your faces.
  4. Helping Out: Familiars have a lot of neat powers that can be a boon around the house...and around the town.
  5. Danger Zone: Your feelings for each other are blurring, which is a big no-no. Do you even realize that the bond is deepening to a new level?
  6. Confession: Things have gotten heavy and you have to let your bond mate know you see them as more.
  7. Bad Romance: The familiar in this relationship isn't treated as equal. They're a slave to their master!
  8. Telepathy: The mental bond between. Explore it or use it to get out of trouble...
  9. Trouble is a Friend of Mine: Speaking of! Your familiar/master is danger, and there's nothing that can keep you from saving them.
  10. Intimacy: The obligatory smut option. Though romance between familiar and master is not allowed, many find the allure too much, and the bond does lend itself to members seeking comfort in each other. After all, they know you better than anyone else.
  11. You're Taken?: You're in love with a master or a familiar...they're just not yours. Oops! Maybe you can find some way to break your bonds so you can be together.
  12. Breaking Up is Hard to Do: It is hard, especially between master and familiar. In fact, it can be downright painful...physically and mentally!
  13. Sending You Away for Your Own Good: You're distancing yourself from the other member of your bond, and it's because you're headed towards destruction.
  14. Everybody Knows: The other members of your community have found out you've broken the ultimate taboo and are WITH your master/familiar. This is bad. This is very, very bad. Punishment bad. Separation bad. Perhaps even death bad.
  15. Happy Ending: Somehow, you've escaped the confines of the world that doesn't understand, and you're able to live together without fear.
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[Probably a playful or deliberately obnoxious familiar.]
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16 I don't even.

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Perhaps some thought of it as some really funny joke. What familiar in their right mind would stay with a non-magical master? Sure, there was "magic" in the fact that the AI was alive, felt things and experienced the world as any other person, but he had not even a lick of magic outside of that to his name.

It's a concept that Ryota finds himself thinking of pretty often. What use is he - a master who can't do much of anything that he's expected to? Does Balthazar get bored being with him? He's afraid to ask, for fear that the answer is "yes".

Even so, he's learning new tasks. He's figured out how to fend for himself at home, including running to the store alone for things that they need.

But he still longs to be able to learn the skills that other masters take for granted.

His current task? He's cooking for them. Mostly things like boiled rice, salad, and pan-fried fish (hey, fish can be more than oily enough to fry in its own fluids, thanks.) He doesn't get too creative with seasonings, not wanting it to be inedible.
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Actually, it's sort of relaxing to end up with a Master with little to no innate magical talent. While other familiars are scrambling to disenchant their Masters' teachers, or stop a storm from raining chocolate ice cream on small towns, or repair the space-time continuum, Balthazar gets to perch on Ryota's shoulder and watch him prepare dinner.

He likes fish very much.

"You should try lemon on it," he cheeps softly, preening the boy's hair. "And a dash of thyme. That's supposed to be good in fish."

The smooth voice and British accent sounds a bit odd coming from a tiny bird.
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"Lemon and thyme? Okay..."

He has to step off the stool he's on and move it in order to reach things, but he enjoys doing things for himself (and succeeding at it.) It's not much effort to cut out a small wedge of lemon to gently squeeze over the fish, and add a bit of finely chopped thyme to one surface.

"Is that okay? Or should I add more?" He's still learning the difference between too little and just right. Even he could grasp that too much isn't a good thing.

Even if the familiar's voice sounds weird coming from such a tiny bird, Ryota has gotten used to it. And it's pretty soothing, too.

He's even gotten used to having his hair preened. It used to tickle him to no end.
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"Perhaps a bit more thyme, but a little lemon goes a long way. What you've got will be sufficient." Preen, preen. "Do you want me to help? Pick out the bones for you when it's done?"

Pick out the bones. Right. There aren't any bones in there; he just wants first cut of the fish.
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Ryota just laughs in response, using a free hand to hold onto the counter so he doesn't double forward or fall off.

"S-sure." Bones, right. But giving him first cut of the fish is fine by him. He manages to calm down enough to finish up, then pop the fish into a pan big enough that he doesn't have to cut the fish in half to fit it. Cleaning his hands and wiping them dry on a towel. He's already put the rice on the stove so that it'll be fully cooked once the fish is done or near done. If nothing else, being an AI means that he has a pretty good sense of timing. And, well, time. Thyme, not so much.

"Salad now, or later?"
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The familiar's feathers ruffle as he pretends to be offended by the very correct conclusion Ryota's drawn about his intentions. He's not. It's rather nice to hear him laugh, in fact. Children should be giggly. AI children are no exception, in his opinion.

He takes off when the boy washes his hands, though, so as not to get splashed, and perches on the windowsill. "Salad now. It's best to eat it first so you get all your vegetables in."
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"You talk as if I don't like veggies," Ryota retorts with a pout, though he's still laughing inside. Even so, he steps off the stool long enough to bring the components to the counter, tearing off sections of a head of lettuce to wash in a strainer so less water gets into their bowls later.

Ryota's still in a curious stage concerning food. He'll try anything with anything, since he still doesn't know the extent of what he likes and dislikes. Trying durian hadn't gone so well.
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"No, I talk as if I don't like veggies," he corrects smugly. Now and then he'll eat tomato or avocado, but leaves and roots are right out.

"Are you going to drink milk with your meal, or tea? It amazes me you haven't planned any dessert."
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"You had something in mind?"

He'll just make fruit salad for Balthazar. He remembers enough to do that much. Avocado's kind of a strange fruit, he thinks. He leaves the unopened fruit aside and pauses long enough on the veggie side to make Balthazar's first.

Thinking on dessert, there's ice cream and a few other things, like cake and pudding. Ryota's uncertain about packaged hard candies. And hard candy in general. He likes things that he can bite into right off the bat.
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"Not really. But you're allowed to indulge sometimes. I should teach you to make cookies." He hops into the sink to play with the droplets of water still clinging to the basin.
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"Sweet! Uh... pun intended," Ryota covers up, having honestly not meant the pun but wanting to pretend that he did.

He's at least gotten good at handling fruits, so before long, there's a salad waiting for Balthazar by the sink while he works with his own.

They have a liking of tomato in common.
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The blackbird chirps wordlessly, amused by the attempt at wordplay, whether it was meant or not. The boy learns quickly. Unfortunately, if he's learning from Balthazar, he's learning a lot of puns.

"Peanut butter or chocolate chip?" he asks, then goes over to the salad bowl to pick at some of the juicier bits.
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"Chocolate chip." He's had them before and he likes them. So it makes sense to learn that recipe. "Peanut butter next time after that." He likes the idea of learning everything and anything, after all, even "useless" information.

Puns are pretty fun, though - and they work pretty well in normal conversations. He doesn't consider them useless information, so he soaks them all up like a dry sponge.

Before long, he's finished his own salad, drizzled some spiced, vinaigrette dressing on it, and is munching away happily while he keeps an eye on the fish. He at least knows how not to burn it or undercook it.
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"Sounds like a plan." Chocolate chip is his preference, too. They probably don't have chips around, but that's all right. He'll just fly out and get some when Ryota's not looking.

There are perks to having a familiar around.

Balthazar eats away slowly but happily, clearly enjoying himself, but he's saving room for fish, too. And possibly a little rice.
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Ryota looks over at his familiar after watching the pan for a moment, then reaches over to very gently pet down the feathers of his back with a fingertip, then withdraws his touch entirely. He can't exactly hug a bird, so that's generally what he defaults to to mean the same thing.

He's always very careful.

In the meantime, he just diverts a good amount of his attention to the fish and the rice, not wanting either to burn. The rice should be done somewhat soon, as the lid (with a small vent) keeps most of the moisture in instead of it all escaping at once.
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Fortunately, Balthazar loves petting. And Ryota's got a good sense for what his bird form can and can't take. He stills at the stroking, tilting his head helpfully, and croaks softly when he withdraws, watching with bright black eyes.

"Be careful when you get the rice out. Steam can burn."
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Ryota nods at the warning, though he feels happy, rather than exasperated, to hear it. To him, it just means that his familiar cares about him, rather than assuming that he forgot.

"I know." It's happened before since he can't feel it. Even mucking up with a knife or two (in example, his thumb) doesn't even make him flinch. He finds recovery difficult because, again, still can't feel it when he's hurt.

Being careful was a key thing that he learned - in all forms of application.

It doesn't take much longer for the rice to finish, and he works carefully - working around the escaping steam - to shut off that side of the burner, and moving the rice to a large serving bowl so neither of them will risk burns by touching the pot.

The fish isn't too far behind, and once even that is done, he puts that onto a platter so they can divvy up what they want.
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It's the lack of pain receptors that make Balthazar extra-protective of his little Master. He can heal him a little, but he's not strong enough to fix major damage. Better to avoid it, anyway.

He flies up to an open cabinet door and taps a glass with his beak, reminding Ryota to get himself something to drink.
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Ryota just huffs at him, but he isn't angry. "I haven't forgotten." But he does move to retrieve one, then pauses. He's really only seen Balthazar in a bird form, so how might he get a drink?

"...This is going to sound embarrassing, but do you want me to get a glass of water for you? Or something?" Throw him a metaphorical bone?
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The bird squawks softly and takes off landing in the middle of the floor. "I could take a human form, if you'd prefer. I do have one. I'm just so much more maneuverable this way."
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"You never mentioned it before. Or is it because I didn't ask?" Ryota replies, getting two glasses down from the shelf. He wobbles just slightly, but finds his balance again without dropping anything.

He tends to have trouble reaching up high, due to a sense of vertigo, of sorts. The stool helps, but sometimes, only so much.
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"Familiars are here to serve our Masters as best we can. Being in the shape of a bird makes me portable, fast, and still available to instruct you. Human shapes sometimes complicate things. I wanted to give you time to feel comfortable with me first."

His feathers puff up again, making him a feathery ball of black and gold, and then his shape expands outwards. When the transformation is done, he stands there with his arms folded, looking awkward. He's around six feet tall, with blond curls, blue eyes, and black clothing.
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Ryota peers up at him, thoughtfully, then sets the glasses down. Stepping down from the stool, he peers up (and up!) at Balthazar, then smiles. Well, there's something he can do now!

He steps closer, then happily throws his arms around the man's middle, pressing even closer to him.
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Oh! That's not quite what he expected. But it's more than welcome. He laughs softly and hugs back. "Oh, I take it I meet with your approval, then? But now you're going to have to share more of your dinner. I eat more in this shape."

Still, it'll make it easier to bake cookies.

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