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➘ This is a meme created for people who need a break from RL stuff right now and are just going: FUCK THIS, I JUST WANT TO ROLEPLAY

➘ Post with your character below, listing their name and canon in the subject.
➘ Roll 1-10 RNG to roleplay out one of the scenes below or simply just tag!
➘ Roll to your hearts content, feel free to play out as many scenarios as you can.


01 » FIGHTING - Emotional or Physical. Your characters are not getting along. What do.
02 » DRINKING/DRUNK - Having a beer, dancing in a club, sipping some bubbly in the bathtub, being outrageously drunk.
03 » AWKWARD - Whoops. Your character just walked into something he shouldn't have.
04 » FLUFF - Walking in the rain together, pecks on the cheek, give us cavities.
05 » ROMANTIC - Play something shippy out. Mornings after, confessions, cuddles, smut, anything goes.
06 » IN YOUR SHOES/BODY SWAP - Your character wakes up to find themselves swapped in the world or the body of the person they've tagged.
07 » CONFESSIONS - Spill it. From, I've been secretly pining you forever to yes, I did eat the last pop tart.
08 » 7-MINUTES IN HEAVEN - Your characters are now stuck in a closet together for seven minutes (IE, MUST BE AT LEAST 7-POSTS)
09 » CRACK - Why is there a goat in our living room?
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Gabriel | Supernatural | OTA

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Well, I rolled a three...

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[It's late in the evening, and Balthazar has emptied half a bottle of Glenlivet, which is still not enough to get him truly drunk. If Gabriel is in search of sweets, there's a bowl of M&Ms on the coffee table, but little brother is more interested in whatever it is in his lap right now. There's a rhythmic clicking sound, interrupted only by periodic swearing, and there's a magazine open on the cushion next to him.

There's also a large skein of yarn.

Yep. Balthazar's trying (and failing) to knit a scarf.]
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[Gabriel can't really complain about sharing an apartment with his younger brother, most of the time. They have similar dispositions and tastes, and both of them can clean stuff up with a snap of their fingers or just a thought, so that part of having a roommmate isn't exactly something he has to deal with.

But some of Balthazar's hobbies are just plain weird. The things that boy picks up from the humans - well, some of them, Gabriel will never understand.

Like...this, for example.

Gabriel's rounding the corner from the kitchen, a Mojito in his hand, and he pauses to stare at Balthazar.]

...seriously, Balth?
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[Oh. Oh, dear. He sort of thought Gabriel was out for the evening. This isn't something he actually wanted to be caught at. The yarn he's using is fluffy, in variegated shades of pink. For a moment, he looks like a deer caught in the headlights, and his skin tone is a matching rosy hue.]

Erm. I wanted to try making something? [And the example in the magazine was pink, so he thought that would be the best color to start with.

Unlike Gabriel, Balthazar doesn't have the power to create objects out of nothing. He can transmute and transport, repair and clean, but if he wants to create something, it has to be the old fashioned way. That, and he heard knitting was relaxing. So far, it's really annoying.]
You're home early, aren't you?
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[Gabriel's a little self-absorbed, so sometimes he does forget that others can't just...appearify things, as he likes to think of it. Seeing Balthazar blush that deep is pretty funny, he has to admit, and he snorts a little when he sees it, a smug grin spreadking across his face.]

So you're...knitting. Out of all the damn things, man. Knitting? I could see you making your own microbrews of beer or fermenting your own wine, but...damn. This is rich.

[Gabriel's too busy laughing to say anything back to his brother, but he's right. He is home early.]
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[Knitting wasn't actually his first choice, either. He would have preferred painting or sculpture. Maybe even carpentry or blacksmithing. Whenever he tries something too complicated, he just gets stymied, or the object he makes comes out lackluster, and he ends up frustrated.

Knitting is pretty straightforward at the scarf and hat level. He was hoping so step up in time.]
I never thought of making wine. That's a lengthy process, though.

[He sets the project aside, sticking the needles in the skein of yarn sulkily. There's no point interrupting Gabe's laughter. He'll let him wind down before he tries to explain.

Anyway, it's sort of nice to hear Gabriel laughing again.]
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Yeah, but the payoff's great. Figured it'd be up your alley, anyway. I could even help you step on the grapes.

[See, if Balthazar told Gabriel that, he'd definitely feel bad for his little brother. Gabriel stops laughing and sits down on the couch next to his brother. If this was something Balthazar wanted to do...well, he had to find something interesting about it. He snaps his fingers, and a skein of yarn and two big needles appear in his own lap.]

Alright, show me what you've learned, Jedi Master.
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Well, if you're proposing we start a winery, I'm all for it. [His lips quirk into a small grin of amusement, which immediately blossoms into a wider smile as Gabriel joins him. With needles and everything! Quality time with his favorite archangel? Always welcome.]

Honestly, I'm still trying to figure out how to increase and decrease. It's the beginner pattern. I feel like a right idiot. [He opens the magazine and turns it so Gabriel can see the page.] I must admit, I envy your ability to create something from nothing.
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Oh, hells yes. That'd be amazing.

[He looks up into the air, scratching his chin a little bit.]

Wine with Wings kind of has a nice ring to it.

[Gabriel stares down at the page for a few minutes, furrowing his eyebrows.] Yeaaah, I got nothing.

It's great, but it allows me to be lazy as anything. Which I guess is a bad thing.

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Wine with Wings? Wings with Wine? Chateau des Anges? That one might be taken. [They have these sorts of idea sessions occasionally and don't always follow through. Balthazar isn't going to hold his breath, but if Gabriel continues to be interested, well, he can think of a lot worse ways to spend time than growing grapes and making alcohol from them.]

Really? That makes me feel less ineffectual. [Clearly there's a deficiency in the directions. Two angels can't be wrong.

He looks up, studying the archangel's face thoughtfully.]
I never thought of it that way. I suppose you do get to bypass the physical labor. Still, you can make something you imagine spring to life.
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Damn. Chateau des Anges. Getting fancy now, but I think that one might actually make people think we're serious about this 'getting the aristocracy drunk' thing rather than selling energy drinks. I'm in, bro.

[See, this time, Gabriel's actually serious. Everyone needs a hobby to keep them out of trouble, and Gabriel is incredibly good at getting himself into all sorts of trouble.]

I've been called the 'useless archangel' before. I think I have that one covered on all bases, man.

[He shrugs and shakes his head, fiddling with the yarn in his hands.]

Don't count yourself out, little bro. You're acting like I've never heard about the time you sent the boys to those alternate universes. 'Your life is now a TV show'? Classic.
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[Balthazar can't help but laugh at that. He'd rather have wine than energy drinks, but Gabriel's preferences seem to be different. Typical.] All right, I'll start looking for a good spot to set up tomorrow. France, Spain, California?

[He'll do it, too.]

I've never heard anyone accuse you of being useless. [Frown. He has his own opinion about Gabriel running off and abandoning Heaven, but Balthazar finds it easy enough to forgive these things. All in all, it seems to him like Gabriel's the most stable of all the archangels and most of the lesser ones, too. That says something.] You know, everything clever I've ever done was based off watching you.
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[Gabriel's eyebrow raises at France and Spain - honestly, anything from those two places would be too uppercrust, too...pretentious for him. California, on the other hand...sure, there's wine country, but there's also a lot of night life. That was more his style.] California, here we come.

You obviously haven't been hanging around with Dionysus post-apocalOops. Some people, man. No respect for the guys who pull the strings behind the scenes. Sigh.

[When Gabriel says 'sigh', he also lets out a rather large, overdramatic one.

Oh, Balthazar. Gabriel's pretty flattered. He gets a thought for a second - just a split second, of remembering who taught him how to be clever, then puts it aside, scowling a bit outwardly. No time for that.

He gives Balthazar a genuine smile.]

No kidding?
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[Balthazar can deal with sunny California, if that's what makes Gabriel happy. He would venture to guess France and Spain have an active nightlife as well, but maybe not in the middle of wine country.]

I make it a point to avoid people whose worshippers might want to tear me apart with their bare hands. [He smiles wryly. Gods aren't that scary; it's their followers he worries about.

He catches the flickering frown and isn't sure where it comes from. He barely knew Lucifer, or Michael for that matter. But if he's honest with himself, he grew up with a severe case of hero-worship directed at Gabriel. It hasn't diminished overmuch with time, either.]

But no, definitely no kidding.
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I generally do, too, but the guy makes damn good spritzers. If you can avoid his girls and his biting commentary, the wine spritzers are to die for.

[Oh, Balth baby. Now that Gabriel knows that, he's a little bashful but disguises it with a small smirk, clapping his little brother on the back.]

Thanks, man. It's not like the master hasn't taken a few pointers from the student either, by the way.
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[Wine spritzers. Well, that follows logically enough. Balthazar gives a soft snort of amusement, grinning.] I'll keep it in mind.

[He sways beneath the thump on the back, just for the sake of being silly, but Gabriel's words surprise him. He blinks, trying not to blush again. Gabriel doesn't usually say things just to be nice. He's more of a teller of uncomfortable truths.] Really? I'm flattered. I suppose we make an ideal team, then.
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[He shrugs and gives Balthazar a genuine smile. The guy can be nice, occasionally. Particularly when there aren't any uncomfortable truths to tell.

He stares down at the needles and yarn again, playing with them in his hands, before he shakes his head. Gabriel hasn't done anything hands-on that doesn't require snapping in a while.]

I don't even know how to start this, man.
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An ideal team for anything except knitting. [He corrects himself, then grabs the magazine and both skeins of yarn, tossing them onto the floor in a corner.] Well, fuck it, then. Let's do something else.

[Leaning deliberately, he bumps his shoulder into the archangel's, a subtle gesture of affection.] Thanks for trying. We both get sad little gold stars.
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[He watches his brother throw things carelessly about their apartment - well, not like it's a particularly clean place anyway. He snaps his fingers, and a game of wood blocks appears in front of them.]

Hell yeah. Jenga, then?

[He snorts and shakes his head.] Hey, man. Better than the grey ones. 'I don't even think you tried at all,' or whatever it is.
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[He figures if Gabriel cares, he can just turn the yarn into a lamp or something.

Or a game. Balthazar raises both eyebrows. He can't recall playing Jenga before, although he's seen it around.]
If you insist. I'm told nothing stacks up to the fun.

[He smiles, just a bit wistfully.] A bit better, sure. Well. Do you want a drink? [He flicks the neck of the scotch bottle next to him.]
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[Gabriel snaps his fingers, and a drum and cymbal hit plays somewhere in the background. He smirks at Balthazar.] Good one.

[Then, he scratches his chin and starts to set up the Jenga tower.]

Do you have rum on you, little bro?
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[Balthazar chuckles softly. He's not the funniest angel in the garrison, but if Gabriel approves, that's good enough.] I believe there's some rum in the bar in the kitchen. Did you have something in mind for it, or did you just want it neat?