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- Post your character, name, and series in the subject. Include any preferences as well.

- Go to RNG and enter 1-7 for a scene type, and 1-20 for a scene to play out.

- Have fun!


Action Gun fights, bar brawls, fights to the death are all possible scenarios.

Angst Characters suffer emotionally or physically from relationships breaking up, death, injury, etc. Hurt and comfort themes are included.

Crack Genderswaps, super powers, sudden compulsions are all possible outcomes.

Fluff Something that is devoid of angst. It's light-hearted and might have the overtone of romance.

Gen General fun, things that didn't fit in the other categories.

Sex First times, kinks, even dubcon are all possible themes of sex related scenarios.

Your choice Think of your own scenario, choose one of the above or make a combo even!



Zombies It's the zombie apocalypse, lock and load!

Bar brawl You had one too many drinks, said something wrong, and now you're being asked to take it outside.

Chase You're caught in a high speed chase.

Gun fight You're caught in a big shoot-out.

Fight with a friend You're fighting with a friend, all out.

Interrogation You're being interrogated for some offense you've done.

Aliens Aliens are attacking and you're not going to take your probe laying down!

Final battle This is it. The battle that will end all the fighting for you. Will you win? Will you get that peace you want?

Training You're not actually fighting, just training for the inevitable.

No hope You know this fight has no hope. It's not going to end well for anyone involved, but you can't turn away.

Sneaking in You're stealing a diamond or sneaking in to kick some bad guy butt, but whatever it is, you have to practice stealth.

Blue wire You're faced with a bomb that needs to be disarmed.

Fight for honour You've been disgraced or someone you care about has, so it's time to fight for honour.

Showdown Time for a cowboy-style showdown. Whoever draws the fastest wins.

War You're caught in the middle of a war here. Remember to keep your chin up and keeping fighting.

Apocalypse The apocalypse finally happened and now you're left to scavenge and fight for whatever is left.

Sabotage It's time to sabotage someone's plan! How is entirely up to you. Do you set up a bomb in their toilet? Do you double cross them at the last minute?

Big damn hero You know you have to handle this one alone, so that means disarming or knocking unconscious the person who wants to join you.

Fight club You know the rules... you're in an underground fighting ring and you're fighting with all you've got.

Threaten You've just been sent here to rough them up a little, threaten them into behaving.


Injury / illness Your character has become injured or ill! To what extent is the mun's choice.

Last moments You character has been gravely injured and this is their last chance to say their last words.

Depression Your character is depressed, what actions they take is up to the mun.

Betrayed You character has been betrayed by the other. How do they react?

Tortured Your character is being tortured and needs rescuing or at least a sympathetic ear to help him through it.

Jealousy Your character is feeling jealous and must deal with it, how will they do it?

Breakup! This relationship has gone as far as it can, it's time to breakup.

Broken For whatever reason, the character is broken, mentally or or physically.

Fight You can't even be in the same room as your friend or lover without arguing anymore.

Lost You lost the biggest fight of your life and now all you can do is try to pick up the pieces.

Worst nightmare Whatever you fear the most is now real or maybe you're just trapped in a dream together, but whatever it is, it feels too real.

Addicted You're addicted to something, alcohol, drugs, sex, whatever. It's destroying your life and you can't do anything to stop it.

Hurt you You're being forced to hurt someone you love either by betraying them or even being forced to shout things you don't mean. It's for their own good in the end though.

Separation You were forced to leave this person for their own safety and while you've been miserable without them, you really didn't mean to run into them again... maybe it was by accident or you were watching them from afar this whole time.

Becoming a monster You are slowly changing, becoming a monster: vampire, zombie, demon, something you can't recover from and no-one can help you.

Frozen You are entirely helpless, frozen, to stop some kind of disaster.

Prison You were very bad and now it's time to pay the price by turning yourself in or maybe the law just finally caught up to you.

Fear You're not sure why, but you are suddenly terrified and you can't deal with it. You need help.

Hated You are now hated by the person you loved the most.

Down and out You're living on the streets, you've hit rock bottom, and you don't know what to do.


Sexswap Uh-oh, you're suddenly the opposite sex!

Forced confessions No matter what it is and no matter how hard you resist, you're going to be compelled to spill some deep dark secret!

Mind-reading You've suddenly got the ability to read minds!

Animal You're suddenly part animal or transformed into an animal!

Awkward pick-up lines You're compelled to use bad pickup lines on whoever is closest!

Back in School / Graduated You're suddenly back in school! Or if you were already in it, you've aged and long since graduated!

Vampires, werewolves, and zombies, oh my! You're suddenly a vampire, werewolf, or zombie! Maybe even a demon or a devil, whatever creepy crawly you can think of. What do you do now?

Ghost You're suddenly a ghost or at least invisible. What are you going to do with this new ability?

Awkward conversations So did you just fart or what? Any conversation goes, as long as it's embarrassing and awkward.

Crossdressing For whatever reason, you're suddenly dressed in clothes of the opposite sex.

Suddenly naked Oops! Your clothes are suddenly gone.

Suddenly a kid You're a kid again! Have fun with that second childhood.

Fortune cookie You've suddenly received a note with something that will happen in the future, either precise or vague.

Super power And suddenly you're like Superman! Any power goes.

Bodyswap Somehow you've changed bodies with the other person.

Back in time Somehow, you wound up in the past again. Do you try to correct something or just sit and wait for time to jump? Maybe it jumps to various points in your life or maybe you actually think you're back in the day. Have fun, run wild with the idea!

To the future Is it everything you've dreamed? Is it horrible? Whatever happens, you're here to witness what happens to you in the future. Either you take the place of your future self or you're just there to watch. Might cause some confusion if people start seeing double though...

Angels, mermaids, and fairies! You're not necessary something dark or evil. You're just something different. How do you deal?

Locked in a closet For some reason, you're locked up in a closet with someone else. Do you make nice and try to figure your way out or what?

Finger trap You're caught in a Chinese finger trap... with somebody else! You can't figure out how to get loose either... have fun with that.


Cuddling For whatever reason, characters feel like being close and cuddling.

Pillow talk After the main event, characters are up for some pillow talk.

Celebration Anniversary or some other big event is taking place and characters want to celebrate!

Love confession Someone has finally decided to confess their love and today is the day!

Appreciation You feel the need to show appreciation for that person closest to you, even if it's just a pat on the back.

Apologies You made a mistake and now it's time to make it up in some way you know the other can't refuse!

Get back together Why did you break up again exactly? Whatever the reason, it was a huge mistake and you both know you can work through it.

Date night You've planned for a wonderful night together and you can't wait to get it started.

Family You've either found out you're pregnant or you've already got that addition to your family.

Marriage You're just about to get hitched or maybe you're enjoying your honeymoon. Maybe you've been together for years now! Whatever the case, it's time for that next big step.

Meeting again It's time for that happy reunion finally!

Love at first sight For whatever reason, you are now insanely in love with the first person you set eyes on.

Flirtation You can't resist to do a little bit of harmless flirtation all of a sudden.

In the snow Look outside! It's a winter wonderland, so why not go out and play in it?

Engagement You've planned it all out and now it's time to finally pop the question.

Friendly games You've set up the game station or board games for a friendly competition!

Gift Time to give that special someone a gift just because.

Recovery You're taking care of someone who's just recovered from some illness or injury.

Healing Time to help mend that someone who's been through hell and back.

Better than ever You've finally got everything you've ever wanted here. What is your ideal life and who does it include?


Nice meeting you It's your first time meeting this person! You bumped into each other on the street, in a bar, at work... whatever!

Drinks You're out for drinks! Or just chilling at home with some beers. Wherever!

Lost You're lost and you kind of need help finding your way to where you're going. A little help with directions?

Costume party You're at a costume party, both of you are wearing masks. Do you keep the anonymity or take it off and see whose company you've been enjoying?

Wrong number Oops, actually you didn't mean to call that person...

Drunk You're already drunk! Drunk dialing, stumbling into someone, showing up unexpected... what type of drunk are you anyway? Aggressive, loving, happy? How does the other react?

Old friends you haven't seen this person in a long time!

Rivals you're suddenly rivals! Or maybe you have been all along...

Problems you've got a problem with each other, just got in a huge fight, whatever. Try to work it out!

What are your intentions... This person? They're dating a close friend, family member, etc. You need to find out if they're going to hurt them! Or you need to discuss your friend/family's dating choice.

I saw you you saw the other person doing something bad and you need to confront them about it.

Sorry but no the other person has feelings that you just don't share. They don't necessarily have to be romantic... maybe you just don't agree with their sudden desire to quit their job and start a business making tiny, fuzzy teddy bears.

My hero you need to tell this person how much they mean to you. They've been your best friend or your role model your whole life and they need to know.

Enabler you're enabling the other (or each other) to do something bad, really bad. Addiction, stealing, killing, or just any other self-destructive behavior.

Cooking Time for an impromptu cooking lesson!

Oh, sure, I remember you... It's that awkward moment when someone comes up and seems to know you, but you have no idea who they even are!

Rescue! One of you was in trouble, but you came to the rescue!

Boss One of you works under the other. Is your relationship good? Are you scheming things? Or do you hate each other?

Perfect crime You and the other person have just pulled off the perfect crime... or you're planning to! What are you doing? The heist of the century, an assassination?

Movies movie night! Maybe it's a sleepover. Whichever the case, it's time to eat a lot and have fun.


First time it's your first time together or your first time ever! Enjoy the awkward times!

Bondage You and your partner decide to experiment a little with ropes or handcuffs or whatever you'd like to tie your partner up with.

Rough / Aggressive Your characters want it rough.

Romantic Slow and gentle, meaningful, that's how characters want it.

Dubcon Character A wants Character B and it doesn't really matter if Character B wants it as bad or not.

In public Characters feel like taking a risk and doing it in a public place.

Roleplay Naughty nurse fetish? Pirate kink? You and your partner decide to try it out now!

Healing You've both fought hard or gone through a rough time and it's time to get some R&R in.

Last time This is the last time you're going to this because you're breaking up or maybe your lover is running off to sacrifice their lives in some heroic way. The possibilities are endless, but you better make this one count.

No strings attached You're just friends with benefits. Nothing wrong with that, right?

Anonymous You met in a restroom or bar, any location of your choosing, but you don't even know each other's names.

Toys You're eager to try something new, so why not toys?

Aphrodisiacs You've been slipped a strong aphrodisiac somehow and now you absolutely cannot control yourself.

Show You're putting on a show by either doing it right in the club or filming it for a bunch of people.

Ménage à trois It's time for that threesome you've always dreamed of.

Non-penetrative Frottage, handjobs, whatever you want to try out.

Controlled You are under mind control and must do whatever your lover asks of you.

Hatesex It's not just rough or aggressive, you absolutely cannot stand each other.

Extreme Fisting, knifeplay, whatever you can think of so long as it tests the boundaries.

Fantasy This is just a fantasy, a dream, and you know it, but what is your ideal fantasy and how willing is your partner?

[ Taken from HERE ]

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Harry Osborn / New Goblin || Spiderman (Movieverse) || OTA

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[Crack encouraged.]
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Crack 4 - animal

[personal profile] thatsmysausage 2013-02-17 07:05 pm (UTC)(link)
[Twitch. Twitch.

Germany slaps his hands over his ears. His kitty ears. They just won't stop twitching.

Someone is not having a good day and he could swear that guy is staring at him.

As if a country with kitty ears and a tail was anything to gape at. How rude!]

I'm sorry!
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[personal profile] goblinborn 2013-02-17 07:16 pm (UTC)(link)
[He is indeed staring. Because that is... not normal. Nor cute. Nor... anything except creepy.]

...You okay?

[He'll just glance around and, oh great, no one else is even paying attention. Which means it's on his head to talk to this freak.]
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[personal profile] thatsmysausage 2013-02-17 09:39 pm (UTC)(link)
No... No, I'm not okay! [He gives him a wide-eyed, startled look.] I have cat ears... and a tail!

[There is something extremely wrong with this picture as far as Germany is concerned.]

I'm not supposed to look like this.
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[personal profile] goblinborn 2013-02-17 10:23 pm (UTC)(link)
[There is something extremely wrong with this picture as far as both of them are concerned.]

No shit... How'd that... I mean... [Okay, pausing to collect his thoughts... what thoughts, his brain is too jumbled by the sight to function.]
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[personal profile] thatsmysausage 2013-02-17 10:58 pm (UTC)(link)
[Germany makes a sad face. His ears droop.]

I think I shouldn't have laughed at Iceland when he told me he has demon friends.
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[personal profile] goblinborn 2013-02-17 11:12 pm (UTC)(link)
[...Okay then.]

Sir? Come here. I'm taking you to a hospital. [He is genuinely concerned by pretty much everything that just came out of this man's mouth.]
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[personal profile] thatsmysausage 2013-02-17 11:28 pm (UTC)(link)
[Germany flashes him an unhappy, yet hopeful look.]

Do you think they can do something about the ears and the tail? I don't want Japan to see me like this. I don't want to find out if she has a fetish for cat boys.
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[personal profile] goblinborn 2013-02-17 11:33 pm (UTC)(link)
[He opens his mouth to ask, but... that way lies madness. He just shakes his head and nudges the man gently toward the sidewalk while he pulls out his phone.] I hope they can, and I hope Japan won't see you. Alright?

[Dialing... dialing...]

Hey, Bernard? There's a man here who seriously needs a ride to the hospital. Pick us up, yeah? Near the park. Thanks. [Click.] Just stay right here, okay? And.. try not to talk, I think something's... up.
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[Oh no. He shouldn't have said that. Germany's eyes widen, a gentle squeak escapes him but ends up turning into more of a startled "meow!"

He slaps a hand over his mouth.]

Something i up! I'm a catboy! [He whimpers.] Like in Japan's pervy manga... I don't want to be the hero of a hentai manga!
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Yeah, yeah... here. [He'll just... casually shrug off his jacket and hand it over.] This'll cover the... ears... [God, this is weird. He glances at the tail with a critical look.] I'm guessing that tail can go in your pants without a problem, yeah? [...That didn't sound right. Hurry up, Bernard, he's dying here.]
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[I... I guess? [He is dying here from mortification, but yes, he supposes he can hide the tail that way. Germany decides to give it a try, fortunately he is wearing baggy pants today.

Once he is done he turns around once for Harry's inspection.]

Do I look better? Anything suspicious? I don't look like a freak anymore, do I?
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Try to tuck your ears in, they're looking kinda lumpy there... [He ends up trying to pat them down, and... trying his absolute hardest to pretend this is not the strangest thing that's ever happened to him. No, stranger things have happened, surely. He just.. can't think of any. At all.

Once he's sure the lumps at least mesh in with how the hood is supposed to fit he steps back and glances at the road to hope for his car.
] Well, at least people won't stare now, yeah? Try not to move 'em too much.
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[personal profile] thatsmysausage 2013-02-19 09:34 pm (UTC)(link)
[Shouldn't have said that, Harry. The moment he concentrates on not moving his ears, his ears twitch conspiciously under the hood.

Germany's cheeks flush pink.]
Sorry! I'm trying not to move them but it's hard. They move on their own, I can't control them!

[He gasps.] What if I can't get rid off them?
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[personal profile] goblinborn 2013-02-20 02:18 am (UTC)(link)
[He sighs heavily.] I'm pretty sure they can surgically remove them, otherwise... [Otherwise it makes a great theme for a super-villain, but this man doesn't seem like the type to take that sort of joke. He glances back at the street and oh thank god Bernard's gotten here.]

There's my butler. Here, after you. [He opens the car door, nodding awkwardly to Bernard and waving his new friend into the back seat.]

What seems to be the problem, sir?

Long story. Can you just drive us to the hospital?

Yes, sir. [They still receive an odd look from the old butler; something along the lines of 'young people these days are so strange'.]
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[personal profile] thatsmysausage 2013-02-20 12:26 pm (UTC)(link)
[Germany makes the most pathetic grateful puppy dog eyes, which is, well, quite ironic when you consider that he is currently a cat. Maybe they should be renamed kitty eyes.]

Oh man, thanks, wow, I wouldn't know what to do without you...

I was just visiting America here and sightseeing in New York and then I get that call from Iceland and I say the wrong thing and... Boom! Kitty ears! Right in New York City. Pretty freaky, huh?

[He burrows himself deeper in that hoodie, making himself as small as possible in the intimidatingly large and fancy car.] No one's gonna believe this story!
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[personal profile] goblinborn 2013-02-20 11:13 pm (UTC)(link)
Yeah, that's kind of why I didn't call 911 for you. [Harry gets in next to him and silently signals Bernard to drive.] You might wanna stop talking about calling other countries, that won't get you very far. I'll leave the... questions about your ears to the doctors, yeah? I'll be taking my jacket back once we get there.