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Rainy Day Meme

Rainy day meme

You've cross-indexed every weather report and they all call for rain.
Use the RNG to randomize, or pick a prompt yourself.

Stay Dry:
1. Umbrella-ella-ella:
A rainbow of colors, from black to red and leopard spots and clear.
2. Raincoat: You've got your raincoat buttoned up--but what about your friend?
3. Staying Inside: You're not going anywhere. Hot tea/cocoa/coffee/bloodwine/whatever, a blanket, and maybe a good book or someone to chat with. You can watch the rain from here.
4. Under an awning/outside: No umbrella, no coat, but maybe these shopkeepers won't mind you standing here until it eases off.
5. Tree: Probably not the best idea, but it's not a thunderstorm, so you might be dry, if it's a big enough tree.

Getting wet:
6. Puddle splashing:
Put on your galoshes and have some fun! Or maybe the puddles are just too big to avoid...
7. Let's Play! are you one of those strange people who think the best time to go out and run, bike, or play sports is in the rain? Garden? Fly kites? (Please try not to imitate Ben Franklin.)
8. Work or Duty: You're not out here for fun--you HAVE to be out here. Too bad the weather's so awful
9. Unprepared: The trees are all drippy, the wind gets under any awnings you can find, and finding a dry place to stand for a few minutes is nigh impossible.
10. Umbrell-eh? You thought you were all prepared for the wet weather. And then your umbrella broke, your raincoat sprung a leak, and the gutters are overflowing.

11. Thunderbolts and Lightning!
Very very frightening? Or maybe you're reveling in it? Telling scary stories to make it worse or soothing frayed nerves with a lullaby?
12. Blow Blow Thou Wind: It gets into everything! Blowing you off course, small dogs away from owners, and whatever else it can get at. Or maybe you're smart enough to watch the blasts from inside.
13. Water's Rising: Is it just me, or are the creeks getting a little high? Or maybe it's just your waterlogged yard or gutters.
14. Freezing rain: oh well now THIS is fun. Leaves everything in a coating of ice. Slick, brings down powerlines--but you can sled on it (if you don't value your skull much).

15. Wild Card Is it raining frogs? Cats and dogs? Storm of the year? Just a drizzly mist? Rain that lasts for about 5 seconds and then it's sunny again? Whatever floats your boat, so to speak.
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Liam Lunettes | Pandora Hearts | PHDR or canon preferred

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7, probably

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Break is a creature whose personality consists mainly of obnoxious habits.

One of these, of course, is the notion he has in his head that whenever something irritating or unpleasant happens to him -- work existing, for example -- a certain Liam Lunettes is the one who is going to take care of it for him. Pulling books he needs from the library because Liam knows his way around in there far better, carrying candy in his pockets for Break to pillage, occasionally providing a hiding place from Sharon's warpaths by virtue of the fact that it's not like Liam can keep him out of his office; all of these are things that Liam does for him, even if he does bitch about it the entire time. Sometimes, Break even flings his paperwork about the place on purpose, because he knows that when Liam picks it up and shoves it at him later it will arrive neatly organized and much easier to figure out. Hell, sometimes Liam even does the paperwork himself, on slow days. Good old neurotic Mister Liam.

And so it is that just now, Break is standing in the doorway to Liam's office, bedraggled and pathetic and looking very wet indeed. He has been caught in a rainstorm today, and now he is cold and unhappy. Naturally, Liam is going to do something about this, too. When he wakes up. Because Liam has fallen asleep at his desk again.

Well, then.

For a few moments, Break stands there dripping on the carpet and thinking, mulling over just what level of awful Liam deserves from him today. Presently, he smiles to himself, squelches over to the desk, and drapes his soggy self over Liam's broad back. Then he braces himself for the flailing.

This is gonna be good.
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Liam is in the middle of a nice dream where paperwork on which his head is currently resting is doing itself...
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Abruptly, a flood invades his dream, washing the magical self-paperworking paperwork disappear in a torrent of cold ink!
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It's absolute dismay over the tragic loss, along with the cold wet on his back, that brings him flailing awake.

"Yiii! The paperwork!"
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He may be partly asleep, but that cold wet draped across his back brings Liam to full awareness rather quickly. Enough that he realizes that there is actually wet and quickly shoves the paperwork that had been his pillow away before it gets dripped upon too terribly.

"XERXES BREAK! What on earth--?"
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That's about when he realizes that instead of dumping water on him, Break has dumped himself on him. His sopping wet self, which he clearly dragged through Liam's office.

"Stop dripping all over my office, you lunatic!"
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Ugh, Liam wants a hot bath now, his back is all soaked and cold--
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And that's about the moment that Liam realizes that if he's finding the water coming off Break cold, Break must be absolutely frigid.

"You idiot! You're going to catch your death of a cold! What are you thinking, traipsing around sopping and freezing like that instead of changing clothes?!"
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Yes. This is exactly the sort of response that Break was hoping for. Good job, Liam.

For the first few seconds of it, while Liam is coming awake, Break allows a serene, beatific little smile to cross his face. But once the real flailing starts, and the yelling, he assumes the expression of a man deeply hurt by all this fuss and scolding, backing away enough to hold his sleeves up to his mouth as though he's quite thoroughly aghast with the whole mess.

"But Mister Liam, my other things are all in the laundry," he argues. It is a big, fat lie. "Where else am I to go for clean, dry clothes? Or would you have me wear the jacket that Chain exploded all over yesterday..."

That part is not a lie, and he is sure Liam remembers just how stinky that whole affair had been. Thwip, thwip, thwip, go the drops of water against the carpet.
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Liam knows quite a bit better than to buy that expression, your horrible troll. But he wouldn't be surprised if Break waited until he had nothing else to wear to have his clothes laundered.

And he does remember that horrid stench.

"That jacket should be burned."

But now he has to discover a solution, clearly, or this maniac will continue dripping about his office. Shame they're not at the Barma manor--after all, his master prepared clothing for Break and it's still lurking about somewhere.

Thwip, thwip...

Liam is going to go insane.

"Pajamas! Surely you have pajamas!"
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"You want me running about the place in my pajamas at this time of day? Honestly! What would people say about me if I were to do such a thing?"

Nothing worse than what's already said about him, most likely, but there is the reputation of the Rainsworth house to consider. They're formidable enough that to some extent people can talk as they like and it'll roll right off their backs, but their prized madman skulking around the Pandora headquarters in his pajamas in the middle of the afternoon would be less bemusingly ridiculous and more laughably so. Not even Break will sink that low, not when he's representing them here.

"Well, if I'm going to wear my pajamas I suppose I may as well go straight to bed, and leave all that paperwork undone~" he declares, turning to march toward the door and slinging water about in his wake as he goes. There's the horrifying sound of drops hitting parchment, too, but fortunately, he misses everything important.
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"As though anyone would notice the difference between that and the ridiculous outfits you already wear!"

No no no no stop walking around his office. Liam hurries to usher him out, terrified that he'll actually wet something important if he stays in here any longer. He scowls at the mention of paperwork--because he practically does Break's anyway. Break is well aware of that.

"And if you get sick, I'll have to do it anyway!"
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"SO MEAN, SO MEAN!" Emily yells, apparently taking great offense at Break's fashion sense being so insulted. Likewise, Break turns over his shoulder to give Liam one of his most crocodilian of fake pouts -- though, being so drippy and bedraggled, it really does look a bit more real than usual this time.

"That's really your priority, isn't it?" he asks, well aware that it isn't. "No thought at all to how miserable I would be if I were to come down with pneumonia; only all the work I wouldn't do. So cruel!"

"So cruel!" echoes the doll, jangling with the inhumanity of it. Really, Liam, what kind of best friend are you?
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"Alright, pajamas are not as ridiculous as your usual outfits, so it might actually get notice."

Scowling right through that pout and marching him into the hallway. This sort of banter is something Liam is completely used to.

"Oh, yes. There would probably be even more paperwork if you died of pneumonia instead of being eaten by some Chain, and you'd whine the entire time."

Break's only best friend, and he knows it.

Now to consider where to go. If Break's claim about laundry is true--and with him, there's no telling--then there aren't any clothes for him to wear. They could always visit the laundry and get a generic Pandora uniform for him to change into, though. Really, though, it might just be easier to shove him in some of Liam's clothes. They'll be big, but so (aside from the pants) are Break's normal clothes.

With that in mind, Liam will be steering him toward his quarters.
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Ohoho! Break knows exactly where they are heading, recognizing the hallway, and he is pleased. It's not like the man makes any effort to hide his preference for clothes that are too big, in which he may flutter and flap about like some sort of deranged purple bat. Liam, being so tall and broad in the shoulder, is the perfect resource for such clothes. Swimming around in one of Liam's coats and wearing pants whose hems will drag the floor will be the most perfect, comfiest ending to this day.

"That's true, that's true! Pneumonia would be such a slow death. If I were to be eaten, I wouldn't have time to build up anymore backlog for you first." He waves one sleeve idly as they walk. "I shall have to be careful to avoid a quick death. It would be dreadful of me to leave a workaholic like you with no backlog to sort through to help you get through the grief."

He could have just broken into Liam's room and stolen things, of course. But then he wouldn't get to play with Liam. He really does enjoy the other man's company, even if he is too emotionally inept to express his affections by any other method than being a giant pain in the ass.
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Liam already knows he doesn't have anything too ridiculous in his wardrobe, but that Break will make anything he wears from it ridiculous with his petite frame and behavior. He's resigned to that.

The discussion of death is bothering him, though.

"If you really wanted to ensure I have a backlog, not dying is probably the most effective way," he points out.

He scowls down at his ridiculous friend, feeling through Break's clothing just how cold he is.

"Perhaps I should draw you a bath before you change. Otherwise you may really get pneumonia. Lady Sharon might come after me with a harisen if you do!"
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"But shall it be a bubble bath?" Break asks, as though this is the most important issue at hand in that regard. This day really is getting better and better and the idea of a warm bath brings him some honest relief, but he just can't help but push. "Baths aren't any fun without bubbles, you know, Liam."

"BUBBLES, BUBBLES!" shrieks Emily in agreement. Does Liam even own bubble bath? Feh, he probably doesn't take baths that don't involve a basin and a sponge unless he can take a pile of paperwork in with him. Perhaps Break can at least get a glass of wine out of this, though.
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"I don't have bubble bath."

Liam lets out a long-suffering sigh. Really, this man does find every possible way to be a child.

And he most certainly does take baths! Nice hot ones! Just not with bubbles.

"You'll have to do with a bubble-less hot bath. The object isn't to have fun, anyway; it's to keep you from getting pneumonia."
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"But Mister Liam, not getting pneumonia is fun," Break points out. Logic, Liam. Logic.
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"Well, then, there is no need for bubbles if it's already fun."

This is logic he can work with.

They've reached his room, and he pulls a key from his pocket.
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"Just because it is fun doesn't mean it can't be more fun. Honestly, Liam, do you at least have cake?"

He turns from where he's being shoved along to scowl at Liam properly, let him see just what a sulk he's faking right now, but a bit of chilly water drips from a strand of his hair down onto his nose. With a twitch and a noise that sounds a lot like one of Sharon's dainty little half-sneezes, Break lifts one overlarge sleeve to wipe his face off -- and finds it just as chilly and wet as the rest of him.

Okay, this is not so amusing anymore.
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"Likely not, since you have a tendency to requisition anything sweet."

At the dainty, feminine sneeze and the clear misery that Break is in, Liam quickly unlocks the door and marches him through his quarters into the bathroom, where he drapes a fluffy towel over his head.

"See, you're already getting sick, you moron!" Taking pity, he admits, "I could probably procure some cake while you get a hot bath. I assume you'd like tea with it, as well."

He reaches to turn on the bathtub tap. And, yes, it is a nice bathtub--a large one, given that Liam happens to be quite tall.
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"And wine."

No sooner is the towel over his head than Break is forting in it, naturally. It makes for an...adequate fort, as forts go. It isn't big enough for a good, solid rolling around in, but it is soft and fluffy. This makes up for its lack of size, and so Break will accept this fort.

"Cake and tea for the both of us, and then wine for after, Mister Liam. I may have recently been granted access to the secret stash of Oscar Vessalius, earlier this week. He keeps the best stuff for a nip right before meetings, you know~"
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Oh, Break is demanding, isn't he? But Liam is willing to entertain him if he'll just do what needs to be done to keep him from being sick. Tea, cake, and wine. It's doable. The blanket-forting is normal, at least. Big manchild.

Once he gets the water the right temperature of warm, he sighs softly at the idea of Oscar Vessalius drunk at Pandora meetings.

"Well... That certainly explains how some of those meetings go. Where is this stash?"

It would be pointless to clear the stash out, though it's tempting.

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