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the "i can hear what you are thinking" meme

The "I Can Hear What You Are Thinking" Meme

You cannot help thinking. There's always a thought process at play, sometimes it's related to what you're doing or talking about, sometimes it's not. In all contexts, however, our thoughts remain our own. Imagine, then, one day when you're doing laundry with your mom and suddenly your every thought is broadcasted out loud. That's what's happening now and your character will have to deal with the consequences the best they can...

¤ Post with your character. Name, canon and any preferences in the subject line.
¤ Others choose one of the options below and have their characters strike up conversation with yours.
¤ Throughout the conversation your character's thoughts are broadcasted out loud for both parties to hear.
¤ Profit!

1. honest opinion | "Honey, does this dress make me look fat?" "You look beautiful, baby." (Umph, that ass. So big. I like big butts and I cannot lie...)
That moment when your thoughts are far more honest than your words, except now the other party can hear what you're thinking. Oops.

2. accidental revelation | "I think we should get some more milk as well." "Fine by me." (Oh, there's a gigantic hole in my pantyhoses. I hope she doesn't see...)
That moment when you're thinking about something really embarrassing while in the company of someone else, except now it's ringing loud and clear. Oh no!

3. deepest desire | "What are you thinking about?" "Nothing." (Not fair, don't you know how much I want to kiss you when you smile like that...)
That moment when you're voicing your deepest desires and wishes in your thoughts, except now it's being voiced out loud for you too. What do?

4. unintended admittance | "This is Hamilton!" "You finally got a new cat, then." (Fuck, how am I supposed to tell her that I ran over her old one...)
That moment when it's a good thing that others can't hear what you're thinking, because you're admitting to things you'd rather they not find out about. Now they will, though. Have fun with that.

5. wildcard | "What do you say?" (...)
Want to combine or is there something that's been left out? The wildcard covers it all.

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Dean Winchester | Supernatural | Open

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Balthazar does not care for being summoned under the best of circumstances. Even less so when it's a Winchester doing the summoning. At least he wasn't pulled out of a party this time, but the brandy glass in his hand suggests he was enjoying himself in some fashion. He fixes Dean with a dry stare. "I don't like how this is becoming a routine. I'll be sending you an invoice."

((I see you play Destiel. Would you be interested in either an awkward love-triangle thing or Balthazar being all 'are your intentions toward my brother honorable? :|' If not, I'm okay with general shenanigans and mutual annoyance. Also, if you'd prefer Dean not have actually summoned him, it could be a side-effect of his thoughts being audible.))
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"Put it on my credit card." Dean's not actually all that happy about it, either, thank you very much. He's wary of angels at the best of times, and Balthazar's always struck him as the carpetbagger type. He doesn't have much of a choice, though- surprise, surprise, the Winchesters are low on allies. One wonders why.

This is one problem he can't go to Cas about. It's just- there's some shit up there that he might... you know... misunderstand, or take it to mean something... more than it...

Fucking anyway, his problem should become pretty apparent within a few seconds. It's not just the normal Angel Mojo I can totally read your brain if I concentrate, Dean's full on projecting. To everyone. Hell, Sam kicked him out of the room after ten minutes. Dean doesn't blame him- he can't control his thoughts, they're all over the place.

Smarmy bastard's actually kind of funny but I still totally hate him, this warehouse is creepy, I'm fucking starving, I wonder if they make those v-necks in men's sizes oh shit abort abort I'm about to get drop-kicked by an angel he's got pretty awesome hair though.

It's a mess.

[I'm totally for the honorable intentions big brother thing! And tentatively good with the love-triangle as well, but I've never actually done anything shippy with Balthazar so I might be less awesome at it in actual application. I'm up for anything once, and twice if it's good, haha.]
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((I actually prefer brotherly protectiveness, too, so let's go for that. XD))

"Ah, certainly, but I'd prefer the card you've liberated most recently, just to make sure the charge goes through." He knows how the boys operate, after all. It would be hypocritical for him to actively disapprove of theft, but he can't resist teasing.

As there's no holy oil or sigils fencing him in, he saunters toward a stack of crates, prepared to have a seat. The tumble of thoughts coming from Dean pulls him up short, though. He blinks slowly, drains his glass, and sets it down. "I think I see your problem. Dare I ask how this...bounty of blackmail material you're providing me came to be so easily available?"

His lips quirk in a more subtle grin than usual. In light of the potential for gain here, he'll ignore the insults directed at him. At least for the moment.
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[Sweet! C:]

"Listen, man, I'll do your friggin' dry cleaning if that's what it takes." Not, like, well or anything, but it's a testament to how desperate he is at the moment. Because what if Sam- or God forbid- Cas hears that he-

Focus, Winchester! Lalala knockin' me out with them American thighs, had me fightin' for air, told me to come, but I was already there~

His singing voice isn't much better in his head. He'd apologize, but it's sort of the least of his problems. Also, he doesn't give a shit.

"A witch. Or... you know, wizard. Male witch. Whatever the fuck they call themselves. Death Eaters. I don't know." Is that champagne? What a girl. Whiskey would be nice. Real, real friggin' nice. Jesus Christ. Kill me now.
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Well! He must be desperate indeed, if he'd rather risk giving away a secret to Balthazar than to his closest confidantes. This is fascinating. He's tempted to draw out the conversation just to see what Dean will come out with. But not if he keeps singing.

"No, no. No shaking." He draws a hand across his own throat. "You can be back in black later, when I don't have to hear it. I believe the male version tends to go by witch, as well. Or warlock, perhaps. Conventions do change."

He smirks. "And it's a Louis XIII de Remy Martin, thank you. It's not my fault you can't tell a good cognac when you see one. You'd better sit so I can have a good look into your head. This might take a bit of unraveling to repair."
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He'd rather risk giving away his secret to Oprah than Sam or Cas. Not that he's going to say that. Then again, it's not like he needs to. He's broadcasting in full stereo up here, which probably does absolutely nothing to help with the singing. Not even Bose audio could make that sound good.

Since when do angels know ACDC? Why doesn't Cas know ACDC? Shit, I'm slacking. Gonna have to introduce him to Zeppelin- that'd be ho-

Fuckshitdamn lalala omnis spiritus satanica-
Cognac? Like that's any better. Why am I surrounded by people with no appreciation for Man Drinks? Next thing you know, Cas is going to pop in with a friggin' Daiquiri-

"God damn it- yeah, come on, cop a mental feel, whatever you gotta do, can we just get this over with please?" As much as his brain is sending out do not want at the idea of being molested by Pretentious McSwarmypants, he's one of the few people on the planet Dean actually sort of maybe a little kind of trusts to do it. In an ideal world, it'd be Cas poking around in his brain. When the likelihood that his feelings are going to be discovered, though- not that he has those. Or anything. Fuck. Ugh.

He hops up onto the hood of an abandoned Charger, and waves the angel on impatiently.
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"Cas seems to prefer classical music." Balthazar stands next to him, head tilted in much the same way as Castiel tends to when he's trying to figure something out. It looks less puppylike in Balthazar, though. "And in my experience, he'll drink anything. You're surprisingly interested in his preferences. Did you know he's into poetry?"

That's a test to see where Dean's brain goes from here. Not that Balthazar is being entirely idle in working on the problem. As soon as he speaks he places the backs of his fingers to Dean's temple, like he's checking him for fever. This isn't something that can be forced to heal with a touch. Witchcraft is tricky.
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Classical music? Fuck. Is that just because it's all those angel dicks are exposed to up there on the cloud, or does he actually jam out to Bach? At least it's not tween pop, but- Jesus Christ, none of them know anything about personal space.

He's determinedly trying to ignore the similarities between Balthazar and his brother, because it's just going to lead in a direction he's trying very pointedly not to think about. The dick isn't making it any easier, though, it's almost like he knows-

Poetry? Really? Fuck, he's going to have to recite some bullshit Robert Frost to-

He snaps back into focus with a glare, and points an accusing finger at the angel. "What the fuck, man?"

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Balthazar understands personal space fairly well for an angel. It's just that he's willing to invade it to prove a point, or to work properly. The touch tells him quite a bit about the spell acting on Dean's brain, and he clicks his tongue as he withdraws, smirking slightly. "This warlock fellow, is he still at large or did you handle him?"

He leans on the car a foot or two away from Dean, gaze piercing. "Because if he's still alive, he deserves an award for constructing something this clever and then finding exactly the right person to use it on. Robert Frost, really? Try a Shakespearean sonnet. The 129th, perhaps? The expense of spirit in a waste of shame/
Is lust in action...

Yes, it's a safe bet he knows what Dean's trying to hide at this point. "So. Shall we talk about the technical details of the spell first, or would you rather I go ahead and grill you about Cas and get it over with?"
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To be honest, Cas is starting to understand personal space pretty well himself, he does it less to strangers than he seems to do to Dean, but he's pretty okay with that. Not for any particular reason. Really, out of all of the angels he's met, Balthazar seems to be the most well-adjusted one. Even if he is, you know, a dick.

Dean's a dick, too, though, so he can't really hold that against anybody.

Shakespeare. Ah, crap. That's so over my-


Shit, shit, shit, shit-

He tugs back a little, flicking his eyes to the wall across the room. His arms cross defensively over his chest. "Whatever you're thinking, man, it's not- No. It's totally not- you've got it all wrong. And the warlock is dead, so you can skip the ceremony and get straight to undoing his art."
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It takes a dick to know a dick? Wait, no, now that's starting to sound like pornography. But Balthazar would be the first to admit he can be a jackass. He finds it freeing!

"I don't think I've got it all wrong. I would like some clarification. I'll have to insist on it, in fact. But let me explain this magical effect you're suffering." Balthazar leans back against the car's windshield, folding his arms behind his head. "To put it simply, the harder you try not to think about something, the more this spell will bring that thought to the forefront and then broadcast it. It'd probably be less effective on someone who wasn't trying so hard to repress everything in the first place."

He rolls his head to the side carelessly and smiles. "Now, in the light of that information, are you really going to continue to deny you're carrying a torch for my brother?"
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It does take a dick to know a dick, and that's exactly the type of subject matter he's trying not to think about. He shifts to glare daggers at Balthazar's stupid haircut- yeah, that's right. He said it. He changed his mind. Stupid haircut.

And stupid sweater.

And Cognac is for women and douchebags.

And he loves-

Fuck you with a
rake, Balthazar. With a fucking rake!

"There are no torches! Nothing's on fire! There's no torch-bearing of any kind, okay, so you can just-"

That's bullshit and you know it, Winchester. Oh, god damn it, fine, it's the stupid blue eyes and the hair and the head tilting and the way he never gets any of Dean's references and that he keeps coming back when everyone else keeps leaving and-

Dean shoves rather pointedly off of the car and paces across the room, as though distance is a factor in any way whatsoever.

"Look, man, fuck you! If you're not gonna help, then take off and I'll find someone else. Don't just sit there and-"

He waved a hand rather helplessly in the angel's general direction.

"Do whatever it is you're doing. Asshole."
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((I LOLed.))

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"Breathe, boy. I never said I wasn't going to help. I just happen to be interested in Castiel's welfare." He sits up. "Very. Interested. I know your history. I know that you're so damaged it's staggering that you can lift your head up and function like a normal human being. You know, I helped to hold the doorway to Hell open when Castiel went to retrieve you."

He stands and stretches. "I'm actually impressed you've gotten this far. So if the reason you don't want to get involved with Cassi is because you're afraid you'll fuck it up, I totally understand. If it's one of those machismo things, I have less sympathy for you."

Standing where he is, he watches Dean mildly, for once more inquisitive than smug. This could actually be important.
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[Mission accomplished! C:]

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He actually does stop his pacing and his cursing at that little revelation. Helped hold the doorway open- he hadn't known that. The whole... Cas pulling him from hell thing was kind of an... intimate relationship. To put it lightly. He's not sure how he feels- and yeah, Balthazar was acting on orders just like Cas was acting on orders, but... still. It's a complicated mess, and it actually makes his frantic internal monologue freeze for a second.

It kicks back into gear at the attempt to analyze his motivations. "It's not-"

That simple. Neither. Both. The conflicting thoughts are less... verbalized and more feelings and impressions, and, yeah, he's not attracted to dudes. But that's not the big issue. There was a period of time where things got rough, where Dad would be gone and he'd have to find ways to make money, and things were less than kosher. If it was just a big gay freak out, he could probably handle it.

But Cas is an angel.

And everyone leaves, in the end. They die, or they figure out I'm a fucking fraud, or--

It doesn't matter the reason. He fucks it up, or he's not worth the effort, or the fucking universe steps in and swats down any attempt at a relationship, a friendship, a family, and it's gone. So he can't...

"It doesn't matter. It's never gonna happen. Nothing," He gives Balthazar a significant look, "Is ever going to happen. Period. So just... drop it."

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Poor Dean. There were a handful of angels involved in his rescue, even if Castiel was the only one to successfully reach and retrieve him. Planning, logistics...air support, after a fashion. Balthazar was flattered to be included. And then of course there was the ringing announcement made via angel radio: Dean Winchester is saved. For the first time, Balthazar wonders what it's like for a human to have the entirety of Heaven all up in his grill. Probably not fun.

His lips purse, face screwing up into an expression that's part sympathy, part disappointment. "He stitched you back together, Winchester. He already knows where all the scars are. But regardless, you would be wise to ask yourself why a being older than your species is willing to follow you around like a lost puppy and put up with your obnoxious, abrasive, stubborn little soul. I wouldn't do it."

It seems that Castiel's feelings aren't the issue either, though, so he drops that topic for the moment, shaking his head. "I suppose I could be cruel and tell you the spell will only be broken when you admit your feelings and share true love's first kiss, but I don't want to be responsible for a major nervous breakdown. My free advice to you is be honest with yourself, if no one else. And if you damage my brother, I'll make you wish you were never born."

His eyes narrow at the last sentence, deadly serious. A moment later he's all smiles again. "Now get back over here so I can fix your head."
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He knew that. Cas had mentioned it once- it took several angels to rescue you from hell! He'd just... well, in his mind, they'd all been nameless soldiers, blank slates, personality-lacking dicks that were just under orders. Turns out, Cas and Balthazar's garrison must be like the bad-ass squad of Heaven.

Shit, that probably meant that Uriel was involved, too. Ugh. He's gonna need a soul shower to scrub that realization off.

The look on his face during Balthazar's truly heartwarming speech (not) is one of warning and incredulity, but it's mostly a mask- as the angel can tell- for the way the gears are whirring in his head. Why does Cas bother following him around when there are people so much less fucked up in the world than him?

It doesn't matter. Even if he- it doesn't matter.

That's what he tells himself, anyway, but it's with less certainty this time.

He finally edges back over, arms crossed defensively, and rests his hips against the hood of the car rather than fully sitting this time.

"Thanks for that, Dr. Phil, but like I said- don't worry about it. Just de-loudspeaker me so I can shoot myself in peace."
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Everybody's a nameless blank slate until you get to know them. This is why angels like Uriel and Zachariah think of humans as dirt-wallowing beasts. Balthazar's opinion was only a little bit kinder until recent years, when he had occasion to interact and walk upon the earth. Now...well, he'd be hard-pressed to say he likes the Winchesters, but there's some grudging respect there.

And of course, any friend of Castiel's is at once a potential source of jealousy and something of value to be protected. Bastards.

"It's not my business. I know." His voice is quiet this time, but without the edge of laughter that marks when he's being deliberately obnoxious. "Except he's the only brother that knows I'm alive right now. I don't think I need to explain the importance of brotherly bonds to you. Don't move."

He reaches out and places a hand on Dean's head again. This time, rather than the light brush to his temple, it feels like he's yanking really hard at the human's hair, except then something gives and starts to unravel into a thread of greenish light.
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His bias extends past everybody and gets ramped up about a hundred notches at angel. It's true, though, that he's just as biased against most of them as most of them are against him. Dean's a little nearsighted that way. He doesn't typically accept new people- especially ones that aren't human into his reclusive circle of trust, but for what it's worth, Balthazar...

Well, he's a more likely candidate than anyone else at the present time.

As such, the quiet statement that isn't quite a threat is taken with more than an ounce of respect. Because he gets that. He really does. He's not going to fuck around. Not with Cas. It ought to be plainly written in his thoughts.

He doesn't have time to respond, though, because his head's jerking backward and shit, that's weird--

It doesn't... hurt, not in the conventional sense. He's used to pain, anyway. It's more of a... a pressure, needling through the pathways in his brain, knitting the gray matter into a new pattern. His vision swims, and his grip on the metal of the hood turns into something white-knuckled and bruising.
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Balthazar wouldn't ask Dean to trust him completely. Certainly he could be trusted with his life, but never with his ego. He can sense the underlying pattern of Dean's thoughts plainly enough, between the spell and the physical contact, and there's a small shake of his head, somewhere between resigned and mildly disapproving. What can possibly be gained by dancing around this kind of thing like it doesn't exist?

Still, it's plain enough that Dean takes Castiel's welfare seriously, and that's the most important thing here.

...Isn't it?

The pressure as the spell pulls loose feels like a constricting band around his temples, but the more the angel pulls, the looser it gets. There are a couple unpleasant and questionable popping sensations, and then it's gone, and blessedly silent.

Balthazar has the spell coiled up in his palm like a ball of tattered yarn, studying it speculatively. "There you go. Try the AC-DC thing again, we'll see if it comes through audibly."

And then he notices Dean looks a little woozy and adds, " your own time. Do you need to sit?"

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Dean doesn't trust anyone completely. Not like he used to. Not since everything happened with Sam. He'd be lying if he said he's not starting to get there with Cas, but he considers the angel a special case. He did, after all, rebel against the entirety of Heaven and his own religion in order to do Dean a solid, it's not like he hasn't earned it.

He just... trusts Balthazar enough to do stuff like this without holding it against him or stealing a kidney or some shit. He trusts the angel enough to know he'll be walking away with his soul in tact, even if he does owe the guy a favor that'll more than likely be called in with something unpleasant.

Eh, well. It's not that free of a world, anyway, and Dean makes good on his debts. Unless it's credit card debt, that is.

The look he shoots Balthazar is dirty, because he is like a thousand percent done with this bullshit.

"I'm fine," he barks, though noticeably doesn't try and push off of the hood just quite yet. Instead of a cheerful rendition of Back in Black, he announces I hope you get crabs in Balthazar's general direction with his mind.
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Of course! Balthazar would never buy a soul without its owner's consent and a proper contract. That's just proper protocol, and if he picked that up from the Crossroads Demon operations manual...well, even a stopped evil clock is right twice a day. Chances are he will call in a favor some day, but it can wait.

He's not sure whether to be amused or offended by the dirty look. Ah, well, it's not like Dean's default mode is polite. The angel rolls his eyes and waits patiently.

"I'm sensing some hostility, but no music and nothing concrete in words," he says after a moment, and clenches his fist around the unraveled spell. It dissolves in a flurry of glimmering dust, and he dusts his hand off on his trousers. "So I call that a success."
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He does manage, after a few moments, to get his shit together and shove off the hood of the car. If his shoulders are drawn a little tighter, it's out of sheer force of will. He's trying to keep his balance here- turns out, getting your head screwed with gives you a massive case of vertigo, and he's not staggering around like a drunk in front of the most Pretentious Angel in the Garrison (ask anybody).

Still, it's a relief that it's done, and he does owe Balthazar one, so he gives the guy a sarcasm-free nod. "Thanks."

Which is about as sincere as it gets in Winchester land. The unspoken I owe you one hangs there, because he's not going to say it even if they both know it's true. Despite his reputation, he's not actually a humongous ingrate.

But he does still hope Balthazar gets crabs.
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Balthazar would say he's the prettiest angel in the garrison, too, although he doesn't really believe his own hype. He watches Dean get up and move, and judging from the slight quirk of his eyebrows, he can tell the hunter isn't quite back to normal.

"You're welcome. Did you drive here?" Because he's not sure Dean should drive back just yet. While he can tell Dean won't take kindly to interference, he's a little concerned that Castiel would get annoyed if he let him drive off and have a car accident.

Sadly for Dean, there will be no crabs for Balthazar. Angels can't get venereal disease, even in human vessels.
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Dean might argue that point vehemently if he weren't trying so hard to deny his attraction to a pair of blue eyes and sex hair. Really, though, if Cas was out of the running, Balthazar might have a shot at the crown.

Wait, no. Anna looked awesome naked. Sorry, pal. Better luck next time.

"No, I flapped my arms really hard." Yeah, he drove. A beat, and he frowns. "Why, you angling for a lift?"

That Balthazar has his best interests in mind isn't really the first idea that crops up. No offense.

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