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The Domestic Meme

❧ Leave a comment with your character's name, fandom, and any preferences you have.
❧ When replying, RNG for a number between 1 and 15. The number corresponds to the scenario that you will play out in whatever way you want to.
❧ Go from there!
01] baby
Suddenly, there's a new addition to your family! Are you expecting? Adopting? Struggling to find the perfect name for your child? Or maybe you're up at a ridiculous hour in the morning because they're crying like crazy.

02] just married
Congratulations! You and your loved (?) one are about to start a whole new life together! It's time for the honeymoon...

03] house hunting
Are you seeking out an apartment? A dream house? Or just any old place, as long as you're with your other? Make sure to weigh your options very carefully...

04] household chores
It's time to clean/cook/garden/take care of something! Do you work together, or does one of you hide until everything is done?

05] shopping
Whether it's for furniture, groceries, or something in between, shopping is something that everybody must do at some point in time! What varies is if they like it or not.

06] family vacation
... well, as long as the kids are happy, right...? You may not be happy (or maybe you are), but it's mainly about ~family bonding~.

07] romantic retreat
It's you and your loved one's anniversary, and you decide it's time to take some time off and take them somewhere nice, where you only have each other.

08] comfort
Is somebody sick in bed? Or perhaps they just had a bad day? Sometimes, a good breakfast in bed or a home-cooked meal can really lift the spirits! Or perhaps you want to try medicine, or laughter, or something else?

09] pet
Suddenly, you have another addition to the family! Is it a puppy? A kitty? A fierce dragon? Whatever it is, make sure to give it a name and to take good care of it!

10] holiday
Happy birthday/New Years/Christmas/Valentine's Day/whatever! It's a very special day that only comes once a year, so make it count!

11] argument
Oh, no, who left the stove on... Or maybe it's about why they were out late last night? Either way, there is a lot of tension today, and one of you may or may not be sleeping on the couch tonight.

12] making up
It's time to make amends for that fight/divorce/whatever you had before! After all, you love each other... right?

13] surprise, surprise
You are feeling rather loving tonight, so you want to remind the other person how much you cherish and appreciate them... if it's by something cute and adorable or hot and sexy is completely up to you.

14] proposal
SHUT UP THIS TOTALLY FITS You've been with your other for what feels like forever, and finally you want to tie the knot with them. Will you go down on one knee before them, or get a little creative?

15] other
I know I'm forgetting like a bajillion and one different things here, so this is the option for that!
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Ordinary!Cas | Supernatural AU

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09 and Dean is so excited he can't even words.

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[Oh, yes.

Oh, so very yes.

Dean bursts through the apartment door with so much enthusiasm, it bounces off the wall. He doesn't even care, bro, because guess who brought home a puppy? This guy right here.]


[The sound's mixed with a series of high pitched, happy sounding barks. Say hello to Colt.]
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Looool that was exactly why I stuck Cas on here :P adoooorbs. WHAT BREED IS PUPPY?

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[He'd just been hanging out on the couch, flipping idly through the OnDemand offerings for the month when he'd heard them: muffled, bark-like sounds that he'd thought were part of the movie he'd turned on, but upon muting the tv realized were coming from outside.

Huh, strange. Man, it'd be kind of fun to get a dog... Maybe he'll bring it up later.

He's turned the sound back on and has just settled himself into the couch when the apartment door slams open, hard enough to probably put a doorknob shaped dent in the wall and cost them their security deposit... But Cas isn't thinking about that at all because puppy.]

Holy shit.

[There's a puppy. A puppy in their apartment. He jumps up from the couch with more genuine enthusiasm than he's usually given to and bounces over to the door, bending down to scratch it behind its ear gleefully. There may or may not be some puppy-talk or a 'heya buddy~" in there somewhere. Maybe. Just a bit, because come on, it's a puppy. Glancing up at Dean with a wide smile plastered to his face, he rubs the palm of his hand affectionately over the puppy's face. It bites his finger and it's just... It's not cute, cute is reserved for attractive redheaded waitresses and the lovely hippies that come into his bookstore. But it's something and it's something Cas likes very much.]

I didn't think you were serious.

[They'd talked about it, but often in the same sentence as "we should get a wookie" or, drunkenly, "which one of us could rock the slave Leia getup better" (which is still up for debate, actually)... But apparently it'd been an actual thing, because here it is. A puppy: the one thing capable of reducing two grown men to childlike levels of excitement.

There is a puppy in this apartment right now.]
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After much deliberation, I'm thinking Golden Retriever!

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[Colt was, indeed, a mouthy dog. Excited, too, practically climbing Dean like a tree to get a good look at everything on the way up. After much deliberating over the rental agreement, there was no clause about dogs. By the way the landlady was looking at him as he mounted the stairs, they may have been slightly frowned upon, but she's a butch woman, and she's got her own English bulldog, so she can't technically fuss.

There is a clause about damages caused by pets and pet fecal matter, so the potty training will have to start early. Then again, if they're already losing their security deposit to that doorknob shaped hole, he can be a little lax about the little guy chewing on the baseboards.

Dean can't help but grin- wide and excited. He hasn't seen Cas move that fast since he almost burned a hole in the couch arm that one time. It was almost like a character test, seeing how receptive his roommate was to dogs. For the record, Cas passed with flying colors and a little smiley-face sticker on the top right corner.]

I know!

[He's just so pleased at the reaction. Seriously. This is exactly why he lo-hermanfsdfljklj- This is exactly why Cas is an awesome roommate.]

I'm always serious. All the time, about everything.

[And for the record? He still says Cas would make the better Leia. It's just the cheekbones, man, it's all about the cheekbones. Plus, his hips are freaking gorgeous. They dip in at the bone and-

Focus on the puppy, Dean. He scratches the dog behind the ears and bends down to set him on the floor. Time to let the little guy scope out his new home.]

You're cool with this, right? I get we were joking at the time, but- dude, look at him. Fits right into the family.
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akjshdfkjhdga THE CUTEST. <333 love theeeeem

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[He raises an eyebrow at 'always serious'. If that extends to drunken revelations and ideas, well, they might just need to have a chat. There's no way he'd look better in that outfit. Dean's got the arms for it, it'd do his shoulders far more justice than it'd do Cas's, and his legs with that curve that his jeans don't quite hide...

It's time for that train of though to stop now. Puppy.]

I'll keep that in mind.

[He pats the dog's head again and watches as he takes off as soon as his little paws hit the floor. There's a bit of sliding- quite possibly the cutest thing Cas has ever seen, bar none- as he tries to scamper across the tiled floor until reaching the carpeted living room area.

...At which point he puppy-stumbles and proceeds to bounce directly into the couch. Bless his little puppy heart.

It's too much to take; Cas is afraid if he keeps watching he might do something completely ridiculous like squeal, which would completely ruin his calm, zen-guy demeanor (not that it's survived the onslaught of puppy unscathed as it is), and so he turns to Dean with a smile.

If the puppy alone wasn't enough to cinch it, the word 'family' certainly is. It makes him feel... He doesn't know. Good. Happy, the real kind and not the pot induced stoner grin kind. How novel.]

Totally not cool. At all, he's gotta go.

[Sarcasm translator: he's perfect, of course he can stay and if the landlady has a problem she can step on a tack. A hundred thousand tacks. Every single tack, because he's staying.]

You said you wanted to name him Colt, right?
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Heee yessss

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['Always serious' certainly does not apply to drunken revelations, because the revelations he's been having lately after a few shots are less than appropriate.

The puppy crashes into the couch arm, but recovers in about two seconds flat. He noses his way around the couch, sniffing and waggling his tail so hard, his whole back end vibrates. Eventually, the couch gets boring and he's moving on to the coffee table, the armchair, the hallway.

His eyes are on Cas for the moment, though, because that smile- it takes a little work to get one of those genuine grins, lacking scathing sarcasm or a half-second delay for his brain to process. They're rare. Dean's got a mental collection of them all. He beams back.]

Too late. We're in it for the long haul. Got his shots and everything.

[He braces his hands on his hips, then lurches forward when he sees Colt gnawing on an xbox controller.]

No. Bad. No chewing.

[He swoops in, scooping the puppy up in one deft motion. The puppy doesn't seem to realize he's in trouble, though, he just licks Dean's face and wags his tail, then squirms as he air-swims towards Cas.

Dean hands him over, shaking his head.]

Feel like taking a trip to Petsmart? Got a little too excited and forgot to stop by on the way home.
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I guess I'll have to learn to live with him, then.

[He thinks he might be able to manage that. Really, he'll take one for the team.

His eyes follow Dean as he moves in with surprising speed to swoop in and rescue the controller and employ disciplinary action, which of course is met with nothing but more affection from Colt, and he can't help the way his grin widens as Dean's face is mauled with puppy-kisses and a furiously wagging tail beating against his arm. It's obvious he already knows how to handle Dean, and that just endears him to Cas all the more. He really does fit in.

He likes this, likes the way it makes Dean's shoulders seem less tense, lights his features up in what can only be described as his Little Boy Face. It doesn't come around often but when it does Cas feels like it's contagious, not that he's complaining. It's nice. This is nice.

Stretching his arms out, he gladly accepts the squirming ball of fluff and nods, curling his fingers around a paw that seems way too big for such a tiny little thing.]

Sure, we taking him with us? They have some kind of leashed pets policy, right?

[He can't imagine they'd leave him here alone...

Which reminds Cas that he should really make it a habit to start leaving his bedroom door closed from now on... There are things in there that puppies probably shouldn't be chewing on...]
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Suffer in silence, sweetheart.

[He looks entirely too amused, scratching behind Colt's ears. He's calming down a little, now that the excitement's over- or maybe it's just the vibes Cas always puts out? Damn dog is a psychic. He gnaws contentedly on Cas's finger, snuffles into his palm, tries to wag his tail.

They're so screwed. This dog is perfect. Why did they wait so long? Cas looks happy- really. Holding his dog, eyes bright, it's kind-of perfect. He should just... he should just lean over and kiss him until they run out of air.


Yep. Might as well. Chicks dig dogs.

[He clears his throat, digs around in his coat pocket, tugs out a royal blue collar and moves stiffly forward to fasten it around his neck while Cas holds him.]
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[Colt's little puppy teeth close over his finger, and damn they're sharp but he can't find it in himself to care. Obviously they're going to have to teach him what things are and are not acceptable chew toys, but that can wait. For now, he's just gonna tug his finger free and rub his palm over Colt's face again. He doesn't seem to mind; his tail's still wagging, though a bit more slowly, and he doesn't make a move to gnaw on Cas's hand again.

Mission accomplished!

He looks over at Dean, who's giving him a strange look that he can't quite place... He's probably just amazed at the display of Dog Whisperer skills. Impressive, he knows. His lips twitch, just a little bit.]

No one is immune to the puppy charm. Except demons and the people who work at the DMV.

[He shifts closer so Dean can fit Colt with a collar- a good idea, he hadn't even thought of that. Colt squirms for about half a second before seeming to accept his fate, and the collar, without further resistance. Cas grins down at him.]

There you go, pick your battles, buddy. [He looks back to Dean.] We have a leash for him yet?
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[He's got a feeling the gnawing will slack off when they find him something acceptable to gnaw on. It's like teething or something, he's not sure, he just knows they chew a lot. A big ass box of alternative options ought to dissuade him from xbox controllers and electrical wiring. The last thing they need is the dog to kill himself trying to slobber all over a lamp plugged into a wall. Dean's guilt would never relent.

Puppy death makes angels cry.]

I'm not sure the DMV drones are actually people. I'm thinking 90% synthetic humanoid, 10% bureaucracy. Dangerous combo, but at least they're required to give us six months notice before they become self-aware and attempt to take over the world.

[That's right, just move right on passed that awkward moment and pretend like it never happened. He avoids Cas's eyes anyway, like if he met them his friend would be able to read minds- read minds through time and see what he'd been thinking a moment ago.

And of course Cas is the freaking dog whisperer.]

We need to just... buy a farm and you can be creepy and soothe animals all day. There'll be damn sixteen deer in the yard and wild stallions just moving into the barn. Come on, Aslan. We'll pick up a leash on the way.

[He nods his head toward the door. Oh, damn. Cas in the front seat of his Impala, a golden retriever with it's head out the window in the back. This is getting dangerously close to being some sort of deep-secret wish fulfillment.]
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[That would be horrible. All of the alternative chew things, because Cas would likely never recover from the horror of watching a puppy get zapped. It's unthinkable.]

Or maybe that's just what they want us to think. Ponder that for a while.

[His family had always been of the opinion that all that technology garbage would be the end of the world… Take people further away from God, they'd said.

Which is precisely why Cas makes it his business to stay up to date on all of that crap, probably one of the more tame forms of rebellion he'd employed after leaving… It's maybe a little at odds with his chosen spiritual path-- iPhones aren't going to help him achieve release from the karmic wheel-- but whatever, he'll do what he wants because he can.

He frowns slightly and shakes his head. No. He's not thinking about his family today. Scratching behind Colt's ear, he shuffles over to the door to step into his shoes, more than a little reluctant to put the puppy down and lose the extremely pleasant distraction of something small and furry in his arms.]

Nah, I'd use my allegorical Jesus lion powers for good and we'd have an never-ending supply of canadian geese for the little guy to chase around. It'd be like heaven.

[Minus the vicious beak snapping, honking, and inevitable goose shit all over the place. Gross.

Even so, lovely imagery aside, he thinks he could dig a farm.

Dean would probably look good in suspenders. Tilling the land, sweat of his brow, and all that... He coughs.]

Ready when you are.