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Baby, It's Cold Outside: A Winter-Themed Shipping, Fluff, Romance, and Smut Meme (PG and R rated)

...or something like that. The winter can be cold and lonely, but if you have someone to share it with, it can be the most wonderful time of the year. This meme is pretty simple and straightforward: shippy situations for all your cold-weather needs. From the cute to the hot to the sweet to the cool, it's all here for you. Don't be shy! Get your Christmastime/holiday wonder on and tag someone completely new! It's like a gift you didn't know you wanted!

-Comment with your character. Include information and preferences. There are two sets of prompts, G-rated and R-rated, so put whichever ones you're okay with somewhere in your comments so nobody tries to give you anything you're uncomfortable with.

-Comment to other characters, using the RNG to determine the prompt. Or just wing it!

-Have fun threading out your winter love!

-Play nice and respect others.

1. Date: Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean you're stuck indoors. Go out and do something! Maybe this weather means the restaurants won't be so packed...

2. Ice Skating: Get on your feet and do some ice dancing! Hopefully, at least one of you knows what to do.

3. Playing in the Snow: It's not just for little kids. Make snow angels, snowmen, or indulge in a snowball fight! You can always warm up together afterwards.

4. Shopping: With some company, holiday shopping can be a bit more bearable. Unless, of course, one of you was dragged along against your will.

5. Baking: Cookies, cakes, pies, and candy! This is the season for making sweets, and two sets of hands are better than one. Then, enjoy your hard work.

6. Holiday Confession: Sure, it's not as traditional as a Valentine's Day confession, but telling someone you care for them around the holidays can be just as romantic.

7. Gift Giving: Show someone how much you love them by giving them a gift...or whatever it is that you picked up last minute at the gas station.

8. Warming Up: Snuggles and cuddles are the best way to get warmed up after a long day in the snow. Good thing you have your honey to give you some body heat.

9. Home for the Holidays: You haven't seen each other in a while, and you're finally

10. Mistletoe: Whether it's your first kiss or the kiss you share on your fiftieth anniversary, the mistletoe always gives you a chance.

11. Last Christmas: For whatever reason, it's your last holiday season together. Make it count!

12. Proposal: Surrounded by all your family and friends or just the two of you in front of a space heater: whatever the situation, now's the perfect time to pop that all important question.

1. Eggnog: Enjoy something a bit more grown up than just Christmas cookies. Of course, alcohol can make you more honest and more handsy.

2. A Bun in the Oven: The oven isn't the only thing that's getting turned on today. Find a new use for that whipped cream or maybe get into some foodplay.

3. Warming Up Another Way: You're just so, so cold. There's only one activity that can get your blood pumping. Maybe your life even depends on it...

4. One Blanket: The classic fanfic trope. The two of you have to share one blanket, and that kind of contact may make you want to share more.

5. Temperature Play: While heat is nice, the cool can put your senses to the test, and using a little ice or snow to liven up your love life can put your nerves and kinks to the test.

6. Dick in a Box: You couldn't think of a good enough gift, so you're offering up the gift of your lovin' instead.

7. Aphrodisiac Mistletoe: This mistletoe is a bit different than its tamer cousin. Aphrodisiac mistletoe makes whoever is under it want to fuck...hard, whether it be at your parents' house or the office Christmas party.

8. Naughty or Nice: So have you been a good boy or girl this year? If not, you'll get punished. Of course, Santa may not be able to come, so your lover will step in to dole out the "coal."

9. Reindeer Games: For your gift, you may have gotten some new "toys" you want to try out. Luckily, you have such a nice partner...

10. Just Love: Nothing kinky or overly sexy here. The two of you are inside on a cold day, and you just want to be together. Throw some logs on the fire and have a romantic evening by the fireplace. If you want to get really fancy, throw down a few furs and lay naked on them.

11. Thank You: Thank you notes for gifts are so cliche. Tell your significant other that you love your diamond ring another way.

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Kate Todd ◈ NCIS

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[Up for PG or R; het for shipping/smutting, OTA for everything else.]
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PG - 6

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Tony knew that things had been tough at the office lately. They had been working on the Ari case and he hated that they never seemed to have any free time anymore. Gibbs was right and things had to be done, but he was exhausted. And now that the weather was changing, he wanted to be out in it. He wanted to go skiing and drink cocoa and just have some fun.

Sadly, you didn't get to have fun in his line of work.

It was late. He didn't even know where Gibbs or McGee was. They finally had been allowed to go home to get some rest now that Ari had been taken care of. Tony knew he was dragging, but he had one last thing to do before he could leave. Slowly, he placed the presents on everyone's desks. He left Kate's for last. It was a beautiful necklace with a silver star pendant. He'd never admit it, but she was his shining star. If only he could grow a pair. She was the one girl he couldn't ask out. It was too complicated with Kate.

Heading back to his desk, he began to pack up his stuff.
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All the hearts, DiNozzo. All of them.

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Tony wasn't the only one playing Santa. Kate had gone down to autopsy to deliver Ducky and Jimmy's gifts before they headed out for the night and then swung by Abby's lab to drop off hers. She hadn't planned on staying down there so long, but once she and Abs had gotten started talking, well, there went that plan.

It was late enough by now that she expected to find the bullpen empty when the elevator doors slid open, but there he was.

"You're here late," she observed as she stepped off the elevator and headed for her desk. She had a few more gifts of her own to leave - his included - and then she'd be heading out herself. "What, no big date tonight?"
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Nooo. Kate Hearts. <3

[personal profile] knowshismovies 2012-12-25 05:23 am (UTC)(link)
Tony blinked. He hadn't expected her to be here. He thought she had gone home. Tony swallowed, his head tilting to the side and staring like a deer frozen in headlights. He liked it when plans went smoothly. This wasn't smooth.

"Me? Of course. A wild night with the ladies down at my favorite bar and grill. A few drinks. A little dancing." He winked at her. "What about you? I thought you'd be gone by now. No big date for you?"

In his heart, Tony hoped to God she said no.
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Of course.

Kate resisted the urge to roll her eyes. She shouldn't have expected anything different, really - this was DiNozzo, for crying out loud.

"What, you mean you didn't go snooping through my PDA to find out?" she asked, narrowing her eyes. It was a Thing; he was always snooping through her PDA - or her purse, or her desk, or somewhere. Kate shook her head. "We don't all have time to make dates when Gibbs isn't looking - some of us actually spend the day working, Tony."

The words held a little more sarcasm than she intended, convenient cover for her jealousy and disappointment.
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In truth, Tony didn't have a date at all. He was full of it. His real plan was to go home and go to bed, alone. It just didn't hold the same zeal anymore. Not that he'd ever admit that to her. He'd tried to talk to her once about it. She had been so clueless, so blinded to him that he wasn't going to bother again. As confidant a man as he portrayed, he wasn't much like that at all. That was just the facade he let people see.

He gave her a look, a hint of pain in his eyes. Any snooping that he ever did was because he wanted to know more about her. As close as they were as coworkers, she still held him at bay. He wanted to know if she was seeing anyone. And yes, he got jealous.

"No, I didn't go through your things, Kate. Come on. I respect your privacy." He bit his lip. She didn't have a date? That changed things. Didn't it?

"Eh," he said, shrugging his shoulders. "I probably won't go. Just blow her off. We do have to work tomorrow and I'd rather be rested." Yeah, that was it.
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Will be slow, family stuff. But I didn't forget. <3

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Kate was good at being oblivious, especially when it came to men like Tony. Besides, she was nothing like any of the other women he chased after. Obviously that meant she wasn't his type - right? And she shouldn't have wanted to be, Gibbs had rule twelve for a reason. But that didn't stop a part of her from being jealous of the women he chased and wondering what they had that she didn't.

"You're always going through my things, Tony-"

She caught the hurt look that flashed across his face, and knew she'd gone too far. She always felt bad, afterward, but she didn't know how to stop herself before it got to that point; he was really good at pushing her buttons, it was a gift. Kate looked contrite.

"I'm- sorry. I shouldn't have said anything." She paused. "You can't blow her off if you've already made a date with her, Tony, it's rude. You should go."
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soooo sorry <3

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Tony smiled, acting as if nothing was wrong. He was good at that, blowing things off, trying to pretend nothing was wrong. He sighed, his head tilted to the side as he looked at her. She had beautiful eyes. They were eyes that he could stare into for a long, long time if he had his way.

But he didn't. Rule Twelve. He needed to keep his thoughts to himself.

"I'll just tell her I'm sick. I'm not really feeling it with her anyway." He shrugged his shoulders and lifted his bag up over his shoulder. "Hey, you drive safe on your way home. It's looking bad out there." He paused. "I'd hate it if something happened to you. A lot." Swallowing, he began to head off toward the elevator.
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Too good at it - or maybe Kate just didn't look past the obvious. It was easier that way, kept her from wondering how things might be different if there were no Rule Twelve.

But there was.

"Or you could tell her the truth," Kate offered. "Why do men always lie about this stuff? I-" She blinked, momentarily confused at his uncharacteristic display. "Yeah... you, too."

The frown lines on her forehead deepened; something was definitely was definitely bothering her about this, but she was too busy trying to parse what he'd said to pin down what it was. He was halfway to the elevator before she glanced down at her desk and noticed the present, reminded that she hadn't given him his, yet.

"Tony, wait - your gift," she called, grabbing the flat package from her bag - a portrait, a real one like the ones she'd done of Gibbs, not the caricatures she usually doodled - and hurrying after him.
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[I found us a gibbs]

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Tony stopped at the elevator, finger lingering above the button. Yes, he heard her calling to him. And he'd been so close to making a getaway. He almost wanted to act like he hadn't heard her, but he didn't. No, he could be good.

It was easier to lie, but who was he lying to? To her? To the non-existent date? It was all a mess of lies. The sooner the truth came out, the easier it would be. Wouldn't it? He sighed, his shoulders slumping a little. He wished he could just be honest with her, but he knew he couldn't.

Putting on a smile for her, he turned to Kate. "Don't forget yours, now." It was a necklace. Nothing too fancy. A sterling silver heart with an inscription on it. It said "A True Friend Reaches For Your Hand But Touches Your Heart". "Bet you left it on the desk, didn't you," he said as he watched her run up to stand beside him.
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He can yell at them for breaking Rule Twelve. >.>

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The truth was supposed to set you free. For them it just meant dealing with Gibbs or trying even harder than they already were to ignore what was right in front of them.

Kate rolled her eyes. "I'm not leaving it there, I just wanted to catch you before you left." She held out his present. "Here. I'll go get mine, we can open them at the same time."
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"Okay..." He smiled and did as she asked, taking the present from her. "Okay, Kate. You got me." Stepping away from the elevator, he headed back towards his desk. Dropping his bag on the floor, he moved over to sit on the edge of his desk. He waited, of course, until she opened her gift first. This wasn't how he planned it. He didn't want to see her open the gift. What if she hated it? That would have killed him.

"You go first." His head tilted to the side and he watched her, wanting to gauge her reaction.
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She was having second thoughts herself about his present. It had seemed like a good idea at the time, a way of maybe making up for all the times she'd gone too far in her teasing. She'd imagined the surprise on his face would be worth it, but... what if he didn't like it? Too late now.

Kate picked up the small box he'd left on her desk and grinned up at him. Ordinarily she would've considered being a brat and purposely taking her time tearing into it, but something was... off about him tonight, and she couldn't do it.

Tearing off the paper, she opened the box and froze. "Tony... it's beautiful."
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Tony smiled. The look on her face was priceless. It was exactly what he'd been going for. He only hoped it was a good reaction. She was, well, rather frozen. "I... I'm glad you like it," he mumbled.

Slowly, his hands trembled as he undid the wrapping on his gift. He smiled up at her, as if nothing was wrong. The trademark Tony grin. That was, until he opened the gift she gave to him. His eyes widened and he was in awe. For once, Tony was speechless.

"Wow, I... Wow. Kate, this is..." He swallowed and smiled up at her, a more honest smile that he rarely showed. "I love it."
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Sorry I'm so slow, she's been a little quiet-ish. >.>

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It was a good frozen, really. She watched as he opened his, resisting the urge to nervously chew on her thumbnail. What if it was a stupid idea? Maybe he wouldn't like it or...

The knot in her gut relaxed a little and she quirked a brow. "Really? Because I can get you something else if not. I just- it was a good pose and-" And she was rambling. Way to go, Kate. She held out the box with her necklace in it and turned her back to him. "Would you-?"
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It's okay :(

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"Stop it. I love it, okay?" He smiled and set the picture down, moving over to stand behind her at her desk. "I want to get it framed. It really is awesome. You're very talented."

Reaching out, his fingertips brushed against hers as he took the box. A shiver ran through him as he set it down, pulling the necklace carefully out. Unlatching it, he lifted it over her head and made sure it was set right before clasping it behind her. "You look beautiful," he murmured as he brushed his fingers against the back of her neck.

Shaking his head, he stepped back. What the hell are you doing, DiNozzo, he asked himself. He felt stupid. "I... I'm glad you like it." He noted just how close they were standing. And he knew he had to move away, but he didn't.
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Apologies for slow, week's been awful and I'm still not able to brain that well.

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The compliment made Kate self-conscious and almost giddy in ways she shouldn't have been. This is Tony, she reminded herself pointedly, Rule Twelve! But nothing could stop the slight flush of color that rose in her cheeks or the little shiver that went up her spine as his fingers grazed her skin.

She turned back around to face him, realizing belatedly that he hadn't moved back. That whole personal space thing? Yeah, not happening. Oops.

Kate glanced up at him uncertainly. "Tony..."
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"You're welcome."

He smiles down at her, slowly taking in all of her before going to her face. She sees the slight blush and yes, he felt the shiver. The uncertain look in her eyes, though, gives him pause. It reminds him just why he has never pursued her. Why he never will. He's not good enough for someone like Kate. She would never put up with his shit. She was beautiful and strong and needed someone else. Someone better.

His own cheeks reddened slightly as he stepped back. "Sorry." Turning from her, he moved back over to the desk and pretended to admire her gift again. He felt rather foolish. Anything he was going to say was pushed back to their recesses now.

"I should get going," he said softly. "You know..." He smiled up at her, masking everything and acting like nothing was wrong. "Thank you for this. Again. It's beautiful." Like you, he thought, but didn't say. "Have a good night, Kate. Okay?"

Grabbing his bag, he once more made for the elevator. He sighed as he made his way there. I really need a better escape route.
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<33 (slowtagging ftw?)

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It wasn't a bad uncertain, really, he was just a lot closer than usual and it was doing funny things to her brain. Rule Twelve things.

"Oh, yeah. I should get going, too. Wait, I'll walk out with you." She collected her things and hurried after him, ducking into the elevator just as the doors were closing. Her hand went to the heart dangling around her neck and she smiled. "It's really beautiful, Tony. Thanks."

It was only then that she remembered she hadn't left Gibbs and McGee's gifts on their desks. Well, she wasn't going to go back now. Giving them out in person was probably a better idea, anyway.
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<33 (slowtagging ftw?)

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Tony sighed, holding the door for her. When she stepped inside, he pressed a button and shoved his hands in his pockets. Why did she have to say nice things like that, he thought to himself. It was really hard to keep focused when she did. His eyes went to her neck and he smiled. "It's not bad. You make it beautiful."

Turning back to the door, he sighed, shaking his head at himself. Pulling out his phone, he began to check the weather. "Seems like the snow is getting worse. Make sure you drive carefully," he murmured. His voice was low, a bit of a catch to it. Did she always wear that perfume? God, she smelled good.

"Wow, what time is it, anyway? I don't even know." Yes, he was very lame at making small talk. He blamed it on Kate and what she did to him.