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Baby, It's Cold Outside: A Winter-Themed Shipping, Fluff, Romance, and Smut Meme (PG and R rated)

...or something like that. The winter can be cold and lonely, but if you have someone to share it with, it can be the most wonderful time of the year. This meme is pretty simple and straightforward: shippy situations for all your cold-weather needs. From the cute to the hot to the sweet to the cool, it's all here for you. Don't be shy! Get your Christmastime/holiday wonder on and tag someone completely new! It's like a gift you didn't know you wanted!

-Comment with your character. Include information and preferences. There are two sets of prompts, G-rated and R-rated, so put whichever ones you're okay with somewhere in your comments so nobody tries to give you anything you're uncomfortable with.

-Comment to other characters, using the RNG to determine the prompt. Or just wing it!

-Have fun threading out your winter love!

-Play nice and respect others.

1. Date: Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean you're stuck indoors. Go out and do something! Maybe this weather means the restaurants won't be so packed...

2. Ice Skating: Get on your feet and do some ice dancing! Hopefully, at least one of you knows what to do.

3. Playing in the Snow: It's not just for little kids. Make snow angels, snowmen, or indulge in a snowball fight! You can always warm up together afterwards.

4. Shopping: With some company, holiday shopping can be a bit more bearable. Unless, of course, one of you was dragged along against your will.

5. Baking: Cookies, cakes, pies, and candy! This is the season for making sweets, and two sets of hands are better than one. Then, enjoy your hard work.

6. Holiday Confession: Sure, it's not as traditional as a Valentine's Day confession, but telling someone you care for them around the holidays can be just as romantic.

7. Gift Giving: Show someone how much you love them by giving them a gift...or whatever it is that you picked up last minute at the gas station.

8. Warming Up: Snuggles and cuddles are the best way to get warmed up after a long day in the snow. Good thing you have your honey to give you some body heat.

9. Home for the Holidays: You haven't seen each other in a while, and you're finally

10. Mistletoe: Whether it's your first kiss or the kiss you share on your fiftieth anniversary, the mistletoe always gives you a chance.

11. Last Christmas: For whatever reason, it's your last holiday season together. Make it count!

12. Proposal: Surrounded by all your family and friends or just the two of you in front of a space heater: whatever the situation, now's the perfect time to pop that all important question.

1. Eggnog: Enjoy something a bit more grown up than just Christmas cookies. Of course, alcohol can make you more honest and more handsy.

2. A Bun in the Oven: The oven isn't the only thing that's getting turned on today. Find a new use for that whipped cream or maybe get into some foodplay.

3. Warming Up Another Way: You're just so, so cold. There's only one activity that can get your blood pumping. Maybe your life even depends on it...

4. One Blanket: The classic fanfic trope. The two of you have to share one blanket, and that kind of contact may make you want to share more.

5. Temperature Play: While heat is nice, the cool can put your senses to the test, and using a little ice or snow to liven up your love life can put your nerves and kinks to the test.

6. Dick in a Box: You couldn't think of a good enough gift, so you're offering up the gift of your lovin' instead.

7. Aphrodisiac Mistletoe: This mistletoe is a bit different than its tamer cousin. Aphrodisiac mistletoe makes whoever is under it want to fuck...hard, whether it be at your parents' house or the office Christmas party.

8. Naughty or Nice: So have you been a good boy or girl this year? If not, you'll get punished. Of course, Santa may not be able to come, so your lover will step in to dole out the "coal."

9. Reindeer Games: For your gift, you may have gotten some new "toys" you want to try out. Luckily, you have such a nice partner...

10. Just Love: Nothing kinky or overly sexy here. The two of you are inside on a cold day, and you just want to be together. Throw some logs on the fire and have a romantic evening by the fireplace. If you want to get really fancy, throw down a few furs and lay naked on them.

11. Thank You: Thank you notes for gifts are so cliche. Tell your significant other that you love your diamond ring another way.

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CT | Red vs Blue | OTA

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[ It took an awful lot of finagling and more favors than York generally likes to owe to score the same days of shore leave as CT, but as far as he's concerned, it's totally gonna be worth it. It's not quite Christmas yet, but it's close enough. York figures CT's not going to be too concerned with exact dates when they get down to it.

He makes sure to let CT know not to make too many plans of her own, since he's taken care of that. Not that he's booked them solid. There's plenty of time to sit back and relax.

He gives her a broad grin as they set foot on the planet, an overnight bag slung over his shoulder. It's cold in the colony, a fresh coat of snow on the ground, and when he huffs out a little laugh, his breath hangs warm in the air. ]

You ready?
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:D :D :D

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[CT's been feeling a little down about the whole Christmas thing, honestly. She'd been lucky enough to go home for holiday leave most other years, but that's not an option here, obviously, and life on the ship is so different than life at home that it's been difficult to get into the Christmas spirit at all. Nothing's the same, and she can't keep up with most of her holiday traditions.

It's brisk and cold planetside, though, the snow covering the ground more Christmaslike than anything on the ship, and at least she and York had managed to get some time off together. She still doesn't look happy, exactly, but the hint of a smile ghosts briefly across her face, and she slips her hand out of her pocket to find York's and clasp it tight.]

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[ York gives her hand a little squeeze, his smile easy and relaxed. He knows CT has a hard time letting herself have any fun, sometimes. He's going to make sure that isn't an issue for the next couple of days. ]

C'mon, let's get to the hotel. We can drop off our stuff there, and then maybe take a walk or somethin'.
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[CT shrugs, still not quite able to muster up any enthusiasm, but she nods, squeezing York's hand back slightly and shifting her bag on her shoulder.]

It'll be cold.

[It's not a no, exactly, more of a warning, as if he doesn't already realize it's cold outside.]
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[ He grins despite the objection, because he knows it's just in her nature to say stuff like that, and he lets go of her hand to sling his arm around her shoulders, giving her a little squeeze. ]

Hey, don't you be worried about staying warm. I've got us all taken care of.
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[She makes a show of rolling her eyes, but she smiles all the same, leaning into York's side as he pulls her close.]

That sounds like a pickup line.
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ICE SKATING because fuck yes

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[ The where and why are sort of the minute details, but under whatever circumstances, the Doctor's got CT convinced to go ice skating. Of course, it isn't any old regular kind of ice skating. No, no, this is ice skating in a galaxy light years away from home and on a planet that is essentially all ice. Ice skating is literally the only method of pedestrian transport here and guess who's currently digging through the TARDIS for two pairs of skates?

(you have three guesses and the first two don't count)

It seems he's on the verge of finding them as he tosses aside strange item after strange item. That last one might've been a giant rubber duck. Best not to question it? ]

I could've sworn I'd left them here. Last I'd checked after the ice age, anyways,
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[There had been an ice rink on the turtle, as CT had pointed out again and again, but of course, the Doctor hadn't listened. Which is why she's currently standing in the middle of the TARDIS, her feet freezing in stocking feet and the rest of her overheating under her parka, as the Doctor tosses one thing over another over his shoulder, books and strange contraptions she can't recognize and - is that a pocketwatch?

She ducks the - well, the duck, and shifts from one foot to another, putting one foot on top of the other to avoid the cold floor.]

You know, we could just fly to a department store planet or something, and buy new ones and come back before we've even left.
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C: i love this already

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No, don't be ridiculous. Those would be all — [ how can he properly articulate it in a manner profound and comprehensible to all? ]wrong.

[ yep, that's the one he's going with. he's continuing to toss items to the side before he stops mid-way, figuring that he should at least explain the wrongness of it all. also, his train of thoughts a bit over the place. ]

They wouldn't be broken in nicely and they'd smell all strange. Not to mention you can never be too careful for Bavarian foot filunges. Any time you've felt your toes get squished — [ no, wait, something is strange here. he's staring at ct with eyebrows (what eyebrows) furrowed. ]

—Are you cold?
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[Well. If it's wrong.

Personally, CT doesn't see how it makes any kind of difference where they get their skates, but she's learned by now to pick her battles with the Doctor. Some things, it's just not worth arguing about.

(Besides, occasionally - just occasionally, mind - he's even right.)

She gives him a disbelieving look, raising a single eyebrow in return as he turns to stare at her. She's still balancing on one foot, and probably looks a little ridiculous, but she manages to keep her dignity, anyway.]

I don't have any shoes and I think your floor is made of ice. What do you think?
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[ if he ever found out that she secretly acknowledged him being right every once in a while, he might be over the moon. but he's learned to be stubborn, particularly when it comes to certain things like this simply because of the childish desire to make everything perfect.

seeing ct hobbling from foot to foot as she tries to make sure nothing gets frostbitten? that's not perfect at all. ]

Why didn't you say anything earlier? I'm sure I could've found you a pair.
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I did. And you said, let's go ice skating, hang on, let me find these skates, it'll just be a minute.

[She gives him a look, less truly annoyed and more a combination of amused and exasperated. She'd be lying if she said she wasn't used to this sort of thing by now.]

That was twenty-five minutes ago.
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Has it really been that long?

[ for a time lord, he really is the worst at keeping tracking of time. especially in instances like this, which he kind of feels guilty about now because oops, he really did mean to find them sooner. ]

Well, we can't have that. Absolutely not! What kind of Doctor would I be if I just let your feet freeze before we even get to any of the fun bits? — don't answer that.

[ and he digs through the pile of things again real quick and comes out with a blanket she can stand on/wrap around her feet. ] Here we go!
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[She doesn't bother to answer any of it, actually - she knows better by now.

She's half-expecting him to disappear into the pile of stuff again for another twenty-five minutes, looking for ice skates or bunny slippers or who knows what, so it's a nice surprise when he surfaces only a few moments later this time. The blanket...well, it's not exactly what she'd been expecting, but at this point, she'll take what she can get.

CT looks at the blanket and then shrugs her shoulders, reaching out to take it and just looking at it for a moment before folding it sloppily in half and tossing it down on the floor, moving to stand on it.]


[It does help, actually, and she looks up to smile at him, before glancing down at his own similarly stockinged feet.]

What about you?
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Oh, don't you worry about me!

[ if he says it with his tell-tale grin and a wrinkling of the nose, it'll be perfectly believable right? nevermind that he can feel his own stockings getting thoroughly soaked through. ]

I've got my eye on the prize. A little cold isn't going to do much damage! Trust me. We are going skating if it's the last thing we do. Although, I'd really rather it wasn't.
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[CT frowns, looking down at his own socks. They look thinner and wetter than hers are, and she sighs, shuffling over on the blanket to kneel down next to him in front of the pile, how does he ever find anything.

She scans the mess, pointing when something shiny catches her eye.]

What about that?
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[ he totally has a system. each pile of things is unique!!! (except the system sucks)

he follows her gaze to the shiny and yessss, oh he could probably have his face break in half because of how wide the smile adorning his face right now is. ]

Oh, you're wonderful, you know that! Not that I wasn't about ti to find them too. [ because he was totally going to look there next! ]

But I knew there was a reason you'd stuck around.

[ and that was to find the pair of two awesomely shiny skates that he's currently pulling out of the pile with a grin. ]
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To keep you from spending your entire life searching for ice skates?

[She's smiling, though, rolling her eyes, and looking at the skates with a mixture of curiosity and skepticism.]

...Those look the same as any other skates.

[they could have stopped at any sports shop and been done with this ages ago.]
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I highly doubt it'd be anything close to my entire life. [ because 1200+, man he's getting old. ] I did spend an entire summer trying to find a jar of jam.

[ it was a delicious bit of jam, thank you for asking! and he'll be dusting off those skates with a look of a proud father because they are wonderful and loads better than any other skates. ]

But they're not! These will be just about the comfiest pair of skates you've ever tried. I've made sure of that myself.
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That's not really helping your case.

[Her voice is so, so dry. :| CT just watches as he dusts off the skates, raising a single skeptical (and slightly revolted) eyebrow at his claim.]

...You've tried them on?

[CT trusts you more than she trusts most people, Doctor, but that still doesn't mean she trusts where your feet have been.]
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Of course I have. I bought them awhile ago. [ in a different time as a different man. these are memory skates CT. ]

Why would you say that with such a face? What's wrong with them?

[ he's like an excited puppy don't crush his expectations too hard!! :c ]
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With your feet?

[She shrugs, shaking her head. That puppy face is too hard to resist, though, and even CT can't bring herself to crush that hopeful expression.]

...Nothing. Nothing at all.
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It wasn't some sort of alien ritual, if that's what you're thinking. Yes, with my feet! Not hands, not this time.

[ he grins at her, holding out a pair for her to take. but there's a second where his expression softens and he takes in the fact that she's standing there, shivering, all so he can do this. ]

Really though, if you'd rather do something else, you only have to say the word.
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I wasn't thinking anything.

[Although that not this time comment isn't exactly comforting. She puts it aside, though, just shaking her head and trying not to shiver so much.]

This is fine. Why wouldn't it be?

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