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Baby, It's Cold Outside: A Winter-Themed Shipping, Fluff, Romance, and Smut Meme (PG and R rated)

...or something like that. The winter can be cold and lonely, but if you have someone to share it with, it can be the most wonderful time of the year. This meme is pretty simple and straightforward: shippy situations for all your cold-weather needs. From the cute to the hot to the sweet to the cool, it's all here for you. Don't be shy! Get your Christmastime/holiday wonder on and tag someone completely new! It's like a gift you didn't know you wanted!

-Comment with your character. Include information and preferences. There are two sets of prompts, G-rated and R-rated, so put whichever ones you're okay with somewhere in your comments so nobody tries to give you anything you're uncomfortable with.

-Comment to other characters, using the RNG to determine the prompt. Or just wing it!

-Have fun threading out your winter love!

-Play nice and respect others.

1. Date: Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean you're stuck indoors. Go out and do something! Maybe this weather means the restaurants won't be so packed...

2. Ice Skating: Get on your feet and do some ice dancing! Hopefully, at least one of you knows what to do.

3. Playing in the Snow: It's not just for little kids. Make snow angels, snowmen, or indulge in a snowball fight! You can always warm up together afterwards.

4. Shopping: With some company, holiday shopping can be a bit more bearable. Unless, of course, one of you was dragged along against your will.

5. Baking: Cookies, cakes, pies, and candy! This is the season for making sweets, and two sets of hands are better than one. Then, enjoy your hard work.

6. Holiday Confession: Sure, it's not as traditional as a Valentine's Day confession, but telling someone you care for them around the holidays can be just as romantic.

7. Gift Giving: Show someone how much you love them by giving them a gift...or whatever it is that you picked up last minute at the gas station.

8. Warming Up: Snuggles and cuddles are the best way to get warmed up after a long day in the snow. Good thing you have your honey to give you some body heat.

9. Home for the Holidays: You haven't seen each other in a while, and you're finally

10. Mistletoe: Whether it's your first kiss or the kiss you share on your fiftieth anniversary, the mistletoe always gives you a chance.

11. Last Christmas: For whatever reason, it's your last holiday season together. Make it count!

12. Proposal: Surrounded by all your family and friends or just the two of you in front of a space heater: whatever the situation, now's the perfect time to pop that all important question.

1. Eggnog: Enjoy something a bit more grown up than just Christmas cookies. Of course, alcohol can make you more honest and more handsy.

2. A Bun in the Oven: The oven isn't the only thing that's getting turned on today. Find a new use for that whipped cream or maybe get into some foodplay.

3. Warming Up Another Way: You're just so, so cold. There's only one activity that can get your blood pumping. Maybe your life even depends on it...

4. One Blanket: The classic fanfic trope. The two of you have to share one blanket, and that kind of contact may make you want to share more.

5. Temperature Play: While heat is nice, the cool can put your senses to the test, and using a little ice or snow to liven up your love life can put your nerves and kinks to the test.

6. Dick in a Box: You couldn't think of a good enough gift, so you're offering up the gift of your lovin' instead.

7. Aphrodisiac Mistletoe: This mistletoe is a bit different than its tamer cousin. Aphrodisiac mistletoe makes whoever is under it want to fuck...hard, whether it be at your parents' house or the office Christmas party.

8. Naughty or Nice: So have you been a good boy or girl this year? If not, you'll get punished. Of course, Santa may not be able to come, so your lover will step in to dole out the "coal."

9. Reindeer Games: For your gift, you may have gotten some new "toys" you want to try out. Luckily, you have such a nice partner...

10. Just Love: Nothing kinky or overly sexy here. The two of you are inside on a cold day, and you just want to be together. Throw some logs on the fire and have a romantic evening by the fireplace. If you want to get really fancy, throw down a few furs and lay naked on them.

11. Thank You: Thank you notes for gifts are so cliche. Tell your significant other that you love your diamond ring another way.

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Toothless || HTTYD

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[OOC: Unless you really want smut in dragon form (which I am strangely okay with but would prefer m/m for that)... fluff only.]
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5 (cute fluff)

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[so a dragon walks into a bar...

What? It's miserable outside with a terrible winter storm moving in fast and no one would want to be flying in turbulence like that. Everyone with sense is home already, which is why Tifa's bar is empty and she's in the back kitchen with some cookeish types of smells coming from that general direction. She does hear the thump of the door however and it's not long before she's coming around the corner with a plate of warm cookies and a smile for a lost customer that's -

well, that's a lot more... four legged than she was thinking of.

It's also not the strangest thing she's ever had in here and since she's never heard of a random wandering monster actually wandering into a building her ingrained hostess habit has a brief little war with her defensive instincts. The jerk to a stop she gives because of it has one of the cookies slipping off the plate and rolling merrily across the hardwood floor.

It's chocolate chip.]
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[He's not a big fan of snow, which is probably ironic since the place he comes from is freezing more than half the time, but no one said dragons had to make sense. In an attempt to escape the storm, he ducked into the first place he could see clearly, practically crash-landing through the door. Toothless shakes the snow and water off his body, the action almost feline. Ears lift when he hears something fall, and he's abruptly shifting into a defensive crouch, hackles raising as green-gold eyes fix on the human.

There's a long moment during which he just stares at her, before those eyes flick to the dropped cookie where it's come to a stop just out of his reach. He inhales, nostrils flaring. It smells... good. Really good. Slinking forward while keeping his gaze on the human, he quickly snatches the cookie up and chomps it down.
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[Tifa has seen enough dragons before to recognize one but the ones she's used to are all... fatter. Not at all as sleek and catlike as the one in front of her. In fact, the one in front of her reminds her of Nanaki in a strange way and it's not until its eyes flick away for a second that she realizes that she's simply been staring back instead of actually reacting. Not having anyone to protect, her personal defenses just aren't as pin sharp when it's just her alone. When he moves though, her knees flex, bending subtly and her fingers tighten on the plate, which, in her hands can be a surprisingly effective weapon. She'd used to monsters just charging right at her, not - oh. It has her blinking. Not eating her cookies.

Should dragons eat cookies? After all, they've got chocolate in them and she remembers somewhere that chocolate is bad for dogs. With a mental inward shake at herself to focus, she very carefully and slowly sinks down onto her heels, eyes on those much larger green and gold ones and just as slowly she experimentally rolls another cookie toward the beast. Yes, it's not sensible but she's not in any hurry to wreck her bar with a monster fight and... and he really does remind her of Nanaki enough that she doesn't want to just attack him when he hasn't attacked her first. Maybe... it'll like cookies more than bar tenders?]
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[Chocolate is decidedly not bad for dragons. In fact, as far as Toothless is concerned it's probably his new favorite thing along with dragon-nip, that stupid little spot of light he can never seem to catch and Hiccup (not necessarily in that order). The second cookie is snatched up and chomped down eagerly, and then he's settling back on his haunches, staring up at Tifa expectantly.

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sorry for the late - holidays

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[That's... actually pretty cute. She hadn't been aware that dragons could be cute. While she's not unaware of the teeth and lightning quick reflexes that went into snatching up and chowing down on the cookie, the look afterward is enough to have her smiling despite herself. Suddenly, her bar seems like it just might make it through the night - and... honestly she wouldn't mind the company if it's not trying to eat her.

She flips the next cookie toward the dragon, letting it spin through the air to see if he'll catch it.]
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No worries~

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[Toothless cranes his neck enough to be able to snap the cookie right out of the air. Seriously, these things are delicious. He makes a low, rumbling sort of sound that's meant to be appreciative but probably comes off as a growl, though his body language is still passive.]
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[It did sound like a growl and Tifa paused. The dragon didn't look aggressive though and it certainly wasn't leaping forward to try to add her to the cookie treats. So maybe it had been a - purr?

She wasn't sure dragons were allowed to be cute enough to purr.

He definitely wanted more cookies though and, perhaps being a bit reckless, Tifa tossed two in quick succession, one to each side, just to see if he could catch them both.]

(ooc. happy new year :D)