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so it's raining like balls over here...

rainy days meme
it's raining. it's raining so hard that you're stuck inside, because you're just not even going to chance venturing out there when it's so cozy in here.

at least you have company, right?

1. → you comment with your character.
2. → roll a number from 1-9. this is the activity the two of you seem to be in the middle of doing or just compelled to do.
3. → tag people and be merry.

1 → board games. what it says on the tin. monopoly, connect four, whathaveyou. you suddenly feel really competitive.
2 → hide and seek. basically. one of you is It. how good are you at getting back to base?
3 → watching a movie. or anything else that involves you, the other person, and getting cozy under a blanket. god it's so warm why would you ever leave.
4 → baking. please don't burn anything down.
5 → arts and crafts. scrapbooking. paper snowflakes/turkeys/whatever. popsicle stick houses. if you made it when you were little and at summer camp, you're suddenly really really excited about doing it again! if only this other guy would quit hogging the glue.
6 → oops went outside anyway. wow you rebel. puddle away.
7 → cozy snack time. soup?? cocoa????? CHIPS??
8 → stuck. in the rain. too bad.
9 → whatever the hell you want. rng just can't contain all this rainy day EXCITEMENT. the only requirement is rain. you can even fuck in the rain, but you'll probably get sick.