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The Relationship Meme


Dramatic or cracky, there are options for everyone who has a sudden itching to play out some ships.

↘ Post your character below, listing their name and series in the subject.
↘ Others respond after going to random.org and entering 1-16 for a scene, reply back and have some fun!
↘ Roll as many times as you like! Play out as many scenarios as you want! Just enjoy the fluffy or angsty goodness.

● 01 I HAVE A CONFESSION | There's someone you really like and it's finally time to tell them! It can be spur of the moment or elaborately planned out.
● 02 START OF SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL | You've just got together and everything is great! You can't stop thinking about each other or keep your hands off your significant other. You want to spend all the time you can together, doing whatever!
● 03 CAN'T GET IT UP | It happens to everyone, honest! For whatever reason, you just haven't been able to perform or maybe you're just not interested in sex. Is it because things are dull? Is it because you're not attracted to your partner? Or have you just been too busy or stressed out?
● 04 SAW YOU LAST NIGHT | You think you saw your partner in the arms of another - was it an honest mistake or is something honestly going on here?
● 05 FIRST TIME | It's the first kiss or the first time making love with your partner and you're so nervous and awkward, you're sure you'll mess it up! Maybe you do, but that's okay... they like you, right?
● 06 ANNIVERSARY | Two week, two month, two year, or whatever number you decide, that's how long you've been together with your partner and you want to do something special to celebrate it!
● 07 WANT YOU BACK | You broke up, but it was a mistake. You need to correct it ASAP... will your lover take you back though?
● 08 JUST MARRIED | Just married! Is it the wedding night? The honeymoon? You decide!
● 09 BAD ROMANCE | You're no good for each other and you know it! Unfortunately, your relationship is so sizzling, you can't break it off and you don't even want to.
● 10 FIGHT | You're both in one of those moods where you just want to sit around fighting over every little thing... bills or money, friends, your partner staying out too late, or whatever you can think of!
● 11 LET'S MAKE UP | Of course making up is the best part though! Whatever it was is totally forgotten now.
● 12 HONEY, I'M... | You've been feeling a little funny for a bit, so you take a pregnancy test and... oh no! Or is it 'oh great!'? Time to tell your partner either way...
● 13 ABOUT LAST NIGHT | Time to face that one night stand...
● 14 CHEATER | You're not being cheated on! You're the other person meddling with someone's lover! But for whatever reason, you just can't say no even if you know you should...
● 15 OBJECTIONS | You're facing a lot of objections to your relationship and it's starting to put a strain on it. Why don't you sit down and discuss it, see if you can work it out?
● 16 HAVE TO LET YOU GO | You have to break up with your partner... not because you want to! But because you need to protect them... can you do it successfully? Will they find out? You decide!
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[personal profile] shahmat 2012-11-17 02:33 am (UTC)(link)
"Be this guy."

You're not sure that you want to be this guy. This guy has had a good long time of being chased through the ring, and he is pretty tired of it. First break he gets and, BAM, bubble time.

No wait. That sounds stupid. That makes you sound like some kid who hates B.A.T.H.s instead of the hardened regicide Jack Noir, in fact, is.

Whatever, so you're Jack, and you need to get this dreambubble shit out of the way. You're pretty good at getting things out of your way. That is pretty much all you do these days besides get chased across the void by angry mailwomen.

So let's wreck some shit.
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[personal profile] plushrumpus 2012-11-17 03:04 am (UTC)(link)
[It's pretty empty in here.

Nothing but steep cavernous landscapes shaded a deep, deep red, and pools of boiling hot lava, setting off a low, hazy glow to everything. There's no signs of former semi-intelligent life here, or any life for that matter. Off in the distance are skeletons of what may or may not have been buildings, but those don't offer much promise either.

You could wreck some shit. There's just not much shit to wreck.

Oh, except this guy with a sword.]

BRO: ...
BRO: the fuck is this.

[He doesn't look happy.]
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[personal profile] shahmat 2012-11-17 04:07 am (UTC)(link)
This is bullshit.

Destroying worlds gets put on hold for a minute as you pay attention to the company. You've engaged in an outrageously extensive series of RANDOM TELEPORTATION MURDERS since then, but you still remember this guy. You remember this guy full of stabs. Pretty sure that was a thing that happened, back there when you became the BIG BAD. The FINAL BOSS. The SUPREME VILLAIN. That was you, a nascent god of senseless killing. And this was him.

He even has those fucking shades again.
[Okay, no, they were pretty sweet.]

You lean in and sneer, cool and intimidating-like, 'cause you've never broken a thing so much you couldn't stand to break it some more. What, his sword that much of a piece of shit the killing didn't take?
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[personal profile] plushrumpus 2012-11-26 05:37 pm (UTC)(link)
[The guy tenses even further. It's almost imperceptible. Almost.]

BRO: killing took just fine.
BRO: just like whatever done you in.
BRO: whats the story behind that anyway.
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[personal profile] shahmat 2012-11-27 05:37 am (UTC)(link)
What? You brush off your bemusement like it's a bug while surreptitiously checking for your tail. No? No, you're good.

You say nothing done you in. By all accounts you are now unbeatable. Reality will shatter before you do, and from the looks of things, it's well on its way. Boring as hell and means you're operating under an deadline, but them's the breaks.

And a break is what you're gonna take as long as the coast is clear. You pause to eye dead-not-dead guy.