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you've got a friend in me

Toy Stories
You know that planet you needed to save? The princess you were supposed to rescue? The dragon you're on the way to defeat? Well, I hate to break it to you, but that? Is actually just the dramatic backstory written on the back of your fancy cardboard box. Your super powers? They're just blinking lights activated at the press of a button.

That's right, you are an action figure. A toy. Made of plastic. (It's fantastic.)

Maybe it's been a while and you're completely aware of your toy-ness and happy in it. Or it could be that you were just purchased and unwrapped at your new owner's birthday party, and it's time to meet your fellow toys.

Whatever the situation, remember to watch your language. There are preschool toys present.

♦ Leave a comment with your character's name and fandom in the subject, and preferably set the situation. What toy is your character? How long have they been aware of their toy identity? Or maybe you have a couple of scene ideas, go ahead and throw them out.
♦ Tag another character. If they haven't already selected an option, pick one.
♦ Play out the results.
♦ Have fun!

Here are some suggested scenarios, or just pick your own:

1) New Arrival - Congratulations, you're the latest and greatest toy! But are you going to understand this, much less accept it?

2) Well Loved - You've been in the toybox for a while now, there's a name written on the bottom of your foot, and some of your paint is worn at the edges. But you're still an awesome toy.

3) Packed Up - Your owner is moving, or heading off to school, or just packing away some of the old stuff for storage, and you've found yourself in the box. How does that make you feel?

4) Given Away - You're hanging out on the shelves at the thrift store, hoping someone will want to take you home. Or perhaps you've been given to a school or children's hospital or daycare center. If you're really unlucky, you were given to the neighbor's teething baby who wants something to chew on.

5) On the Shelf - There are rows upon rows of your clones, as well as a multitude of other toys, all shiny and brand new. This is the toystore, and there's a lot of potential mischief after hours.
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Cloud Strife ☼ Final Fantasy VII

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[ It's tough being a collectible. Spending all day cooped up, gathering dust behind a glass cabinet door and all night wandering the highest reaches of the shelves, Cloud doesn't get out much among the other toys - even when playing dummy. He's got too many sharp edges for the kids to play with (not to mention that big, pointy plastic sword), and is only taken down occasionally, to be cleaned up or repositioned-

Or, just that one time, to be absconded with to the little girls' room and dressed in something borrowed of Barbie's to attend the world's most mortifying tea party.

(But we don't talk about that.) ]
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[She used to be a collectable - but there was an incident with a little girl and a tea party that turned into a mud party and by the time it was all over, she had a paint chip or two and suddenly she wasn't 'top shelf' anymore. Which... is kind of okay with her since she always felt the littlest bit creepy being posed among all the bathing suit and maid outfitted girls she used to share shelf space with. Now she's got run of a room with a pretty fun group of other toys and if she sometimes end up in Barbie dresses, well... it makes the little girl happy and that's what really matters.

She does remember being top shelf though and... she remembers it was lonely. Which is what has her, yet again, hopping down the stairs in the dead of night despite the fierce game of go-fish that's going on upstairs with most of the toys and coming to a stop at teh foot of the hardwood cabinet. Even if she can't see him yet, she knows he's up there, paroling and doing whatever it is he does to keep himself busy every single night, alone in the dark up there.]

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[ It's a constant sound, throughout the later hours of the night, over long vacations, and even on the occasional empty house sunny afternoon - the tap, tap, tap, tap of his casual pacing. Most of the other toys on display vacate the premises as soon as the coast's clear, preferring either to join the others to catch up on the latest or disappear off to attend to whatever it is high quality action figures prefer to fill their free hours with. But Cloud is an anomaly.

He keeps to himself, regardless of the hour, only social in the occasional emergency meeting (and even then, barely so) or when there's something in it for him. Beyond the general welfare of the house, that is. Even a plastic mercenary's gotta get paid.

So, of course, he's right where Tifa expects to find him when she comes calling - and the incessant rap of his little molded boots on the top of that polished wood cabinet ceases immediately at the sound of her voice. From so very far above, the flicker of surprise that momentarily breaks his generally neutral façade is - probably - not visible, but he hurries to mask it as he peers down over the edge, just the same. ]

...Tifa? What's going on?
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[The greeting makes her happy and if she's aware he's surprised to see her, it never shows on the still fairly clearly painted lines of her face. It's just... Cloud. She considers climbing up to see him but there was a bit of rough housing today during playtime and the joint on one of her elbows is a little loose. Besides - ]

Come down here.
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[ Instead of answering aloud (stage-whispering is hard, when you're trying to maintain a certain level of seriousness), Cloud nods - and then that spiky head disappears again. There's a pause, filled only with the indistinct shuffling of tiny feet, and then with a quiet little thwip, he throws down the rope.

Well, the discarded, mismatched shoelaces and bits of cord (one curly length in particular belonging to an obsolete telephone) cobbled together into something resembling a rope.

For any other toy (a few other special individuals notwithstanding), he might've waited for more than "Come down here," but for Tifa, he swings over the side without hesitating and slides down, hand over hand, to the floor. Straightening up, he reaches back to adjust his sword - which always falls slightly out of position where it snaps on - and works a shoulder joint as he takes a look around. ]

Don't tell me Barret got carried off by the dog, again.

[ You'd think a teddy bear would get into less trouble, but you'd be wrong. Cloud still has his doubts about whether that sailor suit was ever a less dingy shade of white. ]
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[She knows he'll come down for her. She'll never tell him or admit to anyone else what that means to her but it makes her feel good as she watches him slip down the makeshift rope. And it makes her wonder what he'll do if that updated MIB version of herself that was on ebay getting browsed earlier today by one of their people gets bought to join him on his shelf.

His question has her hiding her almost silent laugh behind her hand, both at the way he says it and the sheer truth of Barret and the dog's long war. Rufus isn't a bad dog. He just... really likes teddy bears for some reason. It's disloyal of her though to find that amusing and so she does her best not to. Kind of. A head shake that has the plastic tips of her hair clipping against the backs of her knees.]

No. He's fine. [She's been around children too long. It's just the most natural thing to reach out and take his hand as she starts for the den, giving it a tug for emphasis.] He's upstairs betting his last button on a mad hand of Uno. I'll have to trade back for it tomorrow.
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[ Although the infrequent scuffle isn't totally unheard of (most of them have enough know-how to fix up their own minor scrapes and dents, when push comes to shove), it's still not all that common that the toys from the cabinet have more than verbal run-ins. So when she so nonchalantly grabs his hand, he doesn't expect the move, shrugging back reflexively - before giving in and following along.

He doesn't have a lot of other options, in that grip. The kids' fashion sense for her aside, there's no mistaking this action figure for a doll.

His personal opinions on a certain drooling yellow lab aside, Cloud manages a wry little smirk, there and gone, for her very per-usual assessment of the goings on upstairs. He doesn't really regret not being a part of them (some of that aloof reputation isn't all talk, at least) - usually, the mental image is more than enough. ]

So where are we going? [ Because she still hasn't told him a thing, and though diving headfirst into whatever situation necessitates such bold action is his style - surprises aren't really his favorite. ]
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[It's one of the things she looks forward to every night - or most nights at least when she can get away. Coming to tell Cloud the latest in the silly little daily situations upstairs makes her happy. It's an excuse to come talk to him but - she hopes at least - that it's good for him too. Just because he's not a part of it daily the way she is, doesn't mean he's entirely alone either and she hopes that her stories and the rare times she finds excuses to drag him into that world, are good enough.

And she'll never mention the tea party - but she liked that day especially.

Even if she did have to wear that silly cowgirl outfit for it.]

Don't you trust me? [She knows Cloud well enough to know that he'd really rather know where they were going and why but it's a surprise and she doesn't want to give it away too soon. So as they pause before the wide expanse of the hallway they have to cross to get to the den, she gives him a look up over her shoulder as much as her stiff hair will let her head turn, doing her very best impression of an innocent look as she can manage.]
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[ ...Now there's a loaded question, if he's ever heard one.

The hand not trapped in hers goes to the back of his neck, knocking awkwardly against the ends of his sharply-molded hair, and he resists the urge to roll his eyes roofward (with some real effort). ]

I guess...

[ And that's the height of enthusiasm, with him, in matters of trust, so she'd probably better just take it as written and get this show on the road. Whatever she's got planned can't be that bad, anyway.

...Right? ]
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[It's all Tifa can do not to roll her eyes as well, recognizing his reluctant acknowledgement as still a pretty stunning triumph on her part no matter how flat the response. She wouldn't do anything too terrible to him anyway. She wouldn't have the heart for it.

It's not as if she ever got him into girl's clothes complete with shiny tiara.

That's for another day though and so once she's sure there's no one left downstairs getting a late night drink of water or anything, she can scoot across the hallway and into the safety of the den. Another tug to his hand, her own pleasure this time, and she leads him over to the gaming console. She's pretty pleased with herself on this discovery thanks to being temporarily forgotten after a My Little Pony marathon on TV.]

They just got the newest Chocobo Bump! And it's got new vehicles and terrain to chose from. I even saw a motorcycle option.
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[ The tiara doesn't count if it has to be taped on!

But there's no time for reminiscing, with Tifa in the lead. Which is probably a feeling most of the others know just as well from when the situation's reversed, and it's Cloud barreling headlong into some potential peril or garbage can-sized doom - not that he stops to consider the empathy-style teaching moment in being dragged across the vast expanse of dark hallway and into the family room, either. He's good at dodging a lot of things, but hypocrisy isn't one of them.

With no midnight movie marathons to illuminate all but its darkest corners in flickering, bluish light, the den is a flat-ceilinged cave miles deep. Practically bouncing across plush carpet on Tifa's heels, Cloud holds onto his sword with his free hand and scans the ominous shadows on high alert. There are dangerous things out there, in the dark. Like cats, and bugs, and disgruntled army men. He doesn't realize where they're headed until they're standing right in front of it. ]

There's a new one?

[ It's hard to get news of every new video game release, from up on the shelf.

The next logical step is obvious, though. Stepping up to hit the power button on the console with both hands, Cloud attempts to manage his enthusiasm - with mixed results. ]

Let's play.