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time for halloween nightmares

The Nightmare Fuel Meme
WARNING: This is not a nice meme, and will likely contain triggers for violence, pain, death, sexual situations, and all kinds of unpleasant things. Click through at your own risk.

Nightmare Fuel: This is the stuff so horrifying that it can give people the creeps for years. This scares the pants off of just about anyone to the author/creator's delight. This makes you shrink in the back of your chair, look over your shoulder, and remind yourself that what's going on is (usually) only fictional....

♦ Leave a comment with your character's name and fandom, and state any preferences. If you'd like to roll for/pick an option here, go for it.
♦ Tag another character. Pick one of the options, either by using the RNG or just selecting one that interests you.
♦ Play out the results and respect others' preferences.
♦ Have fun and/or be traumatized!

1. ACID TRIP - Things are starting to get weird. Very weird. Your hands just popped off and are dancing the tango in the living room with your pet alligator while a Weeping Angel watches from the corner. There are invisible spiders crawling all over you and you don't dare open your mouth lest they fall in. Or is it even stranger than that?

2. JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE PARANOID DOESN'T MEAN THEY AREN'T OUT TO GET YOU - You just can't help the feeling that someone is watching you. Someone is out to get you. Who are your real friends? Is that person really an alien in disguise? Are there surveillance cameras in your bedroom walls?

3. THE STUFF OF NIGHTMARES - Think about the worst nightmare that you've ever had. Guess what. You're now in it, and you just can't seem to wake up.

4. FUN WITH PHOBIAS - What do you fear? The dark? Heights? Swarms of insects? Snakes? Drowning? Whatever it is, it is now your reality.

5. TRANSFORMATION SEQUENCES OF THE NON-SPARKLY KIND - Something has gone wrong. You're...changing. And not in a good way. Are you turning into an animal? A demon? A monster? Were you assimilated by the Borg?

6. AND I MUST SCREAM - You can't move. You can't scream. You can't do anything but remain conscious of every passing second. Did you choose the wrong words for your wish? Were you turned to stone? Trapped by a curse? Turned into a doll, unmoving but forever beautiful? Sealed inside a tree for a thousand years?

7. A PLAGUE ON BOTH YOUR HOUSES - The dread spectre of disease has raised its head. Do you have days to live? Hours? Seconds? Or will you waste away slowly? What will happen in the meantime?

8. EYE SCREAM, YOU SCREAM - Something terrible has happened to you. It could have been an accident, a curse, an attack, perhaps a disease. But you've been horribly mutilated and are disturbing to see. Perhaps the Phantom will let you borrow his mask.

9. HORRIBLE TO BEAR - Congratulations, you're with child! Except...this wasn't supposed to happen. Did you just wake up one morning and discover the surprise? Is it part of a bizarre science experiment? Are you carrying the child of the devil? Or did you just get a Face Full of Alien Wing-Wong and hellspawn is about to burst out of your chest?

10. THE CASK OF AMONTILLADO - This is a really tiny space you're in. And it looks like you're going to be here for an awfully long time. Did the other person shut you up in here? Are they a fellow prisoner? Or can you somehow convince them to let you out?

11. WELCOME TO THE APOCALYPSE - The world is ending. In fire, in ice, in the zombie apocalypse, in a collision with a giant asteroid? Whatever it is, it's horrible. Do you even want to bother trying to survive?

12. SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE - You're hungry. Really, really hungry. Nothing seems to satisfy you, nothing at all. Except that other person standing nearby looks awfully tasty. Cannibalism? Can you?

13. MINDS ARE FOR GAMES - Mind control? Brainwashing? Total amnesia? Whatever it is, you certainly aren't completely in control of yourself. Perhaps the other person is....

14. THE PLURAL OF DIMENSION IS DEMENTIA - Everything looks familiar, but it's just a little bit off. Did your neighbor always have that mustache? Was the sky always that shade of green? Welcome to the mirror universe, where you're the crazy one.

15. THE LATEST DISPLAY MODEL - You're so pretty that you belong on a shelf. Or behind bars. Perhaps magically frozen in place so that you can't escape or mar those lovely features. Maybe someone just wanted you safely hidden away, kept all to themselves. Or did they want to show everyone in the world that you belong to them and them alone?

16. JUST KEEP RUNNING - Something is chasing you. Maybe you don't even know what it is, you just know that you have to keep running, because if you stop the consequences are worse than you can bear to consider. No matter how exhausted you are, you just have to keep going.

17. WILDCARD - Pick another option, mix and match, do whatever you'd like. After all, when it comes to nightmares YMMV, so feel free to invent your own.
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3 + 14 (+ possibly 9?) | P4AU funtiems~

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[Here, have P4AU Naoto (you know the AU~ |3)...who has mistaken Yu for Seito.

...Which is decidedly awkward, since in his version of things, they happen to be a couple. A couple that is in bed together at...Naoto's place, I guess, unless Nanako and Doujima-san are out of town for some reason.

It takes her a moment to come to, since she feels unusually warm and comfortable... Someone has their arms around her, she soon realises, which seems strange, but she doesn't panic because it's not at all unpleasant... Naoto stiffens, however, eyes flying wide with shock and horror, when she manages to focus on the face of the person currently sharing a pillow with her.

Souzen Seito.

How could this be? Last she'd heard he was in prison, likely awaiting a (justly deserved) death sentence for all the terrible, twisted things he'd done. So how...why...was he...was she...? (And judging by their current surroundings, had they...? No, surely not!) It makes no sense, there is no logical explanation, so she puts it out of her mind for the moment and focuses on dealing with what is rather than why it is.

Even though her first impulse is to instantly jerk away from him and go for the pistol in the drawer of her bedside table, Naoto does her best to remain calm and cool, since she knows that stealth and slow movements are her best bet for successfully getting out of the situation...whatever this situation is. Swallowing hard and feeling as if her blood has turned to ice, the young detective cautiously, carefully starts to pull away from the bowlcut sleeping next to her.]
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[It had been his first time visiting Naoto's place, and the two of them had stayed late, exploring the information attached to the murder mysteries of Inaba. There was something they were missing, something they had spent all night trying to find without success. Naoto had insisted that she would take the couch, but Yu had argued with her... until the ended up both sleeping on the bed. Nothing happened of course, but apparently Yu was exceptionally affectionate while sleeping next to someone.]

[When Naoto shifted, trying to pull away from her, he let out a faint sound, shuffling closer to her instead.]
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[Naoto had to almost literally bite back a gasp as he moved, closing the distance between them once again. And if she wasn't mistaken (she wasn't), his grip on her had tightened as well. But at least he wasn't awake.


He was, obviously, considerably stronger, so simply easing away as she'd attempted before was no longer a viable option. Which left her only one real possible method of escape.

She drew in a deep, shuddering breath...and the next instant found Naoto pushing herself away from him violently, or maybe more pushing him away from her with much the same feeling (either/or/both), a desperate attempt at scrambling her way free of his grasp, the bed, the room, the whole situation.

Or, rather, simply the bed and his grasp. That pistol in her drawer would certainly help her make sense of things, or at least put her in control of the situation, as well as in a position to demand the answers she so desperately needed. (How had he gotten out of prison and inside her house, what was he doing here, why were they in bed together, whatwherehowwhowhenwhy)]
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Re: |3

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[Yu let out a disturbed snort as he was shoved, slowly coming awake as he nearly fell off the bed. He let out a yawn. stretching and rubbing his eyes, before staring at Naoto, confused as to what she was doing...?]

[He reached up, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.]

...Naoto? What's wrong?
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Re: |3

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[The instant she was free of him, Naoto went for that pistol, relief flooding through her as her hand closed around the grip...relief, and an utterly businesslike coldness. Backing away from the bed, she held a steady bead on her recent bed-partner as she snapped out,]

Souzen Seito! You were captured and turned over to the police, who placed you under arrest, at which time you confessed to either personally committing or directly causing all of the mysterious killings that took place over the past few months. You were then transferred to a high-security prison, to await your sentencing for the murders of more than half a dozen people. I know this beyond any shadow of a doubt because I was there for most of it. Therefore, explain to me how you can be free--and what's more, how you can be here, sharing a bed with me! As if we were—

[As if we were lovers.

The very idea of sleeping with a serial killer turned her stomach, though thankfully it appeared that they were both more or less fully clothed, if more than a little rumpled-looking. But still, even so...!]
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[...man, he wasn't awake enough for this. Slowly, Yu lowered his hand from his face, staring at the gun like he couldn't really understand why it was there... which was sort of the case. Seriously, Naoto, he knows you were unsure about sharing the bed, but this is a major over reaction here.]

[...and wait, what?]

Souzen Seito? ...who?

[The concern on his face is obvious; Naoto, did you have a nightmare or something?]
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[Naoto didn't waver, keeping the gun steady trained on the bemused bowlcut. And though for the most part she maintained her usual cool, reserved manner, she couldn't hold back a slight flare of anger at his blatant denial of who he was.]

Don't even try to play that sort of game with me! It won't work! You know perfectly well who you are and what you've done, and while you may have had success in manipulating others in a similar manner, you will not fool me into thinking otherwise.

[...That look of concern was something new, though. She couldn't recall Souzen Seito ever looking truly concerned about anything. It wasn't enough to make her doubt herself or lower the gun, but it was a piece that didn't quite fit with what she knew to be true, and that bothered her.]

Start answering my questions, or I'll call Adachi-san and tell him you've escaped.

[...In fact, she should probably do that anyway. But at the moment, her cell phone was quite clearly out of reach: on the other side of the bed (Yu's side), half-covered by the embarrassingly mussed bedsheets.

...And to think that only mere minutes before, she had been...! Adachi-san would never let her hear the end of it if he ever learned of this. But no, she really couldn't let herself think about such things, couldn't afford to let herself be distracted from this confrontation even slightly.]
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[Okay, now Yu was starting to get worried. Why would Naoto think that Adachi had him in jail?]

Naoto, I don't know what you were dreaming about, but Adachi's in jail.

[He kept his voice surprisingly (or perhaps not so surprisingly) calm despite having the gun pointed at him. Internally he wanted to freak out; after having Adachi pressing his own gun to his forehead, he hadn't taken too kindly to them. He just tried to tell himself that Naoto just had a nightmare, and she was just reacting badly to it.]

Try to remember. Nanako just recovered... we were all together, and you, myself, and Yosuke stepped outside to think. You helped us realize the one person that had been able to keep track of our movements and have access to all the victims at the same time: Adachi. We went into the TV and stopped him, and Ameno-sagiri that appeared after.

[He paused a moment.]

And my name isn't Seito. It's Yu. Narukami Yu.
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[Adachi-san was in jail? He had committed the murders? And the Hanamura boy was still alive, and she'd been working with...

It didn't make any sense. It didn't. Seito--no, he was calling himself Yu now, what was that, some sort of false new identity?--was manipulative, but he'd confessed. He'd enjoyed everything he'd done. He felt no remorse for the lives he'd taken and the pain he'd caused others, even someone as pure and innocent as Nanako-chan. And that cold-hearted callousness had largely been caused by his upbringing...

Still, that out-of-place piece from before niggled enough at the edge of her consciousness that despite her better judgement, she did what this person (whoever he truly was) said, eyes narrowing as she thought back on everything that had happened over the past few months, leading up until this very moment, which was the only thing that didn't feel at all right.

One small detail of their brief conversation here caught her attention: he'd mentioned...dreaming...

Dreams were something that Naoto had had more than her share of these past few months, though she generally considered them nightmares rather than dreams, despite knowing that the terms were more or less interchangeable. And what had she been dreaming about of late?

Sometimes, she dreamed that somehow, she'd been able to prevent the murders. If she'd been a normal highschool student, perhaps she could have met Seito before he discovered the TV world. Perhaps they would have gotten along, spent time together. Perhaps neither of them would have been so lonely. Perhaps...they could have been friends, or possibly even something more.

Sometimes, she dreamed of the victims and their families. If she'd been a better detective, Seito never would have gotten away with so many killings. If she hadn't been so proud, hadn't looked with such scorn on Adachi-san and his careless ways, if she'd worked with him and helped him right from the very beginning...perhaps Saki-senpai's brother would still be alive.

Worst of all, sometimes she dreamed that she'd never been brought in on the Inaba case. Those nightmares were the most deeply horrifying, because in them, all the people who she'd made bonds with--every single one of of her hard-won friends--ended up dead, either thrown into the TV world by a manically laughing Seito, or else... Or else they had simply disappeared into the fog that slowly swallowed Inaba, then the countryside surrounding it, then all of Japan, then the world... And there was nothing she--young, female, Persona-less--could do about it.

Then there were the odd dreams, the ones that made no logical sense. Most troubling out of those were the ones where Seito truly hadn't done anything, where they'd somehow ended up pinning the blame on an innocent man, who accepted that blame simply because he was tired of being alone, tired of no-one noticing him regardless of what he'd done. Someone so desperately lonely that he had decided that even profoundly negative attention would be better than none at all.

She hadn't told anyone about any of these dreams, especially not the last sort. It was a decision born of simple logic: no-one else could help her with them, after all. They were a personal battle that she had to fight for herself. But of course that also meant that no-one else knew about the subject matter of her dreams...and while to a certain extent it would be possible to imitate elements of her dreams through sheer conjecture, the accuracy with which this present situation had captured and played out one of her greatest, deepest fears was nothing short of impossible, not to mention alarming.

...But they had only been dreams, she reminded herself, nothing more than fragments of orphaned thoughts cobbled together by an overactive mind. This was real: Seito was the killer, Adachi-san was (strangely enough, beyond all reason) her ally and her friend, and there was no way that that had been a dream.]

...I know no one by that name.

[...And yet...and yet, for a moment, there's the slightest waver in that usually-steady gun-hand...]
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[Yu saw that waver... perhaps she was coming around? Still, she didn't seem entirely convinced. He raised his hands, moving slowly.]

I'll show you.

[He reached back for her cellphone, turning to look where it was... though his unease around guns pointed at him showed when he kept a wary eye focused on hers. Yu palmed her cellphone, passing it off to his other hand before offering it to her. If she saw his name in there, as well as the names of the rest of the Investigation Team, maybe she'd calm down.]
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[+ lol Have a short tag back. |D; Naoto's first thought was this could be a trap. Making her lower her guard, take one hand off her weapon, and come within his considerably longer reach...no, she won't be so foolish.

Still, she does want her cell phone, and quite badly, if only to have the option of phoning for police assistance if necessary.]

...Very well. Put it on the floor and slide it towards me.
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Yeah, I know that feeling. XD

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[Yu almost looked insulted for a moment; seriously, Naoto, he's not going to grab you and molest you or anything. Still, he does as she commands, bending over to put the phone on the ground and giving it a gentle push toward her.]

[...man, and he was enjoying sleeping tonight too...]
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+ Naoto's sort TL;DR anyway, I think she just "lives in her head" so much...

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[She reached forward with her bare foot, dragging the phone a bit closer before swiftly crouching down to retrieve it, never once taking her eyes off the silver-haired teen sitting on her bed with his hands slightly raised. Once she had it, she took another step back, still watching him with a little more than half of her attention as she punched in her four-digit password...

...But as she scrolled down the list of contacts, she grew more and more concerned and, at least inwardly, agitated. The names in her phone were wrong--they weren't the ones she remembered having, at least not exactly. Most obviously, Konishi-san and Uehara-san were missing, and in their places were...Hanamura and Satonaka, and yes, there was a "Narukami Yu" listed here as well...

Lowering the phone, she bowed her head minutely, her gaze briefly flickering away from the bowlcut she was still resolutely holding at gunpoint as she murmured,]

...I was asleep. It would have been simplicity itself for you to alter my contact information without my knowledge.

[She had been careful not to give into sentimentality and choose an obvious word or number for her password, firmly set on always choosing random combinations of the two, but Seito had proven himself a more than worthy adversary, and a tenacious foe as well. He had the Diligence to keep at it until he got through, the Knowledge to be rational in his method of attempting to break the code, as well as the Understanding to know that changing such vital information would likely deal a considerable blow to her self-assurance, and he most certainly had the Courage to do something so shamelessly bold and devious and the Expression to lie about it to her face.

Of course, she could just call someone on the list and see what they had to say about all this. She'd never met Hanamura or Satonaka, so she didn't know how they should sound, but Rise-san, Kanji-san, and Yukiko-san...she certainly knew them. And yet she hesitated, noting the late hour. They all had families that might be awakened by an unexpected phone call this late at night, and part of her didn't want to disturb anyone, even over something as important as this...but she needed to be sure. More lives might well depend on it. Of course, Rise-san was never the most reliable when it came to Seito, and if he was already two moves ahead in what could only be another of his games, then he could have threatened Kanji-san and Yukiko-san, and even Doujima-san, into playing along with whatever twisted scheme he'd come up with this time. If he had threatened their families...

But no, she was theorising before she had adequate data, which was unacceptable as well as illogical. She selected Yukiko's number from the list and and pressed send.

...And about ten minutes later, she was more confused than ever. Yukiko had answered all her questions without the slightest hesitance, and honestly seemed to know nothing about her best friend's unpleasant fate or anyone named Souzen Seito. And Naoto knew that Satonaka had been extremely important to Yukiko-san, so much so that no amount of threats to her family or anyone else could possibly motivate the older girl to lie in such a convincing fashion.

After hanging up, Naoto could only stare at her phone with visible disbelief.]

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Yes, she is. XD

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Do you believe me now?

[Yu had lowered his arms during the conversation, resting them calmly in his lap as he scooted back on the bed so he was leaning a bit against the wall. He still seemed obviously uneasy about the gun... but if things had happened as he said, then the reason why would probably seem obvious to Naoto, right?]
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[It was impossible. It really and truly was impossible. Wasn't it? Her memories were so clear, not blurred or rushed as they would be if they were nothing more than a dream, and she had no recollection whatsoever of ever speaking with either Hanamura or Satonaka. She also had no memories of the person she was still holding at gunpoint, who was clearly trying not to be too obvious about how uncomfortable being on the wrong side of that weapon was making him--at least no positive memories. And yet...

"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

Perhaps it wasn't impossible, merely improbable. Yukiko-san's testimony was evidence to that end...and Naoto hasn't missed the presence of that bead ring on "Yu's" finger, or...

...Or the watch on his wrist, that's a match to her own...

Gradually she lowered the gun, turning it aside but still holding it at the ready, just in case. Of course, Yakushiji and Grampa would be out of town this week, meaning even if she yelled, there would be no one to hear her. The gun and her phone were the only weapons she had at her disposal right now, should things take a turn for the worse...

Still, she had to ask, had to know what was true and what was illusion.]

If you are indeed telling the truth, then prove it. Tell me something about myself that I would have only revealed to someone whom I trust implicitly.

[A simple task, really, if he is who he claims to be. And if he can't do it flawlessly, without hesitation, then she's calling Kanji and Yukiko and Rise and possibly even Doujima-san, and they're all going down to the police station together right now, ungodly hours of the night be damned.]
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There's a lot you've told me.

[It's not a lie; they've had a lot of conversations. Everything from helping her find her things, to her apologizing...]

The thing that stands out most in my mind right now is when you apologized to me after Nanako was hurt. You told me you felt terrible for thinking of trying to solve the case first, that you always thought of the case, and not the people involved.

[Sound familiar? That's certainly not a conversation had with Seito...]
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[Naoto's eyes went wide, because...it was true. Utterly, undeniably true. It was also something she hadn't told anyone, at least not so far as she could remember. While Adachi-san clearly cared about the girl, he wasn't close enough to Nanako to warrant that sort of candor, and it wasn't something she could bring herself to admit to Doujima-san either, especially since he'd also been in the hospital at that time.

It was something she'd had to carry alone, despite the strength of her bonds and the support of her friends; a lingering twinge of guilt for which she could find no suitable confessor.

Which meant it fit the criterion she'd laid out for this test perfectly.]

...H-how could you...?

[Shaking her head, both at herself and this whole incomprehensible situation, Naoto tucked her phone into her pants pocket, then with the nimble speed of someone well-practised at doing such a thing, she removed the bullets from her gun, opening the window to scatter them outside. She had more elsewhere obviously (in that same drawer beside her bed, in fact), but it would take time for anyone aside from herself to find them and reload the gun--time enough for her to call the police or get out of the room or both. It was a simple precaution, one that hopefully meant that she wouldn't find herself staring down that familiar barrel if it turned out that this really was all some elaborate ruse.

Of course, it would also leave 'Yu' with a marked advantage if he was lying, but...how could he be? All the facts (save her own memories, which weren't strictly facts) pointed to the opposite being true: that he was in the right and she was in the wrong. Which was her other reason for getting rid of the bullets: to reassure Yu that she wouldn't be turning her gun on him again. Tonight, anyway. She had to listen, had to observe, had to keep an open mind until she had enough information to decide how to proceed.]

...I apologise. It would seem that I was mistaken, and very much out of line. Quite frankly, I find this whole situation...bewildering. But I'm willing to listen to everything you have to say, Narukami-san.

[After setting her pistol down on the floor against the wall, Naoto hesitated. If she truly wanted to express any sort of confidence in what he was saying, she had sit beside him, which meant trusting him enough to put herself in his power and returning to the bed. Everything in her that still saw Seito and not Yu screamed against such an act, but it seemed she had little choice, if she truly wanted to hear him out fairly.

This was precisely the same sort of rash decision that had led to her using herself as bait to catch a killer, but just as then, there was simply nothing for it but to act and hope for the best.

So, crossing the room, she gingerly sat on the edge of the bed, looking at Yu expectantly.]
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[Yu, at least, had the grace to shift over, keeping a respectful distance away from her as she sat down. He was being courtious too, asking her where she wanted him to start, but ultimately ended up explaining everything that had happened up until this night anyway.]

...it was bothering us both, that the case didn't feel finish. We were going over the facts when we realized it was late, and we went to bed.
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...Imagine a +50 bonus to Blushies on this icon plz XD

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[It was a lot of information to take in, and yet many things were similar, if slightly altered. Other things were drastically different, and yet strange as it was to hear, Narukami Yu's version of things felt...a great deal more light-hearted somehow, though Naoto couldn't put her finger on why exactly that was.

She listened intently through the whole story, asking questions here and there, and by the time he finished laying it all out for her, she was mostly satisfied. If it was a lie, it was a superbly well-crafted one. There were simply too many minor details for anyone to keep straight, and she had tested him on the consistency of his story at several points.

Which mean there was simply nothing else she could do other than accept it. Though where that left her and all her too-vivid-to-be-fake memories, she had no idea.

Nonetheless, she took it all fairly well; the only point where she faltered a bit was at the very end of Yu's explanation, as he spoke the last four words of that very last sentence.]

...We went to bed. I see.

[But did she really? Naoto doesn't want to ask the question that instantly came to mind--even thinking of it and the implications of such things flustered her, surely saying it aloud would be many times worse--but once again, she felt she had little choice. It was yet another thing she needed to know to ensure she had the full picture, and that all the pieces of Yu's explanation fit as they should.]

Then we are involved in a...relationship of an intimate nature?

[Unsettling as the concept is (for more than one reason), she feels that her reasoning is sound on this point. One doesn't typically share a bed with friends of the opposite sex, at least as far as she knows, though perhaps it simply meant that Narukami-san didn't think of her as a woman. If that were the case, she had no idea what she should think or feel about it.]
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[...it took Yu a moment to pick up what she said, and when he did, his face looked like it was going to start turning red.]

No... we're just friends. Kanji would kill me...

[He let out a breath.]

You were going to take the couch, and insisted I take the bed. I wanted the opposite. This is how we... compromised.
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[Naoto relaxed on hearing his response. Well, that was a definite relief. She wasn't certain how she would have handled this matter if he'd answered in the affirmative.]

Ah. I was merely curious, since as far as I am aware, it is not generally considered socially acceptable for members of the opposite sex to sleep together, even platonically. But it would seem my gender is of little consequence to you.

[She certainly doesn't sound put out about that. It's fairly gratifying, actually. He must see her simply for who she is, rather than what she is...]

...I think I can begin to see why I would have placed so much trust in you, Narukami-san.

[And quietly as Yu had spoken, that half-under-his-breath comment about Kanji still caught her attention.]

...Correct me if I'm wrong, but did you not say that you and Kanji-san are friends? Why would he kill you if your intentions towards me were, in fact, romantic?

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[Yu shrugged at that.]

I didn't want to pressure you. It's your choice how you prefer others to see you as.

[He paused, giving her a gentle smile.]

Girl or boy, you're still you, Naoto. That's all that matters.

[...the last question, however, made him pause again, a small smirk working its way onto his face. Oh Naoto, it didn't matter where you were from, you were still so adorably clueless.]
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How I prefer others to see me...

[That had always been the issue for her, hadn't it. And the second half of what he said...]

...Yes. I suppose that's true, isn't it.

[Or what should be true, in any case. The fact that Narukami-san honestly felt that way...it did make it increasingly understandable that she would trust him around her even in such a delicate situation and vulnerable state as sharing a bed. And in addition to that trust, Naoto couldn't help feeling that it would have been rather nice to have someone else around who was so sincerely dedicated to figuring out The Truth in regards to this case, someone who wasn't there merely out of a desire for revenge or because it was 'fun' or just something to do...

Well, if she was going to trust him, she might as well tell him about Seito. Perhaps as she went over all the details, she'd notice something that would prove it was all a dream, unlikely as that seemed...but that still wouldn't explain why she didn't remember any of the events that Narukami mentioned happening the way he'd said. And yet, Narukami seemed quite intelligent, and if she'd trusted him to help her go over the details of the case...well, perhaps he would know what to make of this, because she certainly doesn't.]

Narukami-san...I won't say that it will be easy for you to hear, but since you were kind enough to share the details of the way things happened here, I think perhaps you should be made aware of how these similar but not identical events conspired in my own experience. Of course, I would certainly understand if you would prefer otherwise. I simply deemed it appropriate that I should extend to you the same patience and courtesy that you have extended to me.
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[Yu, understandably, did not seem very certain. This was something personal from this Naoto's universe, something about this other version of him, which was obviously not as nice of a guy as he was.]

...if you feel comfortable telling me, I'll listen.
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[Naoto nodded, her expression grim. Narukami had no control over anything Seito had done, so perhaps this wasn't quite fair...but if she were in his place, she would want to know.]

Very well. Though if at any point you should change your mind...

[She shifted on the bed, moving back to lean against the wall as well mirroring, wut, and started from the beginning, just as he had...]

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